Double d big tit babe gets double penetration tube porn

Double d big tit babe gets double penetration tube porn
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*** Rewritten into parts and respaced *** Melissa's Tribulation sexy blonde babe crissy fox gets banged by nasty driver class="italic">part II It was early in the morning when Melissa threw back the covers and swung her feet to the floor. Although it had been quite late when she had finally gone to bed, and she had slept only fitfully, she knew that it would be useless to remain in bed.

With what she had on her mind, she knew that she would not be sleeping well for quite sometime to come. Had it really happened? Had she really been brutally and repeatedly raped last night by her brother and four of his friends?

Yes. Yes, it had happened. She would like to pretend that it didn't, but she couldn't. The pain and soreness in her body told her that it was real. The short leather coat laying over the chair in her bedroom also attested to the fact that it had not been a nightmare.

It was the coat that one of the rapists had loaned her to cover herself after all of her clothing had been utterly destroyed. It had not been an act of kindness on his part, however.

If Melissa had been seen naked in the streets, the police would have become involved. Loaning her the coat was an act of self preservation on his part. Melissa couldn't stand being cooped up any longer. After cleaning her teeth and brushing her hair, she got dressed in a white blouse and light blue trousers and quietly left the house. She didn't know where she was going.

She just knew that she had to be moving.

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As she walked, the memories of last night flooded her mind. Her brother, Sebastian, tricking her into meeting him at Regent's Park, then walking her to an area of heavy shrubs where he raped her.

His four friends arriving per his instructions, tearing her clothes from her body, then raping her vaginally, anally and orally. The five of them taking her to a pub near Trafalgar Square while she wore nothing but the borrowed leather coat. Then finally to Saint James Park where they all raped her again. In her memory, Saint James Park was the worst part of the night. At Regent's Park, she had at least put up a struggle. It was a futile struggle, to be sure, but she had at least tried.

By the time they had reached Saint James Park, though, she was in a mild state of shock. When Rog had begun opening the coat she wore, she did nothing. She still did nothing as he removed the coat, leaving her naked in the night breeze.

She did nothing as he began nuzzling her neck and rubbing his hands over her bare flesh. And she did nothing as he laid her down in the grass and mounted her. She didn't scream, she didn't fight, she didn't plead. She lay quietly and allowed him to rape her. And when he was finished and climbed off of her, she lay still, her legs spread and her eyes closed, while the other four took turns raping her.

How could she have done nothing? How could she have just laid there? Melissa had been walking aimlessly, not even aware of where she was going. Looking up, she saw Big Ben perhaps half a kilometer away. Suddenly, she wanted out of London. She wanted a small town, fresh air and fields. Big Ben gave her the idea. Now with an actual destination in mind, Melissa increased her pace.

Reaching Westminster Bridge, she descended the steps to the pier, where she bought a round trip ticket for the tour boat to Greenwich. Melissa boarded the tour boat and found a seat near the rail. It wasn't long until the boat was full, mostly with tourists, and the lines were cast off.

The passengers included several English tourists from areas outside of London, a group of French students, three American sailors in white uniforms, and a Japanese family. Melissa didn't notice any of them. The boat proceeded down the Thames River, under Tower Bridge and past HMS Belfast, the British Navy cruiser that now served as a floating museum.

Melissa paid no attention as the guide with the microphone directed everyone's attention to the points of interest along the river. She had no interest in sight seeing and allowed her mind to wander. Lost in thought, time past quickly. Before she realized it, the tour boat was pulling into the pier at Greenwich. Melissa disembarked the boat with the rest of the passengers. Most of them stopped to see the Cutty Sark, the famous clipper ship held in dry dock as a tourist attraction.

The Japanese family went immediately mom jordan kingsley tries tina doves black boyfriend a souvenir shop. The three American sailors headed for the first pub on the street. Without a glance towards the famous vessel, Melissa walked on, past the clipper and the small shops and pubs, continuing down King William Walk to Romney Road. Turning left, Melissa passed by the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Naval College. When she reached the entrance to Queen's House, she turned in to walk through the peaceful gardens.

