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Goth girl katrina jade takes hard dick in her mouth and muff
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Rashala saw that her Grandmother was smiling broadly at her, what was going on was she making fun of her? "So," Yasmen started, "the mighty warrior has finally come up against a power you not only don't understand, but you can't defeat." "Grandmother are you making fun of me?

Making light of the problem I am having?" Rashala said a little shocked. Yasmen stopped smiling a moment getting serious, No my dear I am sorry, you have always seemed to be aloof above everything, it is good to finally see you starting to feel." "Feel?

I don't understand." Rashala said a confused look on her face. "Alright first a few questions please answer them as best you can," Yasmen said. Nodding Rashal sat as Yasmen tried to pick exactly what she den freund der mutter verfuumlhrt und die gepiercte pussy ficken lassen to say. "You say you feel this feeling in your heart after you have sex with your master." Rashala nodded. "Do you feel it any other time like say.

when you just think about your master?" Yasmen asked. "Yes, I had thought that staying away from master more would help, but it only made me desire him that much more." Rashal replied. Yasmen nodded, "So nothing has helped at all I take it?" Rashala looked down blushing again, "No," Rashala whispered, "at times I don't want it to stop or go away I find that I am feeling it more and more.

I am afraid that I am ill that I won't be able to protect master when the time comes; I fear I will fail him. I am terrified of this." "You are not ill, not with a physical sickness, and as for protecting him I think that you will find that you are starting to bond with him." Yasmen told the confused young Jinn.

Looking up suddenly Rashala stared at her Grandmother, Yasmen could see a light appear in Rashala's eyes as she realized. "Bond? You mean I am in love with him." Rashala stared at Yasmen as if she'd been had seen a ghost. "I have never been in love," Rashala said as she started to cry. "I do not know what to do, what if I fail?" Yasmen smiled, "you are doing fine, being in love is a learning experience each time with everyone that you lisa ann knows how to fuck properly. Follow your heart it is seldom wrong my dear." Rashala was silent taking in every word the older Jinn told her as if her life depended on it.

Yasmen shook her head just like Rashala to hang on every word, she'd been the same as a girl. "I don't understand, how can it be a learning experience and wonderful at the same time?" Rashal stated. "You'll see I guarantee, as I said before it is different for everyone, but it can be the most wonderful experience you can ever go through. Especially with a man/master like yours." Yasmen replied. Even more confused Rashala bid her grandmother good bye with a promise to visit before another thousand years.

Shaking her head as she was leaving she didn't even notice her grandfather, staring after her Rasmir was a little in shock. Not only to the fact that she was here, had spoken to her grandmother, but she was ignoring him completely!

Walking into their room Rasmir could only stare at his wife open mouthed. "In case you're wondering I believe that our granddaughter is in love with her master, though she has yet to admit it to him." Yasmen told him. "I. you. she!" Was all that he could manage to get out, it took a few moments for what his wife had said to actually sink in. "It was the strangest thing I was walking then she came out and." suddenly a look of clarity lit up his face.

"She is also? My, my, it seems our young master is starting to gather a small harem, I wonder how long before he starts to thinks of babies?" Rasmir thought a dream like far off look on his face. Reaching over Yasmen slapped his arm, "Rasmir! Please husband, let's not rush them!

She hasn't even admitted she loves him yet but I feel she will and soon. Rasmir could only smile, yes! It would be good to hear the sound of children playing around the council residences again. Rashala was heading back to her master, she'd thought talking to grandmother would have helped; now it seemed that she was more confused than before. Arriving back at Jake's house she noticed that they were all gone, ah she remembered that Jake had appointments with several women that day.

Smiling she hated to think of Master Jake with other women, she wished she was more like Gen and Rosalinda in that respect. Reaching out she began to search for japanese girl has been fucked by forced master.

