Daddy brutally raped and sodomize his own unwilling daughter

Daddy brutally raped and sodomize his own unwilling daughter
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"Good Mates" will always help By Gail Holmes The lad's sat around the table in the local café watching as the talent pasted by the large front window, they'd all been mates since school, now they had other things to talk about, needless-to-say, as with most guy's it was women or girls in their case.

There were four of them in all, Stuart being the eldest, he was quite thick set, always worked out, his main hobby if you could call it that was rugby, he was a scrumhalf, not many would argue with him, his girl was call Cindy, she was a pleasant girl they'd been together for four years now, then there was Bennie, he'd no girlfriend as such; to shy really but he nearly crippled himself with masturbation each day, and still he was a virgin. He worked in a hardware shop, it was boring but he enjoyed it.

Now Arnie, he was the wiz kid, a computer boffin, there wasn't much he didn't know in that field, in a way he was the odd one out, he like Stuart was living with his girlfriend, Jenny was a sweet creature, at 20 she still looked fourteen, very slim, one would think a good fucking would have split her in two; her breasts we're very small, and she was very conscious of their diminutiveness, only just a handful.

However, Arnie would always tell her that they we're fine, in time they'd grow. But he knew they wouldn't, anyway he liked her the way she was, it's not as if she didn't catch attention as she did. She rarely wore a bra, there was no need, however her breasts always stretched the buttons on the front of her blouse, and that alone was sufficient to cause a guy to strain his neck to take a peek inside. Brian, well he wasn't going anywhere, he was the idiot of the group, although he'd had his fair share of women, the others couldn't see as to what they saw in him.

Then lastly Ginger, his name deflexed all, he thought more of his beer and a night down the pub. More often going home the worst for wear.

casual teen sex emely bender casual sex fantasy, it's Jenny, she beckoning you, you'd better go out and see as to what she wants!" Bennie implied shaking Arnie by the arm and nodding out of the window toward Jenny.

"Sharn't be a minute, she's going into town shopping I promised that I'd give her some money. Arnie stood as he spoke making for the doorway. Jenny raised her hand with a smile toward the others sitting around the table, then walked up to Arnie as he came through the door of the café. "God, what I'd give to get into her knickers, I'll like to bet she's the tightest pussy in town!" Stuart stated looking around the table. "With a cock like yours anything in town would be tight!" Brian sniggered.

Within a few minutes Arnie came back into the café followed closely by Jenny, he came up to the table and looked to his mates, "Can anyone borrow me fifty quid, I've come out without my wallet?" Stuart was the first to put his hand into his pocket; opening his wallet he took a £50 note out handing it to Arnie, then looked to Jenny. "Remember you owe me!" He smiled. "You're a gentleman!" Jenny replied with a smile." I won't forget you?" Arnie handed her the note, which she put into her purse.

"See you about dinner time then?" Jenny stood on tiptoes to reach up to his lips and kissed him. "What about me?" Stuart chuckled. Jenny moved around the table kissing him on the cheek, "You're nothing but a big softie!" She implied turning for the door. "See you later!" She said looking to Arnie, he nodded and sat down again. Brian sniggered a remark something like "It wouldn't be soft if he was pushing it up you!" he said this in a low tone, it was only Stuart who caught his remark, he gave a sour look back to him, as if telling him to mind his words.

There was no way he'd have wanted Arnie to know as to his feelings toward Jenny. Anyway he'd a girl of his own, and she was a sex maniac as it was, she'd drained him dry many a night. The boy's including Arnie watched as Jenny headed down the road from the café, her short skirt was flowing in the light breeze, revealing her long and slender legs.

"Jesus, you have a right beauty their Arnie!" Bennie implied his eyes not leaving her image as she went out dude is happy by euro beautiful bitches hardcore groupsex sight.

Arnie knew exactly what was going through his mind as he spoke. Mainly they loved her for her accent; she was Irish, and to just listen to some of her phrases was fun. All loved her; trouble was Arnie didn't really appreciate as to why? "You're not tucked up are you?" Stuart quizzed as they all came back to the real world. The scrutiny from the window always pleased the lads they could gloat over females as they passed "I'll be alright it's only a couple of weeks till payday!" Arnie replied with a grin.

"Who's in the chair for another round of tea's then?" He added more to take the thoughts of him being short till the end of the month. Jenny went from shop to shop, she not realised that Arnie had gone over budget this month; trouble was she knew she could have whatever she'd wanted he was good like that.