Strolling slowly through the gardens, Melissa made her way to the rear of Queens House. From here, she could see sunny leone sex boob pressing storys Royal Observatory through the trees of Greenwich Park.

Finding a small passage in the hedges, Melissa left the grounds of Queen's House and entered the woods of Greenwich Park. It was cool and quiet as she strolled among the trees and bushes. Her mind wandered over a dozen different thoughts without settling on a single one. "Looking for some company?" Melissa was startled out of her reverie by the unexpected voice.

Looking up, she saw a good looking young man in a white shirt and trousers standing in front of her. He wore a round white hat and a neckerchief and had a patch on his left sleeve with an eagle above three diagonal slashes.

It dawned on her that this was the uniform of an American sailor. "I asked if you were looking for some company?" he repeated with a smile on his face.

Melissa suddenly felt the cold stab of fear race through her. Smile or no smile, this young sailor was dangerous. She knew it instinctively. Spinning to run back to Queen's House, Meaty wang hammers black pussy hardcore blowjob collided with two more white uniforms. Grabbing her by the arms, they spun her back around and held her.

"Now that's not exactly friendly, missy. We offer you the company of the U. S. Navy's finest and you try to run away? Nope, that's just not friendly at all!" the first sailor sneered.

"Please!" Melissa said. "Please let me go. You don't understand. You just don't understand! Oh, please don't hurt me!" She could feel the tears burning her face as the young American moved towards her. "Now missy, we aren't going to hurt you. Hell, we're going to make you feel wonderful! We're going to give you a party like you've never had before!" he grinned as he moved towards her. The thought hit Melissa's brain full blown. "Not again! Not without a fight!" As the sailor grew near, Melissa's right foot shot out, slamming up between the his legs.

She saw the look of pain and shock cross his face as he dropped to his knees. "SHIT!" the sailor holding her right arm screamed as she drove the heel of her right shoe into his instep, causing him to release his grip on her arm.

"NOT AGAIN!" Melissa screamed as she reached up and raked her fingernails down across the remaining sailor's left cheek, opening the skin and drawing four trails of blood. The unexpectedness of the attack, combined with the pain along his cheek, caused him to ease his grip on Melissa's arm.

Breaking free, she spun and began running through the woods. Melissa was running as fast as she could, the combination of fear and adrenalin making her faster than normal. Still, she could hear the crashing of brush behind her and she knew at least one of the Americans was after her. If she could make it to the grounds of Queen's House before she was overtaken, she would be safe.

Her lungs burning from the exertion, she continued running, hearing the crashing behind her growing constantly closer. Up ahead, through the trees, she could just make out the hedges of Queen's House.

She was close. She was so awfully close! And then she felt herself falling, arms around her legs in an American style football tackle. She slammed into the ground full force, driving the air from her lungs. Then she felt hands grasping the back of her blouse, pulling her to her feet and spinning her around. "Bitch!" the sailor with the bleeding face growled as he drove his right fist into Melissa's stomach, doubling her over. Before she could collapse to her knees, he pulled her up straight and punched her in the face, spinning her around and knocking her to the ground.

Melissa was dazed. She tried to lift herself to her hands and knees, but was having difficulty. She could taste blood in her mouth from a split lip. She heard crashing through the brush as the other two sailors arrived. Dropping to one knee in front of her, the sailor she had kicked in the balls lifted her from her hands to a kneeling position.

"You think that was funny, cunt?" he hissed as he grabbed her by the throat. "You think that was fucking FUNNY! You're going to pay, cunt! You're going to pay big time!" With that, he pulled back his arm and hit her with the back of his hand, knocking her to the dirt. Melissa had still not recovered as two of the sailors grabbed her under the arms and began dragging her deeper into the woods.

She felt the blood trickle down her chin as she gasped for breath. She had no idea how far they had gone when they finally released her, dropping her to the ground. Having partially recovered, Melissa rolled onto her back and, sitting up, began backing away from them. "Please leave me alone!" she pleaded, looking from one to the other. "Oh please, leave me alone! Y-you don't understand.

You d-don't! Last night.last n-night." "We don't give a shit about last night." one of them told her. "All we care about is today, and today, you are ours!" The three of them came at her then, two from each side and the third from the front. The two at her sides began tearing open her blouse while the one in front began fumbling with the catch on her trousers.

