New saxy storys big bol

New saxy storys big bol
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JackassTales…Tale # 66…Readers, I have reverted to my wicked ways. This is a coming of age tale of sex involving teen and older participants. If incest or young sex bothers you, then please don't read or vote. Little Sisters; The Best Pretty Please Pussies [Part 1] Katie Couldn't Cum It sure was quiet here in my old upstairs bedroom down on the farm. In comparison to the constant cacophony of the hustling, bustling university campus where I had spent the past three years, it was downright serene.

Oh well, I didn't really mind. I was home for awhile and I was going to enjoy the peace and quiet while I could. One of the best things about farm living was being able to awaken in my old bed and listening to the soothing son massage his injured mom of nature coming through an open window. Just before lying down to sleep last night I had raised the window screen and had taken a piss out the opening. After that, I had stripped off all my clothes and jerked my cock until it spit out a load of cum.

Moonlight made my semen stream seem like it was breaking up into thousands of glistening diamonds which arced out and then disappeared into the midnight mist. Oh how I loved the solitude and silence of this home place of mine!

Suddenly, the tranquility of the morning was shattered when my door burst open and in dashed a child. Yep, it was a kid girl dressed in frilly white pajamas; well, at least she wore the top half which covered her down to her ass…just barely. Why heck, I knew the girl, but just barely! Another year's growing had turned my little sis into a…a, well I reckon she was more than a little girl now! Katie had turned eighteen and dang that gal had sprouted out all over the place!

Before I could gather my thoughts, Katie had run across my carpeted floor and had plopped her ass onto the bed beside me. "Happy twenty-second birthday, Mark!" she exclaimed excitedly.

The girl then gave me a quick kiss on my lips. Quick kisses from Katie were nothing new to me nor were her innocent visits to my bed. My sis and I were confidants and friends who had shared much love and laughter along with myriad secrets of the heart and mind.

I was the girl's big brother, she was my sis, and there wasn't a thing in this world that could interfere with the loving innocence of our relationship. Or, so I thought. As it so happened, Katie's ass-plop into my bed on this particular morning had displaced and pulled down my thin bed covering.

My nude body's fully erect, man-sized cock was exposed in all its masculine glory! Oh shit; my sis had no business being subjected to such a stark display of raw nakedness! Hell, the girl will think that I'm a child molester laying in wait for his prey! Katie seemed to become aware of the naughty impropriety of sitting beside a naked man. She abruptly bounded up off the bed and ran for the door.

But, she stopped and looked back. Following her gaze, I saw that she was looking directly at my uncovered penis. Now, all I had to do was to flip the bedcovers back up over my exposed cock and that would be the end of it.

Yet, god help my bedeviled soul, I didn't do it! My sis did not exit the room. Perhaps she mistakenly mistook my failure to cover myself up for encouragement or perhaps feminine curiosity lured her back.

In any event, Katie timidly shuffled back to my bed and sat back down beside me. This girl put her back to the sinful sight behind her and refused to budge. Minutes flew by.

Finally, undeniable temptation forced her to turn around and confront the naked incestuous demon sticking out between her brother's legs. Katie's gaze locked onto my erection and made a quick, cursory inspection of the swollen manhood she had unintentionally uncovered. With blushing cheeks, her head then turned to look at my face. She didn't speak one word. Nor, did I.

After a seemingly long silence, Katie quietly asked, "Do you have a girlfriend, Mark? Has she seen…'it'?" I, too, spoke softly. "I don't have a current girlfriend, Babydoll," I answered. "But, yes, girls have seen…'it'." Indecision covered my sweet sister's face.

Finally, she made a choice as to what to say, "May I see 'it'? I mean, may I look at it closely? Mark, you and I don't keep secrets from each other!" I smiled mischievously. "Oh, does that mean you will show me yours if I show you mine?" I teased. "NO!" Katie protested.

"That's different! I just want to see yours because I've never seen one before. I bet you have seen lots of puss…! Well, can I see it or not?" I snickered a bit, but then responded, "Sure, knock yourself out. Look all you want. Touch if you dare. And Kitten, you're right; I've seen lots of pussies, but I'm always 'up' for one more!" Katie the impish minx stuck her tongue out at me.

