Oral pleasures and cumshot for shaved pussy

Oral pleasures and cumshot for shaved pussy
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It was another busy day for me, I was just finishing work when my boss rang and asked me to work till closing at 9pm, the shops were busier than ever what with Christmas around the corner.

I was cleaning the counter for what seemed like the 20th time that day when one of the other girls on the cosmetic counter ran over to tell me that there was a parking inspector going down the Street outside the building. Great just what I needed another ticket. I ran out front and down the street hoping I could talk the guy out of giving me a ticket. As I passed a large group shoppers hurrying down the cold street I saw my car with the parking inspector standing to the side, he already had his pad and pencil out.

Shit I thought as I came up to him. "Hi, its a cold night isn't it" I started but stopped when he swung his head around to give me a big smirking smile. A bit taken aback I continued "Listen, I know that the parking space has expired but my boss called and asked me to work latter and I haven't had a chance to move my car yet. You wouldn't just give me a warning 'cause I really can't afford to pay the ticket." This is where I stumbled to a stop, when he started to laugh.

I knew then that I would end up with a ticket, another $80- gone, I turned around to go back inside to work dissapointment evident in every step. I had only taken a few steps away when he asked what time I got of work 'cause we might be able to talk about it. I debated for a moment and then flung over my shoulder "9" then hurried back to work, I don't know what came over me.

The next couple of hours were just pure torture as I couldn't understand why I had said I would talk to him, I knew what he wanted, something in exchange for no ticket. Needless to say I wasn't even dissapointed when there was a customer hanging around trying to decide what sort of perfume would be best for her silly neice when the closing bell sounded.

She kept me bringing out different products for about another 15 minutes before she finally made up her mind. Once she had gone I finished off my paperwork and cleaned the counter again for the last time before grabing my bag and heading for the door.

A quick glance at my watch showed it was quarter to 10, relieved now that I knew that the parking inspector wouldn't be there, who would wait 45 minutes lovely girl know what a guy likes this cold.

How wrong could I be. He was sitting on the bonnet of my car, my steps faulted as I got closer. "Sorry, it was a busy night" was all I could think of saying, shrugging my shoulders. All I got in response was that stupid smile of his before he uttered "I'm sure you'll make it up to me" And thats where I thought I might have bitten off more than I could chew.

"Pardon" "I said I'm sure you'll make it up to me" Thats when I tried to step around the other side of the car until he blocked me, still smiling. I must admit that I was feeling a bit intimidated. "You said we could talk about my ticket" I stated trying to get this conversation back on to a more professional ground, backing up a step. "Yes I did" he laughed, taking a step forward "So, do you want to hear the options?" "O.Okay" I said hesitantly.

"Well option 1 is that you can walk away and go home, but every time I see your car or any of my buddies see your car your going to get a ticket." Shocked I just stood there looking at him sure I was looking like a fish out of water.

Taking a step letsdoeit lesbian kinky couple enjoy romantic pussylicking and leaning in to me he whispered "Option 2, you can give me a blow job and I'll let this ticket slide." And thats when he ran his hand across my ass and squezzed bringing me closer to him. "And I won't ask my buddies to hunt for your car to ticket it" he continued.

He stayed where he was, holding me close only his hand routinely squezzing my butt, letting me make up my mind and my mind was racing I'll tell you.

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I decided if that was all just a blow job then I would do it and get rid of him, and thats what I told him. He grabbed my hand and said "Good, follow me", he was leading me towards an alley off to the side of the street. As I was led along I noticed that there wasn't many people about, probably because the shops had been closed for an hour by now.

We reached the alley and continued down it till he pulled up and pushed me into an alcove against the wall kissing my neck and softly biting my ear while his hands where everywhere, squezing my right breast and left ass cheak, working my flimsly dress up and out of the way so his hands could feel my skin, my jacket had already been pushed aside.

I realised I was getting a little excited as I had never done anything like this, then he pulled away and told me to get to work. I lowered myself down onto my bear knees, grimicing at the contact of the cold concrete. I edged forward on my knees while reaching for his fly and lowering it.

I ran my hands over his manhood it was both thick and long, I glanced up to look at him, he was watching me but all he did was push his pelvis forward in incouragement. I took the hint and ran my toungue around his member before taking it into my mouth, slidding my hands further up and to his sacks slightly squeezing while I worked couples swap at nude beach mouth up and down, slowly.

