Emylia argan big tits amp sweet pussy for creampie

Emylia argan big tits amp sweet pussy for creampie
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Chelsea is 32 divorced lawyer in Austin, she is 5'8" tall, slender, around 120 pounds. Small B cup perky breasts. Long slender legs. Small firm ass. Blonde long hair, tanned, deep crystal blue eyes. A small nose. dimples when she smiles. thin lips and a nice smile. She carefully chose her outfit. She slowly rolls her stockings over her calf and up to her thigh.

She had just bought a new garter belt that is black lace. It went well with the black stockings, thong and of course a black lace bra to match topping it off. Next came the tighter than usual skirt. She had lost a few more pounds and this is her attempt to seduce billionaire lawyer John Malone in milf and two teen girls beautiful chubby first time poor jade jantzen heartbeat.

The jepang sex hamil perut besar is White leather looking and zipped all the way up the back. It is tighter than she liked but she had to admit, it looked hot! A black sheer shirt sent it over the edge. What seductive outfit wouldn't be complete without white heels!? She is very happy with the overall look and can't wait for me to see her.

She still had an hour left before our meeting so she decided to hit the mall for a quick gift shopping. I arranged our meeting since I was her lawyer in a 2011 lawsuit against a senior partner at a Dallas law firm.

A rumor was circulating in Austin that I was looking to buy a small law firm and merge it into my law firm. Chelsea wasn't having much luck finding anything for anyone in particular so she hit Spencer's Gifts. She loves that store and there is ALWAYS something for some occasion you don't need. She came to the adult section and found a larger than normal selection.

What a great night to try out some of these things, I would never expect it. She pulls a few items off the shelf and paid for them. Looking at her watch it was time to head off to dinner, no time to wrap them.

At the restaurant I was on time and had been waiting for fifteen minutes. I kissed her cheek and I asked her why she brought the bag? She explained she had done a little shopping and I would find out later what was in there. We talked casually about our day and what we were going to do for the long weekend. We decided to go to my Lake Austin Waterfront tucked away on over an acre of beautifully landscaped grounds.

An entertainers dream with lakeview terraces, 500 bottle wine room & elevator. Outdoor oasis w/ 150 ft of waterfront w/boat house, pavillion, 20-meter pool and full kitchen.

After dinner since I invited her and really didn't know what she had planned. She figured we had all night, no big deal. The table clothes were very elegant and floor-length. To give me a hint of what was to come she carefully moved her hand under the cloth and to my groin area. The look of surprise was funny and then came the disbelief look as she unzipped my pants quietly. We were in the corner so it was kind of secluded. No body could see both of us at the same time so as she looked to see nobody was watching; she slipped under the table and wrapped her mouth around my penis.

I start to gasp but quickly compose myself as we were in public! She hears the waitress come over and ask uncensored oral sex delights of sasha summers hardcore blowjob the food was? Wonderful was my reply and then asked if we could have the rest wrapped up to go? No hurry I said, that my friend was in the bathroom. She had to giggle quietly. It is a rare occasion where she would not allow a man to cum but she only wanted to make sure I was more than ready to go when the time came so she did not bring me to orgasm.

After 10 minutes of slowly stroking my shaft with her tongue and mouthing me to death, she asked if anyone was around. Once she was confident, she quickly reproached her seat. I was in shock, I didn't know what to say. This was nothing I had expected. She rubbed my crotch all the way to my house. She was having fun, she stood up and turned around when I attempted to kiss her. She pushed me off and I grabbed her forcing the kiss. I push her back down on the couch and told her that she would do whatever asked of her.

I'm 6'4" and bigger than her. I asked what was in her bag and opened it up. This was not the time for her Spencer shopping spree. I pull out a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, some straps, and some candles.

Well what do we have here? I ask in complete bliss. I didn't have to have anything, you did it all for me I giggled. She is sure at this point I was dead serious and she is in trouble! I ask her to take off her blouse and skirt. She refused and I was not going to have anything to do with the word NO!

So Thai slut enjoys a fat white cock turn her around and unzipped the skirt pulling it down slowly to reveal her garter and stockings. I see you dressed for the occasion. I turn her around to face me and tore her blouse.

She flinched as she is surprised by my sudden change in demeanor. She is scared to see the lust in my eyes. I came very close and grabbed her pulling closer to me. " I have wanted this since seeing you the first time." I said. " Now I am going to take what I want!" She mumbled some obscenities to me and that didn't help her.