She then scooted down in the bed a bit so she could have a better penis observation position. I know one thing; I never saw a young female make such a thorough penile examination.

She must have thought I'd give her a pop quiz later because she was surely studying hard. All at once, Katie sprang out of my bed and ran over to the drafting table I had set up in my room. She returned with two objects. Using the ruler, she measured and then muttered, "Seven & one half inches long." Using the tape measure, she measured and then mumbled, "Six & one quarter inches around." Scratching her head in bewilderment, she asked, "Mark, you're the engineer, how thick is that?" I rattled off a 'close-enough' number, "About two inches." "Ouch," Katie flinched.

"That's too long, too big, and too thick!" Curiously, I questioned, "For what?" At first, Katie wouldn't answer. Then she did, "For my hole, silly!" Quickly changing the subject, my sis asked, "Where you serious about letting me touch, 'it'?" I now decided this girl was ready for some instruction.

"Kitten, it is not an 'it'!" I declared. "It is a 'penis' in polite company. It is a 'dick' when just teasing. It is a 'cock' when naughtiness is afoot! Pick your poison and touch it!" Sticking her tongue out at me again, the mischievous wench grabbed a handful of meat and naughtily teased, "I think I'll pick your 'cock'!" A sudden bout of embarrassment came over Katie.

The girl's fingers released their firm grip on my erection. Not willing to give up entirely, my sis allowed milf thing sexy mature fucks two guys to tenderly explore my cockflesh with extraordinarily soft fingertips for a farm girl. Up and down my cock's length she felt and around and around its girth she fingered. "Sweetie, that feels nice," I whispered. Katie blushed like a child being caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Yet, in spite of her awkward discomfort, she managed to horny stepsis gets her tight snatch filled up by bro question, "Mark, how can something be so incredibly soft, but be so extremely hard at the same time?" I shrugged in pretend ignorance, but found an answer, "Kitty, don't your tits and nipples stiffen up sometimes and doesn't the clit inside your pussy become erect, yet aren't your female parts also soft?" huge titted blonde lesbian got her cunt handled by friend Mischievous intent made me add, "Let me touch them and I'll answer myself!" "NO, I told you, you can't touch me!" Katie nearly screamed.

Well, that was a pretty danged fool thing for this sissy girl of mine to say! Hadn't one of my hands been playing all over the silky-soft skin of one of her legs all the time she had been playing with my cock? And girl, aren't you aware that the fingertips of this very same hand are now massaging the inner smoothness of your upper thigh? Why, if I had a mind to do it, I could reach out a finger, slip it under the leg of your panties, and touch it against your pussy!

As soon as that wicked thought entered my head, my finger did slip under Katie's panties and touch her pussyflesh. My flicking finger followed a moisturized path and unexpectedly slipped into a hot, wet vaginal hole. Surprisingly, there was no hymen to hinder entrance. "Oh, my god," I unintentionally exclaimed. "Sis, you're not a virgin! Are you?" This girl's face blushed again.

By now another finger of mine had followed the same path as the first and was playing inside her vaginal cavity. Although previously protesting being touched, Katie was not doing so at this time. "Yes, Mark, I am a virgin," the girl affirmed.

"Yet, in a way, I'm not! I've never had a penis, or a dick, or a cock inside me. But, I've had a hairbrush handle, a hotdog, and the first few inches of a pop bottle neck inside me there. I was a little too hard with a pop bottle once and I busted myself!" I asked a quick, three-word question, "Did you cum?" "No," tattooed busty milf suck a big cook answered.

"Why not?" I asked.

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"Don't you like to have things stuck in there?" Part of Katie's answer became apparent when she lifted her leg to allow my flittering fingers freer access to her pussy. Another part came when her hand began stroking my cock with tightly gripped fingers.

The final part was spoken, "Yes, I like to have things stuck inside me, but, I can't cum!" Damn, that was unbelievable!

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"Girl you are a young woman of eighteen years in age," I stated. "What do you mean; you can't cum?" Katie released my cock. She pulled my fingers out of her pussy. The girl sat on the edge of the bed as if ready to flee. "Mark, I just can't make myself cum!

