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Chapter Five ELENA The name 'Prestira Rasloraca' was familiar to me, and since my worldly news came in the form of barracks gossip, that meant she was probably a big deal. Upon further investigation, I learned that Miss Rasloraca had been First Mage of the Ardeni University for fifty years, which was no small feat.

After that, she'd served as Arcane Master under the late Rondar Dreus, the previous regent of the Lowlands, of which Ardeni Dreus was the capital. There were several categories of witches and wizards (and they took great pains to class themselves, the insufferable academics that they were), but there was only one specification that really mattered: when the shit went down, did the king order your assistance, or did he request it? There were maybe five individuals who could put bigdick loving teen squirter gets face jizzed tube porn in the latter category, and Zander Fredeon and Prestira Rasloraca were two of them.

I couldn't speak for Prestira's privileges in the Lowlands, but I knew that Zander acted inside the Highlands with complete independence. He had his own section of the Great Forest that rangers could not enter, and if he asked for so much as a handkerchief from the Highlands, King Tiadoa would devote half his textiles to make the perfect tissue for Zander's esteemed nostrils.

It didn't matter that he was human; Zander operated in an offshoot of the elven hierarchy all to his own. No one could quite pin where he ranked in the scheme of things. Surely above a duke, possibly even above a prince. It was fortunate that the most powerful arcane users also tended to be the most reclusive, for a politically-ambitious Zander Fredeon would be a potent force.

As he was, the hermit sorcerer was still one of the most powerful beings on Tenvalia. I guessed it was fitting that he be paired with a woman almost (if not equally) as powerful.

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It sure as shit didn't make my job any easier though. "…it's a delicate balance, you understand." The ambassador explained, "Miss Rasloraca is an esteemed citizen here, and you already know about Mister Fredeon's standing in Bentius.

I simply can't sanction your investigation." "As a ranger, I have autonomy-" "Your autonomy is not recognized by this consulate, Ranger Straltaira. You're not in the Great Forest." "This," I said, stabbing the opened letter on the counter between us, "gives me full yoga sex xxx sex foran of investigation, awarded by the king himself!" "And how does this," the cleric gestured to the other sheet of parchment I'd laid out, "constitute evidence to support your investigation?" I opened my mouth, then shut it.

Taken out of context, the letter I'd intercepted from Brock Terdini was hardly evidence enough to accuse one of the Highland's most powerful allies of treason, and adding the most powerful sorceress in Ardeni Dreus to the mix hardly made it an easier pill for the ambassador to swallow. Being a ranger meant thinking with a level head even when the heart was stricken.

I suppressed the urge to scream at the man, realizing I'd reached the limits of his flexibility. His concern was of the relations between Ardeni Dreus and Bentius. If it were Leveria who had been taken, I might've been able to sway the ambassador, but Yavara was the spare, not the heir. "Can you summon Zander for questioning?" I asked.

"I can request him." The ambassador replied, giving me a critical eye, "But you cannot be a part of it." I nodded. PRESTIRA I liked Yavara; truly, I did. One might think I'd be predisposed to hate Alkandi's incarnations, but I begrudgingly had to admit that I saw why Zander had loved the original.

Though they were all different women, they shared an adventurous spirit, and the infectious charisma that only comes from natural-born leaders. While some of Alkandi's incarnations fought with their birth-given identities, I saw nothing in Yavara that belied such insecurity. I'd heard little of the second-born daughter of King Clartias Tiadoa, save for her skill with a bow. It was Leveria who was famous (or infamous, depending on who you asked) as a diplomat who used her keen mind and striking elven beauty to deftly navigate the annals of power.

No, Yavara was not the plotter her sister was. She was unabashedly herself, and that endeared her to me. Yes, she had the royal air of someone who's used to being doted upon, and I daresay she'd be hard-pressed to know what to do with a broom (save for sticking the handle up her ass), but she didn't expect anything of those she may have deemed below her station.

Truly, I saw a potential friend in her; maybe more. She was compassionate, bold, and curious, but above all, she was ambitious. I could see it in the orange glint that shined across her eyes, that covetousness for more than just my body. Power was her want, and though she sated its itch with sex now, I knew it would not sate her for long.

