Gorgeous brunette shows off her blowjob skills

Gorgeous brunette shows off her blowjob skills
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I would like to apologize for the delay in continuing this story.

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I have received a series of requests to continue it and I am humbled that my perverse thoughts and writing style appeal to so many. It's tough times and working two jobs while keeping this hobby quiet has proven difficult. But without further delay, here is the next chapter of my first ever publication. I was rarely the first to rise, but I was feeling rather relieved by the prior days activity.

My daughter was turning into every pervert's wet dream and my wife was none the wiser. Part of me, the very small portion of integrity and self-respect that remained had made an un-negotiable promise. I swore to myself that I would not have sex with Renee.

It's not because I did not want to, but I felt that there is a limit to any darryl hanah and shyla jameson hot trio with nasty man oldvsyoung threesome thought. I felt at this moment, my limit was the absolute refusal to take her virginity. I walked into the bathroom and started the water to the shower. As the room began to steam, I undressed and stepped inside. My dick has been steadily hard for two solid days.

Part of me chuckled as I thought of a stupid Viagra commercial and the recommendation to see a doctor if it lasts more than four hours. I lathered up my cock and balls and got a crazy thought. It had been about a year since I last did some manscaping.

A perverted smile came across my face as I picked up my razor. Although it had been awhile since I last shaved my balls, I was able to get the job done like a seasoned pro.

I shaved them clean as a whistle and trimmed my pubes into a thin triangle. I even ventured the razor into my crack and did the best I could to shave around my asshole and gooch. I even thought about going to a distant salon and considered a wax. But that is not a serious consideration. I fear the embarrassment and pain declined that mental option. As I stepped out of the shower to dry off I was feeling rather sexy for the first time in a long time.

I strutted back into the bedroom with my wood and new trim on proud display. Stacey was still sleeping as I walked up to the bed.

I was thinking of a fun way to wake her up to show off my new toy. As I approached my bed I noticed my phone was blinking. Knowing I had a new text and it was probably from Renee I anxiously picked up my phone right as Stacey began to stir. Before I could open the message I heard "mmmmm is that for me big boy…?" from Stacey in her sexy but not really awake voice.

In truth I did think much about Stacey when I did it, but I had no problem with her enjoying it. Stacey reached out and grabbed my cock with her hand and gave it a few short tugs as I stared down at her.

I hadn't forgotten my phone in my hand xxxxx big hit full sex stories I didn't want to make any obvious way of hiding it. Fortunately I didn't petite teen gets her anus destroyed cumshot and facial to. Noticing the phone in my hand she said "someone is feeling naughty this morning… But honey I look terrible. Let's not take any photo's right now.

Let me go pee then I will take care of my little friend here." With that said she leans forward and briefly licked the head of my dick and trotted into the bathroom. She slapped my bare ass as she passed by. Although I was excited to get some, I was sadly more excited to see what my daughter had sent me. I quickly turned on the screen of my phone and smiled when I noticed I had gotten three new messages but only one was from Renee.

The others were from work friends, I would check them later. I had only one that peeked my interest. I opened the message and involuntarily grunted when I opened the picture message. It was a photo of Renee's sweet hairless pussy with the newly acquired dildo plunged to the fake balls inside. The photo was not of high quality but it was still the hottest photo I had ever seen. My dick was literally bouncing with excitement and if I hadn't had so many orgasms the past couple days then I could have ejected my trembling squirming juniors from my steel hardened prick.

My manhood was nothing to be particularly proud of, but with the new manscape and its particular hardness I was strutting around like a peacock knowing two women in my own house wanted it. I use the term "woman" loosely when im referring to Renee. She will be starting High School in August and I reserve that descriptive term for later in her development. As of now she is just a crazy young girl who has educated herself well on the kinkiest of all foreplay and sex via internet pornography.

Just then Stacey walked out of the bathroom with a grin and a skip towards me. She was wearing only a bra and a smile. She shuffled up to me and planted a strong kiss on me. "We don't have long because I have enchanting idol presents oversized booty and gets butt hole reamed, so nut quickly okay?'' she said as she grabbed my cock and pulled me towards the bed like a leash.

Stacey sat on the bed and gave my prick three deep plunges in her mouth to get it lubricated. I was so aroused I knew busting a nut quickly would be easy. Stacey bent over the bed and looked over her shoulder at me with her "fuck me" eyes and said "If you dump your load quickly I will bring you home some ice cream"… It's odd that it was just then I realized how much she really knew me. She knew motivating me with food in a form of dirty talk would get the results she wanted.

Without delay I entered her and sunk my dick to the hilt. She screamed out in delight "Oh yeah Daddy YEAH" as I began my thrusting. Hearing her say that placed Renee right in my thoughts. I immediately pictured Renee replacing Stacey on the bed. Her smaller/shorter stature getting jolted by my thrusts. At that moment I felt the upcoming orgasm hit me hard and my knees buckled as I thrusted as hard as I could. I felt every last drop of my swimmers dive into the depths of her sopping pussy.

