This is how i want to suck your cock sologirlcontent

This is how i want to suck your cock sologirlcontent
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Ring, ring! Ring, ring! "Hello?" "Hey there girly." "Hey Az. What's goin' on?" "What are you doing tomorrow?" "Nothing. Why?" "Well, I owe you something, and I thought that I could pay you back tomorrow&hellip.if you're open." "Mmm. You want to pay me what is owed? Really?" "Please? I've been thinking about it all week." "Me too. Anal vedios of mom and son about tomorrow morning?

Around 11:30 or so?" He gave a throaty giggle. "Want to get an early start, eh?" "Something like that…" "Well, I'll have to warn you, I love oral sex." "Giving or receiving?" "I love giving much, much more than receiving." "And how could that be a bad thing?" "Well, I have a rule.

If I can't eat it, I certainly can't fuck it. I have a rule about cleanliness too." "Well, then I'm not sure how that's going to go. You see, I just ended my little girly week, and that can have an affect on the taste. Even though I am very clean." "I have no problem taking you in the shower and cleaning you up first." "Mmmm. You just made me wet.

Damn you!

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I'm trying to drive!" "Ha ha. Sorry." "You're not sorry. And I should warn you about something too." "Oh? And what's that?" "I have a tendency to bite, and scratch." "Well, at least I don't have to worry about the scratching part." "How so?" "You can't scratch if your hands are tied up." "God I don't want to wait till tomorrow. I want to fuck you now." "Patience is a virtue…" "Yeah, yeah, yeah" ____________________________ Knock, knock, knock.

The door creaked as I opened it. "Oh, hey sweetie. What's up?" "Hey Az. Not much." "I made coffee if you want some." He sat back on the end of the couch and lite a cigarette. "No thanks. I don't drink coffee." I plopped on the other end of the sectional sofa.

We talked for about 10 minutes. "So, Az, are you done with that cigarette yet? Because I really want to tackle you." He chuckled a little at this. "By all means, do what ever you want to me." I lunged at him and straddled his lap. He ran his hands up and down my back as I kissed him deep and hard. After what seemed an eternity, lip locked together, he lift my shirt and tucked it under my bra. Slowly, he began to kiss and nibble down my belly. Then, he paused at my navel and kissed and licked around, and finally tongued my belly button.

It tickled. Before I knew it, he was unbuttoning my jeans and easing the zipper down, revealing a peek at my wine red g-string. The cool rush of air tickled my freshly shaven cunt. He wrapped his arms around me and, with out speaking, picked me up and moved to the other side wxxx storys bchong nang dau com the couch, laying me down on my back and his light frame upon me.

Despite his thin stature, he stood more than a head higher than I, and having him on top of me made me feel slightly inadequate.

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For some reason though, I loved it. It turned me on even more knowing that a man with his powerful stature and presence in a room would pay such attention to little me. He smiled down at me, and began running his hands over my body. His gaze followed the flow of his movements, as if to learn my dramatic curves by heart. He squeezed gently at my breasts, and then bent his head down to them and inhaled my scent.

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He and I were of like minds and enjoyed one another's natural scents and never bothered with perfume or cologne around each other. He began kissing my neck, a weakness of a girl with a vampire fetish, and knowing my desire, he bit down hard enough to make me moan, but gentle enough not to leave a mark. I felt my pussy tighten, longing for his cock as he started slowly grinding his hips into mine.

Ring! "Fuck…" Ring! "Hold that thought." He got up. Ring! "Hello.yeah.huh.shit. Okay. Thanks hunny. Bye." "What's going on?" "The kid is getting out of school early. He's going to be home in like 45 minutes. There's no time for me to fuck you." "Sure there is. We'll just have to make it fast." "Oh no sweetie. I want to take my time with you." "Well, we can at least play, can't we?" "Yeah." "Then what are you waiting for?

Get busy!" He picked me up by grabbing the back of my thighs and wrapping them around him, walked over to the couch and lay me back down. He kissed me hard and deep, then began kissing his way down my body all the way to my jeans.

Since they were already unbuttoned, he began to pull them down. After sliding them off, he nestled his face against my inner thigh and kissed lightly, tauntingly, first one side, then the other.

He nestled my cunt gently and smelled me. Then he slowly pushed aside my g-string and just to tease me, he flicked the tip of his tongue across the top of my pussy lips as he stared up at me with his pale blue eyes and devilish grin. Then he paused.

"If that door opens, you have to grab your pants and run up those stairs." "Then why don't we just go upstairs? "No, I don't want you to see my messy room right now." "I don't care.

It'd save a lot of trouble, and besides, I can't concentrate if I'm worried about that damn door." To Be Continued.