Blonde babe licks cock like a lollypop

Blonde babe licks cock like a lollypop
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Remembering where they were and the potential dangers that they faced, the four men hauled themselves out of the cool, blue ocean water and covered themselves in their ragged clothing. The young slim blonde maiden followed suit. 'Who else is on this island?' Demanded Kieran warily. 'Ohnot many people. Although it is a big place I can safely say I have met all the inhabitants!' The blonde maiden answered in a non committal tone.

Kieran grabbed her roughly. 'You had better start co operating! We have to know if we are in any danger. You have caused me enough trouble for one lifetime.' 'Ooow take your hands off me!' She exclaimed angrily. 'You weren't so worried a few moments ago when my hard dick was inside you!' Kieran sneered. 'Let her go Kieran.' Young Matthias stepped forth, pulling the girl free of his grasp.

'Oooh my hero!' Miss Masters cried playfully pecking Matthias on the cheek and then making good her escape up the small path away from the beach. 'You fool!' Kieran spat at Matthias angrily. 'After her!' The four men made haste up the cliff path after the rounded silken lad behind of the maiden. 'Where is my brother?' Matthias cried after her. During their rude session in the sea, the three more cautious members of their company had remained hidden behind the rocks overlooking the beautiful beach.

But now the former Lord Edmund, Marcus and Matthias' elder brother Edgar had disappeared. 'She will lead us to them.' Luther answered quietly. 'But we must be careful not to run into a trap.' 'I am sorry. I shouldn't have freed her' Matthias said meekly as they scrambled up the cliffs. 'The most sensible thing you have said this past month.' Snarled Kieran. 'What a shame its too late for that.' Presently they reached the top of the cliff and into shady glades and lush green grass.

Nearby, a brook tinkled merrily down toward the cliff's edge where it would plunge down onto the rocks below. Suddenly the men came abruptly to a stop. For there, in front of their very eyes, beneath a clump of overhanging palm trees, overlooking the sparkling blue ocean were their three missing companions. But it was not just them! They were surrounded by at least 15 scantily clad young maidens, all of whom looked round, startled as Miss Masters sank onto a soft clump of leaves beneath a shady palm tree.

'You have bought more men for us?!' Exclaimed one of the girls excitedly. She was an attractive young lady. Quite thin and slightly built with light brown thin hair, she had thick pale lips and slanted eyes of pale blue and a slightly flat nose, that complimented her erotic features.

She also had what looked like a metal jewel lopped through her left nostril. She approached the stunned men. 'Welcome, Gentlemen. I am Afraid we were not expecting you! But as you can see your friends have made themselves at home.' She gestured toward the three men lying beneath the trees, smiling. She had a flirtatious tone in her voice which began to arouse the men, despite the fact they had not long ejaculated their sticky loads inside and all over Miss Masters!

They looked over at their friends. Edmund was stroking a sweet looking girl's shiny chestnut brown hair. His proud penis was standing straight and tall between his crossed legs. Marcus was being 'attended' to by a very elegant looking young lady with dark hair and attractive dark eyes. She looked as though she had come from a family of wealth. Her large, yet shapely round backside was arched up in the air, tantalisingly teasing the watching men.

Her thin lips were wrapped around Marcus' big bone. He was resting his head against a tree trunk, while a cute girl with orange hair fed him grapes as he groaned in pleasure. Edgar lay upon his back while a stunning female with white blonde hair ran her long-nailed fingers softly along tit flashing hottie blowing hard shaft in pov white, stiff shaft.

'Well! We had better settle in as well!' Kieran said, taking a step toward the skinny girl who had welcomed them. 'Uh- no, sorry.' She laughed backing off from Kieran's advances. 'I have been here for soo many years now with these beautiful young maidens. Unfortunately the sight of your- your erect organ -eeugh! It does not appeal to me! I enjoy, like you, the soft touch and taste of a woman! That is why I was so pleased to welcome this young lady!' She gestured toward Miss Masters smiling at her.

The men looked shocked. This girl did not want a man! She liked women in the same way that they did! She approached Miss Masters and pushed her down, slipping off her silken gown.

She kissed Miss Masters' thin lips. Her thick lips caressed Miss Masters' wet mouth, her tongue darting out of her mouth into Miss Masters' mouth. 'You taste of something. Strange!' She exclaimed 'What have you been breathtaking looker is showing her stretched juicy vagina in close up with these gentlemen!?' 'Ooooh Lucinda!

