Sexy nice looking attractive girl dominated hardcore bondage

Sexy nice looking attractive girl dominated hardcore bondage
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Frank's Wife story by: SindyxSin AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sexual story. It deals with sex, pure and simple and should not be read by people not into wild sex. All sex must be with agreement from all involved. No one should ever be forced to do what he or she doesn't want to do. All sex should be, safe, sane, and consensual but keep in mind that anyone can get an STD from unprotected sex This is part one of sex toys series. Franks wife. Once I had sex there was no going back nor would I ever want to go back to being a virgin.

The first time I had sex I was actually tricked into it, my boyfriend at the time constantly tried to get me to have sex with him but back then I was saving myself, what a silly idea that was. We were making out in his car and when his hand went under my skirt and try to rub my pussy I stopped him.

Frustrated that I let him play with my tits but that was about it he suddenly sat up and said he was thinking about buying a car. His change of subject through me for a loop but as I fixed my blouse I asked what kind of car. He told me this story, first you have to select what brand you want.

Once you know what brand and style you want then you have to check it out and make sure it has everything you want. Once your happy with all of that there's one really important thing you have to do curvy body karlee grey auditions and fucks lexington steeles bbc you buy it, it's the most important thing you have to do. He stopped right there and didn't say anymore. He had me intrigued and of course I asked what was the most important thing you have to do?

He gave me his cute little quirky smile and said, you have to test drive it, if you can't test it out you should never buy it. While I was thinking about what he said he placed his hand on my leg. As his hand slowly moved up my leg he said, getting married is the same as buying a car. I love everything about you but before I make that leap to marriage I would have to, you know get a test drive.

The only thing on my facesit humiliation taylor st clair at that moment was the word uumlberraschungs creampie sie mag kein sperma in der pussy. I didn't complain as he pulled my cotton panties down, I was still thinking about what he said as he pulled me down and spread my legs.

I was ready to let him get a test drive that's for sure. It felt nice as his cock slid into me but not so nice when he broke my hymen. That little sharp ripping pain hurt and I didn't like it but once I got past that I began to really enjoy it.

The more he fucked me the better it got I even enjoyed all the little things he taught me, like how to suck a cock. When it became apparent to me that he was enjoying his test ride with no intention of buying I broke up with him.

He didn't seem to mind as he had gotten what he wanted from me and I was always glad he did. He had opened up my world to something new and wonderful something I really enjoyed and I will always think fondly of him for showing me how wonderful sex could be. Sex always was wonderful, I enjoyed every aspect of it, there was only one problem finding a guy that could stay hard long enough to really satisfy me. At that time it didn't seem to matter how long a guy could really go when they were done I still wanted more.

To compensate for that problem I simply began having sex with multiple partner's problem solved but it gave me a title I didn't really didn't like, that was slut. That changed once I met Frank he would stay hard much longer than any man I had met before and he didn't need much time between getting hard. I met him completely by accident I had been to a party hoping to hook-up with somebody. It turned out all the guys there had dates even though I was very horny I didn't want to cause trouble by screwing somebody's boyfriend.

I stopped in the fast food place to get something to eat on my way to the mall. While I was eating two guys came up to the table one of them said "hey slut come outside we want to see you" Before I could respond a man stepped in front of them and told them to leave me alone. He was a pretty big guy so both guys left and he turned and sat down across from me.

He looked about five or six years older than me and I quickly noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding ring nor had a cheater mark on his finger. "I am Frank, hope you don't mind my joining you," he said.

I didn't mind at all and told him so. "Looks like your going to a party" he mentioned. "Not going, coming lurid knob riding with wild adorable chick one I'm on my way to the mall". He offered me a ride to the mall, I thought once I was in his car he would proposition me but he didn't he just took me to the mall. Wandering around the mall he took me to a movie and he did put his arm over my shoulder but nothing more.

After the movie he offered to take me home. I was so horny I felt like I was burning up I wanted sex so bad, and it didn't look like he was going to ask me for it so I propositioned him. Telling him Horny redhead takes a tour with her man before being banged wanted him to fuck me, but before he gave me an answer he wanted to see my drivers license he didn't believe I was over eighteen.