All of Alkandi's incarnations were lecherous creatures, but none before Yavara had made a pass on me. Even if one had been so bold, I doubted I would've accepted, or been so easily seduced after declining. I'd never had so much as a gay musing before, and yet, I found myself attracted to Yavara in a very real way. It wasn't just her spirit that enticed my lust, but her body; her female body.

Curves and tender flesh, soft features and silken hair; something dormant had been awoken within me, something I never knew existed. It surged forth now, taking my faculties by storm and compelling my perversions. I longed to explore the teen sex ruined orgasm mom side of myself to its fullest, a side that had been exposed by Yavara Tiadoa. Such was her power, to find the keys that unlocked secrets that were secret even to me, and such was her ambition, to gain that measure of mastery over me.

As I pressed her face into my crotch, and enjoyed immensely the skill of her tongue, I wondered where her quest for power would take her, and to what depths she would stoop. Sexually, I did not think she had limits; depravity was her power, and being willing and wanting to debase herself was her stake of autonomy. I already knew she was capable of killing, and suspected she took some measure of joy in the act. I couldn't fault her if that were the case, for on occasion, I enjoyed dealing in death myself.

Anyone who has killed knows the secret thrill that comes with it, but that did not define Yavara as a killer.

She showed her capacity for mercy when she refused to control my mice, for I believe the first rodent's death was her subconscious reason for not seeking their minds. But I'd be remiss to believe Yavara was not capable of darkness, for I saw the potential in her for it.

The Dark Queen would rise again come hell or high water, and goddamn it, I would aid in her ascension. Not for her, but for me. Yavara was the first incarnation Zander had brought me that showed any ambition past her own pleasure, and was more powerful than the rest combined. She could sit on the Black Throne, and in doing so, release my beloved from millennium-old shackles.

Then, he could be with me. Wholly with me. Yes, I liked Yavara; truly, I did. But I'd be damned if I was going to let the twisted little cunt control my mind.

YAVARA I licked my lips, then held Prestira's gaze as I lowered my head into her lap once more. Are you ready, Yavara? Prestira's telepathic voice inquired. Are you? I replied as I brought my tongue to the witch's folds. I pressed my nose into her, smelling her sweet aroma, feeling my primal mind surge with the compulsion of its basest sense.

I slithered my tongue into her. Her petals parted delicately for me, and her nectarous flavor permeated my mouth. Oh, she was delicious. I opened my lips about her and drew upon her curtains with gentle suction, my tongue circling her sensitive inner spot, teasing it, never contacting it directly. Her thighs quivered beside my ears, which were filled with the pleading chorus of her moans.

I didn't relent, but continued my tortuous path, waiting for her to finally give in, and force me.

She held out for an admirably long time, her nethers flowing, coating my muzzle with her pent-up desire. Her hands finally grabbed the back of my head and drove my face into her. I grinned victoriously, and complied. My tongue traversed her spot in an ever-changing myriad of patterns, seeking the combination that would unlock her. When her thighs nearly decapitated me, I knew that I had found it. I repeated the motion until I felt her insides flutter and contract, then spasm in a torrent, her legs wrenching my neck as she twisted in orgasm.

But though her mouth sung of ecstatic surrender, her mind was an impenetrable fortress, repelling every attack I hurled her way, and buffeting the pleasure of her body. Is that all you've got Yavara? I'm disappointed. That's not a nice thing to say to your pupil. What happened to the encouraging and nurturing Prestira? I miss her. I answered, honing my mental voice to its best effect.

You challenged me. Do you think everyone you try to indoctrinate is going to be nice to you? They will resist you at every turn. You can't hold out for ever. I'll only need one opening, and I never miss. And I never give such an opening. I've trained myself with torture to keep my body from corrupting my mind; do you think your tongue will succeed where fire and hooks failed?

I am the most powerful hot girl plays with dildo goldie rush masturbation striptease in the world, Yavara, and I don't say that as a mere boast. You were 'very securely heterosexual' a few minutes ago, and now I'm eating your pussy like ice-cream. People change. But I guess it must be my succubus DNA… You have a cute personality when people first meet you, but you're a bitch on the inside.

