Legal age teenager gorgeous girlie masturbating hardcore and blowjob

Legal age teenager gorgeous girlie masturbating hardcore and blowjob
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Vickie and I are 30 years old and have been happily married for 5 years. So far we are childless though it has not been for lack of trying. Vickie is blessed with a knock-out body. She weighs about 115 pounds, and is 5'6".

She has beautifully shaped, B-cup breasts. Her sensitive nipples rise out of puffy areolas. Her nipples are sensitive to the slightest touch and perk up like bullets when teased. She is extremely shy and was raised in a very strict manner that still affects her feelings about sex.

She has always been very conservative about her dress and showing off her body. Vickie rarely drinks and gets intoxicated very quickly when she does drink. However once she gets aroused, her motor starts running, her natural desires take over and she really enjoys sex. I am the only man she has been with sexually. I have always wanted her to show-off her assets more in public. She dresses plainly and conservatively.

I have fantasized about her being seduced by another man and had even tried to get her to talk about it while we were having sex. I could tell that the talk excited and aroused her during our love making but she has been firmly against my suggestions. I was her first and only lover and she felt that it would be cheating to even consider such a thing as being with another man. I am average height and build. My cock is circumcised and about 5 inches fully erect.

I realize that I am not very well endowed but I make up for size by giving very good oral sex. Ever since some youthful experiences in Boy Scouts and a few other encounters I have been intrigued by other guy's bigger cocks and those thoughts of sharing my wife with another man.

I am very conflicted about this. On the one hand I get very aroused thinking about another man fucking her tight pussy with a large cock, while at the same time I feel quite a bit of jealousy whenever I feel that her attention is directed at another man.

I really don't know which emotion would win the tug of war if she ever hooked up with another guy. I work in sales for a large company. Over the next 3 nights we have a large gathering of customers at a nice local hotel. There will be lots of cocktails and a band will be entertaining in the evenings.

Wives are invited and I asked her to wear a sexy, short black dress tonight. I bought it for her months ago and she never wears it. She complained about it but finally agreed to wear it tonight. She went shopping this afternoon to find shoes that would go with the outfit. Earlier that day: "I hate to go to these parties." Vickie thought to herself as she entered the shoe store.

It was mid-afternoon and the store was empty except for her and a lone attendant. The attendant that greeted her was a tall, older man about 65 wearing a name tag that read "Robert". He was dressed nice and looked somewhat distinguished as he walked up to her and asked if he could be of assistance. "Yes I am looking for a pair of nice, black heels to wear to a party tonight." Vickie said. "I am Robert and I am here to serve you.

Come on over here and let's get chap really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck size and we will find the right pair of shoes for you". Robert slowly looked at her from head to toe and back to her breasts where his eyes remained for a moment. In spite of her conservative out fit he was able to tell that she had a smoking hot body. Vickie noticed that he had really given her a visual once over and nervously felt as if he was undressing her with his eyes.

She quickly dismissed the thought because of his age and smooth demeanor. They walked toward the rear of the store and Vickie was directed to a chair that had a stool positioned in from of it.

Vickie had on a light, knee high, summery dress. She sat in the chair and Sam sat directly across from her. "So, tell me about the party," Robert inquired, making small talk, as he reached down to take off her shoes. "It's my husband's company. They are hosting a shindig at the Hilton tonight. I sexy girlfriend sara gets doggy and facial don't want to go but my husband insists." "Well let's get those shoes off and I will measure your feet so we have a starting point to search", Robert said as he picked Vickie's left foot off the ground and sat it on his thigh.

This caused Vickie's butt to slide forward and her hips to tilt slightly upward. Her knee-high dress moved higher up her thighs. He removed the shoe and lightly started rubbing her foot, from the arch and moving toward the ball and toes. "Oh&hellip. That feels so good to get that shoe off," Vickie murmured as Robert sat the shoe on the floor. Robert took that as an invitation to continue rubbing her bare foot and got a little more firm with the massage. He lifted her leg slightly higher as he did so.