After seeing I was nineteen I asked if he would now fuck me, I found it unbelievable he said no. Then he smiled and said he would much rather make love to me, with that said he took me to a motel.

It was a cheap motel and entering the room the smell of old sex was overpowering, that worked as an aphrodisiac on me making me want sex even more. Knowing what most guys wanted first I quickly unhooked his pants and slipped my mouth over his cock. He didn't complain and let me suck him for quite a while before I was ready to hop on the bed and let him have me.

He had other plans; taking me into his arms he kissed me, a nice long deep kiss. That surprised me as no guy wanted to kiss me after I sucked his cock but he did.

During his second kiss he began to slowly remove my blouse, undoing one button at a time until it was completely open. He gently moved his hands over my body, then gently caressed my nipples softy rubbing them for a few minutes before his hand moved further down my body. His lips came off mine and moved to my neck softly hot lesbians get frisky out by the pool it before moving further down my body.

When he started to kiss my nipples his hand unhooked my skirt and when it slid down to the floor he gently rubbed my damp panties.

I pushed my hips out, as his finger slid inside my panties and touched my wet pussy I let out a soft moan. He eased me onto the bed and lying on my back he slowly removed my panties.

His finger slipped between my pussy lips and slowly slid inside me as far as it could go. Inside me he moved his finger in a circular motion, which started to send chills all over my body. Getting excited from the movement of his finger I was breathing hard, and when he pressed his thumb on my clit, and slowly rotated it, my body bucked as I exploded with an orgasm.

A second finger joined his finger inside me, and after only a few minutes I moaned and had a second climax. "Please fuck me, my pussy needs it, Elizabeth romanova danny d in creative juices full on want to feel your cock inside me, please" He smiled and moved into position over me; he didn't just thrust his stiff cock into me like most guys.

He slid it deep inside me slowly and gently until it was buried all the way in me. He was very gentle as he began moving in and out of me sending unbelievable chills over my entire body. I began rocking my hips, meeting his forward motion with an upward motion so his cock sank deep into me with each stoke.

My whole body was tingling as he continued to fuck me taking much longer than anybody else ever had. Eventually his motion increased until he was really ramming his cock hard into me, his body tensed as he shot his load into me. I was surprised when he didn't go limp after filling my belly with his warm cum; instead he rolled us over putting me on top.

As I began to ride his cock his hands got busy rubbing and playing with my breasts. His fingers gently manipulated my nipples sending me into ecstasy, my whole body shook and I saw white flashes of light as I exploded with another climax. I stayed on top of him riding his hard cock but after two more climaxes I felt exhausted and collapsed on his chest. He hugged me as I rested on him rolling us back over he began kissing my lips and neck. He didn't stop kissing me as he moved slightly down and soon his mouth was kissing and sucking my nipples once more.

He was sending new and enjoyable sensations over my body as he sucked on each nipple for a few minutes. Suddenly he started moving even further down kissing me as he did, as his kisses moved past my belly button I moaned softly asking what he was doing.

He simply said enjoy your wonderful body and continued to move further down. I couldn't believe it when I felt his lips on my pussy; no guy had ever done this to me. He began licking my pussy, slowly running his tongue up and down the whole area.

Then his tongue started darting in and out of my pussy each time he pulled it out it moved up pushing the hood off my clit and rubbing over it. He was driving me crazy, suddenly my legs began to shake and without any warning my whole body exploded, my legs clamped on his head and I had the most wonderful climax.

Even with my legs holding his head in place he continued to use his tongue sending me even higher. I was having trouble breathing, I was moaning yes, yes as one more giant climax rippled through my body sending me into ecstasy. At that point I must have passed out because the next thing I remember was opening my eyes and seeing his smiling face looking down at me.

I was still breathing hard as he kissed me and held me in his arms. He told me how much he enjoyed making love to me then asked; "If I did this often, going to bed with a guy I just met." I didn't see any reason for laying to him and told him, "yes." He didn't say doctor fucked his bosses hot wife housewife hospital so I expanded on my answer, "I like sex, I enjoy sucking cocks and letting men fuck me, sometimes even more than one guy at a time.

You heard what those two guys called me, slut, I hate being called that but I guess that name fits the way I act." It took him a few minutes before he said, "So you're saying you're a sex addict?" That sounded so clinical I got the impression he was a psychiatrist.

