Big black dick rams a tight pussy

Big black dick rams a tight pussy
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X. A Gang Bang Louise arrived back and Bobby said, "I've explained the timer so are you ready to get started." "Bruce is getting pop, so why don't we take a break before we get on with the show," Marty said as she wiped Donny's stuff off her breasts. "Sounds good to me," Donny said as he pointed to a small spot of his stuff on the leather couch.

I said, "I'll help Bruce." As I left the room I heard Marty ask. "So Louise, how do you like the show so far?" I did not hear the answer. In the kitchen I explained to Bruce what was going to happen. He was ready with six glasses and six cans of cola on a tray. "I guess you do not need any help," I said. "Oh but I do. I need to be led by my peter." I obliged him by lifting his t-shirt.

There sticking out like a handle was his peter which I grasped and led him to the rec room. After serving the pop he confronted Marty by saying, "Why don't you put something on?" "Why should I?" she asked. "'Cause you're so hot I get ideas," he said. "What kind of ideas? "I could bury my face in your pussy," he responded. "Unless you've spiked this pop, that won't happen," she assured him. "But I'll take that offer as a compliment." "You know Marty," I said, "I did not know my brother's peter was so big.

How did you take it without gaging?" "It just takes practice," she said appearing not willing to discuss it. Bobby was nearby and I said to him, "How have you kept that dangley thing secret from me?" He looked down at his peter and said, "If I had known you were interested I would have shown you before now. By the way, why are you covering that beautiful body now." "I don't know, it just seems right to cover up unless…" I was interrupted with Bobby announcing, "Okay everybody, I think Louise and I are ready to start.

We're gonna use the couch like the rest of you. We'll start as soon as you say you have started the clock." Bruce and I sat on one of the small couches and Donny and Marty sat on the other with the timer on the small table between us. Marty set the timer and said, "Clock's started." Louise unbuttoned the dress shirt that matched hers that Bobby was wearing.

She pulled it over his shoulders and they let it fall to the floor. He was wearing a pair of boxers and his hard peter was obvious. I whispered to Bruce, "I bet his peter is bigger than Donny's" Louis knelt in front of him and lowered his shorts. His peter popped to attention and I inhaled to fake my surprise at its size.

"I'm so jealous," Bruce whispered. "Oh don't be. I like one like yours because those like that are gaggers. Besides what you do with your tongue can mean a lot more," I said trying to make him feel better about having a short fat peter. Louis was sucking on her partners peter. I remembered back to the first time I had taken that peter in my mouth. I had been so fearful of what might happen. That thought made my pussy tingle. I put one hand on Bruce's peter and one on my pussy.

I wondered blowjob in a break in the bathroom long it would be before I had another peter in my pussy.

What Bobby had planned for Louis was something I would like to enjoy. I wondered what it would feel like to be screwed for half an hour or a whole hour. By now Bobby had lifted Louise to her feet and was removing her shirt. I had known that her breasts were larger than mine or Marty's but to see them exposed made me inhale. I inhaled again when I saw my loving brother suck on them. "Those are nice tits aren't they Carley?" Marty asked in a quiet voice.

"Wouldn't turn them down," I said. "This is so much fun. I really enjoy your brothers," Marty commented. "I've always enjoyed them. Not like you of course but now I wish I wasn't their sister. I wish I could enjoy what Louise is going to," I whispered. "Me too. I had never thought about it before but I think that will be my next goal." "When do your parents come back?" Donny asked.

"They'll be gone for only two more days," Bruce said. "Well, I'm sure that the two of you can round up enough guys so tomorrow you girls can have a gang bang," Donny said. "Sss, we don't want Louise to hear," Marty said. Bobby had laid her down and raised her legs over his shoulders as he knelt to insert his peter in her pussy. What fascinated me at this point was his balls swinging forward and back.

I could not resist leaning forward to get a better view. I scooted forward to sit on the floor where I had watched Donny. The cold floor cooled my pussy.

I had the thought that I do not think I will get enough of watching my brothers. A mirror, I thought, we need a mirror in the motor home over the bed.

They were changing positions again. Bobby went down on her and suddenly she was quite vocally expressing her pleasure.