He had become a very accomplished giving sensual foot massages as a shoe salesman. The technique had gained entry into man a young woman's panties.

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Vickie leaned back to enjoy the refreshing feeling. Vickie did not realize that her dress hem climbed even higher as her hips moved slightly forward in the chair. Robert was getting a good view of her white panties as he increased the vigor of the foot massage.

Robert plotted his well rehearsed course of action to seduce this beautiful young lady. He was already semi-hard and he could feel the pressure building in his pants. He started massaging her calves and admiring her shapely thighs as they became more exposed. "What a beautiful young lady. Her body is so inviting and vibrant," he thought as blood continued to flow to his cock.

He continued his small talk to lower her defenses and it was working. After a couple more minutes he lowered her foot to the floor and picked up Vickie's right foot, removed the shoe, and placed her bare foot on the middle of his crotch.

The heel was solidly resting on his rapidly growing cock. He shuffled his stool closer to her chair. Her ass had now slid to the front of her seat, her hem was on her upper thighs. Vickie was still oblivious to what was happening. She was still thinking about the night's event and dreading that she was going to have to attend. She was really starting to chill with the foot massage and zoning out mentally.

Robert was enjoying the sight of her pretty pantie covered ass, and the feel of her foot pushing against his manhood as he massaged her foot, gently pushing the heel into his shaft. He rubbed the bottom and top of her foot and slowly advanced to Vickie's ankle and calf. Then he shifted her foot so that her knee was raised up and the the sole rested upon the length of his cock. Vickie slowly opened her eyes and realized that her foot was resting on his crotch and was at first worried about the activity.

She quickly dissuaded herself of the obvious lovely maidens pleasure dicks at the club brunette big tits of the man's age.

"He is just a nice old man. Surely he does not take this massage in a dirty way," she rationalized to herself. Comfortable with this thought and not wanting to make him think that she had a dirty mind, she remained silent and allowed the massage to continue. She was totally relaxed and enjoyed rush of "innocent" sexual excitement building inside of her.

Robert slowly massaged the calf and moved to her knee. He adjusted her knee slightly outward, causing her thighs to spread wider. Sunnyleon hard sex with tommy could now see the crotch of her panties and he could feel Vickie's breathing deepening.

He felt the sole of her foot begin to lightly examine his swelling manhood. "This is one hot woman," Robert thought. "She just needs the right catalyst to really get her juices flowing." Vickie was becoming more sexually aroused.

It came on slow, she felt flushed and hot, her nipples were getting erect against her thin bra, and she was feeling the warm, wet sensation in her pussy. Her breathing was getting deeper. Moving her foot slightly she became aware of the hardening penis beneath her foot. She innocently started tracing the outline of his manhood. "Oh my goodness! That cannot not be his penis," Vickie thought as she flattened the sole of her foot on top of his crotch. "He must be almost twice as large as Richard." Vickie thought as she felt the arousal deepening.

Her breathing was labored and deep. She felt her pussy getting wetter, just thinking about the length and girth beneath her foot. Robert's hands were on her thighs but she was concentrating on the experience of copping a feel of his massive organ. She was infatuated by the feel and size of it. She longed to see it because her imagination could not visualize a penis this big. Robert could clearly visualize her pussy mound, lips and cunt hairs almost visible through her now translucent panties.

She was definitely getting excited and damp. Her taut nipples were pushing against the thin material of her bra and dress. He knew she was ripe for the picking. He moved the massage further up her thighs.

His target was only inches away. If he could just get a little closer without alarming her, he knew he could complete the seduction.

Robert's fingers finally reached the edge of her panties. He slowly inched his fingers beneath the edge and could feel the warmth and dampness radiating from her tight young pussy.

She wiggled her cute little ass in the chair. So much was happening to her. It was too much, too many things overwhelming her senses. Her guilty conscious overruled her body's desires. "What are you doing with this old man? Why am I gorgeous african lesbians love toying their sweet assholes this continue," she thought. She was now powerless to her body's desire. She wanted to get up and leave and act disgusted, but she kept her eyes closed as felt his fingertips probing under her panties.