It made me giggle as I told him, "I didn't know, all I knew was I loved having sex and enjoyed being fucked." I guess that answered his question and we cuddled a little longer before I told him I had to go home.

He took me home and remarked he would be seeing me again. The next morning a dozen red roses got delivered with a note. I cringed when my mother grabbed the note to read, I was relieved when she smiled and handed it to me. The note simply said, "had a wonderful time at the movies, would like to take you to dinner," below his signature was a phone number.

My mother was impressed and to be quite honest so was I this was the first time anybody sent me flowers. We went on quite a few dates I felt so comfortable and relaxed with him I never had a problem telling him anything he wanted to know.

He didn't even get upset when I told him that on days I didn't see him I still had sex with strangers. That didn't stop him from going down and licking my pussy, sometimes before we had sex and always after he fucked me. We dated for six months before I realized I was actually in love. Our sex was great but more importantly we enjoyed doing many things together that had nothing to do with sex. I was beginning to feel like a normal girl even though I still had those urges to have sex with strangers.

Everything seemed perfect and I didn't think it was possible things could ever get better. Then one night the most impossible thing happened Frank proposed to me. As he put it, he couldn't imagine living without me he like brittany andrews in the spit shine slut full on he had fallen in love.

As much as I wanted to, the thought of getting married scared me. What kind of wife would I make if I were still having sex with other men. My concern didn't seem to bother him and he still wanted me to marry him. I told him it wouldn't work, what would happen if he walked in on me and I was having sex with a stranger?

He said the way he looked at it sex was different than love, I could have sex with other people without loving them or even liking them. To prove his point one night he had me pick up a stranger while we were out on a date. The three of us went back to that motel where I had wild sex with a stranger while Frank just watched. As soon as the guy left I expect Frank to walkout behind him but he didn't.

Instead he made sweet soft love to me like he normally did which included licking my pussy.

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He told me he enjoyed watching me have sex with that guy and wouldn't mind watching me with more men. He felt our love was a feeling we shared between each other, which made our sex special.

The sex I had with others was to fill my need and wasn't love but just fun. He was convinced that being married I could still enjoy as much sex with others as I did now. I still wasn't convinced and told him, I was worried things would change once we were married. Even though I could go a week or more without other men I knew deep down I was still a slut and being a married woman wouldn't change that.

I would still crave and want to have sex with other men. Frank understood, saying that was one of the reasons he loved me so much and didn't see any reason that should affect our marriage nor should I changed just because I was married.

The one thing he didn't like was when I called myself a slut, and he didn't want me doing that after we got married. He said I was more like a sex toy and he didn't mind sharing his toys. I accepted his proposal and he started calling me, his sex toy, which I definitely liked much better then slut. I i love sucking on big cocks like yours myself his fuck toy, as I was always ready to fuck him.

We had a nice small wedding with just some family and friends followed by a two-week honeymoon. We did a lot of traveling seeing the sites I had always talked about seeing before returning to my new home. After three hot blonde strips and plays with herself of marriage and being good, I was beginning to feel the need for some wild sex.

I wanted to be a good wife so I tried to suppress that feeling and didn't mention it to Frank but it was as if he could read my mind. He told me he had set up a special honeymoon weekend for us at a resort. He had arranged for us to have a second small marriage followed by a weekend honeymoon at what he called the club.

It was a very private club; a sex club and we were having a special party there, my second wedding. After a small ceremony and cutting the cake it was time to remove my garter but that tradition was very different here instead of Frank removing my garter he removed my dress.

Leaving me standing in front of everyone wearing only my pushup bra, lace panties, garter belt stockings and high heels. Dancing with him nearly nude was a thrilling experience, which I Enjoyed very much. After we did the traditional wedding dance I was free to dance with anyone I wanted and the men lined up to dance with me.

Not only did I dance with every man they all got more than just a free look as each one played with my body as we danced. I had more hands feeling my silk covered pussy and fondling my tits that evening than I ever thought possible.

The last dance was with Frank, and he told me if I wanted to have sex with anyone there I could. To say I fucked a few men would be a lie as we got to spend the whole weekend there I got fucked by every man at least twice before the weekend was over. Not only did I share my body with all of the men I even had sex with a few women.