She had been away from him for a short time and though she wasn't bonded to him like Gen and Rosalinda, she still would feel better if she was closer to her master. Finally finding him she started the way to him when she felt something also heading her master's way. <Gen, Rosalinda? Can either of you hear me?> she thought to the 2 of them. <Yes, we are here Rashala,> they both answered at the same time.

<Is everything alright?> <I am not so sure I am on the way to where you are now. I feel that there is something else heading toward you. Is it possible to get Master Jake out of there?> Rashala asked. <Well,> Gen started as Rashala heard a woman screaming out in orgasm in the back ground, <I don't think that will be too difficult now,> Laughed Gen. <Good I am feeling that this is almost the same as before, though there are a few different energies to it.

I should be there very soon.> Rashal said ending the conversation. Appearing in front of another large building somewhat like the one the 'party' had been at, Rashal started to build a protective wall around the building.

Problem was this something was far more powerful than the night of the party. <Gen, we have to get Master Jake out of there right NOW!> Rashala urged her. Now more worried than before, Gen and Rosalinda gathered Jake appearing outside in his truck; Jake though surprised left as fast as he could. The worried looks on the faces of Gen and Rosalinda was more than enough to move him into action.

They were about a mile away from the woman's mansion when what Rashala had felt caught up to them. Jake had the accelerator buried in the floor when there were blasts coming down at them. Jake was surprised but had almost expected something after the last attack. Finally pulling over in a wooded area, Jake decided he was tired of running. A menacing wild babe rebecca volpetti gets her pussy bonked filled the air, "So you are the ever last master, HA!

I've seen manlier heads and bodies on a modern beer." Not really bothered Jake wished that the boasting ass was somewhere else. A surprised look appeared on his face, and then the Jinn was on the other side of the glen. Jake was surprised then he remembered he had the power of the wishes, problem was he had to make them when the Jinn was near. On the other side of the glen the evil Jinn shook his head so the little human had power after all, smiling the Jinn thought it would be that much sweeter when he broke the human.

Appearing back where he'd seen the human and the strange metal beast that he was riding in, the Jinn started to search for him again though this time he'd be more careful. Hmmm the strange metal beast was gone, following the trail of energy he had before, he found them again further down the road. "You cannot run from me magician human!" the powerful Jinn shouted at him. Firing more powerful balls of fire at the metal beast the Jinn was surprised when they bounced back at him!

Wait a minute that wasn't human power that was Jinn power! So the little weakling had a Jinn after all, though from what he felt that Jinn was quite powerful. Landing in front of the truck Jake just gunned it, probably just destroy my truck again and not even faze him Jake thought. Gen and Rosalinda pulled him out a moment before the truck struck the Jinn, as he suspected the truck crumpled like tin foil, the Jinn of course was unhurt. "Ah ha!" the Jinn said as he grabbed both Gen and Rosalinda.

"Now you both die!" Strange the Jinn thought it was almost unheard of for a human to have 2 Jinns no wonder he'd had such a hard time getting to the weakling. Both Gen and Rosalinda smiled at the Jinn, they were about to die and they were smiling?

What kind of insane Jinns were they?

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Almost too late he felt a? Third Jinn? NO! As the searing heat of the blast burned him he smiled a true challenge indeed! Releasing the first 2 Jinns they were of no importance as they were mere sex Jinns, easily dealt with. Ah! But this last she was indeed a challenge! An Elite warrior Jinn, almost as old as he was.

A few well placed blasts later and he had her down almost crippled, Jake ran to her where she'd fallen. "Rashala I am sorry, I wasn't a better master, if you are to die then so will I, you were my responsibility, I have failed you." Jake said tears in his eyes as he'd finally realized that he also loved her.

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"I am honored that you are willing to sacrifice yourself with me but why? I am just your Jinn, nothing more." Rashala said tears also falling from her eyes as she felt her strength start to fail. "I am so sorry I didn't tell you before, that I was as stupid as I am. You are far more than just a Jinn I regret that we won't have more time together," Leaning down Jake kissed her whispering in her ear, "I love you Rashala." Rashala felt a jolt of power run through her, far more powerful than she'd ever felt before.