"Oh you cannot let him go any further," her conscious screamed. Her body forced her to raise her hips slightly to meet his explorations. Robert felt the rise of her hips and slowly mover his fingers onward to touch the lips of her pussy and tweak her clit. He felt her submitting completely, just like so many women before her. Her breath audibly escaped her lips.

He entered her hot wet pussy with his middle finger. "Success at last, " he thought as he pushed deeper. Ding-a-ling!!! The bell on the front door rang as another customer entered the store. Vickie was abruptly brought to her senses. She felt his finger leaving the wet folds of her vagina and jerked her hips away from his touch. "What the heck was I doing. That was such a dirty thing to allow to happen," she reprimanded herself as her guilt and shame washed over her.

In her heart she was both saddened and relieved by the sound of the bell. Robert felt her the sudden jerk of her foot and hips as she returned to reality. "Shit," he said out loud. He knew he was right on the verge and new that he could have seduced the woman. "Stay here for a arousing schlong sucking pleasures hardcore and blowjob of minutes.

I will take care of this customer very quickly and we can continue the massage and then find your shoes," Robert said as he stood up and headed toward the front of the door. Vickie's arousal had quickly evaporated to the stronger emotion of guilt. She felt that she had seriously cheated on her husband by allowing herself to become so aroused. In spite of these guilty feelings, a part of her wanted to wait for his return. "I am so slutty for even thinking such thoughts," she reprimanded herself as she straightened her clothes and picked up her purse.

She could not believe that she had allowed this old man to penetrate the lips of her pussy. She had never allowed anyone other than her husband to get so close to her little pussy.

She put her chin on her chest and walking quickly to the front door. She did not glance up at Robert as she passed him and the other customer. He looked at her and smiled knowingly at her as she passed. Vickie heard him say "Thank you. I will see you again later, I am sure I have something that will fit you perfectly." Vickie kept her head lowered and rushed out the door without comment. She was uncertain about the exact meaning of his farewell and she did not wish to find out.

She walked down the street and hailed a taxi to take her back to the hotel. All the way to the hotel the visualization of a penis that looked like her husband's, but was as large as Robert's kept pushing themselves to the surface of her thoughts. In spite of the guilt and self-condemnation she was getting horny thinking about the old man large manhood being forced into her tiny pussy. She took a hot shower as soon as she got back to the hotel.

Her nipples were more erect than ever and she turned the hot water offf in an attemp to reduce the fire in her body. Vickie kept cute sensual and slutty girls looking for anal sex without success to stop thinking about her shoe store experience. She forced herself to keep moving forward and put on the short black dress that Richard wanted her to wear and came out to the bedroom.

"I thought you were going shopping for new shoes honey." "Oh, I did but I could not find the pair I was looking for," she lied. "These flats match and they will be more comfortable for dancing." "Well you look sexy as hell in that dress, even without heels baby. Thanks for wearing it for me. You are almost glowing, I think you may be excited about showing off tonight?" "Not really honey, I am just starting to dread this party." "Vickie, please don't feel that way.

Meet some people, dance, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself for once." "Okay' I'll try to be as friendly as possible." We arrived at the party a little late and the room was full.

I spotted a table with several co-workers and clients and took Vickie over and introduced her to Doug (a co-worker). He smiled at Vickie and made the introductions to the rest of the people at the table. I gave Vickie a kiss on the cheek and told her I was going to get us some drinks. "I just want a soft drink," she requested. "Come on honey," I whispered in her ear. "It's a party, have a couple of drinks.

Let loose a little and have a some fun," I urged as I left the table. Vickie had never met most of the people from work. From the bar I watched as they sat down at the table and chatted. Vickie looked so good setting there, her long brown hair in contrast to her milky white skin.

Vickie was still not really participating in the conversation, just smiling and nodding appropriately. I took our drinks back to the table. "I wanted a Coke!" Vickie said after she had consumed half of the alcoholic beverage. I just smiled and said "It's a party just enjoy yourself." Vickie sat the screwdriver down on the table, and returned to listening to Doug.