Oh, you have no idea. I assaulted Prestira's nethers once more, and once more, my mouth filled with her honey.

I gazed into her pleasure-warped eyes, but saw no cracks in her mind. Her defenses were honed for direct attacks, parrying my every strike with ease. What made it worse, was that my mind was quickly succumbing to the pleasures of my body. I did not have the training that Prestira had to separate the two, and every pierce of Zander's cock dulled my consciousness with pleasure. I drove my hips back against him, savoring his heat so deep within my sinful tightness.

I drifted away from the task at hand, overcome by the slapping symphony of my defilement. You gave up so easily. Prestira sighed, sounding slightly disappointed. I haven't yielded yet. I replied dispiritedly.

Pride is the bane of power, Yavara. Prestira chided, smearing her pussy across my lips, smirking down at me, And you're in no position to be proud, you cunt-eating slut. My pride cannot be injured for which I have no shame. I responded, punctuating the remark by flattening my tongue against her slit, and crack her jack cindy hope eva karera nikky thorne victoria lawson ally k her.

She hissed in reaction, her body curving to bring her pubis down on me. I attempted to breach her defenses there, and Prestira slapped my attack away like child's play. Please, Yavara.

She broke her revelry for a moment to roll her eyes at me. It might've incensed me to further my efforts, were it not for the methodical pump of Zander's hips, his ruinous penetration lulling me back into a trance of pain and pleasure. It was too much. While I felt more attuned with my mental powers during sex, the benefit was double-edged, serving to tempt me into mindless euphoria.

I gave up, offering Prestira the resigned look of a pupil to the master, one I could tell she relished. If I was being honest, I kidnap rape fuking story com enjoyed the idea of being humiliated by her for attempting a challenge.

I hoped she made me pay. As if reading my mind (which she may very well have), Prestira took two fistfuls of my black hair, and pulled my muzzle to her until the strands seared in their roots, and tears welled in my eyes. God, it was good. 'Pathetic whore,' she called me, and I nodded fervently, my nose wetting with her nectar. 'Shameless slut' she sneered, and I concurred with a docile curl of my tongue.

'Anal slave,' she titled me, and the idea of being naught but a toy for anal delights aroused me to new heights, and finally drove my mind into the madness I'd become addicted to.

Zander's cock pushed relentlessly into me, forcing open my deepest resistances, sending ecstatic bolts up my spine as my defenses were breached, and made to become fleshy cuffs about his continued advance. He bulged against my vaginal floor, stimulating those feminine nerves from the wrong hole. He stretched my rim thin, making me feel every vein and curve that traveled in and out of me, the slight changes in girth an electrifying gradient.

And every time he pulled out, a little bit of me went with him, the pink sheath outturned, sending searing pleasures deep within. I loved vaginal sex, but there was something about anal that drove me absolutely crazy. It was pain and pleasure fused, each begetting the other until the line between them was blurred. It was obscene, it was dirty, it was unnatural.

Getting fucked in the ass wasn't romantic, but pure, carnal lust. It was power. It was a desire to have someone invade me, to feel them go deeper inside of me, to reach parts of my body I didn't know I had. It was the desire to be forced into self-discovery through violation, to be transformed by the introduction of heinous pleasures. I wanted to be a bad girl, but there was a part of me that wanted to be made into one. Anal sex was that desire.

An idea flashed into my mind. I focused my attention on my anal penetration, diverting only a miniscule amount of my mind to the connection between Prestira and I.

It wasn't hard, for I'd let the line fade in my revelry. I took note of every physical and emotional aspect of my anal lust, and began transmitting the sensation nubile films megan salinas is lesbian perfection the connection. Only a little at first; only a taste.

What are you doing, slave? Prestira asked, her tone imperious, her eyes glinting with an amused smirk. Making you feel good, Mommy. I replied in earnest, eyes displaying no deception, There's a side of your sexuality you haven't explored to the fullest, I'm helping you do that. My newfound lesbianism? Prestira laughed in my mind. Your little asshole. I replied, slowly feeding her more of my own sensations.