She wanted to buy a nice short nightie, if nothing else but to show him her appreciation, she knew he liked her to look good in the bedroom, she loved sex with Arnie, always he'd have her more old dude euro teen jizzy young old european exhausted by the time he'd finished, she always fell asleep soon after; and nothing would wake her till morning.

She looked at herself in the long mirror in the changing room it was quite cold, her nipples stood out behind the pure white translucent material, she just wished her hardcore sex in doggie big butt mature was just that hint bigger, she felt more embarrassed when she was out with the gang and their girls, she looked like an adolescent schoolgirl, she'd tried everything to increase the size, Arnie would always say they were fine as they are.

Mind you he always paid them special attention in bed before sex. Her mind went back to last night, or should she say this morning, she was still slightly damp from his aggressive sex, he'd always revitalised by the morning.

Normally she'd awaken as he went into turbo, Sunday mornings were his specialty, and normally he'd have turned her over onto her knees and was driving in from the rear. She did take to anal every now and again; well with his sex drive it had become necessary, she'd never wanted to refuse him at anytime.

Lifting the nightie she viewed the tiny panties, they didn't leave much to the imagination her red down curled at the edges of the gusset, she reached down to tuck it back, but it sprung back out again.

Twirling again in front of the mirror she was satisfied that she'd finally found what she 'd wanted. She'd not tell him the price, it even amazed her, but if it worked he wouldn't be the only one pleased. She loved it when he was over sexed; she'd always enjoyed it more for some reason he always seemed bigger on these nights.

Sometimes she pretended that she was asleep after he'd come back from the bathroom, he was a clean guy always washed before and after. Hopefully this little outfit would stir his loin, Jenny loved pretty things, and by the look of the garment she'd get her just rewards it was so skimpy and revealing.

Arnie and the gang left the café heading for town, he knew Jenny would be going back home after her shopping spree as she had to go down to the stables at 3 o'clock. He just wished his money would last out each month, considering his job and it's remuneration he knew he earned more than any of the lad's nevertheless, he was always running short.

Trouble was he knew they'd end up in a pub around dinnertime that would make more expense; he'd have to go on the sponge yet again, it was very demoralising he knew he was known as the cadger of the group, and it troubled him being so. Jenny went straight to the bedroom when she got home, stripping off and throwing her clothes onto the chair, then picking up the bag she shook the nightdress out into her hand, it felt so silky-smooth it more or less turned her on, firstly she held it up to herself but couldn't resist putting it on, again swirling in front of the mirror even her breasts looked perky, mind you it could have been the effect that the nightie was having on her, she run her hands down her sleek body over the translucent material, he pussy almost felt as if it would explode with the consciousness she was getting thoughts of Arnie seeing her in it.

Back in town Arnie had gotten to the stage were she plays with big rod of boy was short of cash again, and it was his round. He turned to Stuart once again. "Sorry old chap but could you!" Before he'd finished his sentence Stuart had his hand in his pocket. "I'll have to start charging you interest!" He laughed. "I don't know what you do with you're monies; your forever short?

I think you or't to change your lifestyle to fit you're budget!" "I'll make it right to you one day!" Arnie replied putting the notes into his wallet hoping the others hadn't noticed. "I'll hold you to that!" Stuart smiled stepping back allowing him room to get to the bar. Jenny only just made it couple enjoys fucking in the hotel room the stables in time, she worked there sweet babe is lured to have hardcore sex with fellows time on Saturdays, this Saturday was special as they'd a stallion coming to mate with one of the mares.

"You had me worried there, thought you weren't coming!" Her friend Pauline smiled as Jenny rushed into the stable. The stallion was walking in circles around the mare; it was obvious he knew the mare was on heat. "How long has he been here?" Jenny quizzed leaning over the rail on her elbows as she spoke. "Only ten minutes or so, would you mind staying here watching making sure he does the business as I have heaps of paperwork I have to go through?" "No, you go ahead, I'll stay here and observe, I don't think he'll be long!" Jenny replied looking at his huge cock as it swayed from side to side.

"Thank you!" Pauline smiled, leaving Jenny on her own in the stable. The mare was being quite reserved with her passion, although her rear end was never far from the stallions nose. Jenny was mesmerised by the sheer size of the stallions cock, it made her pussy twinge, she never knew as to how such a blunt instrument could enter a mares pussy with no foreplay.

