Elegant chick is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet twat

Elegant chick is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet twat
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"Bang." that was the last thing jenny heard before she blacked out in the street, she had been out at a bar walking home late at night when she was knocked out. Jenny was 16 years old so she had to use a fake I.D. to get into bars she was 5'8", blonde and had blue eyes.

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she was thin athletic and perhaps most important a cheerleader at boulder high school. She woke up in an all white room with only a metal table and two bi men and a luscious gal. A thin man in his 30's wearing a black suit and tie came in followed by 2 very big strong men also in suits.

Jenny then said "what am I doing here, what do you want with me." She didn't get a reply the thin man looked at the two other men and then signaled to her.

They then walked up to her grabbed her by the shoulders and dragged her to the table and pinned her down. She tried to struggle but they were too strong, then one of them pulled out a syringe and shoved it into jenny's arm she then screamed out and said "get that out of me" then he pushed the plunger and the metallic liquid went into her arm they then let her go and she crumpled to the floor. "What have you done to me?

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What was that?" The man in the suit then laughed "hahaha" he then pulled a remote out from inside his jacket and pushed the button on it. Then jenny screamed and started convulsing on the floor. "What the fuck she said" a few munities later that injection had a small chip and whenever I push this button you will receive a powerful electric shock. "Take this" he said and passed her a phone one of the men then hit her over the head again and she passed out. Three days later she woke up looked at her iPhone and saw it was Monday.

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She then remembered what had happened and thought it had just been a dream, then she looked over and on her nightstand she noticed the phone she had been given by the man in the suit. It then began to ring and she was paralyzed with fear. There were so many thoughts going through her head had all that happened she then picked up the phone and said "hello." There was a short pause then a voice replied "hello Jennifer remember me." She didn't reply.

Then the voice said as "you probably remember the encounter we had last Friday.

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What you might not realize is what this means. Care to guess." There was no reply. "still not talking are you we'll soon change that this means that you are now my slave there is an earpiece in your top drawer put it on.

You should be getting ready for school about now." Then he hung up. Jenny then got out of bed got dressed into her cheerleading outfit and drove her VW beetle to school. She still had no idea what had happened when she got a text saying "answer your phone whenever I call. Just excuse yourself to the bathroom." When she got to school she got out of her car went straight to class without talking to anyone she went to her first class, she had math and halfway through the class her phone and asked to go to the toilets her teacher was Mr.

McAlister he was in his late twenty's and he was pretty cute but she went to the bathroom and answered her phone. It was the man again he said "what took you so long." She only replied, "what do you want with me." He then asked if there were any showers in the bathroom. I answered, "Yea there are she replied." He then said "ok go over to the shower and take the head then pull down your skirt and panties then put the nozzle inside your asshole." "What" I replied. "you heard me he said. Take that shower head and put inside your ass, unless you want me to shock you again" then jenny took the shower head and shoved in into her ass with a pained moan.

"Good he said now turn on the water and don't turn it off until I say you can." She did so immediately she could feel it flowing into her ass soon she felt full and her stomach started to swell slightly. She asked if she could turn it off now but he said a few more munities and soon after that he said she could turn it off by this time her stomach was more swollen and it looked as if she was a bit fat she then asked what he wanted her to do and he said "take out the shower head and go to the third cubical along from the end." she did and she was having trouble holding it but she did he said "look in nadia buari xstorys nollywood actress top basin." So she did and there she saw a medium sized but plug and then he said "see that I want you to put that in your ass." she hesitated for a moment then remembered the electric shock.

"is there a problem" he asked after a long pause she said "no" and he said "call me master." "No master" she said through gritted teeth.

Then she put it in with a pained moan. "Now go back to class and sit there until I tell you otherwise" so she went back to class and sat down the butt plug was very uncomfortable and she couldn't hold it much longer she took her phone out under her desk and texted her master if she could go to the bathroom but he replied "no you must hold it." A few munities later she received another text saying, "Hold that enema for as long as you can.

Then let it out but in class not in the bathroom and remember I will know if you cheat because I have cameras all around your school and house." After about 10 munities she felt she couldn't hold it any longer the butt plug popped out rolled across the floor and the enema spilled out all over the floor the shitty brown water flowed out of her but and made a pool coming from her desk.

Everyone in the room looked at her and saw the pool of shit spreading across the floor, her face turned bright red as everyone saw what had happened. She thought to herself that they must have all thought that she had very bad diarrhea and she didn't know how to explain the butt plug they all saw. She burst into tears and ran out of the class and hid in the toiles for the rest of that class after that she tried to forget what had happened and all through the day people kept asking about it and making fun of her for what had happened.

THE END By big john please leave feedback and if its liked ill wright a sequel.