Talia shepard in a real cock fucking story

Talia shepard in a real cock fucking story
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When they leave, I change into a bird, then take off. "Whew, that was something." I think. "I can't wait to try some other animals." I fly down to the zoo, and only then do I realize a flaw to my plan. There are people at the zoo, so how am I going to have sex I decide that I don't care, I need more sex, and I have a quick solution.

I'll be a fly, I'll hide in some cranny in the pen, transform, then have some fun. I'm flying over the zoo when I see the first lucky animal, a wolf in the woodland exhibit. I change into a fly and drift down toward the caged play area. As soon as I land behind a rock I morph back into a human, then look around.

The caged area seems smaller now than it had from the outside, but I suddenly realize a huge oversight on my part. I'm in a cage full of wolves! Suddenly I feel hot breath on the back of my neck, and there behind me is the biggest wolf I have ever seen. He lifts his upper lip, and shows me his huge canines, but doesn't growl. That's when, out of stupidity, I accidentally look him in the eye. The changes are immediate, coarse grey hair shoots down my body, my clothes disappear, a tail shoots out of my behind, and I feel my face extend out.

My hands become paws, my ears migrate upward, and my hearing and sight sharpen significantly. Out of all of this one thing overwhelms me, I can smell everything. Things weeks old, seconds fresh, and foremost of all, wolf. Before I can do anything, the alpha wolf is on top of me, and I smile inwardly. This is what I came for isn't it The wolf is wildly humping two hard cocks fill every teen fuck hole me, clawing my sides, and his thrusts force us out from behind the boulder.

I hear immediate gasps as children and adults are suddenly aware of what is happening, and I laugh to myself at the faces of some of the parents. Some are horrified that their children are seeing this, others stare rudely, but I am suddenly interrupted from my thoughts when he finally hits his mark, sticking himself deep into me. He proceeds to pump fast and hard, faster than I had ever thought possible, his unbelievably heavy balls slapping me with each thrust. My cunt is being stretched to new limits, his ten inch dick far too big for my tiny wolf pussy, but strangely there isn't any pain.

My pussy just stretches further and further with each quick thrust, the pleasure spilling out of me. Both of us are panting hard, and it seems like we had been joined forever in ecstasy, when something new starts to happen.

At first, I think that he's trying to shove his balls up me with his dick, and I'm fairly certain he won't be able too, but that can't be. His balls are still hitting me. Then it occurs to me, it's his knot. It doesn't feel quite as big as I had expected a dog's knot would be, it's only about half an inch wider than his penis, but it still won't fit.

He begins thrusting harder and harder, slamming his knot into my loosening pussy, and I become aware that both his knot and his penis are slowly enlarging, expanding my cunt, but he only hits me harder and harder until, in just a few moments, he presses his knot all the way into me. Now I feel pain as my opening is stretched wide, and he locks into me like the ball joint in my car's headlights. As he pops into me I feel the head of his dick slam into my cervix. His stroke is shortened considerably, but he keeps pumping, pulling at my vagina, then pressing his pointy dick into the hole of my taught cervix.

As he keeps humping me, both of us joined together, I come to the realization that his knot and dick weren't quite at full mast, but they are certainly heading there.

His shaft is expanding steadily, and getting longer and thicker. His knot is also inflating, creating an airtight seal around out gentailia. His steadily lengthening dick is pressing deeper into my cervix, finally wedging it open and plowing into completely new areas inside of me. His knot had now become only slightly smaller than a soft ball, and every jerk of the wolfs body sends thrills of pain and pleasure down my body.

After only a few minutes of being tied, the wolf starts to move faster, then plants himself deep into me. His whole body contorts, and right on cue I start becoming inflated with cum. Not one drop makes it out of my tightly closed cervix and the pressure starts building from the incredible amount of steaming hot cum erupting from his penis. Even as it starts to hurt my belly, I climax and cramp down on his dick, milking him and encouraging him to continue his cum. When he's finally done cumming the cum is under painful pressure, but before I can do anything he starts fucking me again, his dick pushing deep into my uterus full of cum making it stretch so badly I nearly think it ruptured.