I had to talk to co-workers and clients so I got up to mingle, leaving Vickie at the table. After about 20 minutes I looked back at the table to see Vickie talking to a couple of guys and had finished drinking the screw driver. This was very surprising to me because she rarely drinks and never does at parties. I brought her a fresh drink and she accepted it without comment.

She and I talked for a minute. She knew she would be without me most of the party because of me talking to touch my dick bus train and told me to go on that she would be fine. I kept glancing over at her and she seemed to be getting more relaxed. I brought her another screw driver. I saw her get up and dance a couple of times. I stopped back petite teen takes huge cock and outside car teens friends sisterly love to check on her and she was feeling no pain and talking away.

She was laughing and seemed to really be enjoying herself. The next time I came back to the table, Vickie fabulous lassies get nailed in the club not there. I walked around looking for her and saw her dancing with a guy I had not seen before. He was an older gentleman and he was holding her very close. Then I saw his hand move to her ass. She reached back and removed it but his hand kept moving to her ass.

When the dance was over they walked together to a different table in a darker area of the bar.

I was actually I little jealous, but turned on. Here was my prudish wife dancing with a stranger and talking with him at a secluded table after he had brazenly been squeezing her ass. I was so shocked that I hung back, out of their view, and watched them.

They seemed to be in a discussion as if they had known each other for a while. He got up and went to the bar and brought back 2 drinks and placed one in front of her. She did not hesitate picking up the drink and consumed half of the liquid on her first try. The man was at least in his mid-sixties, balding, but still good looking and in good shape for his age.

Not exactly the man I would choose for my fantasies biker girls going crazy part wayne enterprises Vickie, but she did seem to be interested in him for some reason.

What I noticed most was that whenever Vickie was not looking directly at him he would look at her legs. It was then that I saw that her short black skirt had ridden up her thighs.

What he could see from his position I could only imagine. I walked over to the table and as I approached I looked down to see her legs slightly parted and knew that from where he was seated he could clearly make out her pantie covered crotch. I introduced myself. I did not recognize the old guy. He said that his name was Robert.

I assumed that he was a client and I remained cordial to him. Vickie smiled at me and the look Robert gave me showed a little disappointment. "Hi Robert, nice to meet you. Thanks for looking after my wife. It appears as if she was having a good time." "Yes we were," Robert replied. "You skinny babe has fun with a friend a lucky man.

Vickie is a beautiful intelligent woman." We talked for a while and I discovered that he was not a co-worker nor a client. He had just wandered into the party.

He worked in retail sales. Once in the party and upon seeing my beautiful wife he could not resist staying. Vickie seem to be nervous, but blushed and smiled every time Robert complimented her. The band started hot babe loves to get drilled hard again and I asked Vickie to dance.

It was a slow dance and I was able to talk to her as we moved across the floor. "Well it looks like Robert is taken with you," I spoke into her ear. "He really likes your legs and that short skirt." "Oh my, he must think that I am some kind of a tart," Vickie slightly slurred her words as the alcohol was having an effect. "Oh course not, Honey, he just an old man that is enamored with a beautiful woman," I said.

"He's harmless." Vickie appeared to have a look of panic cross her face. Vickie thought to herself, "Harmless my ass!" The band started another slow song and we were interrupted by Robert. "Mind if I have a turn with her," he asked as he took her hand? I stepped back and I saw that Vickie had a frightened look as I let Robert step smoothly in my place.

"I need to mingle some more," I lied. "I'll leave you another drink on the table and be back in a little while." I went to the bar and returned with a couple more drinks and placed them where they had been seated earlier.

Earlier at the party: Vickie was mindlessly listening to the guys tell stories. She was bored and would like to return to her room but she knew that Richard wanted her to enjoy herself at the party. She stared at the drink in front of her thought to herself, "What the heck, I might as well have a drink anyway." Vickie picked up the screw driver and over the next five minutes she reached the bottom of her glass. Within minutes another full one showed up in front of her.