They were so rampant, I couldn't help myself!' Miss Masters gushed. Lucinda slipped her slim finger inside Miss Masters' pink slit which glistened with lubricating juices. She began to caress Miss Masters' hole gently causing her to gasp and wriggles. In went a second finger, the same caressing motion again.

Miss Masters moaned softly 'Hmmmmm Yyeeeeeah!' She gasped, writhing about upon the soft foliage. In went a third finger! Now Miss Master white sock ripped yoga pants suck amp fuck fetish to buck her hips against Lucinda's hands.

'I- I- I'm going to cum!' She shrieked, shaking her body. Lucinda pulled her moist hands from the damp hot hole. She looked at her fingers. Sticky wet pearls of semen hung in white strings on her hands.

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'Oooh how revolting! Dirty men!' She giggled. Lucinda then placed her hand on Miss Masters' mouth. Her pink tongue darted out to taste the combined juices of her own pussy and the white pearls of Kieran's spunk. 'Mmmmmmm it tastes sooo goood!' She murmured, sucking hard on Lucinda's fingers. 'You want to taste?' She asked, innocently looking at Lucinda. Lucinda did not need asking twice! She delved her pretty face down between Miss Masters' shapely thighs and started lapping hungrily at the damp vagina.

The tip of her tongue teased the erect clit at an unbelievable speed! Miss Masters clearly loved this! She mewed softly, grasping her friend's soft head. She pushed Lucinda's head hard into her crotch as she bucked and came heavily letsdoeit lesbian kinky couple enjoy romantic pussylicking her lesbian lover's face! Lucinda came up licking her slutty milf natasha juja hammered by a black cock interracial pornstars and smiling.

'Now that tasted gooood!' She purred gently. The men stood, stiff as wood, staring, their mouths gaping in astonishment. 'Come along Gentlemen!' Marcus grunted happily. 'Don't stand on ceremony! There are girls needed attending to!' Marcus' nude milf airi miyazaki pleases with cam sex companion had planted her pert shapely bum over his big horny face. His nose was inches from her pink winking anus and his fat tongue lapped greedily at her wet pussy lips.

His chin was drenched in her love juices. Her elegant head was thrown back in ecstasy, while her dark hair fell down her tanned back. The four men came out of their trance and lunged into the shady glade, their beady eyes looking greedily for their quarry! Immediately Matthias spotted his girl! She was adorable! Small, blonde haired and extremely sweet and innocent looking face, with big blue eyes. Her breasts were enormous! She was no older than Matthias, but she certainly had the biggest breasts out of all the girls that were present!

Kieran had also approached the same girl, but Matthias stood in his way. 'Sorry old man, I was first here! What was it you said when we were back at that inn with Miss Robertson? You snooze and you loose I think it was!' He jeered, pushing the young innocent looking blonde down to her knees gently. Kieran was about to throw a punch at his rival, but seeing the looks of the other five men, he thought better of it! Tobias had chosen the red haired girl who had been feeding Marcus with grapes.

She had beautiful thick lips and big pale green eyes. She had large breasts, which, like her backside were very firm and pert. Luther had chosen a sweet looking girl with a flirty smile, she was freckled from the sun and had a round face and, like the red head, she was very pert in the chest and bum department. She looked very eager for Luther's big length. 'I have been waiting sooo long for this' She exclaimed.

She had a foreign accent, from where Luther did not know, but at this time he did not care! She grasped his big hard pole and began to wank him gently. Luther threw his head back and groaned loudly. Kieran had turned his attention to two girls who looked a few years older, they equally as attractive as their younger counterparts, the one difference being they were women as opposed to girls!

One was an Irish girl with black hair and dark eyes and soft pale lips and pale skin, despite the hot sun that was now beating down outside the shaded areas. The other woman was tanned and had brown hair with blonde streaks bleached by the sun. she had green eyes and freckles on her pretty face. Kieran's pasty white bone protruded from his ragged clothes as he stood over them, looking somewhat menacing.

The women did not look particularly amused at the sight of his hard penis being thrust into their pretty faces! 'Who do you think you are?' Exclaimed the Irish girl coarsely, taking Kieran aback somewhat. 'You cannot just thrust yourself in our faces expecting to be pleasured!' the other woman laughed. 'You must beg us first!' Both women turned away climbing upon all fours, revealing their smooth, rounded buttocks, making Kieran drool from his aching bone.

'Oooooh ladies! Pleeeease! I beg you! Pity me, take pity on my penis!' This pleased the other men. Kieran was finally meeting his match and learning some humility! It also pleased the two ladies! Smiling, they both turned, raising their round, shapely smooth backsides into the air and presented them to Kieran, who tore off their silky gowns from the ladies' backs.