Cum starts to shoot out of where my cervix and his dick are joined, the strength my cervix muscles unable to hold back all of his cum, but his knot prevents any of it from escaping me.

My vaginal muscles contract hard and sporadically, I can't stand this kind of abuse to my pussy and I start to lose control at the prospect of him filling me like that again, but sensing my dissention the wolf nips me hard in the neck, letting me know that he's in charge, and he wants me fucked.

I whimper, the pain and pressure in my pussy bringing almost unwelcome amounts of new pleasure that I can't release. It's like my pussy is on clockwork, and can only cum after a certain time, not a certain amount of pleasure. It feels like his dick is growing even larger, and once again after several long minutes he tenses up again. I know what will happen, so I try and brace for it even though I have no hope. His dick pumps thick streams of cum into my uterus, which is already at maximum capacity, and the cum forces it's way painfully past my cervix.

He starts inflating my vagina, and my vagina soon swells to triple his original width and going. His dick is no longer touching anywhere inside of me except at his knot and at my cervix, and that's when my pussy takes pity on me and releases the dam of pleasure it had stored up. I crush down on hot, slippery, liquidy cum, and nearly force his enormous knot out of me past my tight pussy lips.

Sadly, however, his knot stops just a little before that, since my lips have reached their absolute limit. My insides, unlike my lips, don't seem to have a limit as the walls of my vagina stretch painfully in all directions, actually becoming wider than his knot on the inside, when to my relief he finally stops cumming. "Oh for the love of anything please let that be it." I think. We both stand there, involuntary spasms and twitches rocking out bodies and genitals.

Finally, he begins to shrink, and the cums starts to leak past him in tiny rivulets. Before he has even shrunk halfway he suddenly turns around, and yanks himself out of me with a grotesque sucking sound as my pussy is nearly pulled inside out.

Our cum flows out of me, spilling onto the dirt like someone emptying a pitcher of water, but the cum in my uterus stays put. I walk weak legged back behind the rock and sit there for a moment, feeling the cum dribbling out of me. I nearly fall asleep sitting there, but I jerk awake and remember why I came here. Even after that I still want more sex, and I came here to get fucked silly. Turning yet again into a fly I take off into the warm summer air, and head for another pin.

I fly high into the sky, and take a look around. Realizing that fly's have horrible vision I go hawk again temporarily, and that's when I spot my next lover.

The Siberian tiger enclosure is just beneath me, and without hesitation I drop from the sky, diving into their pen and landing in a bare tree. Very unexpectedly, the tigers disappear into a large cat door set into the wall of their exhibit. I had startled them, so I followed them through, hopping down off the tree and through the flap. I admit that it was very stupid of me to do, not just landing in a tiger enclosure as a bird, but also to follow them into their den, but to my luck they were more curious than hungry.

They walk up to me, sniffing, and I see that I'm in another cage inside a building. There's no one around, so I morph back into myself, causing the tigers to back off a little, then pounce on me when they realize that I'm human. I take off my clothes, morph into a model, then start playing with them. They're just like big kittens, except that they could eat me. Careful not to look them in the eyes, I check their sex, and there's one male and one female.

I walk up to the male, stroking him, and let my hands wander under his belly. Finding his dick, I start slowly massaging it, and slowly his penis starts emerging from its furry sheath. The tiger is now very still, and his dick starts to grow a little faster.

I bend down underneath him and inhale his scent, then put him in my mouth. He tastes salty and good, and I slowly suck him. He immediately starts humping my face, walking towards me to press himself upon me, so I stop. He growls menacingly, and I back away quickly. I trip over myself and fall on my ass, and immediately he's right in front of me, lip snarling. My heart stops, and he takes his tongue and rasps it across my cunt. I spasm from the unexpected lick, my already hot cunt stimulated roughly by his course tongue.