It tasted stronger than the first but she sipped on it, enjoying the tartness of the drink. She soon was feeling less inhibited and started joining in on the stories and jokes. She found herself laughing and enjoying the company of the men around her. She felt someone grasp and turn her shoulder lightly. "Hi my name is Robert," she heard a man say from her side. She froze with fear as she recognized the voice and name. He gently took her hand and suggested that they dance. She was shocked to see the old man from the shoe store standing there.

She stood up, confused as to how he had found her. "How did you know I was here," she asked. "You told me that you had this big event at the Hilton. There is only one Hilton in town. It did not take any detective work at all" he spoke confidently as he led her to a dark area of the dance floor. They turned to face each other. The music was semi-fast so he just held her hand and stayed close to her so they could be heard by each other.

"You made quite an impression on me today. I am very infatuated with your beauty," he smiled as he kept the compliments coming. "I am sorry if I overstepped my bounds today. My wife died 2 years ago and I have not been with anyone since,'" he lied hoping to appeal to her good nature. "You are so appealing, so beautiful and sexy that I could not control my urges." "Oh, Robert, I am so sorry," she said as she stepped forward and gave him a comforting hug. "There was no harm done, and your massage was .

mmm, invigorating" Their height difference was pronounced. He was almost a foot taller than her. Her breast touched his stomach and his pelvic area made contact with her stomach. They held the contact as a slow dance commenced and he expertly guided her around the floor.

Robert pulled her in close, he held her lightly and they moved across the floor. Without realizing it, she was drawn in closer to him. Her body rubbed against his mid-section. Her nipples rubbed on his taut tummy and she could feel the tingling feeling. She relaxed into his embrace further and then she felt it. It was hard and pressing against her tummy.

Taking her tummy movement as an invitation, Robert lowered his hand from the small of her back to her ass and squeezed, lightly pulling her closer to him. "Oh my, it is his erect penis, I am sure of it," she thought as she was filled simultaneously with both curiosity and panic.

Feeling him press his manhood firmly against her body, she pulled back and put his hand back on her waist. "A married woman can't be feeling the real milf gangbang amber woods penis of another man," she kept thinking to herself. He did not try to pull her back closer. He did not make her feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, Robert continue to dance as if nothing had happened. Vickie began to ignore her concerns.

She relaxed into him again. Her breast made contact with him and she could feel her nipples start to harden. Then she allowed her tummy to make contact again. She pressed forward a little uncouth wazoo hole toying hardcore and blowjob was now certain it was his erection.

She rubbed her tummy a little back and forth. It was very hard. "Wow, what the hell am I doing" she questioned herself? He moved his hand back to her firm young ass and pulled her closer again. She did not remove it this time, as she felt his leg part her thighs making the dance even more intimate. Without their knowledge, Richard had been watching them discretely. The music ended and he tried to continued holding her, but she released herself from the embrace and led him back to the table.

Richard found them at the table a short while later and introduced himself. Current time: Richard sat down with Vickie between them and passed the drinks out. Richard and Robert continued their small talk as Vickie listened and consumed her fresh drink. She was having trouble keeping up with their small talk. She had more alcohol in her system than ever before. She lost count on how many drinks she had consumed. She was certain however that was far too many. She was feeling more intoxicated then ever and her inhibitions were lowering.

Leaning over to her husband she loudly slurred to him, "Do choo know what?" Her head collapsed forward onto his shoulder as she continued her comment. "This guy &hellip. wants toooo fuck me." She smiled as if she had let the cat out of the bag and she put more weight on Richard. She was really feeling the drinks and had trouble speaking plainly.

Then she raised her head back up and smiled a big grin at Robert. "How bout youuu, Robeeert? Chhhew want to know a secret?" Vickie leaned the other way and put her head on Robert's shoulder. "My husb., my husband, probbaaly wants to watch," she slurred. Robert's eyes lit up at he last comment. She then put her head on the table and passed out.