I'm going to go." I grabbed the rising girl's arm. "Without kissing me goodbye?" I quizzed. Just as I knew she would, my sweet Kitty turned and bent to give me a quick kiss. Yet, I embraced the seductive young lady in a bearhug and I attacked her luscious lips with my kiss-hungry mouth.

At luscious bitch loves being nailed by large knobs, the young female in my bed tried to resist, but after a few seconds her lips locked onto mine and kissed me back with enthusiastic passion. Allowing Mother Nature to be my guide, I pulled the girl into my bed and deposited her body flat on her back beside me.

Katie, my tame young Kitten, kept her kissing lips glued to mine. The timid girl made no protests as I unbuttoned every button on her pajama top. My tit-seeking hands found small, well-formed breasts adorning this special female's chest. Some guys might prefer big boobs, but give me a handful of itty-bitty titties any day and I'd be happy! "Katie, I betcha I could make you cum!" I boasted.

"You have seen my cock. If I put that big boy into your pussyhole, I could make you cum, and cum, and cum! Want to try?" "NO; it's too big I told you!" Katie said in unyielding insistence.

"Mark, if you weren't so big, and fat, and long, then I would love to have your cock make me cum, and cum, and cum! It could just be another secret part of our love. But, my pussy is too little and your cock is way too big!" Hmm, I sighed. Damned those ignorant, skittish females! Here I had a perfect chance to get some early morning pussy and the girl is uninformed as to certain facts of fornication!

"But Kitten," I pleaded. "Don't you know that pussies are very elastic? They can stretch open to accept even the biggest of cocks. Didn't your pussy stretch when your hairbrush went in? How about when you stuck the neck of the pop bottle in? Cocks are warm and soft on the outside and when greased with pussy juices they can be so slippery wet they will slip right into even a little hole!" All the time I was speaking about elasticity, I was fingering the insides of Katie's pussy.

I had slipped a hand into her panties and found a hot, wet hole quivering with anticipation. My fingers pulled, tugged, and stretched my sister's vaginal opening just to prove my point. "See honey," I boasted triumphantly. "Your little pussy can expand enough to take in a big cock!" Katie sighed heavily. She was not completely convinced, yet this unpredictable child surprised me by slipping her panties down her legs and over her feet.

She kept on her unbuttoned, frilly white pajama top. "Mark, I'll let you try to put it in as a sign of my love," she whispered in my ear. "But, if you hurt me with it, I'll never forgive you!" Mona Lisa had nothing over on my sweet sister's beautiful smiling face. Lying there more than half naked, Katie was so beautiful it took my breath away. My sis' long mane of thick brunette curls made a pillowy frame for her smiling, yet fretful and fearful countenance.

Hesitantly, this girl took the fingers of both hands and spread her outer vaginal fold apart. "Okay Mark," she whispered almost inaudibly. "Make me cum!" God, I just had to kiss this heavenly creature's pouty, inviting lips!

Katie responded by giving herself to me with her liberated, sloppy-wet kissing mouth. I tried my best to count the dozens of seconds that which flew by as we hungrily kissed and tongue-fucked each other. I was now experiencing the joys of forbidden emotional love. My kisses moved from Katie's lips and found the girl's juicy nipples and tittie flesh. Suckling these nubile buds and their surrounding warm skin became a pleasurable nubile films megan salinas is lesbian perfection. My young kitten purred even though I might have squeezed and chewed on her nippled nubs and tender mounds a little too roughly.

Katie let out a bit of an unexpected squeal when my lips closed over her pretty pink clitoris. This warm, wet feminine protrusion fit perfectly into my mouth and my tongue rolled around and around its delicious flesh just as if it was the tastiest treat I'd ever had.

Mmm, it was good, indeed! So good was my sister's pussy, I spent several minutes voraciously eating it. In between Crazy girl riding long cock on floor increasingly vocal whimpers, I chewed, and suckled, and licked, and devoured all the vaginal flesh and juices I could get.

This young lady's teen cunt poured moisturized lubrication. Whether consciously or unconsciously doing so, my Kitten's body was preparing itself for an anticipated penile penetration. In what seemed like a motion picture slowed down to a crawl, I lifted my naked body above my innocent sister's beautiful body. The tender tip of my cockhead kissed this girl's clitoral flesh and then followed its moisturized wetness down a slippery path.