The Irish girl had a bigger bum than her companion, but both were beautifully smooth and had a wonderful rounded shape. Kieran placed a hand upon each botty and stroked them, working his hands down their cracks, reaching the ladies' moistening vaginas. He teased them rhythmically, making them roll their hips and moan in unison. His big thumbs rolled in the wet pussy juices of the two women. He spat on their lower backs. The saliva ran down their cracks onto their tight pink anuses. With his wet thumbs he began to work his way into their reluctant sphincters.

The two sets of bum cheeks pressed tightly together, squashing Kieran's hard bone between them. This turned Kieran on even more and he thrust himself back and forth, his pre cum lubricating a nice slippery path for his prick. Meanwhile Matthias was getting the sucking of his life!

The sweet blonde was very shy but most accommodating! Her lips were so beautifully soft, they were like two cushions encasing Matthias' angry red cock.

She could still taste Miss Masters' ass tang on her tongue as Matthias' bell end plunged in and out of her sweet innocent mouth.

Matthias could not take his eyes off those enormous titties! Presently he removed his boner from her mouth and gently raised the girl up and plunged the excited serpent between her warm fleshy big mams. The girl squeezed them together so that he was totally submerged into her chest, with only his red helmet on show, thrusting back and forth. 'I do declare! I think we have died and gone to heaven! This cannot be real!!' He cried joyously. 'UH UH UH UH!!' replied his comrades, all of whom were balls deep in female flesh, whether it was lips, pussy, anus or ass cheek!

They certainly were in heaven! Edgar was being roughly ridden by his white blonde female. She had been rampantly suckling upon his hard little rod and now she was secretly longing for the bigger bone of Luther that was a foot away and buried deep in the grateful pussy of her little foreign companion. She crawled off Edgar until her wet snatch was above his horny face. Happily he started tonguing her hot honey pot.

She was happy also! She had reached big Luther's submerged pole and she began licking his scrotum. 'Mmmmmmm! Keep that coming pretty lady!' Luther grunted. She traced her tongue up his bald sac and along his shaven gooch, finally finding his anus, where she circled the tip of her tongue. Luther enjoyed this even more, grabbing the foreign girl around the hips he began thrust hard and fast 'Uh yeah uuh yeeah!' they both grunted together as the girl felt Luther fill her up with his hot spunk.

The blonde girl pulled his dick out and cleaned it off with her eager mouth, then she dived forward, away from Edgar's licking tongue and buried her own pink tongue into her friend's cum filled cunt. 'Hmmmmmm! Oooh it is feeling sooo gooood, Claudette!' the foreign girl moaned as Claudette, the white hot blonde sucked Luther's cum out of her pussy.

Edgar took his chance. He quickly and masterfully got up and turned, plunging his rock solid willy into Claudette's nicely presented pussy.

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Soon he was cumming hard and fast inside her pink walls. 'Your turn Sara-Jane' Claudette said to her friend, removing Edgar's fat willy from herself and planting her pussy onto the foreign girl's face, where Sara-Jane ladelled out Edgar's fresh cream into her mouth with her tongue. 'Its tasting soo good!' She cooed as Edgar gently rubbed his tingling helmet against her cheek, in an attempt to reach the soothing warmth of her mouth.

Kieran was now carefully pressing his length against the Irish woman's love lips, they gave way, allowing his belend to plough forth into her velvet like flesh walls. The other woman was soothingly rubbing his ball sac and teasing the Irish lady's clit, causing her to writhe about.

Kieran had to grasp ahold of her hips to stop himself slipping out she was so wet! He gave the Irish lass a good strong pumping, which she enjoyed immensley, or so he could gather from the screams and gasps and panting issuing from the depth of her lungs! 'Its been soo long, so so long! too long!' She panted, reaching beneath her own body to strum at her aching clit. Soon he pulled out and the brunette took his taught shiny head in her mouth and she sucked him clean.

Kieran looked down. This woman had stunning titties! They were perfect globes of flesh so round, so smooth and nipples were red and erect. He took them in his horny hands and massaged them roughly. The woman lay back and Kieran buried his white boner between these fantastic fun bags! His busty brunette stunner has her pussy pummeled white bum was now in her freckled face and her tongue darted in and out of her mouth, licking his tight bum hole.

Matthias and Kieran were now side by side, straddling their respective women, their horny bums going back and forth, back and forth as they pleasured themselves on those beautiful big mams!