"Well I guess I better get her up to the room," Richard said as he stood up abruptly and tried to gather her up to a standing position. "Let me help," Robert said as he stood up and put his hand under her arm and wrapped it around her torso. This enabled Richard to get her fully standing. Vickie woke up and drunkenly said, "Alright boys, I need tooo goo to the bathroom." They walked her toward the elevators.

Very few people noticed as they kind of stumbled their way to the elevator door. Robert was taking full advantage and copping a feel of her breast. "This guy is really ballsy," Richard thought as he watch him massaging her tits. They finally arrived at the room and sat Vickie up on the bed. She seemed to be feeling good and straight daddy fuck more years of jizzshotgun for this jawdropping brunette smiling at the two men.

Richard sat on the chair and Robert sat next to Vickie on the bed. "I still have to go pee," Vickie smiled a childish smile as if she had said some forbidden words. Robert put his arm around her torso again and helped her up and to the bathroom. He obviously was squeezing her breast again "Can you manage it from here or do you want me to help?" Robert stood at the door hoping she would ask for more help.

"No, no, noo. You cannot come in here," she said as she wagged her finger close to his face and closed the door. Robert sat back on the bed. "Well Richard she was right.

I really do want to fuck her." Richard tried to think everything through. He too was a bit intoxicated. Here was the opportunity he had been waiting for, but he had not considered it happening with a senior citizen. Perhaps this would be the least risky poor teen punished and fucked rough deepthroat hardcore to get started on fulfilling his fantasies.

"OK, Robert," he replied after some consideration. "You can go as far as you are able to get her to accept, but don't expect her to allow you to do much. If she wants to stop, you have got to stop." "Agreed," he said quickly as she reappeared from the bathroom.

"And, you can only do it when I am present," Richard added. "No problem,' was Robert lied. Vickie crossed the room and sat back on the bed. She immediately collapsed backwards, laying on her back, and closed her eyes. Her short skirt was almost at the top of her thighs. He pantie covered crotch was clearly visible between her partially open thighs. Robert leaned over and started gently running his finger across her thighs like he was drawing little diagrams.

With each pass across he moved his hands higher up. He reached the hem of her skirt and slowly inched it upward while continuing to run his fingertips across her thighs.

Vickie was stirred. She had not bondage group humiliation and roman orgy xxx beach bikers out as they had thought.

She wanted to experience more of this while still remaining innocent in her eyes since she had so much to drink. Her inhibitions had been significantly lowered. Vickie wanted to see how far Richard would allow this to go. Robert continued the journey and exposed more of her panties. Her milky white thighs were gorgeous. Her pussy mound was clearly discernible. Robert pushed her skirt above her waist and fully exposed her panties. It was obvious that her panties were damp and clinging to her pussy.

He rubbed the mound and played with her clit through the fabric. He paused to deftly pull her panties down, exposing her well-manicured pussy. It had just a little "landing strip" of hair closest to her pussy mound. "She must have shaved this afternoon," Robert thought to himself. Her cunt hair was much longer this afternoon. Richard was getting a hard on. His erection was straining against his trousers. He had waited a long time to see his wife made love to by another man. Robert was definitely expert at his approach and he was making great success.

He enjoyed seeing her be seduced by this old man. Robert started rubbing her little pussy and he could tell that she was wet as hell. He knew that she could be a slut if the right buttons were pushed. He fingered the outer lips of her pussy with delicate strokes and Vickie hips were raising up to meet his fingers.

Robert expertly tweaked her clit. It made her shiver with excitement. He positioned himself between her legs and started licking her clit and lightly sucking it between his lips. "Mmmmm," Vickie murmured as he delicately sucked on her clit. She remained laying down and pretending to be passed out but it was getting difficult to continue the charade. Robert started thrusting his tongue into her vagina, fucking her tiny orifice with his tongue.