The bulging two-inch ball at the end of my dick pushed ever so slowly into the small, elastic, super-tight hole that was the entrance of Katie's cunt.

Katie's butt unexpectedly jumped up off the bed beneath her. This girl's ass then settled back down, but not before the deed was done. My kitten's pussy folds now encircled the majority of the hefty bulk of my cock. My elongated penile shaft was buried within this virgin's scorching vaginal vault.

Torrents of sweltering moisture attempted to drown my manly intruder. Femisixteen whimpers were seconds from becoming orgasmic cries. I knew that sin was 'bad', but to paraphrase an old movie quote, I now knew that "forbidden sin was better"!

My wicked cock slipped into and out of Katie's pussy in ever-increasing rhythmic thrusts. Brothers and sisters are not supposed to allow themselves to conjoin their loins like this; but hell, I was having fun fucking my sis and I believed she was also having fun fucking me! My cock slapped into Katie's cunt in a jackrabbit race towards joyous sexual fulfillment.

My girl wrapped her slender legs around me and buck-jumped upwards against me with this same zeal and speed. Shaking her head wildly, my kitten's raked her fingernails over my back and slapped my ass with her feet.

For a girl who had never experienced cumming before, Katie's female body was now beginning to cum like a pro. Liberal amounts of heated feminine cum spurted in bursts against my tender loins. My bedmate's guttural sex-noises resonated inside my ears. She squirmed, she squealed, and she gloried in the discoveries her body was making. Joining in, my own cum began squirting out of my pee-hole. Globs of milky cum shot from me and entered the vaginal cavity of my sis.

I moaned, I grunted, and I too discovered uninhibited carnal joys and delights. My cum and Katie's juices combined to make the most wondrous of slippery fornication lubrication!

My wild kitten's tight cunt muscles enthusiastically accepted my oversized cock's slam-bam molestations. Oh, my dangerous dick worked Katie's pussy into a multiple-orgasming tizzy! This girl's vagina took my meat so deep within her body I felt I'd never hit bottom. The clawing kitten beneath me bit my neck so fiercely I knew I would later have teeth marks to hide.

In an effort to distract the biting girl, I forcibly directed her lips up to mine and I kissed her like I was a brother or lover demon-possessed. The incestuous devil inside me told me to pussy-pound my lover's cunt and to accept her own vicious vixen attacks against my body.

We two fucked, we screwed, hell, we fornicated in sinful elation! We celebrated in a world of sexual exhilaration. [Part 2] Can We Foxy shoplifters daughter and mom Too Pussies Katie and I were locked together so tightly that when I flipped over onto my back in the middle of the bed she came along and ended up atop me.

Without missing a beat, we doctor girl hospital hot porn our depraved copulation dance. Now that my sweet eighteen-year-old sis had learned how to cum, she seemed to want to do to her damnedest to cum all she could! "Can we play too, Mark?" a duet of young voices inquired unexpectedly.

I jerked as if a hot poker had been stuck up my ass. Katie jumped off me causing my half-limp cock to pop out of her cum-spilling pussy while still spewing its creamy goo. Oh shit, what a cummy mess we two presented to our younger siblings! Seventeen-year-old Kathie and sixteen-year-old Katia seemed more curious than concerned about the cummy mess. In unison, they asked again, "Can we play with you, Mark, can we?" "NO!" I said while watching Katie slink into my bathroom.

Aside from our parents, I was the only kid with a private bath. "Why not?" the girls quizzed. "Because you're too damned young," I answered. "No, we're not!" I heard from two mouths.

"We're almost as old as Katie!" Heck, I guess I could have argued all day with my little sisters, but I doubt I would change their minds. "Katie has curly hair on her pussy," I stated.

"Do either of you?" "I have hair," Kathie replied shyly. "I have curls," Katia pouted. I refused to answer. My intention was to cover myself up until Katie released the bathroom, but the two pajama-clad girls were sitting on my bedcovers.

"Hey," I suggested. "Why don't one of you go ask Katie to hand you a wet washcloth for me. I need to wash off." As one they ran, retrieved washcloths, and came back while my mind was still trying to determine whether or not I really did want to cover myself.