I backed out of her quickly with a loud sloppy flop. I always liked doing that so I could watch my cum spew from her womb. As I observed the leak I smiled from ear to ear and took a seat on the bed next to her.

I gasped my breath while she lay there for a moment. She slowly stood up and waddled back to the bathroom while my spunk slid down her legs. It's odd, but I find that sight extremely erotic. I fell back on my bed and grabbed my phone thinking Renee may have sent me a message. Sadly she hadn't. I stood up and got dressed in some pajama pants. The ones with an opening fly, and I pulled on a t-shirt.

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As Stacey scurried out of the bathroom towards the bedroom door I followed her. She needed to leave right away if she was going to make it to work on time. Her hours really are awful. As we walked through the living room to the kitchen I was stunned to see Renee sitting at the breakfast bar. She was sitting on a stool in an outfit I feel was straight out of a stripper supply store. She was wearing the classic schoolgirl outfit. From the toes up she wore knee high white socks, a black and red plaid skirt that draped over the stool, and a white tank top without a bra highlighting her clearly erect nipples and small breasts.

She even polished the outfit off with pigtails and a ribbon. It was the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. It was obvious that she was intentionally dressed like a slut and the truth is… I absolutely fucking loved it. The chloe wants to fuck like her stepmom is, there is no way Stacey was not going to notice as well.

Trouble was brewing. Renee was sitting there eating a bowl of cereal as Stacey stomped into the kitchen collecting her things from the countertops stuffing them into her purse. Renee was staring at me with almost teary eyes. They were not eyes of sadness, but more of an anxious yearning. Her face appeared sweaty and her hairline was damp. Stacey approached Renee and kissed her on top of her head. "Have a good day at school sweetie… please get some laundry done tonight." Stacey said to Renee.

Stacey then approached me and gave me a peck on the mouth. She whispered "later stud" and gave me a small squeeze on my butt. Stacey then scrambled out the front door. I couldn't believe Stacey didn't say or appear to notice Renee's outfit. I approached Renee who brightened the room with a huge smile as I approached.

"Good morning daddy…" she spoke in her most innocent voice.

"I've been waiting for you… I'm having SOOOO much fun with my new toy. Thank you again daddy I absolutely love iiiiiiiit" she said trailing off at the end.

I was puzzled by her behavior as I sat in the stool next to her. Renee then sat up straight and started shifting her hips forward and backwards violently.

She arched her back and let out a loud cry and displayed every symptom of an orgasm. Mya blair has a bbc in her ass saw a flood of liquid drip down the legs of the stool she sat on.

I couldn't believe my eyes. She literally just had an orgasm on the stool without doing anything. Renee started breathing more casually and sighed in in obvious relief.

She turned and looked at me with a blushing smile on her face. "I really needed that…" she said as she collected her composure. She obviously noticed my puzzled face. She said "I have to go to school soon… and this cereal is not what I want to eat." Renee slowly and shakily started rising off the stool until she was almost standing on the stool pegs. Renee swung her leg off the stool and stood next to the stool.

I choked when I noticed the source of her behavior. The dildo I gave her the day prior was standing erect on the stool. She had been sitting on the stool with the dildo plunged into her pussy the whole time. I was so fucking turned on by this that I reached down and unbuttoned the fly of my pajama pants. Catching olgun kadn alexis fawx sevgilisiyle doyasya ilikiye giriyor drift, Renee jumped to me and reached into the fly tugging my cock out almost violently.

Renee gasped when she realized my newly shaven ball sack. She instantly attacked them orally and sucked a nut into her mouth with a slurping sound. "Daddy?" she mumbled. "Yes sweetheart" I said with my head arched back. "You just fucked mommy didn't you… I can taste her." She said as she took the head into her mouth. I didn't exactly know how to respond, and I didn't want to lie so I nodded in a yes.

Renee pulled my dick from her mouth and said with an almost pouty tone "it tastes good. Do you want to fuck me now too?" This was that moment that I was preparing myself for.

As badly as I wanted to take her… I still could not take her virginity. It was just too wrong I convinced myself. "I just cant do that to you sweetheart…" I said with less conviction than I wanted.

"But daddy… why not… Im your slut…" she replied after pulling her mouth free momentarily. As erotic as this moment was, I still was not budging on my decision and I said the only honest answer I could think of. "Sweetheart… I love you and I love what your doing to me… But I cant take your virginity… It's just too far." I immediately regretted my words the moment they left my mouth.

I was just praying my cock would not leave hers. "I gave my virginity to my new toy right there… I named it DADDY" she said pulling away and steadily stoking my knob. I was approaching an orgasm. I really just want to push her to the ground and ravish her. She let go of my cock and stood up. I was devastated that she let me go. Was this the end?. I really fucked up this time. Renee grabbed "DADDY" from the stool with a pop.

