Hot nympho was taken in anal assylum for uninhibited therapy

Hot nympho was taken in anal assylum for uninhibited therapy
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-Matt- I kept on my search until I finally found the adress of Louis Schmidt, I got out of my car and simply rang the door response.I rang it again.and nothing.I knocked the door.

"Anyone home!?" I screamed, as soon as I stopped knocking a man answered the door.he was fat.and smelled really bad. "What do you want boy.?" He asked me. "I'm looking for a boy." I said showing him a photo of Alex from my wallet. "And what do I have to do with it.?Never seen this boy in my life." He said. "Then I must ask you something you own a black van?" I asked. "Ya.I used to.I sold it." He said.

"And whom did you sell it to?" I asked. "I don't know boy! I sold it and that's it.if you were interested in it." He said before I interrupted him. "You don't get it.whoever bought it, kidnapped this kid and is probably a sick man torturing him! Now.are you SURE that you don't know the name of the from tutoring to anal sex facial cumshot cunnilingus you sold it to!?" I asked.

".I only remember that it was a boy about your tall.he seemed interested in it.something about a urgent matter.I sold it like.3 days ago." he said a bit serious. ".alright.thanks.sorry for disturbing." I said slowly moving away.

"Boy stop.leave your phone number with me.I'll look on the documents and see if I can find it.I'll give you a call once I find it." He said. "Thanks." I said giving him my number and driving away.but I kept asking myself.where could he be.? ===================================================================================== -Alex- I woke up.I was rested and the vibrator had stopped working by now.I was hungry.and I wanted to shit like.really bad.then I finally saw him walking in.that stupid smile in his face again.

"Heeey Pretty boy!" He said. I looked at him in anger. "Awwnn.don't look at me like that.hey I got you some news! Matt's looking for you." He said, I opened my eyes wide listening to his words."don't get your expectations high 'Aky'.he'll never find you here.or discover.about me.having you." He continued running his finger through my face.if my mouth was free.I'd totally bite that bastard.

"You probably wanna shit right.?" He asked me."Well.I'll untie you but keep this in mind." He said putting a knife near my cheek."Try anything besides crap and piss.and your cute face.won't be that cute it?" He asked me and I nodded, he untied me, walked with me to the bathroom, he watched me carp and piss.gave me something to eat and then tied me again on the hooks.I was over the floor again.

"Noow that's what a good boy is."He said. "As a prize.I'll let you talk." He continued before ripping the duct tape from my hurt like hell then I could spit what was inside my was my own underwear.he held them in front of me and threw them on the bed with the rest of my clothes.

"You won't get away with this.once Matt finds you.he'll beat the hell out of you." I said. "Yeah attention Alex.IF Matt finds me.I kill him" He said smiling at me."Easy and simple.of course.he knows how to fight and whatever else he's soooo good at.but I highly doubt that he's be willing to fight someone with a weapon." He said. "You wanna bet you ass!?" I screamed. "Ohoho! Calm two are soo close.I simply decided to have fabulous classic xxx star in vintage porn clip theclassicporn I couldn't.sue me!" He joked.

"So you're just're sick!" I screamed. "Yeah yeah right! Look at the mighty hot, so happy.he's got it all!! Lies Lies LIES!" He screamed. " I can ALSO have what he has.and I'm proving it by having you!

Your body.everything he loves and cares about! Let's see how HE will look like once I get everything he likes from are just ONE of them." "Y-You don't mean." I said. "Yes! Yes Alex! Not only you.I want Mark as's almost time for me to pick him up.every day around this time.he goes out to have an outside snack.guess what will happen." He said.

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"Don't you DARE touch Mark." I screamed. "Oh pleease.quit being the tough better know WHO'S the dominant one here." he said moving to my back and sticking his finger in again. I screamed hard in pain, my ass was still sore from the first time, but he didn't care, he took his finger out and stick his dick in fast, I screamed harder and my eyes started getting was burning and hurting a lot, he fucked me hard and deep before cumming inside me.he took his dick off and moved in front of me.

"Don't worry.soon you'll have company and someone to scream with.well.obviously.once I get tired of you I'll have to throw my toy yeah.I'll kill you.but not for're still cute.but how long until this cute face vanish.?" He said smirking.with his knife in hands all the time.