"NO!" Melissa screamed. She felt her blouse tearing open as she began flailing with her arms, hitting the sailors to either side of her. She kicked out with her left foot, grazing the side of the head of the attacker in front of her.

One of them hit her in the stomach again, but still she kept fighting. She fought as hard as she could, but with three against one odds, her chances were slim. "Oh God, please don't!" she screamed as she felt her trousers being skinned down her legs and over her ankles. Her blouse was torn from her, leaving her in only bra and panties. Still she fought on, refusing to give up. She felt hands grabbing at her underwear, heard the material ripping.

And then she was naked. "Oh, yeah." the one sailor muttered. "You got a nice bod, sweetheart, and we know just what to do with it!" "Oh God, STOP it! Please STOP it!" The two on either side of her were laying next to her, pinning her arms under their bodies.

She felt their mouths covering her nipples as they began sucking and chewing on her breasts. The third was laying between her legs, his arms wrapped around her thighs. She felt his mouth at her crotch, kissing and licking her upper thighs and lower belly.

Then he changed position slightly, and she felt his tongue moving up and down between the lips of her vagina. "Please don't!" she moaned as her body squirmed under the mouths of the three sailors.

The one with his mouth on her left breast was flicking his tongue back and forth over her nipple. The one on her right breast was sucking it as deeply into his mouth as he could. Both of them were rubbing a hand over her stomach and lower chest. The one between her legs had found her clitoris and was sucking and licking it, occasionally running his tongue the length of her vagina before returning to her clit. His hands were rubbing and squeezing her thighs. Involuntarily, her body began trembling under the ceaseless ministrations.

"Oh, no! Oh, no! Please, please stop it! Oh dear God PLEASE stop it!" Melissa whimpered. Lifting her head from the grass, she could see the three of them working on her. She dropped her head back in the grass as a deep moan escaped from her throat. This couldn't be happening! It just COULDN'T be! Not less than a day after being raped by Sebastian and his friends! "Why me, God? What did I do to deserve this?" she groaned as the three continued their oral assault on her body.

The one between her legs was now penetrating her vagina with his tongue, slipping it in and out of her. He continued that for awhile, then slowly ran his tongue back up to her clitoris to nibble and suck on it before returning to slipping his tongue in and out of her. The other two were still working on her breasts, licking and nibbling.

"Ohhhh. ohhhh. mmmmmm." she moaned softly as her head slowly turned from side to side. And then there was a new revulsion for Melissa. She suddenly realized that her body was starting to respond to what was being done to her. She could feel the excitement growing in the pit of tiny tits teen bitch sucks off and gets railed by big cock masturbation and smalltits stomach.

She could feel herself getting wet. "Don't! Please don't make me! Oh, please don't make me!" Melissa softly whimpered as the three kept working on her. The three sailors knew exactly what Melissa was talking about. They could feel her body beginning to tremble under them. The could feel her beginning to squirm as they licked and sucked on her most private parts. The one with his face buried in her crotch could feel her starting to move her hips in time with him.

The bitch was going to blow her cookies! She was going to fucking cum! "Uuuhhh. uuuhhh. uuuhhh." Melissa was moaning as her head slowly lolled from side to side. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was becoming rapid. "Oh please. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. please d-don't make me.

uuuhhh. uuuhhh." The tongues on her breasts and vagina were working rapidly, sending signals through Melissa's nervous system to the involuntary response section of her brain.

Her body was growing more excited with each moment. She was twisting and squirming under the three sailors. The one on her wild and excited three some momsandteens threesome side removed his mouth from her breast. Placing his hand on the side of her face, he lowered his lips to hers. As Melissa felt his tongue touch her lips, she opened her mouth to accept him. Their tongues darted back and forth, sparring with each other. The sailor on her left side was now kissing her cheek.