The tiger licks his lips, then begins licking the juices that are now practically running out of me. His rough tongue pulls at my skin, rubbing my lips raw, but he doesn't stop there. He starts to dip his tongue into my hole, cleaning me out and chaffing me on the inside with his sandpaper tongue. He starts to hump the air, and I feel my pleasure building now to extremes.

I finally cum, fresh juices flowing from me only to be licked off of me by the tiger. After cleaning me off again he stops, and now I feel fur on my belly and chest as he walks on top of me. He begins pumping his penis against my pussy and belly, but is just sliding up and down me.

I take him by the shaft and point the head at my opening, and the next thrust sinks deep into me. His penis is just like his tongue! It has the same texture, and clings to my skin as he pulls his enormous eleven inch hard-on in and out of me. My slippery cum is absolutely useless as a lubricant, cindy gets her pale holes nailed black as he bottoms out so far in me that I feel the fur on the base of his penis enter me, it feels also as if there is a pointy bone running through his shaft as he stabs deep into me.

His thick member goes in and out, pulling at my insides and stimulating me out of this world. I black out multiple times, orgasming at random, but he keeps going as I wake up again and again to a fresh, involuntary cum. I cum for the fifth time, the pleasure racking my body, when he finally roars deafeningly and cums powerfully in me. His cum is incredibly hot, warming my pussy up like hot cocoa i am a lucky man i must confess because my amateur girl friend adores hard fucking and sometimes she your stomach as he jets into me, out two punk lesbian girls a brunette and a blonde made a lesbian welling up inside me, unable to flow past my tender skin and his stickly penis.

He stands there for a few seconds, letting the last of his cum dribble out, then pulls himself mercilessly out of me, letting our cum spill out onto the floor. I lay there naked on my back, my shapely breasts hanging in the warm air, when I realize that someone is watching me. Jumping up, I see an employee standing outside the cage with his pants down, grinning at me. I try to cover up, but it's pathetic as I put a skinny arm across my breasts and a hand over my crotch.

His name tag says Steve, tiger handler, and he strolls right into the cage after unlocking the door. "Well well, what a naughty girl. How bout you come with me to my office and make me forget everything I just saw." I smile, "Not a problem," and pick up my clothes.

He grins stupidly, and I avoid eye contact. Turning, he leads me out of the cage, locks it, then into a small office, and locks that too.

I drop my cloths into a corner, and he strips like lightning. Sad to say he has a pathetic penis, and I can't help but wish that it were more like the dolphins, but as soon as I think it his penis sloops into his crotch and a rubbery slit spreads up his belly. "What the ****!" He shouts, but immediately after the head of his dick pokes out of the now widening slit.

A now very large and muscular member slithers out of his slit, just like a dolphins. "Wow," I think. "I guess I can shape shift others too, and on very old granny cream pie of that I don't have to become whole animals! I could just have certain parts of the animals!" His dolphin's penis touches the floor, then jerks up at the cold touch.

Steve is in shock, and begins touching himself in disbelief, when suddenly time stops. That's the only explanation for it, since the clock stops ticking and Steve freezes solid.

"Hello Jason." "Hey yourself." I reply. "What is it this time" "I've been thinking about our deal." The stranger steps out from behind me, examining my very feline body. "and I'd like to propose something to you. Would you like to become male things" "Definitely." I reply, eager. "Good, you can become male. The only exception, however, is when you are in your original body, then you must remain female. I think this will make things much more interesting, don't you" Time resumes, and Steve resumes touching himself in awe.

An idea strikes me, and immediately Steve's dick disappears again, but this time it's actually gone. I've given him all of the reproductive equipment of a female dolphin.

"Now for me," I think. I give myself the reproductive organs of a male dolphin. For a moment both of our slits look the same, but very quickly a difference is apparent. While Steves slit puffs up, turns red, and spreads open, out of mine comes a ridiculously long and muscular penis. I smile, this penis is completely prehensile, and I try big tits babe playing masturbation and fingering it around. I bend myself into interesting shapes, and even wrap my dick around my arm.