Yes, I'd had a good morning's worth of young pussy already, but heck, these girls would get older and bigger sooner or later…so why burn my bridges as far as prepping their pussies for my cock!

"Mark, may we wash your…your 'dirty' thing off for you?" Kathie asked. "Yeah Mark," Katia echoed. "Can we wash that big, old, 'dirty' thing off?" God damn my wicked soul, but I lay back flat on my bed and relented.

"Knock yourselves out," I said with no doubt in my mind that I would go to Hell for the deeds I had done this day. My little sisters jumped back into bed with me, one on each side. I could sense that despite their overt bravado they were nevertheless just innocents who most-probably couldn't follow through with their intentions. And even if they had the nerve to touch me, they would find nothing to wash but a flaccid penis worn out and killed by their big sis' pussy! Short of a direct lightning strike, there was no one thing on this earth that could bring life back to the once proud erection I had sported earlier!

My eyes closed but opened again as I felt two washcloths tentatively touching my dick. The two girls blushed as they gently sponge-bathed my fairly limp penis. I supposed they were doing a pretty good job of washing the cum from my belly, that adorable babe like to sit on his face squirting and japanese thighs, and my tenderloin regions.

I was not becoming erect again, but at least I was getting clean. Just then, Katie emerged from the bathroom. She grabbed up her panties from the floor, slipped them on, and then used a folded tissue as a pad between her pussy and panties to soak up the cum which had not yet stopped leaking.

Instead of fleeing the room, Katie stood at the foot of my bed studying the situation at hand. Specifically, the girl was watching her younger sisters' unsuccessful attempts at getting their brother's cock to busty blonde latina whore sucks rod hardcore and big tits. I think I was a bit disappointed that Katie wasn't showing signs of jealousy. Shit, she and I were the first bro/sis fuck-team in this house!

The look in that girl's eye seemed to indicate her empathy for her poor little sisters' problems. "Kathie, you and Katia will never get anywhere like that," Katie abruptly advised. "Get naked! Mark doesn't like pajamas or anything else covering up his girls. Show him your pussies, show him your tits, and then watch what happens between his legs!" Ha!

My little sisters were now finding out that there was a big difference in wanting to play and actually making the commitment to do so! Both were hesitant to remove even one stitch of clothing. Although I was naked, they were reluctant to become so. Hell, so much for prepping any more pussies for my cock! Suddenly, Kathie turned her back to me and slipped her pj top off.

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She raised her butt up off the bed and off came her pj bottoms and her panties. The girl then sat quietly and refused to turn around.

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"Are you naked, Katia?" she inquired without checking visually to get her answer. In fact, Katia was not naked. She was frozen in place on her knees in my bed. Shrugging and shaking her head in disgust, Katie walked silently over behind the child. This big sis undressed our youngest sis leaving her completely nude and defenseless. The undressed kid was a big-boobed waif with quite a bit of swelling to indicate the bodacious boobs.

Okay, yeah there were a couple of hot-pink nippily nubs showing beauty. Where sixteen-year-old Katia exceled was in the beauty of her pubic region. Not one hair marred the curly glory of this girl's flawless little pussy mound! The swollen halves of her tiny vagina were precisely split into two generous folds. Only the tiniest of tippy-tippy clit-tips protruded from between the girl's vaginal creases. Holy shit, I would have to be some kind of worthless, lowdown bastard of a big brother to even think of touching that innocent little girl's pussy!

Yet, thinking of that very thing, I was. And, to make matters worse, I reached out with a dastardly hand and cupped the child's sweet little mound. Oh woe is me, but I loved the texture, the softness, and the incredible warmth of Katia's cunt! For her part, Katia remained frozen in place on her knees. She had asked to play, but was she prepared to do so? As my fingers rubbed and squeezed the petite girl's soft mound, I felt her vaginal flesh stiffening.

Blood raced into her swelling folds and made them become fuller and firmer. As I watched in amazement, my youngest sister's tiny clit-tip popped out a bit from its hidey hole nook. The miniature erection offered such a delightful temptation that my fingertips tenderly teased it. Where Katia got the idea or the nerve to do so, I don't know, but the girl put several of her fingers inside her mouth and then she transferred the moisture to her clit.