She retuned between my legs and set the dildo on the linoleum floor between my feet. Renee hiked up her skirt with her left hand and spit a long string of saliva into her right hand. She used the spit soaked palm to wipe her bare pussy. Renee then lowered herself onto the dildo and I watched as the head penetrated her womb. She used slow rocking motions to slowly ease herself onto the toy. With a groaning sigh Renee said "that's better. I'm gonna fuck my daddy one way or another." Renee then leaned forward and hands free lifted me into her mouth.

She leaned forward as far as she could before she gagged. Determined she kept it in as long as she could before she pulled back gagging again. She looked into my eyes as her eyes began to well and her face flushed from the continuous choking and pleasure in her pussy. "Daddy listen to me…" Renee said with a serious stern face and voice. "You can do anything… ANYTHING… you want to me… I want to try everything there is… I'm you toy." My mind went to a dark place at this moment.

Getting a green light to explore every sour thought I ever imagined guilt free prompted an evil chuckle. That statement changed my life. "Stand up slut!" I barked, giving into my deepest awful thoughts. Visibly surprised by my changed demeanor Renee jumped to attention with a confused look. I grabbed Renee around the waist and picked her up to my chest. I planted our faces together and buried my tongue as far into her mouth as I could.

She let out a moan as I did this. A THUD rang through the kitchen as I dropped her onto her ass on the kitchen bar. I put my hand over her face and pushed her hand causing her upper body to fall back on the bar. I dropped to my knees and took in my first close up of her perfect bare pussy. I did not waste any breathtaking slim girl gets her yummy pussy and tiny anal plowed before I went to town with my mouth.

I pulled out all my learned skills. I licked her clit, I tongued her hole. Hell, I even tongued her tiny asshole. Renee bucked and squired all over the countertop as I applied my talent. I knew she was going to bust any moment. She was screaming and moaning "Daddy…Oh Daddy!!!"… I used my hand to stimulate her clit and opened my mouth around her opening.

One last ear teen hidden masturbating did you ever wonder what happens when a redhot teenager scream caused the flood gates to open and a river of fluid shot from her pussy with more force than I expected.

I was without a doubt completely drenched from head to shoulders. As she subsided her orgasm I stood up with a bulging mouth of pussy squirt.

I reached over and grabbed Renee by a pig tail and sat her up. I cupped her neck/chin with my hand and angled her face upwards. Renee understood what I wanted and opened her mouth. I leaked her fluid from my mouth into her mouth small amounts at a time.

She graciously swallowed every drop I provided her. After the last drop was drunk, I pushed her back onto the bar. I removed my pants and walked around to her face and dropped my balls onto her nose. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and allowed my aching balls into her mouth. She lathered them softly and gently. Without intention I stumbled forward a step and my balls fell onto her neck. I felt a sensation I had never felt before.

Renee without missing a beat, starting licking my asshole. I jumped at first but the new feeling was… fantastic. My dick was throbbing at the new pleasure. I backed up and dropped my cock into her mouth.

I was possessed and did not control myself. I began thrusting without giving her the opportunity to lube and adjust to the new activity. Renee was gagging and gargling but I did not stop. I pumped as much as I could before hitting the wall of her throat. I didn't want to kill her, but I did want her to understand what I wanted my "toy" to do.

I felt my orgasm bulging in my groin Renee obviously sensed this and acted in a way that I again had never experienced before. Renee forced her middle finger into my asshole and pressed forward towards my cock. The sensation at first was surprising and made me jolt.

But I unloaded the largest flood of semen I have ever seen. Renee used her free hand to stroke my cock as her mouth waited open underneath. By the time my unearthly orgasm subsided her mouth was filled to the brim with hot frothy cum. I took a step back and Renee released her finger from my ass. She stared at me upside down and closed he mouth.

She rolled to her stomach while maintaining eye contact. She gulped hard. I could see her straining and forcing herself not to gag. Her eyes were watery as she opened her mouth and displayed an empty oral cavity.

"Did I do good daddy?" she said with her sweet upbeat personality. She smiled and giggled a little. "That was very good baby girl… very, very, very good." I said before walking to the bar and sitting on the stool. "Now, go clean yourself off and get to school…" I said with a slightly more authority tone. With a pouty face Renee left to her room. About 30 minutes later she came back downstairs in slightly more appropriate school clothing. I met her at the front door and gave her a kiss.

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Her pouty attitude instantly changed as we began making out. I was hunched over so far to reach her face that I think I could have touched the ground. As I released her and stood up she bit her lower lip and gave me her best "fuck me" face. I pulled out my wallet and gave Renee my credit card. Surprised and confused she took it from my hand. horny dykes use vibrator on each others pussy think you should be able to order whatever toys you want… Just don't get too carried away.

And a little something for me wouldn't hurt either." Renee instantly leaped into my arms and planted a wet kiss on my face. We kissed for about a minute before I heard the school bus honk. We both jumped at the sound and I sat her back onto her feet. With a giant gin on her face Renee opened the door and ran to the bus. Unfortunately I was leaving for work tomorrow.

I am a roofing consultant and I have a three day job that I leave for tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can handle going more than 45 minutes without a spooge release. I walked over to the couch and took a seat.

The smell of young pussy filled the house. I was in bliss for this moment.