I could not see his face but I had seen him many times as he ran his tongue over and around my little button. My pussy tingled as I thought of him doing that. I knew the electrifying feeling that Louise was experiencing. I moaned a soft sympathetic moan in unison with Louise. It was obvious that she was enjoying what Bobby was doing. She began to buck and scream like I do. At last Bobby moved up and inserted his peter again. She seemed to remain on high as she met his every thrust with a thrust of her own.

Bruce who scooted down on the floor beside me whispered in my ear, "You know Donny's right. I bet I can get five or six guys here by noon tomorrow." I thought about it for a moment and said, "I hope I can wait." My tingle was beginning to grow. "Are you ready Bruce?" Marty asked. He asked, "What?" I found his peter was hard.

"It's about time," she said. I said, "He's luscious cougar london river blows hung driver and Bobby had changed positions again.

Bobby was now sitting on the couch and she, with her posterior facing us and her mouth wrapped around his peter. I was sure Bruce was aching to either lick or fill her exposed pussy. About two minutes into this position the alarm went off. "Bruce, you're on," Marty said. He rose quickly, flipped off his t-shirt, and stepped forward to insert his fat peter into her pussy.

About a minute of this and he knelt and began working on her pussy with his mouth. Less than a minute of this and it was obvious that Bobby was shooting his load directly into her mouth. When he was finished she moved forward to give him a kiss, then stood up, turned around, and knelt down to kiss Bruce.

Bobby got off the couch to make room for them. Soon Louise and Bruce were kissing and rolling around on the couch. "I love you Bruce. I've been waiting for this," she said. Bobby came to sit beside me. "How's my sister doing?" "Horny as hell," I said. He chuckled as he put his arm around me. He whispered, "I'll take care of that in a couple of days." "Bruce says he'll have some friends here tomorrow to give me a gang bang," I said.

"Oh really," he said. "Here, let me," I added as I wiped some of his hot stuff off his chin. Watching Bruce do to Louise what he had been doing with me for the past day made me even hornier.

It was all I could do to resist reaching for my brother's peter. I look down and saw it lying half hard across his thigh. More than anything at that moment I wanted it in my pussy, pumping in and out. I craved those feelings that came with being filled with peter and then hot stuff. Bruce had just lost his load of stuff in Louise's pussy. He rolled off as his peter slipped free. Marty said, "Your time is not up. You'll have to use your mouths." The obedient Bruce moved to her pussy and began to work his tongue magic.

In only a few seconds Louise was calling out her pleasure. A good solid minute of her expressions of pleasure was suddenly followed by her pleading for him to stop. He stopped and pulled back to look at her. "Oh, oh, oh…that was good…oh, oh, my oh my…more…now, more." She grabbed his head and pulled his face to her pussy with his hair. She threw her arms over her head and shouted, "Yes, yes, oh god yes." Her body arched upward thrusting her pussy forcefully into Bruce's face.

She held this position for several seconds. She fell back onto the couch appearing to relax for a few moments.

She then thrust back into the ridged arch of before. This was repeated over and over. I was seeing for the first time what I remember doing myself when I repeatedly reached the highest of highs. I though she must be in a most wonderful place at that moment.

I looked again at Bobby's peter and thought that in less than two minutes he could have me souring like Louis was, if only. Why should I allow him to not give me that pleasure? I glanced back and saw that Marty was gently stroking Donny's peter.

It was hard and ready to go. It would not be long before he would be offering his peter to Louise and then after that Bobby would be doing the same. I reached over and began pulling on Bobby's peter. He did not stop me.

It began to harden and grow in my hand. I felt of the velvety soft, loose skin of the shaft and remembered how it felt to my lips. I ran a finger and thumb over the moist, slippery head and remember how that felt to my tongue.

Louise was still flexing back and forth between the ridged arch and the relaxation onto the couch. Donny came forward to stand beside me. He tasseled my hair and I looked up at him. His peter was sticking out near my face. All I needed do is move a few inches and I could have its hardness in my mouth. He suddenly squatted next to me and whispered, "You should stop." "What?" I whispered back. "You know," he whispered back. I pulled my hand away from Bobby's peter. The ding, ding, ding of mercedes lynn layla rose lilly banks alarm caused Donny to rise to his feet and advance to the couch just as Bruce came up for air.