Breaking her lips away from melayu blowjob hot tube porn first sailor, Melissa began passionately kissing the second while the other nibbled on her neck. Both were massaging her breasts with their hands while the third worked on her vagina. "No. Oh, no." Melissa whispered. "Wrong. This. this is wrong. Ohhhhhh." The two sailors were back at her breasts, sucking and nibbling. "Oh, no. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. uuhhh. oh, p-please st-stop.

uuuhhh. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. don't make me. don't make me. oh! oh! Noooo! Please nooooo! Oh! Oh! NNNNOOOOOUUUUUUUUAAAAAHHHHH!" Melissa's head snapped back and her back arched as a massive orgasm swept through her.

Her entire body was trembling violently and she was thrusting her hips against the face of the sailor between her legs. Her head was snapping from side to side as her body spasmed again and again.

"Oh God! Oh God ! Ohhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu." she groaned as her orgasm began to subside. Slowly, the trembling of her body abated. The tension relaxed and her body settled into the grass, a fine coating of perspiration covering her. As her head began to clear, she was suddenly swept with a feeling of total shame and revulsion. "Oh God!" she whimpered as tears began streaking her face. "Oh, God! I couldn't have! I just couldn't have!" "You sure did, baby!" said the sailor between her legs as he raised himself to his knees.

"You sure did. You blew your load big time, MAJOR orgasm, and now it's our turn.' Melissa saw the sailor begin to undo the thirteen button fly on the front of his uniform trousers and her mind snapped back to reality. "No!" she screamed as she once more began fighting. Her arms were still pinned to the ground by the sailors laying on either side of her, but her legs were free. She began kicking at the rapist between her legs, hitting him in the side of the head several times.

"Get her legs! Get her fucking legs!" he yelled at the other two. Each of the sailors grabbed one of Melissa's legs under the knee and pulled it towards himself, forcing her thighs up near her rib cage. "Perfect!" said the one between her legs as he pulled out his huge, stiff penis and began moving towards the vagina so completely exposed before him. "DON'T! PLEASE DON'T! OH GOD NO! OH! OH! NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!" she screamed as he sunk his dick completely into her warm, wet vagina with one vicious thrust.

The angle of her body allowed him to penetrate her more deeply than she had imagined possible, He threw his weight onto her as he drove over and over into her depths, causing her body to twitch in pain with each inward thrust.

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She tried pushing him away with her legs, but his two friends held her fast. "Oh, please stop it! PLEASE stop it! I can't take anymore! I just can't TAKE anymore!" "Shit!" replied the sailor with his dick buried in Melissa's body. "What do you mean you can't take anymore? We just started, bitch!" He was completely unaware of the fact that less than twenty-four hours earlier Melissa had been repeatedly gang raped by five young men.

Of course, if he had known, it wouldn't have made any college nymphet lilly labeau take cock in class. "Uuuhhh. uuuhhh. Oh! Oh! Oh!. nnnuuuuuuuuuu. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. " Melissa could feel the sweat beginning to bead on her forehead as the sailor continued raping her, grinding against her pelvic bone as he forced his meat as deeply into her as he could.

She could see her bare feet above her head, bouncing in the air as he relentlessly pounded into her body. Grabbing the hair on both sides of her head, he covered her lips with his and forced his tongue into her mouth.

Melissa moaned as he continued driving into her body while his tongue moved around inside her mouth. He was pulling out of her until only the head of his dick remained inside her, then jamming himself back into her as viciously as he could.

Melissa's body jumped and she cried out with each penetration. Lifting his face from hers, the rapist gazed into Melissa's eyes. He loved seeing the pain and fear in women's eyes while he raped them. Loved seeing the revulsion as they felt his cum filling their hole. Luscious taxi driver gets humped and facialized moaned deep in his throat as he began fucking Melissa faster and faster. "Oh God! Oh God!. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. uuuhhh.

p-please stop. Oh! Oh!. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. N-no more! P-please no m-more!" Melissa cried as the dick inside her drove into her with increasing ferocity.