She wished she'd had worn her skirt, or even her shorts for that matter, she was itching to get at her own pussy. Abruptly the stallion reared up, throwing himself over the mares back. He was more than ready now, he kept jutting his cock up to her rear, only to miss target, what a pity he'd no hands. The mare let out an ear piercing nay as he finally found a home for his rampant cock, by the noise she made he must have been her first, after she'd settled down she lowered her back spreading her rear legs slightly.

The scene was orgasmic; he was virtually walking the length of his cock into her, it glistened each and every time he withdrew. The mare threw her head back as he constantly thrust himself deeply inside her. Never would Jenny have believed such an immense cock could vanish so comfortably into her sheath, and she loved every minute of it.

Jenny's hand went down to undo the button on her fly her fingers gently seeking her dampened spot. Her manipulation in no way matched the obvious pleasure to her of which the stallion was generously bestowing on the mare. Saliva and sweat were poring from the stallion mouth and head; from time to time Jenny had to look away, his aggressive thrusts must be distressing the mare but she appeared to be taking it in her stride.

Unexpectedly, the stallion force himself into her moving forward on his hind legs assuring no part of his majestic cock could be seem. There was a gurgling sound, the mare again threw her head back; it was then that Jenny noticed the overflow of sperm gushing from around his cock. Slowly he walked himself out of her, her pussy was a mess with cum it was running down both sides of her flanks. The mare pawed the ground with her hoofs naying constantly. "I heard the commotion, is everything alright?" Pauline asked as she stood in the doorway, it was moments before Jenny turned after removing her hand from within her jodhpurs.

"I think she is well and truly sorted; and what's more I can assure you she enjoyed every minute of it!" Jenny informed Pauline with a grin. "Didn't do to bad yourself!" Pauline replied looking down at Jennies open fronted jodhpurs. Jenny realised to late, forcing her hands down to cover up the opening.

"It's alright it happens to me sometimes, the stallions usually put on a good show, pity more men weren't like it. Both girls looked toward the mare, her pussy was seeping with the thick cum oozing from it.

"Mind you, I don't think either of us could embrace the amount of sunny leone xxx back story they propel, if that's overflow think as to the amount she's still got inside her with a cock that length?" Pauline said with a smile.

"Come skinny asian teen has her pussy drilled I'll get you a drink; I'm sure you deserve one. "Do you think the stallion would like a drink he seems a mite out of puff?" Pauline turned and looked back at the stallion.

"I hope you're as concerned with you're boyfriend?" Yes go ahead, as you say he looks in need of it!" It was the following Friday night that the gang met up again; the only person missing was Cindy, Stuart's girl.

Jenny loved the company. Arnie was at his ends wits; money went through his pockets like there was no tomorrow. He liked to splash out, however he had to lean on Stuart again for money. Jennies nightie outfit had won her points, trouble was she had to wash it each and every day, some nights she had to take it off completely it was so messed up, however, it was really a turn on for Arnie.

Jenny had enjoyed sex every night so far; when Arnie had finished he'd go straight to the bathroom to clean up, as often as not he'd wake her intense lesbian orgy session with ravishing honeys brunette big tits way through another session, he really tired her out. "So where is Cindy then Stuart?" Jenny quizzed, she and Cindy were the best of friends.

"Gone to stop with her parents for the night, she needed a break. I don't mind it'll do her good." Stuart replied smiling at her. Jenny was one of those girls that a guy could look at and instantly become hard. Okay, she wasn't the prettiest of girls but she had a thing about her that was a real turn on.

Red hair for a start, he'd never seen hair that shone so, her breasts were those that compelled a guy to reach boy cums on his sexy lovely gf and caress them and what's more she knew it. Often she'd leave a lower button undone, a guy couldn't help but to become a contortionist trying to get into a position as to see inside very rarely did she wear a bra, her breasts were firm without support.

Stuart's mind had often wondered whist he was screwing Cindy. "So you'll be all alone at home then!" one of the other girls commented, it was Audrey. She fancied him ever since he'd joined the group, she even heard of the huge cock he supported. She'd never mentioned it to Cindy, in case she became aware of her attraction to him. "Why not stay over at ours?" Arnie implied. "I can assure you of a good breakfast, once you've tasted Jenny's fry up's you'll wonder as to why you've missed out for so long?" Arnie smiled.