Donny bent down and kissed Louise on the mouth. I thought of how short of breath she would be and yet wanting to kiss a lover; wanting so much that comfort of a kiss at that moment. Bobby stood and went back to sit next to Marty. Bruce picked up a towel and wiped his face and then the couch there between Louise's legs.

He stood and turned toward us. I was surprised when he walked past me. I watched as he walked past the others and out of the room. Donny was now pumping his peter in and out of Louise's pussy. I could see his balls slapping against the white cream that oozed out of her pussy. I had the surprising desire to go forward and lick at that cream.

God, I told charming lesbian babes bree and mercedes in a hot lesbian sex daniels carrera, quit having these thoughts. Think only of those things that I should do such as fingering myself since no one else is going to. I began to concentrate on my own button so that I might take myself to one of those coveted highs. I realized how close I was and I decide to get more comfortable. I rose to a standing position.

I glance in Bobby and Marty's direction. They were cuddled close together and I thought, there is something going on there. I went to the nearest chair, which was a recliner. I tossed off my t-shirt, thinking I was the only one with anything on. I sat in the recliner and rested it half way back. I began to play with myself as I had so often done before. I now no longer had any interest in Louise's gang bang pleasures. I was thinking only of my own pleasures.

If either Bruce or Bobby or even Marty at that time had approached me and offered to participate in my pleasure, I would have welcomed them. I told myself not to care about anything but my pleasure. Off I went, losing all sense of place and time.

Ding, ding, ding, the alarm brought me back from that far off place that I had gone. My hands had fallen to my sides. I looked in the direction of the gang bang and saw Bobby inserting his peter in Louise's pussy which was poised at the right height for him to stand and thrust.

She was bent over sucking on Donny's peter. He looked exhausted and drained as he lay back enjoying his pleasures. I looked to where Marty was seated. Bruce was beside her and there was something going on. Although the lamp on the table beside them had been turned off there was still enough light to see that Bruce had a hand on her bare breast and she had her hand on his peter. Not just working on but working on vigorously.

I looked at the gang bang and saw my brothers still double teaming Louise. I thought what the heck. I went back to my sensitive button and again I went off on my erotic trip. Ding, ding, ding. I don't know whether I went on my trip for the whole ten minutes or if I had fallen asleep.

I found myself slow to realize where I was. By the time I remembered I was supposed to be watching a gang bang I saw that now both my brothers and Bruce were at the same time pumping on Louise. I could see Bruce's peter in her mouth, Bobby's in her pussy, and Donny's in her butt hole. She was as limp as a rag doll. I wondered if she had passed out.

I was sure my brothers would stop if that was the case. Then my concern was answered. Bruce pulled his peter out and Louise called out as if desperate, "Oh, oh, oh, give it to me, give it to me!" He pushed his fat peter into her mouth as deep as it would go.

I looked to where Marty had been sitting and she was not there. I looked all around the room. She was not here. I looked back at the gang bang. Bobby was lying on his back on the edge of the couch with Louise laying back on him after sitting on his peter.

Bobby was between their legs pumping away at her pussy; his balls slapping at where Donny's peter disappeared. Bruce was standing on the couch leaning in so Louise could suck on his peter. It looked exciting but not very attractive. Out of the corner if my eye I saw Marty come back in the room.

I looked to her and she asked, "How are you doing?" "Fine," I responded. "Why don't you come over here so we can talk?" she asked. I sat down on the other couch so that the table was between us. With both of us naked I wanted to make sure she understood I did not expect to make contact with her. "I had to go pee.

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Pop just runs straight through me," she said. "I'll have to go soon," I responded. "I can tell you have enjoyed the show," she said. "Yeah, I enjoy sex," I said. "A little while ago I said I wanted to be in a gang bang and Bruce said he could round up some guys.

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I don't think we should. If we involve more people we run the risk of someone talking as it is I trust Louise and I'm sure of the rest of us," Marty explained. "I understand and I was thinking about total strangers suddenly…you know," I said.

My thoughts really were that I needed fucked so bad, even strangers would do. I then noticed the timer was no longer running. I asked her about it and she explained that the timer was now Louise. "When she says stop, the boys will stop." "Does she know?" "Yeah, I think japanese cute shemale noa nishino I should tell her." She stood and walked the short distance to the gang bang.