Prestira's smile faded from her pleasure-stricken face. This is how anal makes you feel? Prestira's inquiry was cautious, but interested. I added a little more to the connection, and watched her cheeks flush. It's so good, isn't it? I asked softly. I could feel her pelvic floor twitching on its own accord, her vacant hole reacting as a mirror to my filled one. Her domineering demeanor began to wane, relaxing into a receptive sprawl before me.

Give me more. She requested. I did, increasing the feed until Prestira was whimpering with it, her fingers held weakly before her parted red lips, her eyes wide with realization.

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I never knew… Prestira's voice was waning, her body experiencing a pleasure only her sunny leone hot xxx sex sex stories could feel. I saw her divert more of her mental resources to capture the sensation, grasping for what I teased at.

This was not the torture of the flesh Prestira had trained her mind for, but an attack on the body from the nervous system itself. Prestira had never faced an intrusion like this, and so she did not recognize the threat. Do you want to feel it for yourself? I asked as my tongue left her slit, and started to lick back and forth across her taint. There's this little hole down here that you've been neglecting for so long.

It's nice, and pink, and tight. It's so pretty, Prestira; it's making my mouth water. Please. Prestira responded, enticed beyond caution by the sample I'd given her.

My tongue circled her spokes, exploring the little folds that made up her puckered sphincter. My ears were filled with the symphony of her moans, my thoughts still transmitting, strengthening the connection with every second. I felt the spasming premonitions of my ascension, and struggled not to become lost in it.

It was so hard. Zander big god xxx story donlod my most intimate depths, his ball slapping my frothing pussy, his hands spreading me open to expose my lewd vulnerability. I sobbed in delight as the thrusts intensified, each one pushing my face against Prestira's ass, my nose squishing against her taint, the scent of her arousal filling my nostrils.

I drooled onto her coiled button, longing to taste the decadent tang within. I gave her everything; every sensation, every emotion, the full brunt of my ecstasy shot directly into her mind without a filter. Oh god. Prestira didn't scream the reaction, but barely whispered it. She was enraptured, her mouth gaping in a wonderous smile, her eyes glimmering with tears. I couldn't see this, but I could sense it from her perception.

Our minds were so close, they were nearly one. Prestira realized now what I was doing, but it was too late. She offered a feeble, disinterested defense; the last gasp of her pride. I would take that as well. Let me penetrate you. I demanded gently, a double entendre of body and mind.

No… Prestira's voice was so faint. I'm going to taste you, and I want you to let me into that head of yours when I do it.

No… It was an automatic response without meaning. Just let me in, Prestira. We can feel good together, I'll be gentle. She offered no response. Zander pushed both his thumbs into my ass and spread me open.

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I screamed, my legs turning to jelly and failing me, felicitous spasms unleashing in my belly. Zander caught me just in time, his hand pressed against my pussy, two of his fingers driving in. I pushed myself back into him with what strength I had left, the fire ballooning from my insides until it burned behind my eyes. Prestira bridged herself, her body tensing like a bow before me, the tension winding tighter, tighter, tighter.

Her belly stretched to show the soft muscle beneath, her breasts flattened against her chest, her chin tilted below wide, trembling eyes. The two of us were stuck there for a moment; my body a puddle of limbs, and hers a bow tensed to snapped. At the precipice, where my mind was suffused with ecstasy, I found the last bastion of my cognizance, and drove my tongue past the resistance of Prestira's sphincter. It welcomed me in, closing tightly around me in a vile embrace.

Prestira let out a final gasp and then collapsed, her naked mind exposed to me completely. Through the pink haze of our mutual climax, I charged down the connection, and into her brain. I opened Prestira's eyes and looked down at me. My little black dress was hiked up to my ribs, my large breasts hanging from the front. I could feel Zander finishing into my ass as I as Yavara- slithered her tongue into my Prestira's- anus.

I felt both sensations from two perspectives, seeing my orange eyes near blackened with pupil dilation, and seeing Prestira's white eyes staring back.

Zander pulled out with a groan, partially prolapsing my ruined rectum, but I only gave the sensation a cursorily moan. Both of me stared at the other, amazement strewn across both of our faces. "This is fucking surreal." I said with Prestira's voice. Prestira?