As my fingertips teased her slippery clit more eagerly, my sis wet her fingers again and moistened more of the inner folds of her dry young pussylips. One of my fingertips slid along a spit-slick path and dared push through swollen folds until it had gone as far as it dared. I was touching this child's protective hymen. With a quick push, I knew I could break the virginal barrier, yet I had no wish to do so; at least I didn't want to bust her pussy with a finger!

I can't believe Katia was aware that her hips had begun rocking back and forth against my finger. Perhaps she had at some time finger-fucked herself, but by god, this was my youngest first-time finger-fucking cunt! Whew, she had a nice one! My flickering fingers began producing results. Katia was whimpering softly and purring with an inspired delight.

I was having a damned good time and dangit so was my sis! Kathie must have heard her sister's whimpering because she spun her head around to see what was going on behind her back.

This girl's eyes seemed to bug out with surprise. My middle sis turned the rest of her nude body around and demanded, "Mark, play with my pussy, too!" Before my brain could tell my hand to reach, Kathie had already grabbed it and placed it between her legs. Hmm, this girl's mid-age pussy was quite intriguing and interesting.

As pussies go (at least among my sisters) this seventeen-year-old one perfect. Katie's and Katia's were nearly as perfect, but not quite. I had no real complaints. Kathie's fuzzy pussy felt really nice inside my cupping hand. I suppose her anticipation had prepared it for manipulation as it was now already swollen and stiffened with desire.

My exploring fingers spread vaginal folds and found that this sis' vagina was not quite as dry as my youngest nor quite as wet as my oldest. This blond hair girl's pussy wass 'just right. Once again my fondling fingers found a hymenal obstruction. Kathie's hands seemed to be pushing my fingers against this virginal barrier in an attempt to burst it. I resisted. Hell, if I busted this sis, I would do it with my cock!

I did play. I had a really nice teen pussy in my hand and I played with it enthusiastically. Of course now, I wasn't forgetting that I had a really nice babydoll pussy in my other hand or that was also playing with it vigorously.

Here I was lying nude flat on my back in my early morning bed with my hands full of god-awfully-young pussies! Things just couldn't get any better than this!

Hey, what was happening? My 'dead' cock was stirring. It was only a little while ago that I thought that short of a direct lightning strike, there was no one thing on this earth that could bring life back to the once proud erection I had sported earlier!

Yet now, I had not one thing but two things; two naked girls and two handfuls of pussy were teasing and tantalizing my mind. The dead dick I'd had after fucking Katie was now rapidly coming back to life. Hell, I was almost to the point of being fully erect again! Speak of the devil; a feminine voice was giving commands. "Play with it, girls!" Katie insistently implored. I didn't think the girls knew what Katie meant, but they did.

Kathie hesitantly touched my erection with one finger then two. I suppose Mother Nature made her fingers wrap themselves around my shaft. Katia was more cautious. The timid girl touched my cockhead with school love sex repe story finger and then stopped.

Remembering how she wet her pussy, my little sis put fingers into her mouth and then she moisturized the swollen ball of my cockhead. Someone's hand played with my balls and somebody's fingers pulled at my pubic hairs. "Kiss him and suck him," Katie instructed. Katia's lips first kissed my cockflesh. I wouldn't have believed the shy girl could be so brazen. The girl's mouth barely fit over the head of my cock, but she sucked at and bit the ball.

When her turn came, Kathie gulped my cockhead and a couple of inches of my shaft into her wide-stretched mouth. As these two battled for every touch of my erection, I grabbed at and groped at all the young pussy I could get. Katie stood at the side of my bed and became the old-sister instructor. She informed Katia that her pussy was absolutely too little to get fucked therefore she must straddle my head and get herself eaten by me.

Kathie was told that her pussy was just borderline elastic enough to stretch around my erection so she was ordered to mount me and drop her cunt onto my cock.

The next thing I knew, I had a sixteen-year-old pussy in my mouth. I was kissing and licking smooth, warm folds of pussyflesh while silky legs straddled my head.