Thrusting it in and out like a small cock. He returned to her clit and sucked on it again, this time with more pressure. He pushed one of his long fingers into her pussy, while he continued to suck her clit. When his first finger was very moist he added his second finger into her pussy. Feeling around he located her G spot high up in her vaginal canal. She thrust her hips in response. Vickie moaned out loud and opened her eyes. "Oh, mmm," she uttered as she tried to grind her fingers into his exploring fingers.

"Oh, uhh uhhh," as she had her first orgasm. The clit, the lips and tongue, the fingers expertly massaging her G spot. She looked wildly at Richard and saw that he had moved the chair close to the bed and was watching intently.

She knew he was approving of the activity. "Richard, why are you giving me to this old man? Do you really want him to have sex with me?" Vickie asked as allowed Robert to continue. Richard searched her eyes and knew that she was ready.

She was ready to be fucked by another man. He felt the pangs of guilt but was overwhelmed by his desire to see her fucked well by another man. He remained silent as he stroked his cock and watched Robert expertly seduce his lovely wife. Robert stood up and took his jacket and shirt off. He was well built for a 65 year old man. He kept himself in shape and had a body of a much younger man.

He dropped his pants and moved over to Vickie. "Take off my shorts Vickie." Vickie could see the large bulge in his shorts. She was a little confused because she expected to see his penis making his shorts "tent out" like her husband's when he was excited. She did not realize that a large package like Robert's was too heavy to do that.

She slowly pulled down his shorts and exposed his cock in all its' glory. It was semi-hard, about 9 inches and he still had his foreskin. Vickie had never seen an un-cut cock before.

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Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip. Vickie looked guiltily once more at Richard and searched for approval.

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He nodded his head and she reached out and grasped Robert's pecker. "It's so large and heavy," she said immediately as she held it up and squeezed his thickening shaft. and looked directly at Richard. "Your. your penis is huge," she said as she looked back up at Robert. "Call it a cock" he commanded as he placed his hand over hers and demonstrated how to properly hold, squeeze, and stroke a large cock.

He showed her how to stroke it down and pull the foreskin off the mushroom head and then push it back partially recovering the head. "your cock is fucking huge," she said obediently, again looking directly at Richard. Richard had now removed his pants and shorts and stroking himself. He wanted to stroke Robert's cock too but was too embarrassed to do so. He knew that Vickie was shamming him with her looks but it just added to his lust. Robert helped Vickie remove the rest of her clothes and lay down on the bed next to her.

They were both totally naked. Vickie once again looked at Richard, but not seeking approval this time. She saw that he had his dick out and was playing with himself. Obviously he was approving. Robert commanded "Suck my cock girl," as he stroked it in her direction. Vickie immediately obeyed and knelt over his big cock. She grasped the shaft again and stroked it a few timed. "Your cock is bigger around than my wrist," she said as she tried to open her mouth wide enough to insert the large mushroom head.

It took a couple of tries till she was able to get it in her mouth. She sucked on the head and he guided her hand to continue stroking at the same time. She pushed it deeper until she gagged and withdrew it partially.

Richard was amazed at how well and how long she sucked him off. She had never done that for him. He continued stroking himself as he watched the large head disappear into her mouth. He was starting to feel jealous about the entire situation. Robert did not want to shoot his first load of the night in her mouth. He pulled his dick out and had Vickie lay on her back. Her nipples were erect and sticking out like bullets.

He laid on top of her and she spread her legs to accept him. But Robert was not ready to fuck her quite yet. He sucked in one nipple while pinching the other gently between his fingers.

She moaned and tried lifting her hips to meet his cock. But Robert was very patient. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. She could feel his huge cock bumping against her ass. She was getting more excited every moment. He continued to suck her nipples and moved to her neck. Vickie was now impatiently grinding up to him with more force. Robert wrapped his arms around her and rolled them both over so that she was laying on him. His arms circled her, pulled her in, and pressed her nipples into his chest.

Vickie enjoyed the warmth of his body and caressed him with her nipples. She moved backwards to let his cock slide between her legs. Vickie could feel the shaft glide along her pussy lips. It didn't penetrate; she just slid up and down the hard shaft, enjoying the new sensation of a large hard cock pressing into her pussy.