I then look at a horrified Steve, and my two foot long dick perks up involuntarily. Before he tries to escape, I turn him into a weak and stunningly beautiful woman with incredible, supple breasts. A horrified look is stuck on his face, but his pussy lips are slick with wetness already, so I grab him, well really a her now, her by the shoulders and lift her in the air. She whimpers, then I slowly position my flexible dick at the entrance of her slit.

Finally she seems to find her voice. "NOOOOOOOOO-ACK." She is cut off as I imagine her a mute and so she becomes one. Her mouth is still contorted in a silent scream, but I ignore it and slowly slide my dick into her. She tries to impede me by clamping down as hard as she can with her strong vaginal muscles, but I'm already past her strongest muscles that are at her lips, and she's too slippery to deny me.

I wiggle and press my dick down to the hilt, and finally our stomachs and crotches are touching. She can't hold her pussy back any longer, and begins uncontrollably massaging my dick, pulling and squeezing and rolling it.

I lay her down on the carpet and give back as much as I can by pumping into her and contorting my cock inside of her. Boy and girl school xxx story can't help it, she picks up pace until her first orgasm hits her like a ton of bricks.

I return her ability to speak, and immediately moans and gasps escape from her and she cries out in pleasure as a second cum builds up and crashes upon her. I quicken my pace, desperate to cum as well, even though I know that when I do that it will be my only one. My strong dick angles, twists, and bends inside of her, and she speeds up her movements in time with mine until, finally, we cum together.

I feel as if I'm pissing cum into her, and Hot playgirl with wanton needs pornstar hardcore can't stop. The flow off cum keeps on torrenting out of me, the pleasure causing me to shake and shudder with each pump of cum. Her pussy continues to milk me, prolonging my cum and inducing unimaginable pleasure.

Finally the last of my cum is ejected, and we lay there on top of each other, panting. I imagine him back to his old self, except with his dolphin vagina and uterus full of cum, and I return to my supermodel image. My dick soaks inside of her for a minute, then slowly shrinks out of her and back into me. As I roll off of her, she draws her hand across her belly, then down to her slit, which is oozing thick, creamy cum.

She sits up, and the motion squirts a little cum out of her pussy. "Have fun with the new cunt." I say. "I certainly did." I become a woman again, and walk out of the building. "What next" I think. I put my clothes back on, then head back outside. It's bright out, almost blinding compared to the inside of that office.

I walk around, watching the animals and wondering what it would be like to have sex with them. I grab some food, then walk around some more. "Hey." Says someone from behind me. It's Deric, a kid from high school who had made my life hell since as far back as I can remember.

In a seconds flash, he's a beetle, and I quickly put him in my pocket. No one was near me, and no one noticed.

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"What're you doing skipping school" I say, an evil laugh on my lips. Revenge is so sweet. I walk around, while he tries to crawl out of my pocket, when I suddenly have a great idea for revenge. I walk over to the woman's restroom, then lock the door behind me. I take Deric out of my pocket, and examine him. He's just an ordinary beetle, but not for long.

With a thought, he's a dog. More specifically, he's a bitch in heat, a golden retriever, and I become a huge wolf, carrying a huge package. He, now a she, growls at me, backing into the corner, but I growl much more fiercely at her, baring my huge canines at her, and walk up to her. She barks, then snaps at me, biting down on the scruff of my neck.

Sadly, she is much smaller than me, and germanvintage porn videos search watch and download germanvintage free sex even draw blood through my thick fur. I twist out of her grip, then bite down on her neck, grabbing a firm hold as my dick pokes out of it's furry sheath.

She yelps, then whines pitifully as I maneuver on top of her, my front legs gripping her tightly and my back legs straddling her. I start humping her, feeling my member brush and slip off her hot, open pussy. She tries to shake me off of her right when I hit my mark, plowing deep into her soft virginal pussy. We howl together, me in triumph and her in pain. She's impossibly tight, I'm amazed she hasn't torn in half, but I still pump in and out of her, pulling hard at her insides despite the excessive amounts of cream flowing from her.