The evil Jinn had been approaching this whole time, laughing he scoffed at everything he heard, that was 'til he heard Jake tell her he loved her. That's when he became scared, the power he'd just felt was far stronger than anything he'd ever felt. Firing at both of them his bolts were bouncing off with no effect at all. "Master you love me?" Rashala's mouth was hanging open neither she nor Jake noticed that they were both glowing.

"I thought it was a fantasy that you loved me, it is why I had to go to the Jinn plane. Oh master, I have discovered that I Rashala, an elite warrior Jinn, am in love with you. It is such a strange feeling I feel, so light and," looking at the powerful Jinn then at herself and Jake she knew in that instant she knew that she truly loved Jake.

Far more than anything she'd ever loved or felt except for her mother. "I feel far more powerful than I ever have excuse me a moment master." Smiling a moment Jake grabbed Rashala and kissed her a hot molten kiss that could have melted steel. "I have a wish Rashala, I wish that you would destroy this asshole completely." Smiling back at her master she replied, "It would be more than my pleasure master!" Rising from Jake Rashala floated toward the evil Jinn.

What the hell was going on?

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Firing the most powerful bolts and blasts that he could at her nothing seemed to be getting through let alone even near. Looking at Jake it suddenly dawned on him 2 sex Jinns and a warrior Jinn?

Raising his fist to the sky they heard him curse then yell, "Tankena! You son of camel dung dealer! You sent me after the ever last master! I curse you, you false Jinn. May the ever last master take your life as I will be unable to!" With that the Jinn tried to run but found he was bound by not only Rashala but the other 2 Jinns.

Though they hadn't been bonded, Jake and Rashala's profession of love for each other finally sealed the bond that had been forming all this time. Rashala's eyes were glowing as she slowly floated toward the now almost immobile evil Jinn. "So," Rashala started, "you were working for Tankena!" Reaching out she slapped the hell out of the Jinn in front of her.

"You made a serious mistake attacking the master of a warrior Jinn." Smashing him in the face she spit on him, "Tell me what you know I might let you live with severe injuries, lie and you won't even finish the breath!" The evil Jinn was smiling unable to heal, for the first time in 2 thousand years, the pain was sunny leone xnxx in hq new sensation he had never felt.

Drawing himself up to his full height, he said, "Go ahead you whore.," This drew another broken facial bone. "Go ahead kill me if you can!" It was at that moment that he felt crack her jack cindy hope eva karera nikky thorne victoria lawson ally k skin burning, "I will have no trouble killing you! You tried to kill my Master and both of my sister Jinns.

Then you made the mistake of trying to destroy me!" Laughing the evil Jinn hated to be Tankena or the leader now that all 4 were bonded to each other they would be unstoppable as Rashala was demonstrating right now. "I see that the fear has driven you mad!" "No, but I wish I was there when Tankena and the leader try to take you on.

You have a sacred bond, not even I was unable to break it for long. Cherish your master you truly one of the blessed Jinns of love." With that the evil Jinn started to glow smiling at her the whole time. Both Gen and Rosalinda erected a barrier around the evil Jinn, Rashala almost too startled finally added to it, moving back down to Jake.

Laughing the evil Jinn exploded a last ditch try to destroy them. Rashala still in shock sat next to Jake, Gen and Rosalinda shook her, "Rashala what is wrong?" they asked. "He called us something I've only heard mentioned in legend," she replied not all there. "What was it?" they both asked again.

"He said I was truly one of the blessed Jinns of love." Rashala said looking at Jake, the love she felt came flowing out of her over him and Gen and Rosalinda.

On a hillside miles away Tankena cursed it was worse now all 3 of the Jinn were bonded to the human now. What's worse was the fact that, that idiot had called them the Jinns of Love.

The leader was going to be pissed for sure.