Pussylips were opened and I suckled at a tiny hot-pink clit. Down below, I felt the wings of another pussy slip over the head of my spit-slick cock. Unbeknownst to me, the wetness of that seventeen-year-old cunt was being subsidized by cummy moisture courtesy of a big sister's generosity.

The well-lubricated vagina dropped and impaled itself on my cockshaft. A girl screamed. The scream went unheard because of a sister's hands over the screaming mouth. Oh god, Katia's pussy was a delectable delight.

I licked the valleys between her swollen folds and her thighs. I kissed the twin halves of her inflated mound. This girl's teeny clit tasted like sweet sexy candy. Her tender hymen begged my tongue to tear it. Try as I did, I could only indent it with my tongue. Kathie's scream had stopped.

Her extremely tight vagina was squeezing my cockflesh as she rode it according to her sister's advice. Inch after inch of penile meat disappeared into this fornicating girl's vaginal chasm. While whimpering and crying, my middle sis rode me like a champion first-place brotherfucker!

I knew she was coming curvy milf riding a huge fake penis masturbation and closeups to cumming. I was, too. Finally, I cupped my tongue to stiffen it even more. I dug into Katia's pussy roughly. I had heard that a hymen was nothing more than a tender flap that didn't even close all the way inside a vaginal hole.

I pushed against the flap; it gave slightly; it stretched; it tore; and my little sis squealed faintly. My mouth tasted the thin, salty sweetness of trickling blood, but since I was not a vampire, I swallowed it down without nourishment or delight. I knew there was a reason why Katia did not cry and I knew it was because my little lover was cumming.

This girl had abundant vaginal juices to squirt and she was cumming terrifically as I tongue-fucked her pussy with all my might.

Well, maybe not 'all' my might. I did after all have a pussy to attend to between my legs. My hips bucked up as Kathie thrust her super-tight cunt down upon my cock. The elongated length of my engorged erection had already penetrated into this girl as far as it could. Yet, when Kathie began cumming in earnest, she drove my penile rod in even deeper.

She did squirt a bit of feminine cum. She also bled. I was shooting cum too but not all that much because of how much Katie had made me cum. Boy-O-Boy, I was cumming, Kathie was cumming, and Katia was cumming!

Katie had already cum. However sinful it was; there had to be a special demon that made times like this so sweet! [Part 3] Once More With Feeling At breakfast, I would have thought that newbie amateur skinny freak slobs and fucks pov three girls who had shared my bed this morning would have been quiet and subdued by sexual guilt. On the contrary; these sisters of mine were quite animated and giddy.

Oh well, I was rather mischievous and full of vinegar myself. We kids laughed and joked as we ate. If our parents could have guessed at the reason for our silliness there might be hell to pay. The rest of the morning passed uneventfully.

Household chores occupied the girls and farm work took my time. My mind was quite contented to relive the events of my joyful morning. I recalled the many delights offered by my three sisters' pussies.

I had gloried in touching, and sucking, and fucking each and every one! Oh, but there was one I had not fucked! Katie had said that Katia's pussy was absolutely too little to get fucked. I suppose she was right. But, damn it to hell, a guy's ego sure is buoyed up by counting up the number of cunts he can get his cock into!

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Shit, what would be so bad about screwing this one last sister? Yes, she was pretty damn young and yes it was probably a bad idea. On the other hand, Katia had willingly straddled my face and had let me eat her and bust her virginity with my tongue. As the afternoon hours wore on, I couldn't shake my desire to get my cock inside Katia's vagina. I wanted a piece of her little-bitty pussy so badly I could taste it.

Hell, big enough is old enough! Katie's eighteen-year-old vaginal orifice and Kathie's seventeen-year-old one had been elastic enough to stretch and accept my cock!

Katia's hole was only two years younger. That size and age might be pushing the limit, but in my horny opinion, a pussy of that age was old enough. Besides, pushing limits and fucking pussies was what I loved to do! "Mark, do you want some lemonade?" an innocent voice shouted upward.

Maia davis decides to try it black was in the barn forking hay down from the loft.

The voice surprised me so much that I lost my footing and fell backwards. Good god, the ten foot fall would have killed me if I hadn't landed in the haystack I had just made! As it was, my shirtless chest and back were scratched by the dried hay. "Oh Mark, you are so silly," I heard the same girll's voice say.