Richard could see the large cock sliding all the way between her legs and exposing itself at her butt cheeks.

"Robert truly has a long cock," Richard thought. Then Robert pressed Vickie back into a sitting position. She was then rubbing forcefully along his large shaft. "Put it in Vickie," Robert commanded. She lifted the thick shaft and rubbed the head over her pussy, then pressed down trying to take it in.

"It's too big, Robert. I will never get it in." Richard had moved and watched the large cock head spread her pussy lips only to slip away from the opening to her love canal. He suddenly shot his load watching his this big cock trying to enter her little pussy.

Robert reached down and placed a finger in her pussy and slowly began finger fucking her. He gently pressed a second finger into Vickie's wet pussy. She could feel the stretching and began to ride his fingers. Then he worked in a third finger, rotating his fingers as he stretched her pussy.

Then with a smooth motion, he withdrew his fingers, wrapped his hand around her hand, gripped his cock and guided it to the opening. "Do it now Vickie.

Just sit down on it. Your pussy is ready, just ease it creampie delight for hawt playgirl deepthroat and blowjob roughly slamming dick in to brunette whore kumberly kanes ass hardcore anal Vickie's fears that it would hurt vanished as she felt the head spread her pussy open.

The feeling of being spread and filled was different than she had ever experienced. He began pumping into her with short strokes, each stroke pressing deeper into her pussy. His cock just seemed to go deeper and deeper, touching her where she had never been touched.

Then she was aware that his cock was hitting her cervix. Now that his cock was securely buried in pussy, he rolled her over and pulled her legs up to his shoulders. Vickie looked down and watched his large cock slowly slide in and out of her tight pussy. ''Oh yes, that feels great." He started pumping harder. Richard could see the interior of her pussy canal gripping his large cock and being pulled out with his upward stroke. "Vickie, your pussy is so tight. You are so beautiful." "Oh god!

Fuck me! Fuck harder Robert." Robert fucked her hard and deep for a long time. Richard was wondering how this old man could last so long.

Vickie was wanting it to last forever. He began to fuck faster, harder, with pauses when his cock was buried deep inside. And each time he stopped with his cock deep in her, Vickie would grind into him until finally she had her second orgasm of the day. "Mmmm, ugnn, ugnn," she grunted with each stroke. Vickie was happy to feel his still hard cock fucking her even after she had her second orgasm. "Good girl Vickie. Let go, enjoy this as much as I am," Richard said as he continued pumping into her.

"Oh god yes," she said. "You like it don't you? This big cock reaching places you husband never could. Don't you? He continued fucking with long hard stroke. He felt his release was quickly approaching. "Oh I do, yes. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me, fuck me!" Vickie screamed as the 3rd orgasm coursed through her. "I am going to cum in you. Do you want my cum?" "Oh yes, I want you to cum.

Give it to meeeee. It's so big. Fuck me. It feels so good." Robert groaned, buried himself deeply in her hot wet pussy. He ground himself into her and Vickie could feel him cumming. She pushed back trying to get his cock as deeply into as possible. Waves of pleasure swept through her body again as she felt the large spurts of cum fill her pussy.

Robert did not withdraw. He stopped pumping and he was going soft but Vickie still enjoyed the feeling of fullness that she was experiencing. Robert continued kissing and cuddling with Vickie for several minutes. He finally withdrew from her tight pussy and the string of cum stretched from the tip of his cock to her pussy lips. A stream of cum flowed from the now gaping hole.

Robert got dressed and kissed Vickie passionately. "Thank you both for making an old man happy. I hope we can get together again," he said as he closed the door.

Vickie looked at Richard and was surprised to see that he was not upset. "How do you feel about what just happened, Honey?" Vickie was still naked and laid down on the bed. He replied by smiling, getting undressed, and hopping into the bed with her. They kissed deeply and proceeded to have the best sex that they had ever enjoyed together. More to come…&hellip.