"Louise, in case you need to know. They will not stop until you tell them too. Bruce, pulled out so she can answer." "Don't stop!" Louise proclaimed pulling Bruce back to her. I noted that Bruce's peter was less than its hardest.

I decided to go pee so I left the room before Marty returned to her couch. In the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. Even with all that I had done and had done to me there was no sign of it except my hair was a mess. I had it cut short this last spring so it did not take much care but right now it was all a tangle. There was a hair brush on the counter so I ran it through my hair.

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I thought about the gang bang. Just thinking about them made me tingle. I rose up on my toes so I could see my pussy in the mirror. My little button was so hard that it was peeking out. "God you're horny," I told my reflection. I finished with my hair and returned to the rec room. The gang bang was over. We adjourned to the kitchen where, sitting around the table naked, we had an afternoon snack.

Then Bobby began to explain that he had learned that after every mission or accomplishment the participants should debrief.

He wanted each of us to make a statement that included our likes, dislikes, and whether we had any feelings of accomplishment. He decided Bruce had to go first. Bruce in a joking way said, "Who died and made you our director?" "I take it that that is what you did not like," Bobby said. "No actually what I did not like was the taste of Louise's pussy after both you guys left a load in it.

There were so many things I liked it is hard to say. Accomplishment…being able to sit here totally naked and not feel embarrassed." "Good and now you Carly," he nodded to me. "Gosh, it's been so long since I got to spend ten minutes on the couch. That's what I didn't like, having to go all this time without participating.

What has it been, an hour, an hour and a half? As far as what I liked…I liked being watched. And like Bruce I feel good about not being embarrassed sitting here naked." "Good.

Donny your turn," Bobby said. "What I thought was good was watching Carly getting fucked. Bad was seeing my brother. What I accomplished was being able to not jump my sister." I thought if only he knew how much I wanted to jump him right now. "Always the joker," Bobby said, "Marty, your turn." "I like, no, I love being watched. I too did not like going so long without participating.

I learned that my brother is a good pussy licker and all my girlfriends will be told." Louise spoke up and said, "Please don't tell them you watched him lick me. It's okay if I tell them or you say I told you but don't tell them you watched." "Hey, you know I can be discreet," Marty insisted.

"Okay," Bobby said. "It's your turn Louise." "No," I said, "I knew you would try to leave yourself out. It is your turn Bobby." "She's right," several said. "I liked seeing my sister, my friends, and even my brother fucking. I also liked participating in my first gang bang. There wasn't much to dislike. I learned that if I am ever in need of a job I can become a director of porn.

Is that good enough?" he asked while looking at me. I nodded. He then said, "Now it's Louise's turn." "You mean our gang bang bunny," Bruce said. "You can call me that in private but don't you dare tell anyone else. I don't want that reputation." "I promise I won't say anything…I was just joking," Bruce insisted. "Good, now I liked the prolonged orgasm that I experience.

You girls need to be the sex files a dark xxx parody ashlynn brooke a gang bang so you know what I mean. What I did not like was getting tired and having to tell you to stop. I accomplished a dream of taking on three at once." "Would you do it again?" I asked. "Not right now. Maybe not even tomorrow but next week for sure if I can find three guys I can trust," Louise said.

"It was really that good," Marty asked. "Oh yeah, it was that good. Oh god, I gotta get home. I told my mom I'd be home before four. She's taking me shopping for a new bikini." I looked at the clock. It was just after three. "I'll give you a ride," both Marty and Bruce said. "I gotta shower," Louise said as she hurried off to the bathroom.

"Are her clothes out in your motor home," Marty asked Bobby. "Oh yeah, I'll go get them," he said. Both Marty and Bruce took Louise home. That gave me a chance to talk to my brothers. I would have liked to have them double team me but Bruce had said they would only be about twenty minutes.

I told them that Marty was not sure that the boys that Bruce would get for a gang bang could be trusted so she was going to tell Bruce to forget about it. Bobby said, "You know I think we need to get going on our trip." "Me too," I said as I thought about fucking my brothers again.

Donny said, "Let's double team Marty as soon as she gets back. Then we will take off." "You're going to make me wait that much longer," I blonde sucks a cock and gets a facial. "I promise Carly, as soon as Bobby drives out the drive way onto the open road, I'll take you back to the bed and screw your brains out," Donny said.

To be continued in Chapter XI. One for the Road