The sailor saw her brow furrow, saw her eyes squeeze shut, and his excitement increased. "Oh fuck!" he groaned as he felt his balls begin to tighten. "Oh fucking hell!" Melissa felt him swelling inside her, felt him becoming more brutal with each thrust. She knew he was getting close, knew that she was on the verge of once again being used as a receptacle for an animal's sperm. "Uuuhhh. uuuhhh. uuuhhh. P-please.d-don't!. Uuuhhh.

uuuhhh. Don't c-cum .owww.! Uuuhhh. uuuhhh. P-please not. nnnnuuuu. in-inside me!" Melissa pleaded. "Oh, shit! Oh, shit! OH SHIIITTTT!!!" "NNNOOOOOOO! GOD NNNOOOOOO!!!" Melissa screamed as she felt him pumping his thick cum into her body. She felt the heat spreading through her as he sprayed more and more of his foul liquid into her. Finally, with last brutal thrust and a groan of satisfaction, he collapsed on top of her ravaged body.

Lifting himself up, the sailor pulled his softening member from her body and said "NEXT!" "Here, latch on to her, man!" the sailor on her right said. Melissa tried to break free as the two sailors changed places, but it was a futile effort. In a matter of moments, the sailor who had already raped her had her arm pinned beneath him and his elbow behind her knee, holding her leg up to completely expose her.

The sailor who was now between her legs was fumbling with his fly. "Please don't!" Melissa pleaded with him as he pulled his dick from his trousers. "Oh, please don't do this!

Not again! Oh, PLEASE not again!

It's too much! Please no! Please nnnooooouuuuuuuuhhhhhh!" Melissa moaned as the sailor laid on top of her and shoved his swollen meat up inside her. As he nuzzled her neck, Melissa felt his hands rubbing her body, moving to her breasts. He took one breast in each hand and began kneading them roughly while he stroked his meat in her body.

"OWWWW! You're HURTING me! DON'T!" Melissa screamed as the sailor on top of her squeezed both of her tits viciously. He had his full weight on Melissa, crushing her to the ground. His face was buried in her neck and she could hear him moaning into her ear as he continued brutalizing her. "Nnuuuu. nnuuu. nnuuu." Melissa moaned with the exertions of the rape.

She could feel the sweat trickling down the sides of her face and into her hair. The frustration and helplessness she felt were overwhelming. What had she done to deserve this? What could she have possibly done that was so terrible as to deserve such a hideous punishment? "Nnuuu. nnuuu. nnuuu. p-please. nnuuu. st-stop. ohhhhhh. I can't. I can't. nnuuu. nnuuu. no more. no mouuuummmmpphhh. mmmuummpphh" Melissa was cut off as the sailor raping her forced his tongue deeply into her mouth, his hands gripping the hair on either side of her head.

The sailor was becoming more hot blonde babe gets her ass fingered and sucked by another lesbian in his movements, grinding Melissa into the ground with increasing force. He had his tongue deep in her mouth, intertwining it with her own.

She felt his hips pounding against her with increasing speed and force.

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Her body jumped and twitched each time the rock hard dick was driven intro her. She felt him swelling even more inside her, heard him moaning deep in his throat.

"Mmmmmuuummmmppphhhhh!" Melissa groaned around the sailor's tongue as she felt his dick throbbing and twitching inside her. The warmth spreading through her told her that once more she was being flooded with a load of cum. The sailor kept pistoning into her body as he drained the last of his sperm into her. "Christ!" the sailor moaned as he released Melissa's mouth.

"Oh Jesus Christ was that good!" Melissa whimpered softly as the dick inside her slowly softened. She knew that her ordeal was not yet over. The third sailor was surely going to want his turn on her. He wouldn't participate this far and then not rape her himself. "Come on, man, move it!" she heard the third sailor say to the one who was still buried inside her. "I'm so Goddamned hard from watching you two get laid that I could drive nails with my dick!" "Okay, okay.

Hold your horses. Jeeze." the second muttered as he pulled out of Melissa. The third sailor was definitely ready. As the second sailor took his place to pin Melissa down, the third moved between her legs and immediately crammed himself into her.

Melissa's back arched and every muscle in her body snapped taut as a scream escaped her throat. He was HUGE! Melissa had captivating massage and fucking hardcore and blowjob imagined ANY man could be so BIG! "Oh GOD! Oh DEAR God STOP Sex siren lucia denvile gets her pussy stretched pornstars and hardcore You're KILLING me!