I knew when I was falling that it was Katia who had first spoken. The young girl added, "Hey Mark, I want to ask you something. Okay?" Slipping and sliding, I fought my way out of the hay. While I brushed myself off, I studied the girl kid before me.

Katia was barefooted and had on a pair of summer shorts and a sleeveless top. Her bellybutton and quite a bit of abdomen were exposed to my horny eyes. Mmm, she looked good enough to…fuck! I accepted the large glass of ice cold lemonade she offered to me and began gulping it down. The girl was carrying a large paper bag. "Sweetheart, what's in the bag?" I asked.

Katia's head lowered and she blushed demurely. "It's got something to do with what I want to talk to you about," she stammered.

Puzzled, I said, "Okay honey, talk! I could see that a war of wills was being fought within my sister's head. Finally, she steeled her nerves and spit out a litany of words, "This morning I saw you sticking your…your penis in Katie.

And then Kathie got to feel it inside her puss…her pussy. Mark, will you stick it in mine? I've got a blanket for the hay. And, I've got a jar of Vaseline to make 'things' slick. Will you do it? Will you make me feel what the other girls felt?" Holy shit! Dropping the lemonade glass, I scooped the girl up in my arms paper sack and all.

My lips kissed the pouty perfect mouth opened in surprise. As Katia kissed me back, I carried her into an empty horse stall. I ripped her sack open and spread the blanket over a bed of hay. Katia lay upon my bed already stripped of her clothing and naked as sin. I shed my clothes in record time. This was what I wanted, but by god, I wasn't going to rush it! This girl enjoyed kissing, so I repeatedly kissed her lips.

I kissed and suckled the nippily nubs which were manifestations of her tits. I enjoyed kissing the smooth warmth of her belly and I gloried in the giggly sounds she made as my tongue tickled her bellybutton. I locked my eyes on the beauty of Katia's pretty petite pussy. Yes, I kissed it just as I had this morning.

I suckled her clit again and licked deep within her where a hymen no longer existed. My little sis whimpered as I furiously ate her.

I believe some of her moans were in anticipation of what she believed was coming next. I said I wasn't going to rush things, but I did. I found the jar of greasy lube, flipped its top off, and then started busty amateur teens enjoyed in a car sex with their bfs loins. My cockshaft received a liberal coating of the slick goo. My sister's pussyhole was given a generous smearing also. "Ready Babe?" I hurriedly asked. Katia's head was shaking in an affirmative gesture.

Her skinny legs opened forming an inverted 'V' from toes to cunt. The girl spread the folds of her pussy mound wide. Pretty pink pussiness was enticing me to sin.

Naturally, I knelt between this radiant teen's inviting outstretched limbs. The super-slick tip of my cockhead kissed Katia's tender inner pussylips. This slippery head popped inside the incredibly tight pussyhole. I knew that she most likely was still sore from losing her hymen this morning. My sis whimpered with a bit of pain as several inches of my cockshaft slithered inside her.

The greasy lubrication horny hot babe kara faux with a huge cock to fuck both were coated with did its job wonderfully. My cock and Katia's pussy became attached as frictional units bound together in a quest for sexual glory. Pain was forgotten. Sin was ignored. Only the heated fires of frenzied passion were allowed free run through our loins.

Cumming came too soon for us, yet had these pleasures come any later, we two would have become crazed with desire. Cindy gets her pale holes nailed black was thoroughly enjoying the forbidden delights found inside my youngest sister's womanhood and I knew with no reservations that she was enjoying the fruits of my manhood.

My cum squirted from Katia's too small, too full vagina. I grunted in beastly groans and the girl beneath me made feral squeals and screams peal from the barn's rafters. [Part 4] No End The sexual events of this day were only the beginning of many more joyous moments. Katie, Kathie, Katia, and I became frequent bedmates. Often one on one, but still occasionally in an orgy of delights.

I cherished and loved each of my sisters with impassioned love and lust. In turn, I knew that each sis adored and ardently loved me. I wondered which, or how many, I'd find in my bed tonight. Yesiree, sisters have the best pussies in the world!