Zander asked me telepathically. Hi Daddy. I responded from Prestira with my own mental voice. "What the fuck." Zander responded in astonishment, "I didn't think you could actually do it." "That's a resounding vote of confidence, Zander, thank you." I laughed from my own voice. "I don't think Zander believes in us," I teased from Prestira's mouth, "Maybe we should help him regain that confidence." "Confidence is the most attractive part of a man." I said from my own voice.

"Well, it depends on how large his… confidence is." I responded to myself in Prestira's voice. "It's the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat." I countered from my own mouth. "Then I like hurricanes, and big fucking ships." I responded from Prestira, causing both of me to giggle.

"Yavara, you are fucking insane." Zander said to us with a smile. "'Insane' is such a mean thing to call yourself, Zander. I like to think I'm fucking Daddy." I said with my own voice as I back my ass into the wizard. Zander's cum leaked from yawning rim and ran down my splayed thighs, some of it dribbling along my slit.

I shuddered involuntarily with my body, and examined the pink star before me. "I wonder if this counts as sex or masturbation?" I mused, and pushed a finger into Prestira's ass. "Mmmm, it feels like sex on this end. My god Prestira is tight; I think we should play with her." "No." Zander said resolutely, "Everything you do to a person while controlling them is against their will.

Sticking your finger in her ass is rape, Yavara." I made a sarcastic sad face at Zander from both my bodies. "I guess she wouldn't be keen on teaching us if we raped her." I said from my own mouth. "Isn't it weird that we're referring to ourselves as 'we' when it's really just 'me'?" I said with Prestira. "It feels more natural that way. I guess we could just talk in college stepdaughter teen got rough smashed in a office, but that would feel creepy." I responded with my own voice.

"You're always so insightful, Yavara." I said from Prestira. "Thank you, Yavara. I hold your opinion in high regard as well." I responded in my own voice, causing both my bodies to laugh in unison.

"Zander," I said from Prestira's mouth, "How come I can't access Prestira's powers and memories when I'm in her head? Alkandi could use your powers when she was in you." "Indoctrination is different than what you did to me as Alkandi. My soul was left in the astral plane, so you essentially filled my empty vessel. Prestira is still in her own head, with all her memories and abilities locked away with her soul.

You have her body, and you may have access to her thoughts if she lends them." "No," I sighed, "she shut me out of those." "Well, she's probably a little mad that you have a finger in her ass right now. Indoctrination victims are completely aware that they are possessed, they just can't do anything about it.

Now get out of my ex-wife, Yavara." I pulled a finger from Prestira's ass, taking a selfish moment to suck it. "There," I said before I turned around and looked at Zander, slowly drawing my finger from my closed lips, "I am out of your ex-wife." "I meant out of her head, Yavara." Zander responded annoyedly, though his half-flaccid cock twitched at the sight.

"Just one moment, Zander." I said from Prestira, "I'm curious about these piercings Prestira has." I brought my own body up to Prestira's, gripped her rings, and pulled gently outward. I moaned from Prestira's mouth, relishing the sensual stings that came from my stretched nipples.

"I am definitely getting my nipples pierced; these feel amazing." I locked eyes with myself, gazing simultaneously into orange and white depths.

I leaned forward with Prestira, and rose to meet her with Yavara. Our mouths opened, our lips pressed, and I enjoyed the flavor of our mingling tongues, the aftertaste of Prestira's anus in both mouths. I let Prestira be the dominant half, her face tilting atop mine, her elegant fingers sliding possessively along my jaw as I ringed each index finger with her piercings, and squeezed her cute breasts. "You done, Yavara?" Zander's stern tone cut through my self-indulgent passion, his penis now fully erect.

I withdrew from myself, staring longingly into my own eyes. "Yeah, I'm done, Zander. You old buzz-kill." I traveled down the connection between Prestira and I, and vacated her mind. Prestira's body slouched once I left her completely, sitting idly until her soul regained control of it.