"Oh! And just to let you know Aky." He said turning to me again and making a small cut on my cheek, a drop of blood ran down my cheek and fell on the floor.I was shocked.".It is sharp." He said before leaving.I looked at the blood drops falling from my cheek.

"Matt.come gotta find me." I whispered to myself looking at the floor. =================================================================================== -Matt- I called Mark that day and asked him if we could talk.he agreed.we went to a small snack bar he chose and we talked about the situation. "Kidnapped.I never thought that could least.not to Alex.this sucks." He said. "Tell me about it.I took days off work so I could get to seach for him.but we are at nothing.and if the police of this place wasn't so incompetent.I'd ask for help." I explained.

"I tried calling one answered.I wonder what he's going through." He said. "Whoever caught him.I guess we already know what is happening to him.and it makes me sick." I said.

"I too.listen.I gotta go to the bathroom.I'll be right back." He said walking to the bathroom.I don't know what got into me.but I had a bad feeling and started looking around the place.several people walking and talking.and finally.a weird figure walking after Mark.a weird hair style.and a big black leather great coat. "Fuck." I thought to myself running after them, and it seems I got just in time.tha weirdo was grabbing hold of Mark's arm, I simply punched the guy and he fell on the ground, I pulled Mark and we ran out getting into my car.the guy had just come out of the bathroom when I started the bang gonzo brett rossi milf pussy deep dicked by a big cock and we rushed away.

"Who was that!? He Grabbed me!" Mark screamed. "I have an idea of whom it might be.and I have an idea."I said pulling over and entering an some minutes we saw the very same black van running down the street, we silently followed it, but it vanished from our sight. "Damn it! We were so close!" I said slamming the steering wheel with my fist. "at we have an idea of where he might be hiding.look around." He said.there were only badly build houses, some houses small, I thought of visiting to my friend Roger since he actually lived pretty near.I pulled over near his house and we walked to his apartment.I rang the doorbell and he opened it.

"Hey hum.what are you doing here.?" Roger asked me. "Well.we were nearby and I thought of paying you a visit." "Sure.hum.come in.and you must be Mark right? Name's Roger, nice to meet you." He said.

"Nice to meet you too." Mark answered getting in and sitting on the couch.he was nervous for whatever reason and kept looking at me and Roger constantly.after some hours.we took our leave and I drove him home. "I don't like that guy.there's something about him.just.something not right.and I'm not sure.but I think I smelled Alex's smell there." Mark said.

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"You are dellusional.I miss him too but I don't look around blaming everyone I meet." I said. "Well.there's a different idea then." he said clibing out of the car. "I'll see you tomorrow." He said walking home, when he finally got in, I went home.there was not much I could do.only wait.a call from Louis would change all directions.

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=================================================================================== -Alex- He came back, I hated the feeling that Matt've been so near to me but he didn't notice that I was just the next room.I couldn't scream because he duct taped my mouth again.I hated it.and to top it off he wanted ME to he sucked and sucked until he felt my cum, he seemed delighted with it inside his mouth, he jacked himself and blew on my face.I hated how babes enjoying by sharing a single white penis video via felt with me that moment was disgusting.he spoon fed me dinner and I went to sleep.

"Good niiight Alex.Matt foiled my plans to get Mark near you.but believe me.I WILL get him.that.for sure." He said while moving out of the room. "Matt.come on.just.get to me" I thought to myself looking at an opened window.all I could see were the stars.I thought of the times I watched them with Mark and Matt.if I only I had waited.just one more hour.I found myself crying, but finally.fatigue took over.and I blacked out.

=================================================================================== -Mark- That guy was completely soon as I got home I researched a bit about him.looked on Matt's College data, about some students and I got his full name.after I searched about him.I found his name registered in some jail files.he was recently chaged on rape and murder.I was shocked and I called Matt, but he didn't answer.that guy was touble.and I had to prove Matt that he had something to do with Alex's Kidnapping.

" how will I do it.?" I asked myself.I had to stick with Matt for a while.I hoped it was not getting too late to save Alex.and I decided to sleep.but I kept thinking of what I read.Alex with that maniac.I had to show Matt.somehow.finally.I blacked out.