"See why not, I've nothing to go home for!" Stuart looked at Jenny as he spoke. "I take it you don't mind?" He grinned with a look of want. "I'd like to try one of you're breakfasts, Arnie is always on about you culinary skills!" "Of course not, nice to have your company!" Jenny replied, taking little notice of his wanton smile. The night went well, the group broke up a about 11.30 and went there ways in pre-booked taxi's Needless to say, Jenny Arnie and Stuart had their own taxi and straight home they went.

"I'll just go up and fresh up and I'll make you both a hot chocolate!" Jenny informed Stuart and Arnie as they sat in the armchairs in the front room. She was gone for around 15 minutes, and then returned with two steaming hot mugs of chocolate.

"I'll take mine up if that's alright?" Jenny told Arnie. Stuart couldn't help but notice as she handed him his mug, the flap of her housecoat opened slightly revealing up to the top of her legs, the sight of her white silk panties, a shred of her red hair curled around in front across the gusset. His cock throbbed momentary, his thoughts running wild.

Arnie waited until Jenny had left the room before turning back to Stuart. "I feel I must repay you for your help with regard to money you've lent me. And the fact that you never show me up in front of the others I appreciate that!" Stuarts mind was racing, his thoughts still on Jenny's white panties.

"Sorry I was miles away there…Think nothing of it?" He finally responded. "There must be something I could do?" Arnie replied he could still see that Mina leigh gets slammed by two cocks was in some kind of daydream. "You could always let me spend half an hour with Jenny!" Stuart suddenly sprung back to realism after realising as to what he'd said.

Nearly chocking on his words. But Arnie's answer shattered him. "I'm sure we could come to some arrangement?" Arnie had replied.

Both of the lad's stared at each other for moments, wondering as to which would speak next. "God, if I could believe you meant that?" Stuart finally replied. "Believe me I do, but would that show my appreciation?" Arnie mused. Pushing his hands down into his lap.

"It'll do more than that, I'd consider your debt to me paid!" Stuart replied. "However would Jenny play ball?" He continued lifting his mug up and taking a long sip. "She'd not know!" Arnie replied.

"She has to be part of it, I can't see her obliging without knowing of your consent." Stuart implied. "Once she's had her portion of sex she's dead to the world, and after a few drinks she'll not wake till morning. "I'm not with you?" Stuart replied. "I'll go up and give her a seeing to, then leave her to you, by the time you get up there she'll be sound asleep! It happens all the time, the house could catch fire for all she knew about it?" "Are you sure?" "Positive, give me around fifteen minutes and you'll see for yourself" Arnie lifted his mug swallowing the dregs in the bottom and stood.

Stuart sat back into the chair as Arnie left the room, his cock started to throb as he sat there, the times he'd thought of fucking her he couldn't recall. Trouble was he was not like most men; his cock was huge, the others would mock him when they went swimming, telling each other that he'd stuffed a pair of socks under his swimming trunks. It had taken Cindy a good two weeks before she'd learned how to take his manhood. Jenny rolled over as Arnie got into bed.

"Didn't expect to see you so soon!" Arnie put his hand down between her legs, easing the gusset of her panties to one side then eased a finger into her. "By the feel of it your pussy did?" Jenny was always enthusiastic for sex after a night down the pub; whether or not it was the eyes she'd got from some of the customers she couldn't tell, okay some were real dishy. "No need for that, I'm tired let me feel that cock of yours!" Jenny rolled onto her back spreading her legs. Arnie never could handle this, straight away he moved in between them offering his cock up to her pussy.

Jenny immediately lifted her hips swallowing his cock in one upward thrust. "God, you're dam tight!" He informed her forcing her hips back down onto the bed as he took over.

Jenny let out a loud squeal as his started to fuck her in earnest. Wrapping her legs around him all she wanted was to feel the whole of his cock deep; his constant thrusting pushed her up the bed.

Jenny finally released her grip allowing her legs to drop each side of her. Arnie was a mite wound up with the thought of Stuart fucking her; already she was barefoot girl walking thank grandma for that ass through tiredness. Arnie eased back removing his cock then turning her onto her side, he liked it this way it was less energy consuming, Slowly he re-entered her, then fucked her in gentle strokes, he could tell she was nearly there, but he'd passed the point of no return blowing his load deep.

Jenny normally would have squeezed him at this stage but she was to far gone for that. Arnie gradually withdrew his cock, and then pulled the gusset of her panties over her puffy pussy lips.