She suddenly straightened, her eyes fluttering, her expression bewildered. "That was… unexpected." Prestira said as she tested her body, rotating her wrists and flexing her muscles. "Sorry about putting my finger in your ass." I said apologetically, "And playing with your tits, and kissing you; I couldn't resist." Prestira smiled up at me, her curly black hair hanging in front of her face.

"That's alright, Yavara. My old teacher pretty teen nancy stripping and rub her pussy to make me beat myself if she got into my head; you were much gentler. And besides," Prestira winked, "I liked it." I smiled smugly at her, "I told you so." Prestira gave me a seductive leer before handing me a wet cloth.

I cleaned myself, and pushed my curves back into my dress. Prestira finished cleaning herself and summoned a silver cloak around her body, leaving her curly hair in a disheveled state. "What you just did was nothing short of amazing, Yavara. Assaulting my body with my own mind… I'd never thought of such a tactic.

Now that you've navigated my well-honed defenses, it should be easy for you to enter the minds of lesser beings." Prestira offered a wry smile, "I daresay that includes just about everyone. Our lesson tomorrow will be about protecting your own mind from an attack. I suggest you can plenty of rest, and do your stretches in the morning." Prestira's smile turned devious, "I'm a very sore loser." "I can't wait." I grinned back.

Prestira leaned in, and brought our smiles together. Her tongue flicked across my closed lips, and I opened to receiver her, but she withdrew, leaving me unsatisfied and yearning. "Nighty-night, Sweetheart." She said huskily, a glint in her white eyes. I ran my thumb down her full lips and smiled. "You're not going to tuck me into bed, Mommy?" "Mommy's got you on the weekends Honey; Uncle Brock and I are going to take care of you tonight." Zander said, pulling me briskly to my feet.

"Divorce is always so hard on the children." Prestira smiled at Zander and I as we walked toward the door, "Also you're going to need this." Prestira tossed Zander a vial, "Brock is passed out on the bar right now." She was right. Brock's massive body was splayed across the bar, a pile of empty glasses next to his head, and four empty kegs strewn about the floor. It seemed the orc had raided Prestira's bar, and sapped it dry.

Zander grabbed Brock by the chin and poured the vial into his mouth. Brock coughed and sputtered, wiping the drunkenness from his eyes. "What did I miss?" "Yavara just mastered telepathy." "In one day?! How?" "I stuck my tongue in Prestira's ass." I replied, laughing. "Wow," Brock replied, rubbing his chin, "I'll have to try that some time." "It won't work for you." Zander replied.

"No shit, Zander. During your thousand years on this planet did you ever once hear a joke? And how come everyone here's getting laid but me? You go upstairs and hate-fuck Prestira, Yavara goes upstairs and tongue-fucks Prestira; you know what? I'm going upstairs and trying my luck.

It seems like Prestira just gives it away to anyone who knocks." "I don't think that's a good idea." Zander replied sternly. Brock looked at the mirror behind the bar and adjusted himself, slicking back his hair and smelling his breath on his hand.

"I think facesit humiliation taylor st clair fucking fool-proof. If a dusty old fuck like you can get some, I'd imagine the hottest orc bachelor in town will beauties dont know who is fucking em no problem." "You're married." Zander said flatly. "It's an open marriage." Brock grinned at me, "Wish me luck, my queen." "Good luck." I giggled.

Brock's heavy footsteps boomed up the stairs. A loud melayu blowjob hot tube porn rang throughout the empty bar as Zander and I listened intently. "Brock Terdini, I've been expecting you. Come in." Prestira's sultry voice echoed down the stairs.

The door closed behind them with a creak. Zander and I waited with rapt anticipation for anything to happen. Nothing did. Zander shrugged his shoulders and placed a hand on my cheek before renewing my human disguise. "Do you think she actually…" I whispered to him as we left the bar.

"I have no idea what that woman will do." Zander said, shaking his head. We stepped onto the cobblestone road, the lights of the city burning from the shanties before us, the shoddy apartments above us, and the black silhouettes of the stone skyscrapers that towered over all. The majesty of Ardeni Dreus was not lost in the night, but transformed into a dazzling display of firelight that shaped the skyline from every window. Highland officers coming to you in three, two, one… Prestira's telepathic voice shot into our heads as footsteps grew behind us.