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Kieran's girl looked over at her sweet blonde friend. 'Your doing just fine, Amanda! You are doing yourself proud' she smiled. The Irish lady was on her knees between the tit-fucking couples. She had been fingering Amanda and Kieran's girl. She now had nice and moist fingers. She tickled their clits making both women squirm and moan with pleasure.

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Amanda came first. She squealed and gasped as the tingling sensation of her orgasm shot through her in waves, this turned Matthias on all the more! He fucked her soft fleshy big mams harder and faster. Kieran's lady took a bit more work, she was older and had experienced alot more sexual play than little Amanda. The Irish girl knew what she was doing, however and tickled and teased the erect clit with shivering fingers rubbing harder, faster, faster!

She carried this on as she could feel her friend shaking deep down, she knew the inevitable was close! very soon she buck and milf seduce young black boy as she came heavily over the Irish lady's fingers. Her next move was to transfer her wet lubricated fingers from the sweet pussies and into the tight dry anuses of Kieran and Matthias!

Slightly taken aback the men attempted to wriggle free, but as she worked her fingers into their uninviting dry sphincters it seemed to feel quite good! Then the Irish 'lady' hit the big men's G spots! It was too much! Kieran roared loudly as he came. White pearls hit his girl's stunning breasts and small chin. Matthias grunted noisily as he thrust hard into Amanda's chest.

His sperm exploded upon those enormous white titties! Her pretty face received a good hot dousing also! Amanda's mouth was partially open and several great whit globules of salty sperm found their way onto her tongue. She felt the hot liquid dribble down to the back of her throat. It didnt taste bad or unpleasant, but her immediate reaction was to gag at the tangy new taste.

The Irish girl pushed Amanda's chin up, closing her mouth and forcing her to swallow Matthias' pearly white gift! 'you'll thank me for that' The Irish girl laughed. Marcus and his lady ( and she was a lady, she told him! An aristocrat's daughter!) were enjoying their 69 action with plenty of wet homemade anal my chubby exgf never says no tongues!

Marcus had also managed to moisten up her pert asshole with much salivating over findmia malkova 4day porn story Gently he slid her down until sex xxx veidos vids com big round buttocks were level with his hard erection.

Then, with much pre cum dripping onto her anus he began to work his fat purple tip into her. she squirmed a little. 'What is the meaning of this?! Such impertinance!' She cried as she felt his cock head intruding into the wrong hole. 'Fear not my good lady Emelia! This will hold you in good stead for future meetings!' Suddenly Emelia felt a sharp stabbing pain, she attempted to wriggle free as Marcus' big rock hard erection breached her tight uninviting botty ring.

He grasped her hips tightly, preventing her escape and in doing so plunged his hard penis deeper inside her. The tight grip of the sphincter muscle was widening and began to feel more pleasurable, like a warm velvet elasticated ring!

Meanwhile his bell end was probing deeper into her anus, ploughing a new unchartered path and encased snugly. It began to feel more bearable to poor Emelia and she sat back on Marcus as he lay flat on his back.

She started to rock in perpetual motion, rolling her wonderfully elegant hips and botty cheeks. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth Emelia rocked gently, all the time feeling big Marcus deep inside her virgin anus.

Marcus began to thrust and Emelia knew he was about to shoot his load. 'UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYAAAAAAAH!!!' Marcus roared so loudly, that birds were startled out of the trees! Emelia felt the hot rush of his cum squirting deep somewhere inside her colon. It was an odd feeling but pleasurable and it tickled!

She giggled as she felt the semen running back down her rear passages and down her shapely thigh. By this point Marcus had wriggled his fat softening bone free of her clenching sphicnters! He sank back on the grass, grinning to himself. The only couples left at it were Tobias and his beautiful red head and Edmund and the sweet looking brunette. The others were worn out after their exersions, so they lay back and watched the horny scene before them!

The red head was presently on her knees while Tobias stood over her, his big bone in her warm mouth. Her lips were fat and very soft which enhanced his pleasure all the more. He ran his fingers through her hair as her head bobbed backwards and forwards taking his entire 8 1/2 inches with each suck. His dick was hitting the back of her throat each time and it felt goooood! He looked between her naked legs and could see her glistening snatch. She was ready for him now! Without warning Tobias picked up the cute red head and, supporting her fantasticly large yet pert and rounded buttocks, he lowered her onto his rigid pole.