After his clean up trip to the bathroom he went back downstairs, Stuart was still in his chair, his hand in his lap. "She's all yours, but one thing I must mention, I'm afraid I blew my load?" "She's your girl, why not?" Stuart replied with a smile.

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"Sorry she'll be a might messy! Please go help yourself, I'll wait until you've done, and you can blow if you like she's on the pill!" Stuart made his way to the stairs heading up to the main bedroom the door was slightly ajar when her reach it he gradually eased it open; Jenny was sound asleep facing him as he crept in.

Walking up to the bed he stood and watched her momentarily, she was like a sleeping angel. Stuart walked around to the other side of the bed; Arnie had left the duvet off her back, her hair flowed across the adjoining pillow, the sight was orgasmic, Stuart removed his jacket and shirt the reached down removing his trousers, neatly he folded them placing them of the bedside chair then gently crawled in beside her.

She made no sound as he edged up behind pulling the duvet over his shoulders, putting his arm around her his hand found her petit breast; gently he squeezed it in his firm strong hand manipulating it between his fingers.

Her breast was firm never had he felt such firmness. Slowly he moved his hand down hot ebony chic from the valley fuck ivory cock wearing lettermans jacket bed over her tummy he edged her nightie up allowing his fingers under her panties then down through the soft hair of her pussy.

As he reached her pussy Jenny gave out soft sigh. Her leg gave way to the pressure of his fingers allowing him entrance to her pussy; she was wet as Stuart had surmised it would be after Arnie had pumped his load up her. He just hoped the she'd be wet enough to take him, as he'd not time for foreplay.

His finger slipped in without effort, a surge went through his cock due to the overwhelming sensation of her pussy walls on his finger.

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After removing his hand he moved in closer, then reached sydney cole and cassandra cain hot some on the couch taking her left leg gently into his hand lifting it slowly, once his leg was between hers his finger tugged at her panties easing them to one side, the gusset was soaked, with the remnants of Arnie's cum.

Whilst Stuart supported the weight if her leg on his own it gave him free access to her pussy, the gusset of her scanty knickers was a wash with her juices and Arnie's cream. He couldn't have asked for better; he pulled his hand back now reaching down to his cock, okay it was full on but as with most guys with thick cocks the blood was there but unable to make it stiff and strong, it was still bent.

Stuart took it up into his hands directing it toward her pussy, after rolling the head around in the slimy juices he eased it nearer to her pussy alexis hawk and chloe couture threesome step mom then eased forward allowing his own weight to direct it in the right route. With his hand still gripping his cock it made headway, Jenny took in a short breath, as her conciseness sensed her pussy muscles threatened by the sheer thickness.

Stuart was taken aback when entrance was to a degree eager for penetration, its walls clung to his organ the tightness astronomical.

Slowly he rocked to and fro, allowing fractions of an inch entrance at each gradual inward thrust. His hand assuring his cock wouldn't bend before the entrance was sufficient to allow it purchase to move in on it's own. The feeling was mind boggling, never had he had this much tightness together with the readiness to permit him entrance. Jenny breath was laboured, although deep in sleep her brain knew of the intrusion, her mind went back to her last visit to the stables, assisting her into a dream.

The stallion was behind her; she sensed his cock thumping against her legs as it swayed this way and that. Then the sense of her tail swinging to one side, then the magnificent entrance, bowing her head she voiced her appreciation, only to be stunned by the spread of her inner pussy as the mammoth cock travelled deeply up inside, her legs felt as if they were being prised apart.

Jenny reached across gripping the edge of the mattress; with her head now held down she let out a gutterish moan. Stuart was now fully in, the sensation of her inner pussy walls as they gripped and released him on his way to her womb felt not unlike the kneading of a baker kneading his dough whilst making bread.

Thankfully he was not oversized in length, stopping short of her cervix, with the fear of waking her Stuart took his time easing the thickened shaft in and out whilst manipulating her tiny breasts within his thick fingers; lucky that Jenny was such a deep in sleep or his fingers would have felt not unlike a course sandpaper. Her dream took her back to the stables with the stallion now humping into her, she turned to view the beauty of the black stallion, she sensed him walking backward and forward allowing his cock to penetrate her fully, each time it found her entrance in it would go back into her again.

In desperation she hoofed the ground in front of her, her rear end was now low as she spread her rear legs allowing her champion full access to her pussy. In realism she was bending her back allowing Stuart deeper access; her hands had now left the edge of the mattress, her fingers now probing her pussy making gyrating movements over her clitoris, now her moans were unvarying.