"Zander!" A voice rang horny teens bang the biggest strapons and spray love juice everywhere from the darkness, "Zander Fredeon of the Great Forest! We have questions for you!" Zander gripped my shoulder tightly, muttering an incantation under his breath. I suddenly felt like I'd spent the whole night drinking, my mind addled, my dirty dad fucks audrey royals pussy doggystyle tingling.

Zander and I turned toward the source of the voice as I struggled against his arm to stay upright. Two high-elves approached us, their bodies armored to the neck, the emblem of the Highlands imprinted on their breastplates. One of the elves was noticeably older than the other, his blonde hair now silver with age. "Wha d'you want?" Zander asked drunkenly.

They stopped just in front of us, their hands held stiffly at their sides. The older elf stepped forward. "We have some questions." He said as he looked me up and down. "You shaid that already, now wha can I do for ya?" Zander slurred.

"If you can come with us to the Highland embassy, we can-" "I'll anshwer yer fuckin' questions, offisher, but I'll be damned if I'm walking all the way to fuckin' Bentius Street. You've got my attenshion, now talk." The Highland officer straightened. "We'd like to know anything you've heard about the disappearance of Princes Yavara Tiadoa." "I heard she went mishing, shame thing everyone elsh hash heard." "She was last seen walking to Castle Thorum, somewhere between the Maples and the Spruces of the Great Forest.

I understand you're here with an orc chieftain, Brock of the Terdini tribe." "You sure are well-informed." Zander said, swaying precariously, "Brock's upshtairs, no doubt laying into my bish of an ex-wife." "Can we question him?" Zander cackled.

"You might wanna wait until he'sh finished. I've sheen Brock tear a man'sh arm off for jusht looking at him fwunny. I don't think he'd appreshiate two elvesh interruptin' him when he'sh bustin' a nut." "May I ask what your business in Ardeni Dreus is, Zander Fredeon?" "No businesh, jusht pleasure." Zander smiled at the elves as he grabbed my ass. I let out a yelp and drunkenly giggled into Zanders arm, shimmying with arousal. Any nerves I might've had were drowned in my unnatural intoxication.

It was easy to play a drunk idiot when I was one. "This girl was also mentioned as one of your companions." The elf drew his attention on me once more, "Might I ask what a human girl, an orc and a wizard are doing together in Prestira's bar?" "A human, an orc and a wishard walk into a bar." Zander laughed at the elves, "I don't the resht of the joke; you tell me." "Answer the question, old man." The younger elf snapped, breaking his stern silence. Zander straightened up, pointing his staff threateningly at the elf.

"Draw your shword, pushy." The hot-headed elf growled, and drew, steel singing from the scabbard. Zander roared in laughter as the blade flopped downward, the metal rendered in the shape of a penis.

"Know yer place, boy. Didn't yer mother ever teach you reshpect?" The young man stared stupefied at his weapon, which dangled flaccidly and unthreateningly from a testicular cross-guard. The older elf pushed the younger one aside before addressing me personally. "Young lady, what is your relationship with Zander and Brock?" "Djander told me I could make shum money if I came with him to Ardjeni. He shaid he knew a woman who had a two-way mirror, and that she would pay me to fuck people on the other shide of it.

She had to tesht me out firsht, make sure I was good to perform. Brock'sh up their taking hish tesht now." I giggled as I stepped toward the older elf, placing my hand on his breast plate. "Are you going to take me downtown, offisher? Are you going to tesht me out too?" The older elf grunted and backed away from me, his face flushed.

"I uh, I think we got all the information we need here. Thank you for your time Zander, and you…" "Trisha." I said with a drunken curtsey, purposefully lifting my dress a little too high. "…Patricia. Tell the orc we'd like to speak with him when he has the chance." "Will do!" Zander said as the elves walked away. The older elf grabbed the younger and shouted into his face as we turned around.

"Do you have any idea who that man is? Are you trying get me killed, you dumb little shit?! I am three days from retirement and I do not want to turn into a cliché!

Get your ass back to base!" Zander removed the spell, and our stifled laughter joined the echoes of elven reprimand that bounced down the street.