It entered her tight little pussy so easily! She was so wet for him. The red head gasped as she felt him enter her at last. All eight and a half inches, right to the hard hild had been swallowed up by her hungry cunt! She draped her arms over his shoulders as he stood, bow legged and thrust hard fast into her. She was moaning softly with each stroke he gave her and he was grunting into her ear.

They looked into one another's eyes and kissed as they humped. They were so very intent sex com xxx story dwnolodg one another they did not notice the satisfied audience that had gathered to quietly watch them. Edmund and his girl, Nicole, however preferred not to put on a display. Quietly they had sneaked to a small secluded glade that Nicole knew of with a brook running through it.

Here they had leapt into the clear cool water to refresh themselves. And now they were eyeing one another lustfully!

Edmund waded over to Nicole and started gently caressing her small round breasts and tweaking her nipples. She held her wet head back and allowed him to tenderly kiss her slender neck.

She moved her hand down his torso, feeling his belly, then down to his soft wirey pubic hair and then back up again. Up his long elegant shaft. She felt the slight upward curve of his length. She liked it. She knew that shape.

It would probe her deeply. Explore her sweet moist fleshy walls, all the while giving her so much pleasure! She wanted Edmund's boner goth girl katrina jade takes hard dick in her mouth and muff her.

Now! Nicole grasped Lord Edmund's rock hard bone in her dainty hand. 'Hmmm, you ARE big and hard!' She cooed softly in his ear. 'Uuuh huh!' Edmund grunted, pushing himself toward Nicole's inviting snatch. He was now so close to her he could feel the light brown hair of her pussy tickling the tip of his proud purple tip. Slowly she slid her slender fingers down his long hard shaft and reached his fat balls, which hand tightened up in the cool water. Gently Nicole massaged them rhythmically encompassing his entire bald sac, then reaching behind it to stroke his perineum.

Edmund loved this feeling and thrust himself against Nicole's slim thigh. Pre cum rubbed onto her smooth skin and she slid a finger down her leg and wiped it off. Then, using the same finger Nicole teased Lord Edmund's pulsating fat head until he leaked more clear sticky pre cum onto her hand. Nicole then raised her hand up to her mouth and sucked it clean 'Hmmmm' She gasped softly 'It has been so long, too long, since I have had the pleasure of that taste!' She enjoyed the slightly salty taste and syrup like texture of pre cum.

She preferred it to the heavy chemical tatse of a full load of spunk. This was why she would allow Edmund to squirt inside her! Tobias, meanwhile had his sweet looking red head pinned on the soft grass, her legs open wide as his big hands gripped her shapely pale thighs while he pumped her rhythmically, like a cog in a machine he drilled at that tight wet pussy!

His muscular bum jerked sharply up and down and with each downward stroke the young lady beneath him moaned with pleasure. Her big beautiful eyes were closed, her plump, pert, pink lips open just a fraction, her long dark eyelashes were elegantly curling over the tops of her high cheek bones. Her big pale breasts were so firm that they bounced only very slightly, despite the hard pounding her tight vagina was recieving!

'I would never have thought little Caroline would have had that in her!' Smiled Lucinda, who was staring at the bouncing bosom with horny interest. Kieran, Matthias and Edgar were in awe. They had never experienced so much stamina in one man such as Tobias!

They began to feel a little inferior, but the horny scene in front of their very eyes was causing their already well used cocks to harden again and they knew the girls surrounding them would be only too blonde and brunette share dick in piss some to help them work on such stamina!

Caroline, the red head was now gasping more frantically and Tobias heard this which spurred him on all the more and he started to pump faster, shorter strokes with his big stiff bone probing Caroline's aching pussy all the more.

She writhed about on the grass moaning and gasping louder and louder. Her nails dug into the muscular bum, trying to push his shaft ever deeper inside her.

She was rolling her head back, her wonderful red hair spread out across the luscious green of the grass. Then her hips began to buck sharply and the small crowd watching them knew what was coming. YES!

YES! YYEEESSSSSSS! HOOOOOOOH! HUUUUUUUUHUUUUUH!!' Caroline's body began to spasm and her hips shuddered as her orgasm took over her entire being. This pushed big Tobias over the edge also and with loud echoing grunts and mammoth thrusts he ejaculated shot after shot of his white hot semen into that warm inviting vagina. As he sank down on top of the shuddering girl beneath him their audienece politely applauded the show. This was the first time they had realised everyone else had finished their orgy and had come to watch, so intent on one another they had been.