OH! OH! OH! NOOOO!!! PLEASE, PLEASE STOP! OH GOD STOP!" she begged as her head snapped from side to side. She squeezed her eyes shut and ground her teeth together as the huge member was slowly withdrawn from her, and then just as slowly shoved back in. She groaned as she felt the massive dick in her bottom out against her cervix.

She felt as if he were going to tear through her uterus and continue into her stomach. Melissa begged the sailor to stop, pleaded with him to end her agony. The sailor merely grinned at her as over and over again he sunk the full length of his meat into her battered hole. Melissa was sure that she wouldn't survive this latest rape. "NO MORE!

OH GOD NO MORE! Nnuuu. nnuuu. nnuuu. OH GOD, OH GOD. nnuuu. nnuuu. ST-STOP IT. nnuuu. nnuuu. P-P-PLEASE. OH! OH! OH!. PLEASE, OH PLEASE STOP IT!" Melissa cried out as she was repeatedly impaled on the monstrous dick that invaded her body. She was covered with sweat and every muscle in her body was trembling. She jumped involuntarily with every inward thrust. Still the rape continued. To Melissa, it seemed as if time was standing still, as if this ordeal would never end.

She was beginning to feel that she was in Hell, that she would spend eternity pinned to the ground with this massive organ tearing her insides apart. It would never end. Never. What had she done to deserve this? What could she have POSSIBLY done to deserve this? "Oh yeah." the sailor muttered as he began slowly increasing the pace of the assault. He was moving in and out of Melissa with a little more speed and force that before.

Melissa could feel the difference as her tears merged with the sweat that matted her hair to the side of her head. She screamed and pleaded, but it all fell on deaf ears. "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH! OH! OH! NNNOOOOOO!!" she screamed as the sailor pounded into her, reaching depths that she had never imagined possible. "OH PLEASE NO MORE! IN THE NAME OF GOD, PLEASE STOP IT!" Faster and faster he drove his massive organ into Melissa's trembling body, grinding her into the dirt and tearing screams from her throat with each violent penetration.

Melissa twisted and squirmed beneath him, trying against hope to escape from the monster inside her. "NO MORE! OH GOD, NO MORE! YOU'RE K-K-KILLING ME! PLEASE! PLEASE! STOP!" The sailor was working himself into a frenzy, driving viciously into Melissa as his excitement increased.

He felt his balls tightening as he approached orgasm. He began groaning as his balls prepared to explode. "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Melissa arched her back and screamed as the sailor jammed his huge dick completely into her and held it there. She felt the massive dick inside her twitching and throbbing as he sprayed his load deep inside her brutalized body.

She felt the warmth filling her as he continued shooting cum inside her. Finally, mercifully, he relaxed some of the pressure on Melissa's body.

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With a sigh of satisfaction, he slowly withdrew his meat from her trembling body and stood up. The other two sailors released their grips on Melissa's legs and also stood up. Melissa collapsed in the grass, exhausted from the ordeal she had just been through. She felt the cool breeze evaporating the sweat that coated her body as she stared at the leaves of the trees that shaded the area. The three sailors were smoking cigarettes and talking quietly.

Melissa couldn't hear what they were saying. Turning, they approached her. Two of them leaned cartoon xxx story in japan and grabbed her by the wrists while the third pulled several pieces of light rope from under his jersey.

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"What are you doing? Please, leave me alone! You've all had me, you've all had what you wanted, so just leave me alone! PLEASE just leave me alone!" she pleaded as they dragged her a short distance to a small sapling, where two of them pinned her arms down above her head, one on either side of the small tree, while the third tied her wrists together.

Finished with that, they tied a piece of rope to each of Melissa's shy tricky pickup for casting and tied the other ends to two other small trees. Melissa was tied down, helpless, with her legs spread open. "Please let me go. I won't say anything. I promise! Please!" Melissa begged. One of the sailors took out a handkerchief and stuffed it into Melissa's mouth.

A second handkerchief was tied around her head to hold the first in place, making and effective gag. "Now you just wait here, sweetmeat. We're going to go get a couple of beers, and then we'll come back and show you a real good time." one of the sailors told her before the three turned and walked away. Melissa was left alone, tied naked and spread-eagle in the grass.