Filling sweethearts mouth with a willy blowjob and amateur

Filling sweethearts mouth with a willy blowjob and amateur
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"Is next week really the last time you'll have to screw him?" I asked my mom as she was giving me a hand job on her bed. "That's what we agreed, 20 times. And believe me, I've constantly reminded him about that and made sure he kept his word." My mom replied casually as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and we were just a normal mother and son having a friendly conversation; but of course that isn't the case here.

She was still in her professional attire from the waist up, but naked from the waist down as she continued pleasuring me with her hand. Her vagina was still soaking with my saliva from me having just performed oral sex on her. This was our little ritual for the past three months after I had first discovered that my mother was having an affair with her boss in order to save her job. She never told me when she was going to see him next, but it was obvious whenever she did.

She would come home from work early wearing one of her more expensive outfits, her hair and make up would be a mess, and she would always blush whenever I tried talking to her. There was one area we never explored though- sex. Soon after we started this, she made it clear that sex between us was something that would never be considered. And by the look in her eyes, I knew how serious she was about that. She was already doing me a huge service by gratifying my sexual needs and letting me gratify hers.

And I didn't want to mess that up by trying to push things further than my mom was willing to go. So we stayed content with what we had with each other and made the best of a bad situation.

***HER LAST DAY*** Monday morning- it was the last day she would ever have to have sex with her boss again. It was a huge relief for both of us because we no longer had to worry about him publicagent skinny brunette pounded by a big our family in jeopardy.

But at the same time, a part of me didn't want it to be over. Because if it was over between them, it would mean it would be over with me and my mom as well. *** The garage door opened at around 2 pm that afternoon. It was around an hour later than when she normally came home after seeing him, but I didn't think much of it as it was their last time together.

"So how was it?" I said in a teasing manner as soon as she walked through the door. I expected her to be excited today, but the opposite was true.

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She looked like an emotional wreck and was in a horrible mood. She tried brushing me off and said, "I'm sorry, I can't right now. Not today." "What's wrong?" I asked her, feeling confused over how she was acting.

"I know I owe you an explanation but I don't want to talk about it right now." "Don't want to talk about it? Out of everything that's happened these past few months and all that we've done with each other?" She had a look on her face as if she knew that arguing about this was pointless, and she replied, "Fine.he.he sodomized me.

We were having sex, he turned me over and pressed himself against me there, I told him to stop and he didn't listen. He pushed himself inside me and covered my mouth when I started to scream.I was so stupid to ever get started with him in the first place." She nearly burst into tears when she said that.

I was completely shocked by what she had just said. Sodomized her? I could only imagine how much pain she must have been in considering how big he is and how much she already has to deal with just having vaginal sex. "Oh god.I don't know what to say right now." I told her. "What do you want to do? Do you want to report him to the police?" "No. I'll be fine. Really.I've gone through too perfect body teen masturbation xxx your pleasure is my world just to let everything get out in the open at the last moment." I placed my hand on my mother's shoulder in a small attempt to comfort her.

Then almost without thinking, I began undoing her pants. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I told you I'm not in the mood for this right now." "I need to see it." She made no effort to resist as I pulled her pants down and turned her around.

She bent over and held onto a nearby table and I was able to get a good look at her by spreading her cheeks. I was amazed by what I saw: her once tight anus was now stretched open and was seeping with his cum. The insides of her most private area were now ravished to fulfill her bosses own sexual needs. I pulled her pants back up and wrapped my arm around her and said, "Let's go upstairs, I'll help you get cleaned up." ***LATER THAT NIGHT*** Mom was back to her normal self that night during dinner, or at least she tried her best to put a smile on her face so dad obviously wouldn't suspect anything.

I never would have thought that she had just received a traumatic experience earlier on in the day if I hadn't been home earlier to find out Well, aside from the fact that she walked like she was in little bit of pain.

*** I opened my bedroom door after I heard a soft knock late that night after my parents had gone to bed. It was my mother. She wore her ivory colored silk pajamas, and by the serious look on her face, I couldn't tell what she wanted.

"May I come in?" she asked quietly. "Of course you can. What is it?" I replied, wondering why she came here so late. She closed the door as she entered and said, "Your father is asleep. I just wanted to thank you for how you handled the whole thing earlier. You were a real gentleman about it and really helped me get it together.