The club had very few rules, One, everyone was tested to ensure disease-free sex. Two, any member could say no and turn down anyone or any sex act they wanted to without a problem. Three, a member was free to come and have sex or just watch others as often as they wanted too. Four no cameras were allowed. The only other rule was a member could invite a nonmember to a party once after that they either had to join or couldn't come back.

Frank was a member and there was no question I wanted to become a member also, as Frank put it we would had a place to go whenever I wanted to have some safe sex. Rule number four was the only reason we didn't go as often as we would like to, Frank enjoyed taking blonde gets anal fucked against the wall letstryanal and girlfriend of me, which we couldn't do at the club.

After arriving home from our sex filled special honeymoon weekend I was a little sore and promised myself never to do so many men in a weekend again. That was one promise I would find myself breaking more than once in the future. Frank owned a drug company, which actually gave him a good reason to travel, trying to make new connections and sell drugs.

Often I would go with him to help close deals or just keep him company. He always made a point of finding interesting places to take me, making it easy for me to satisfy my wild side. In my opinion the best part of owning the company wasn't the trips it had more to do with his research department. He employed three pharmaceutical technicians two guys and a girl whose job consisted of trying to improve or develop new drugs.

The company owned anything they developed but because one of the guys was a very good friend of Frank's he had made a deal with him. When he developed something new Frank would split the profits fifty, fifty. Being a small company it was hard to really develop some new big great drug so his friend spent time trying to develop stuff other companies didn't bother with, sex drugs.

The few drugs they had developed sold mostly to the porno industry, which actually made a nice profit for everybody. While Frank and his technicians enjoyed the profits I got to enjoy the use of some very interesting drugs. Jeff his main technician became a good friend and would often send me stuff to try. Tina the female technician and myself were often the first to try the drugs so we could report if they worked or had any side effects. I was really happy to help and Frank even listed me as employee.

Sometimes I felt more like a lab rat then an employee especially if the drugs didn't work like they were supposed too. Before Tina or I tried them, they were well tested on real lab rats. Mostly made from all-natural products the worst side effect I ever got was a upset stomach or a headache. I thought that was a small price to pay for the benefits of the ones that really worked well. Frank not only got to enjoy profits from these drugs he also got the enjoyment of the reaction these drugs had on me.

There were four drugs in particular that were our bestsellers to the porn industry and my favorites. Two were creams; one cream aroused a girl making her extremely horny intensifying her wanting to have sex. Rub some on her pussy and clit and just wait, her pussy gets warm then hot and all she wants is a hard cock in it. A little on the nipples and they become super sensitive and stay hard for hours. The side effect stops her from having an orgasm no matter how many men she fucks. Frank enjoyed using that on me so he could watch me knowing none of the guys could make me climax and the more sex I got the more I wanted at least for a few hours.

I often rubbed a little on my nipples making them super sensitive, larger then normal and they poked out making them very noticeable. It was fun seeing guys stare at me when I did that and wore a thin or transparent blouse without a bra. The other cream counteracted the first not only reducing the tingling in my pussy and the need for sex but as a side benefit it let the girl climaxed. Not only did it let her climax it intensified her climax normally giving her the biggest and best she ever experienced, needless to say I enjoyed that side effect.

The ravishing bombshells get nailed in an orgy one was a little different and it was a pill. The pills worked a lot like the one cream they make a woman hot and horny and create some kind of internal itch in their vagina. I wasn't a big fan of the pill, first it took a few hours to take affect, once it kicked in it lasted from four to six hours. That wasn't so bad and you still got your climaxes problem was each pill seemed to last longer and there was no antidote.

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The third time I took a pill I was craving sex for nearly twenty-four hours, that wasn't so bad or unusual the problem was after so many climaxes and cocks my pussy was extremely sore. Rather than take that pill I preferred to use the cream, which at least came with an antidote that had good side effects. The fourth item that we always kept and used was definitely Frank's favorite.

It was also one of our bestsellers with the porn industry; it was a tube of gel. Once it was rubbed on a cock that cock would stay hard for immodest games in massage saloon hardcore and handjob. It didn't kill the guy's sensitivity like so many other cock stiffeners.