Caroline felt a little self concious that such a private act had been witnessed by so many people, but Tobias seemed not to mind the attention and lifting Caroline's leg he pulled his softening length from her throthfy wet snatch, allowing his pearly white cum to leak out onto the grass. Claudette, the white hot blonde crawled forth on hand and knees and greedily lapped the warm droplets that ran out of her friend's pussy. This soothed Caroline and she lay back giggling to herself.

The small silken gown that Claudette was wearing rode up slightly as she hunched over Caroline's crotch and the men, reinvigorated after this performance, grinned rudely as her rounded shapely botty was revealed, along with her pink wrinkled anus and open pussy.

Edmund knelt down in the shallows of the brook and Nicole straddled him. In the water below she could see the distorted shaape of Edmund's rigid cock, it's slitty eye gaping, almost staring back at her!

She positioned herself over it and slid down his muscular body until she felt the sharp contact of his bulging bell end on her soaking wet opening. Nicole took a deep breath and sank upon it. She could feel every inch of him sliding into her, filling that aching void. He groaned softly as he felt her warm comforting grip engulfing his entire stiff rod. This was the moment both had been waiting for.

Just him and her. Him and Her. Alone together in this cool brook, this beautiful peaceful woodland, this stunning lonely island. They began to rock Edmund's bum was embedded in the comfortable silt in the bed of the brook and he pumped gently Nicole was perfectly planted upon his strong thighs, her hands draped over his neck.

She was rocking against him. She could feel each thrust of Edmund as his dick delved deep inside her. Edmund's wide hands were placed on either of Nicole's sexy cute teenage amateur cocksucking and tugging reality botty cheeks.

His large fingers explored to her ass crack and found her tight warm hole. He massaged his middle finger against it gently working an opening and since Nicole did not protest he became a bit more forceful.

Her unwelcoming sphincter muscle relented and his finger was free to explore! They were now kissing mouth to mouth, him running his free hand through her wet hair. What a beauty this girl was! She had been quieter than most of the other girls- apart from the young blonde that he had seen Matthias choose. But this had enhanced her mystery, made Edmund want her all the more. At first he thought she had no interest in him, but he had then worked out she was a shy young lady, which is what he liked!

She reached behind her and rubbed Edumund's hand where he was now attempting to insert a second digit into chessie kay fucks the biggest black cock of her life opening asshole.

Leaning further back she could feel his tighty ball bag and she began to rub it once again. Lord Edmund clearly loved this and his quiet groans became louder. He pumped her harder. He rested his mop of blond brown fuzzy hair on the bank of the brook and chuckled foolishly to himself! 'Hahahaaaa! Thank goodness for Edgar and Kieran's rivalry! we never would have been caught and convicted had it not been for their noise!' he grunted, more to himself than to Nicole, who was now bouncing up and down splashing water about.

She was going to extract every last drip of this gentleman's sperm! Soon Edmund felt the tingling sensation which he knew so well. He removed his fingers from the tight bum hole and grabbed the hips of Nicole tightly and with a sudden whoosh he tipped her back so she was under the water and he pumped hard grunting loudly to himself as he squirted enormous yellow tinged globules of spunk deep into the submerged pussy beneath him.

Nicole had manged to hold her breath just in time and under the cool water she was able to open her eyes and see the distorted view of Lord Edmund above her. She could feel the rushing of the water all over her body cold and fast, Edmund's strong, safe grip around her hips and the warm feel of his love nectar squirting deep inside her fulfilled pussy, filling her up to the brim!

They sat upon the bank for a while before heading back to the shady glade where they had left their new found community, friends and fuck partners! The Gentlemen decided to stay with the ladies on their paradise island. After all the only thing that faced them at home was prison, or being an oulaw, shunned by familiy and former aquaintences, poverty, or the potential of being taken prisoner on any ship that may rescue them.

Besides why would anyone want to leave this place!? No inhibitions, no laws, plenty of food and shelter and of course best of all 10 beautiful, horny maidens who had been on this island for several years and were in desparate need of MEN! Ships rarely ventured within one hundred miles of the island as no one knew it was out there, all alone and in the middle of a rough sea that had wrecked many ships during the violent storms that often occured around this paradise. This is how the girls and of course our gentlemen and Miss Masters, the captains daughter had ended up here.

This isolation sutited them fine and they hoped that no one would ever discover this bang gonzo brett rossi milf pussy deep dicked by a big cock heaven. Apart from the odd shipwrecked sailor or captain's daughter! Author: I will leave this series here, but may return to it one day! Also let me know if you want more of this! I will also be writing new stories, so please read!! Hope you enjoy this latest installment!