And I'm glad you didn't use that opportunity to take advantage of me while I was so vulnerable. So.thank you." She leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss on my check.

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Then she wrapped her arms behind my neck and started kissing me full on the mouth. It was the first time since we started doing this together that she was the one who initiated such a deep kiss. It was also the most effort she ever put in kissing me as she pressed her mouth and tongue hard against mine.

She stopped and we looked each other in the eyes for a moment. "That was wonderful mom, I really enjoyed that." "Good, I'm glad you did. I have something else you might like." My eyes turned towards her chest as she started unbuttoning her top.

And it wasn't long before it was undone revealing the middle part of her braless chest. She used both of her hands to open her top to reveal her bare breasts to me. "These are yours tonight, you've earned them," she said with a warm smile. I didn't reply, I didn't need to. It was the first time as well that she offered herself to me outside of our afternoon meetings when she comes home from being with her boss.

And it certainly was an opportunity I didn't let go to waste as I bent down and began sucking on her large brown nipples. I used my hands to massage both of her breasts as I continued to suck, rolling each nipple around in my mouth, for both her pleasure and mine.

She briefly ran her hands across my hair and moaned before giving me a few pats on the back, signaling it was time for me to stop. "I still owe you for scandalous slit drilling session hardcore and blowjob afternoon.

Now lay down on the bed and take your bottom off," she commanded in a low voice. I did as she told, pulling off my shorts and underwear in one brief motion. I laid on my bed as she ordered me to, not knowing what to expect, but exited at what she had in store for me. She clearly wanted to take things further than we've ever gone before at this point.

Maybe she was just that appreciative for what I did for her today and all the support I've shown her? Maybe a part of her actually enjoyed what her boss did to her today and was still aroused by it? Frankly, I didn't care. This was the most sexually willing and open she's ever been with me, and I wasn't going to second guess any of it.

She got on all fours on my bed and positioned herself right between my legs. I immediately noticed her soft breasts hang straight down from her chest.

Her sagging breasts and big nipples were my favorite parts of her body. And I especially enjoyed any sight of her bending down to see them hang forward. But the sight of them hanging straight down only added to how special allie haze and mercedes carrera hot lesbian action pussy licking and lesbian porn moment was for me. Then she did it; she stuck her tongue out and gave my penis a nice lick. She started off giving me small licks.

Then she gradually increased the strokes of her tongue from the base of my cock to the tip of my head. She opened her mouth and took my hard cock inside her and started sucking. What made the whole thing even more surreal is how we looked each other in the eyes while she increased her tight suction which made her face look gaunt.

She then started to bob her head up and down. It was slow at first, but she began picking up speed as she got more comfortable. After a few minutes of her sucking me off, she spit my cock out of her mouth and gave me one her familiar hand jobs while she started sucking my balls. She went back and forth flickering her tongue across each one of my balls and sucking on them. "I'm about to cum," I warned my mom. She kept stroking me with her hand while taking my penis back inside her mouth and continued sucking.

It didn't take long for me to orgasm. And as usual, she consumed every single drop of cum I had for her with her vacuum like mouth and eager tongue. After she finished what she came here to do, my mom got out of bed and began putting her pajama top back on. I on the other hand, was still laying in bed, relishing in what she had just done for me.

She smiled at me the entire time she buttoned up her top and gave me a playful slap on the leg. "Oh snap out of it," she said jokingly. "You're acting like this is the first blowjob you've ever gotten in your life." "Well it's the first blowjob I've gotten from you isn't it?" I teased back.

I got up and gave my mom a big hug along with kisses on her check, not caring that my wet penis was staining her pajamas. "I loved that mom. Please tell me we'll be doing this again," I said in her ear as we hugged.

"I don't know. I really don't know. I never planned on us going any further than today, and I doubt that it will. We'll talk more about this tomorrow when we get our heads clear, but right now, both of us should get back to bed." ***THE CONCLUSION*** My mom stayed home from work the following day.

She said it was because she wasn't feeling well, but of course that wasn't the entire truth. She spent the morning in the kitchen making breakfast for me and my dad along with a doing a few small chores as she always likes to stay busy. She looked really sexy as she played the model housewife this morning. But instead of the stereotypical apron and dress, she wore a large t-shirt and sweat pants. Her hair was in a pony tail and she had little make up on.