Arnie had come up the stairs unaware to them both, through the crack in the door pornpros hot teen sydney cole brings herself to orgasm hardcore and cumshot could see Jenny's face, her breath again was laboured.

He did wonder as to what Stuart could be doing to make her so gratifying to his movements, surely one cock is no different to the next he thought. And it was a sure fact that he'd not be able to ask her, it was obvious that she was in the land of nod, perhaps she was dreaming he anticipated.

He turned and crept back down stairs. Stuart brought his hand down toward her pussy he knew he was soon to cum, he placed it palm down on her Mound of Venus, opening his fingers allowing for his cock. As soon as he knew there was no retreat he forced his cock up her and held pressure down with his hand.

He could feel the cum welling in his bullocks, it seemed more like a boiling saucepan, then his shaft began to swell, the feeling was breathtaking his cock was locked high up in her pussy.

Jenny reached across to the edge of her pillow as his seed started to spurt. Bending her head down to her chest she let out a loud moan as the hot splashes hit the top of her pussy, there was a sudden rush through her body, she pulled her legs up tightly to her breasts, then gripped the edge of the pillow until her knuckles went white.

"Mary! Mother of Jesus!" She blurted out then collapsed in front of Stuart. In her dream the great stallion son fuk mom bigg ass and big bobis stepped away from her bowing his head and snorting. Stuart held fire for a while; not knowing if Arnie had heard her call out, he didn't remove from her for a full five minutes. In this time his cock once again started to revitalise, her pussy was in seizure gripping his cock not really wanting it to pull away from her.

Stuart knew she was up for more, but it would have to be quick he didn't want to upset Arnie, or he'd more than likely say no next time. For a fuck like this Stuart didn't mind paying for it he knew Arnie could never take control of his money predicament.

And a problem that Stuart could only encourage under the circumstances. Jenny stirred as Stuart began to move his cock once more, her belly felt full to the brim, but she couldn't have realised that it was not full enough yet, She'd be free once he'd downloaded a second full blow.

This time Stuart speeded his motions, fucking her hard this time even the bed was taken for a ride. Jenny's head was firmly down on her chest and still she didn't stir, in her mind she was safe, who else would it be but Arnie, she experience orgasm after orgasm, the pressure from the amount of cum she had so far taken was making her lower tummy ache. But the orgasms took away any real pain. He'd never fucked Cindy as hard as this, it was sensational, her pussy sex games by wicked lesbian amazing babes gave way to a hit of its tautness, his hand went across her body again placing as before down over her pussy.

This time he nearly stood up in the bed as to make sure his cock was well seated at the right time. "Christ! Almighty" He called out as he blew, he could feel the turbulences at the end of his cock, Jenny let out a loud moan, curling herself into a tight ball.

Again Stuart held his ground, not wanting her to spurt her pussy load back out onto the bed, once satisfied he slowly withdrew easing her knickers across to cover her pussy. Quickly he went into the bathroom to clean up, the first thing he noticed was traces of blood on his cock.

He rightfully considered that he'd brought her period on. "Everything okay!" Arnie asked, feeling quite fretful after hearing the noises of late coming from the bedroom. "Yes fine, she never woke, I wouldn't have believe it should you have asked. "Were debt free now then?" Arnie cut in. "I'm a man of my word, and I consider you a good friend!" Stuart replied. "Why so?" "Well I'd not of got a portion at home, Cindy is away for the night.

I'm more than grateful to you!" Stuart smiled slapping Arnie on the back, his thoughts were when is the next time. Arnie was first up in the morning, after his shower he took to making Jenny a cup of tea then took it up to her. She turned and rubbed her eyes as she awoke due to his soft voice. When she saw the teacup she sat up straight away and reached to take it. It was then that she felt the bubbling in her knickers.

"Mary! Mother of Jesus. I knew I'd never dreamt it, God you gave me a bloody seeing to, in heavens name whatever brought that on?" She placed her hand down under the duvet.

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"Will you look at me! God the bed'll be bloody soaked I'd have never thought you'd had it in ya?" "You remembered it then?" Arnie asked, hoping she's not. "Remember it, God, we went around the bloody bedroom at least four times with all your humping, if this is going to happen mind you!

You'll have to screw the bloody bed down before you next try it. Heaven knows what got into you, you were like a man possessed; it's a wonder I've a pussy left. It's a wonder poor Stuart never came in and threw a bucket of water over the pair of us!"