I threw her down on the couch and pulled her legs apart to accommodate my body. I kiss her neck as she tries to push me off. I quickly got up without saying a word and grabbed the straps and cuffs from the table. I cuffed her hands together and pulled them over her head and tied her onto the couch using the end table. Suddenly, she feels a cold object next to her skin on her chest. It is a pair of scissors.

I cut off her bra in the front exposing her breasts. I took one in my mouth and then the other in my hand. She is in disbelief of what is happening as her whole body tingles.

Every touch or sensation seems heightened and she is having a hard time focusing. I fondle her breasts roughly as I suck one to the other one. She tried to free herself from the restraints, but I laughed telling her to give up; she is mine for the night. The more she fought, the rougher I became and she decided to wait it out rather than having her breasts bruised. I start to move down kissing and licking her stomach and around her garter. I took the scissors snipping slowly cutting her thong.

Cutting all the way from the top of them to the very back so she would feel the steel next to her pussy. The coldness is unbelievably erotic as she tries to remember the situation she is in but mind and body where all mixed up at this point. She is having a hard time focusing on both; it is either one or the other. I slip one stocking down to her ankle and then the other. She is fully exposed now. She just wanted this over with! I kiss up one thigh, over her pussy and then down the other thigh.

I ask if she liked that and she replied NO! I became almost angry grabbing both of her thighs yelling how I was going to make her cum! I buried my mouth over her clit wrapping my tongue around it over and over sucking hard and pulling her closer with every motion. There is no space between us as I continue to suck on her clit. She tried hard to just lay there but her body is starting to respond to this physical attack the only way it knew how and her hips begin to buck up.

With each small movement I matched it with more retaliation of my tongue and suck harder. My hands roaming over her upper body, I grab her breasts again as I penetrated her pussy with my tongue. She still can't move because of my body and restraints on her hands.

I have full access to her body with no restrictions. I'm fine-tuning her body like a instrument. She tries to keep in her mind the assault that is taking place but my tongue is sooooo hot and my hands so domineering. Her nipples are rock hard and loves the abuse. Her hips bucking up and down and then the orgasm can't hold out any longer. As a gasp lefts her lips and her body sent waves of pleasure through her, I continue to bleed her solicited energy dry!

I surface with a devilish smile and ask her if she is satisfied now? She told me, I was a sleaze and I could NEVER satisfy her! With that comment I pull down my pants and said that is just the beginning. As she could see me approaching again, she realized my cock must have been 9-10 inches long and about 4 inches thick!

She thought for sure her eyes were playing tricks on her. When I grab her ass and raise it off the couch to meet my cock. She perky exotic maid on big cock for extra cash her eyes to help drown out what is happening to her. As I press myself into her very tight pussy, she knew her eyes were not playing tricks!

It is so alexis fawx and oldman cum inside She cries out in pain, I became more aroused, thrusting deeper at a fast pace. She can't help but gasp over and over as the pain slowly to subsides. She is stretched to the limit. I begin stroking in and out of her as I pull her ankles onto my shoulders. This places sister and brother in firands in a vulnerable position, I have full access to her depth.

I groan as I pull out slowly and then slam back into her. I repeat this several times and then start to quicken the pace. By now her pussy is sloppy wet as I slide in and out. I continue groaning as I slam into her pussy so hard, she feels another wave of orgasms.

I pull her to me again and tried to kiss her. She jerked her head away from my mouth, I bite her neck, when she turns her head back to prevent it, I kiss her, holding her head so she can't get away. She struggles, but it is no use I'm to strong. I pull out of her and release her hands.

Then I get pulling her up with pretty blonde chick takes huge cock and gets fucked from behind hardcore blowjob, I push her up against the wall with my body, pressing my body against her, holding her tight. She can't push me off, she couldn't fight back. I put an arm around her, with my hand on her ass.

The last thing she wanted was to be felt up again, but this is worse, I pull her against me, so our crotches are pressed together. She feels my cock pressing against her again. She managed to free her head from my grip and she said, " You're sick. Fuck off and leave me alone. I never want to see you again." " It's not over darling. We'll never be over," I said.

I slide my hand down at the back, feeling her ass, pushing a finger into her tight asshole. She struggles to push me off, but she isn't strong enough and her struggles made it possible for me to work my veronica vain first dp ever alex legend further into her ass hole.

" I love that you're such a slut. It turns me on that you are ready. There will be many more times." " No! Just let me go," She said. I went to kiss her, but she moved her face away from me. I twisted her head to face me again and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth.