It briefly crossed my mind that just a few months ago, I wouldn't have even noticed her in that way. It was excruciating waiting for my dad to leave before I could make a move. And when the sound of his car driving off finally faded away, that's when I did it; I got up and walked behind my mother while she was doing the dishes, and gave her a great big hug wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her on her exposed neck.

My mom had no reaction to me doing that as she xxx hot pron sex stories vidow her gaze a few houses down the street towards her neighborhood friend as she headed off to work, and said, "I wonder what she would think about me if she knew. Sometimes I wonder what all my friends and family would think if they knew what I've done with my boss.and.with you.

I'm sure my family would disown me. And my friends, well, I'm sure russian army orgy girl fucked by all guys would pretend they didn't know me.

I'd be the laughing stock at the work place, assuming I still have a job. Not to mention a pending divorce." "That won't happen mom. You're just being paranoid. It's over between you and him now and I definitely won't be telling anyone," I said in my mom's ear, before kissing it.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I am overreacting." "So what happens next? With us?" I asked her. She continued to gaze outside of the window. "I don't know. I haven't decided yet. All I can think about is how I could ever face him again. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day for me, that's for sure." "I know how much of an asshole you think he is, but deep down, there's part of you that will miss being with him- isn't there?" I said as I brought one hand down and began rubbing her groin through her sweat pants.

She gently grabbed my wrist that was touching her and lifted my hand off her pants and pushed it underneath her panties. I inserted my fingers inside her vagina and could feel her wetness. The combination of me touching her and her discussing these personal matters had aroused her. "Are you really going to make me answer that?" she said as she turned her head to the side to give me a soft kiss on the lips.

I kissed her back and she responded by slipping her tongue in my mouth and we continued making out for a long moment, as I continued to rub her clit and finger her now soaking wet vagina. She broke the kiss as she released a sensual moan courtesy of my fingers.

I used my other hand to squeeze one of her large butt checks. "So how are you feeling down here?

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Any better?" "A little bit. But why don't you be a good boy and check for your mother?" I didn't need a further invitation as I pulled her pants and panties to her ankles, leaving her completely bare from the waist down.

She rested both of her hands on the kitchen counter and spread her legs the best she could. I got down on my knees and parted both of her checks wide open for my viewing pleasure; that is, before remembering the original purpose of seeing if she was doing okay in that area.

I stared at her little brown anus for a few seconds. Her tiny hole looked much smaller than it had been yesterday after it had been mercilessly fucked by her well hung boss.

Regardless, I had a nice clear view up her narrow rectum as I used my fingers to spread it open. Staring at her anus for this long had gotten me hard as a rock at this point, but I didn't want to her to know. I wanted to be as 'professional' as I could her for about this. "It looks great mom. I mean.It looks a lot better than yesterday.

But I'm sure you already knew that." "Of course I did." She turned her head and looked at me with an innocent, yet sex filled look in her eyes. "Remember what you said a few months ago when we first started doing this together, about you kissing me where it hurts?

Well.I'm still a little sore right now." I suddenly felt overwhelmed with lust as it was clear what my mother had just implied and what she wanted me to do. We were about to cross a line in the foreplay we shared for months that I never even thought would happen.

She gave me permission to please her anally. With my fingers still spreading her anus, I leaned forward and began kissing the soft flesh of her rear end before making my way to the outer rim of her anus.

I gave it a long kiss planting my lips on it before slowly sticking out my tongue to begin licking her. It was my first time doing this, and I would imagine it was the first time she was experiencing this kind of oral pleasure as she trembled the moment my tongue black guy and girls sexy xxx story her body's most intimate area. But her trembling only emboldened me to please her more as my tongue started circling her small hole, feeling each and ever line she has down there.

I took the final plunge as I pushed my tongue deep through the small opening of her anus and inside her rectum. She let out an immediate yelp the moment I entered her tiny opening. I moved my tongue around her rectum, probing her, tasting her as far as the length of my tongue would allow. Each time my tongue would find a new place inside her, she would start to squirm.

I even felt her legs start to shake as I held onto them. She unexpectedly stopped me and had me stand up.

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She took my hand and said, "Let's go upstairs. I want to finish this in the bedroom." "Do we have to? I love the idea of us doing stuff like this in the kitchen." I replied. "It's not that," she said. "I want to make love to you." THE END