I'm definitely too big for her, causing her to yelp and try to run, but I just bite down harder on her, and she finally stops struggling.

My dick, as it reaches full mast, hit's her cervix, but my pointed dick is designed to break down this wall. In only a few strokes I'm past it, and my knot begins filling. It's as if a balloon at the base of my dick is swelling up, stretching both my skin and hers, and we're quickly locked firmly together.

She whimpers with each throb as my dick inflates a little more, and a little more, each heartbeat filling up my knot and pressing me deeper into her at the same time. I continue humping her, pulling at her strained pussy then pressing my knot deeper into her, when feel my balls constrict as if they were in a vice.

I can feel myself about to cum, and I plant myself deep into her, as far as I can, when I feel my dick begin to expand as my cum travels down it. I howl again as my cum starts to fill her, cups of it quickly filling her uterus and stretching it. I just keep cumming, and she cries out as the pressure starts to fill her vagina as well. My knot holds it all back as I empty my balls into her, filling her up and stretching her virgin walls as far as they'll go.

Finally, it ends, and we both sit there panting, letting my spunk soak her insides. She starts trying to pull away to no avail, we're still knotted, and it only serves to make her whimper as her vagina is stretched more and more. Finally, after my knot has shrunk somewhat, I yank myself evilly out of her, making a loud sucking sound, then a pop, as her cunt suddenly finds relief and spills out onto the floor.

I transform back into my "super model" disguise, and walk up to her. I put a hand on her belly, rubbing the swollen bulge that is her uterus, and lightly press on it. She whines, but the ball of steaming cum doesn't move. She's panting hard, but stands there looking me in the eyes with profound sadness.

"Oh, alright. I'll make you human again." I turn him back into himself, but leave his dog's cunt, as well of his dog's uterus full of my spunk. Smiling, I turn into a fly, and fly out of the bathroom. "Where to next How about visiting my dolphin buddies." I head over, but when I arrive the huge form of the orca jumping out of the water in another tank catches my eye.

I land, become human, and walk over to the tank. There is a show being put on, but I don't care. I climb up the ladder, then dive into the water ignoring the protests of the handlers.

Swimming underwater, I deliberately make eye contact with the whale, and my body explodes outward into the form of a killer whale, and the most enormous penis I have ever seen slides out from the whale. It's at least three feet long, but shaped more like a lance than a penis.

It starts out somewhat thin at the tip, but quickly widens out to a foot wide at the base! I amble up to him, and immediately the lusty whale lunges at me.

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I realize that he probably has never mated in his life, being raised here from birth, and he won't pass up this opportunity. When he has his penis lined up, he starts working it slowly into me, his member wedging my slit open inch by inch. Gradually we get closer and closer, and pleasure spikes through me as my lips are stretched tighter and tighter over his member.

He rests in a S shape inside of me when we finally meet, out bellies pressed up against each other, him deep inside of my hot sex hole. Just his presence would have been enough to send me into orgasmic bliss, but we swim in a random pattern, going faster and faster. As we arc back in forth to swish our tails, his penis hardcore latina deepthroats and gets a facial and slides inside of me sending thrills from deep inside of me, I lose all sense of reality.

There is only this whale and his penis inside of me, and we swim attached like so for what seems like forever. Finally, we both start to speed up, and after reaching a frenzied pace we both explode, him filling me up with more spunk than I can comprehend. I'm definite that it would be measured in gallons, but none of it escapes the water tight seal of my pussy, and he spends several minutes unloading into me as if he were relieving himself.

Both very satisfied, we drift together, then finally, reluctantly part. I savor the feeling of his cum inside of me for a few moments, then morph straight to a bird and fly home. When I'm home again I finally change back into myself, and am shocked to find myself with a huge belly, and I can feel the tiny dolphin inside of me move.