I liked the fact that I could ride Frank for hours giving us both enjoyments we other wise wouldn't get. It had almost no side effects; it didn't have any smell or taste and had no effect on me if I sucked his cock after he applied the gel. I guess in away it was actually our favorite sex enhancer. Needless to say I always carried the creams and the gel with me on trips. I never really needed the one cream to feel sexy and want to be fucked but we both enjoyed the side effect of not allowing me to climax.

I know that sounds weird but most guys enjoyed sex with me and didn't care if I climaxed anyway. Knowing that at the end of the night it would be only Frank that made me climax made it worth using the cream.

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Not many people outside the porn industry knew about these drugs and I only shared them with very close friends. Frank and I agreed there were few things I shouldn't do, have sex with any of his employees and our close friends. He had three very close friends that came to our house quite often to watch sports games. Two of them were married and I became close friends with their wives. When I wasn't playing hostess to the guys us girls would get together play cards and talk mostly about the guys.

The guys were nice and I wouldn't mind having sex with them but always refrain from doing that so I wouldn't mess up their marriage or their friendship with Frank. I thought I had tried everything with sex until Frank introduced me into having interracial sex, which in my opinion wasn't any different from any other kind of sex. Other than the guy having a different skin color they wanted sex just like anyone else. They didn't seem to last any longer or be any bigger or better than some white guys.

A few of them were more demanding and I hate to say it but a bit bigoted. They thought only sluts and whores would fuck them so those guys did treat me different being a little bit meaner and rougher on me then most guys. I didn't mind that so much but I definitely wasn't into pain with my sex I preferred everyone just have a good time and enjoy it.

He had introduced me into having sex with other women, something I had often thought of but had never tried. There were occasions when this was more fun then doing it with i recorded her while she was showering. He enjoyed watching me with other women as much as with men. We didn't hide the fact we had an open marriage accept with my parents.

Any time they visited I became the perfect little housewife and hide my wild side from them. It made them happy to think I finally settled down as they both adored Frank and were very happy I found such a nice guy. Frank freely talked about me with his friends and I thought it was cute every time I heard him refer to me as his sex toy.

Their wives even enjoyed hearing some of my wild stories and once asked why I didn't have sex with their husbands. I told them I would never do that without their permission and Frank's because I didn't want to mess anything up. One evening after playing hostess to the guys I joined the girls on the patio for drinks. When our talk turned to husbands and sex Cindy suddenly blurted out she wanted me to have sex with Paul, her husband.

At first I thought she was joking then I realized she was serious. She envied my lifestyle she said saying, she loved Paul but would really enjoy having sex with other men. She wanted Paul to see there really was no harm in having sex outside marriage and wanted me to help her prove it. I told her that would be a problem as Frank and I didn't want to mess up our friendship so without his approval I couldn't do it.

After giving it some thought she asked if Frank agreed would I do it? I agreed I would but only if she would promise not to be mad at me after the fact. She swore she wouldn't be mad, as it was her idea anyway she just wanted to push Paul in the right direction, as she put it.

Kathy started to giggle, so I asked her what was so funny. "I was just picturing you with Paul and Jim," she told us. Giving her a funny look I said what do you mean and Jim? Jim was her husband and Kathy always seemed a little uptight when it came to our sex talks.

two bi men and a luscious gal think it would be interesting and may be to my benefit if you did the same with Jim. Jim has got to be so lame about sex lately he needs something to remind him how much fun it is and I'm sure with you it would be fun.

Telling them both I would have to think about it and of course talk to Frank but before I would do that I wanted both of them to think hard about what they wanted and we could talk again. The three of us talked about it a few more times before we put a plan in motion. Each one had a different reason for wanting me to have sex with their husbands once we all agreed they decided to approach Frank with their request. One night when the party broke up they both waited inside for their husbands to get the car ready giving them time to talk to Frank.

After everybody was gone Frank approach me with his idea of a fun party, which included having sex with their husbands. But that's a different story. Dear Reader, if you're here you either read or glanced over this story, thank you. I enjoy comments about my stories and like sex; I can take the good with the bad.

Please tell me what you think about this story and if you enjoyed it please read part two, Frank's sex toy.