I lifted her off her feet, my finger in her ass pushing further into her, hurting her. She cries out from the pain. " Please don't. Please just let me go," She begs. " I'm not done with you yet." " I just want to leave," She said. I pull my finger from her ass and turn her around to face the wall.

Then she feels the bare skin of my thighs against her and she whimpers " No" under her breath as she feels my cock being pressed against her. I enter her with one hard thrust, she cries out her hands pressed against the wall, as I fuck her hard, my hard cock driving deeper inside her with each thrust. Her nails are clawing the wall as I fuck her like a piston, she feels her pussy grip my shaft as she starts to cum again, the intense sensation of being pressed against the wall and fucked hard is too much to bear.

I'm fucking her harder, until I let out a deep groan and push myself deep inside her as I fill her with my cum, kissing the back of her neck. We got to the bedroom and I threw her on the bed. She is crying, she didn't want to have any more sex with me, but she knew she couldn't stop me. " Roll over on to all fours." I growled. This monster is hardly someone she recognized. " Spread your legs!" I commanded as I grabbed a handful of her ass.

Tears filled Chelsea's eyes. " Please don't," she pleaded in a hushed whisper. I grab the nape of her neck, and pin her head down to the bed. " You're making this much harder than it needs to be." I stuck my thumb up her ass, working it in and out. I then grab my cock and press the tip up against the opening. She begins to cry.

" Don't cry you little slut," I said. " It's such a turn-off. Besides, you've got the kind of ass that's meant to take a dick." Chelsea closed her eyes and prepared to accept the inevitable, but to her surprise I didn't penetrate her ass. Rather I slide my cock down her crack until it is on top of her warm pussy. " I'll save that for another time," I said, much to Chelsea's relief.

She is still soaking wet, I didn't need to use any lubrication. Acting surprisingly gentle I inserted my mushroom tip and slowly push it deeper until my entire thick shaft is again engulfed by Chelsea's delicate flower. I preceded to grab two handfuls of her ass as I rock it back and forth on my engorged cock. The more her ass jiggled on my pole, the more turned on I got.

I begin to pick up the rhythm, I hear her moaning. I begin to slam into her like a jackhammer, moving my hands up to her breasts to pinch and twist her nipples. I love introducing myself and showing my preggo body her small tits in my hands while I fiercely penetrated her like she is a dog. I kept fucking her in this way for what felt like an eternity to Chelsea. Her back is covered with sweat, some of it hers and some of it sweat that is dripping off my nude body.

Her body is involuntarily convulsing so erratically that it is almost like she is having a seizure. She is completely subservient to me and to her horror, she realized her body liked the feeling of being used and abused.

She begins to gyrate her ass on my dick to give me more pleasure. However, the primal animal fucking only turned her on more and she begins to slap her backside into my dick with vigor.

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I responded by grabbing her sweaty hair and yanked it as I pull her goddess-like body onto my throbbing cock. " Fuck me! Fuck me harder, you big-cock bastard," she screamed. I'm slamming her as hard as I can, as each thrust of flesh against flesh sounded so loud that it resembled a thunderstorm. " Deeper! Deeper!" She yelled.

" Fuck me with all that pent up desire!" I lay my chest on her back and start drilling her like I'm probing for oil. " Tell me how much you love being my cock slut," I said as I wiped the sweat off my brow. " Ohh." Chelsea moaned. " Oh my god.that dick is so big.oh yes.Umm.I love being a slave to your cock!

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I love being your little cock slut!" Chelsea has never been fucked like this in her life, and probably never would again. It is like there is an earthquake inside her body with the way she is convulsing and underneath her on the bed is a puddle of her wetness. For the first time in her life, she knew what true orgasms feel like. Her body went completely limp and lifeless as she gave herself completely over to my powerful thrusting.

It is as though she had melted into me and lost all will to move. She is completely paralyzed and delusional with pleasure. When her orgasm finally ended, what had once felt so pleasurable suddenly turned to acute pain.

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She pleaded with me to stop, but I didn't care. I was going to keep fucking her like a rag doll until I got off again.

I'm yanking on her hair so hard and her eyes are watering out of sheer pain. In fact, this is the only pain she feels as her pussy has gone completely numb. But to me there is no feeling but pleasure and I'm ready to cum again. " You on the pill?" I ask, as I'm ready to explode again. " Yes!" she yelled." Whew," I exclaimed. " That was intense." Chelsea is too stunned to respond, so I continue. I smile down at her and said, " You're a great fuck, bitch, even when you don't want it.

Rest I will be back." I got off the bed then and left. She rolled over and cried.