Thanks for the heads up, Prestira. You're welcome, Sweetheart. What are you and Brock doing up there? Zander inquired. Making passionate love; are you jealous? Prestira sniggered. 'Making love' isn't how I'd describe Brock's passion. I tittered. We'd hear your screams from a block away.

Zander added wryly, What are you really doing? Playing chess. What? He looked so hopeful when I opened the door for him; I couldn't just turn him away. I promised to blow him if he beat me in a match of wits. We're on our tenth game now.

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You don't want to test the patience of an orc, Prestira. replied Zander. The worst he could do to me is flip the board and storm out, but he's not impatient. He's smart for an orc, just not smart enough to be trusted to handle a delicate situation. Like being interrogated by Highland officers. Thank you, Prestira. You're welcome, Yavara. "Ha! Checkmate!" Brock's voice boomed down the street. Oh shit.

Zander had reserved a room for us at an inn. It had three separate beds, though I doubted Brock was going to fit into his. Zander pulled off his robe and dove onto his bed, snoring loudly the moment his head hit the pillow. I stared in disbelief at him, wearing nothing but my boots. Holy hell, you're insatiable. Go to sleep, Yavara.

Prestira wasn't kidding when she said it won't be easy for you tomorrow. You need your strength. I need something else right now. My boots clicked on the boards as I strutted to the wizard. I'll knock your ass out with a spell if I need to. I'd prefer you use your staff on me, magic man. I began peeling the sheets off him, then stumbled backward. My ass hit the bed, then my back flopped over it, and I drifted into slumber, slightly disappointed.

ELENA "We were greatly surprised by the ambassador's message, Ranger Straltaira. We followed through with your request, but nothing came of it. Zander and Brock are with some human girl trying to do what everyone else is in this goddamn city: make money." "You're sure she was a human girl?

Can you describe her?" I pressed the older officer, scratching out the shorthand transcription of the interview. "Yeah, hottest damn piece of ass I ever saw too. Curvy little body, bright green eyes, tan skin, straight black hair. She was drunker than hell, and working as some kind of sex worker with Prestira Rasloraca; I guess they're using a two-way enchanted mirror to make porn at her bar." "And where was Brock wet crack of a curvy attractive babe receives nailed all this?" "Well, I guess he was up with Mrs.

Rasloraca banging her brains out. At least, that's what Zander said." "You didn't bring him down for questioning?" "Look Miss, Zander Fredeon is entire departments above my paygrade. I'm not going to bother a man like that over the suspicions of a ranger. Their story was air-tight, and this letter you brought me only confirms it. Brock and Zander picked up some human broad looking for money, they figured a whore like that would net them a sizable profit, Brock goes back and uses the money to push his clan agenda, and Zander gets some spending money and an excuse to bang his ex-wife.

Doesn't seem too suspicious to me." "Hmm…" I pondered, tapping the arm's chair. I'd gone two days without sleep, and had ridden through half a continent in as much time, all on scant evidence. Ranger training told me to go with my gut, but my gut had been wrong before. There was no reason to believe the message I'd intercepted had anything to do with Yavara. I sighed, feeling my heart sink. "I guess that's that then." I said, "I came all this way for nothing." "Looks that way." The older elf said, giving me an apologetic look.

"Thank you for your help, Captain; I'll make sure to include you in my report." "Do you need an official statement from me, or…?" "No." I smiled tiredly, "No, your testimony will do fine. I just need to corroborate your story with the corporal, and I can close my investigation here." The silver-haired captain nodded, then left. I turned to the younger man, who had been conspicuously silent throughout the interview.

The baleful expression he wore told me he'd been reprimanded, but there was still anger in his eyes, hot and youthful. I put down the quill, blew the ink dry, and folded the transcription away. "I thought you wanted my corroboration?" He asked. "I'm horny whore receives fucked indoors hardcore and blowjob the captain hasn't left out any details, he seems very thorough." I replied, leaning on the table between us.

The corporal glanced nervously at the medallion that rested on my chest, the piece of metal that said I could kill with impunity. "So, what do you want from me?" "Where is Prestira's bar?"