He moaned and grabbed for the back of my head just as I swirled my tounge around the monster in my mouth. He started to assist me, pushing in and out of me from the front while keeping firm pressure behind my head. I started to both feel and taste his pre cum in my mouth. "mmm. Oh, yeah you like sucking me don't ya, take it all.

Oh, Yeah. mmm." he kept mumbling. I must have been going too slow as this is where he firmed up his hold on me and started to slam himself inside of me, just about choking me, using me, slamming his dick inside my mouth. I started to gag slightly trying to concentrate on breathing through my nose as there was no way I could breath through my mouth as it was completly full of his hard dick, back and forth, in and out. I could feel it blocking, sliding down my throat almost ripping my mouth open to fit all the way.

I just closed my eyes and concentrated on taking it. It continued for a few more minutes with him sliding his dick in and out of my mouth, still mumbling "Suck it you bitch, yeah you like it don't you. You Slut! Yeah thats what you are arn't ya, a slut a whore." And thats where she will remember that fucking for long changed, he pulled out completely gripping my hair hard lifting my head up to look at me.

I chubby asian mature licked and fingered and enjoying it even see the slap as it connected to the side of my face, all I felt was the sting and the shock of his powerful hand coupled with him saying how much of a slut I was.

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I started to edge backwards but he still had his hand wrapped firmley around my hair, tight, pushing my head up and down and around so that I lost my balance and fell, my hands hit the concrete with a jolt. "Oh, you want to be a bitch do you, a bitch in heat huh thats okay I can accomidate ya" he chuckled "Get ready you sluty bitch cause I'm gonna ride you like you've never been ridden" He twisted around keeping my head down while he came behind me, lifting the hem of my dress up and over by ass, slapping it hard.

I don't know why I wasn't screaming for my life at this moment but all I could do was wimper in fear, totally dominated. Ripping my panties off me he shoved a finger right up into my cunt.

It hurt as I was not wet, my fear had totally dried whatever wetness I had had earlier.

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He wiggled it around a bit before withdrawing with a grunt. Thats when I noticed a crackling voice coming from somewhere close, he paused still holding me and listening. Then he spoke telling the voice on the line where he was and what he was doing, riding a slut all night! I was wiggling and trying to get free from his hold until he sat down on my butt like I was some sort of horse, anchoring me. He was too big, I couldn't do anything but put up with him bouncing up and down on me.

"We're gonna have a party Slut, I bet you're gonna like that huh. But first I need to break you in a bit." he said while getting off me. He hit me a few more times on the arse, each one getting a whimper in respose. Then he lined himself up with my cunt, I could feel him he was still hard, and then he shoved forward impaling me on his big cock, god it was big I felt like I was being ripped in half, it hurt so much I cried out in pain.

It didn't stop him though it only encouraged him, every grunt or moan my girlfriend posing and touching another girl pain egged him on, shoving his dick deep in me, pistoning in and out with force. I hurt deep inside where he seemed to be reaching with his huge cock. In and out, in and out he continued to rape me. Much to my shame and embarrasment I was starting to get wet, my body was starting to accommodate his dick.

He was riding me, hurting me, stuffing his huge dick right up in me. Pushing me forward and back so that I was nearly on my elbows coming forward there was so much force from his fucking me. I was starting to tire, my arms were getting weaker from his powerful thrusts in me, carring his weight. Then I fell. Onto my elbows I landed while he was still shoving his dick inside of me, stuffing me.

He paused after a moment still in me and then cuckled a sinister type of laugh. "Oh bitch, I know what you want. Why didn't you just ask" he purred taking his now lubbed up dick from my cunt and aiming it at my ass hole that was up in the air.

I tried to struggle again as I had never taken a dick up my arse before. "I know, I know your excited for it" he said still cackling. And then he pushed. Thats when I screamed, the pain was overwelming a red hot bolt of lightning right through me.

But he didn't stop he continued pushing in me further and further up inside me, I was panting by this time the pain was so increadable.

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I could feel the trickle of blood coming from my virgin arse. He didn't care he just kept shoving his huge dick in and out of me. I could feel tears sliding down my face from the pain. "There you go bitch, are you happy now you've got all of me, I bet you are, you slut" he taunted as he wiggled himself in me "do you feel me slut, do you feel me ripping you open, I bet your not going to be able to sit for a week" he giggled while starting to move in me again with powerful thrusts.

I was weakening fast from his abuse, I was shaking with the strain of keeping myself in position. He didn't care, he just kept shoving his large dick in and out of me telling me what a slut I was. And then it happened I lost all the fight in me and just slumbed to the ground, spread eagled on my stomach, he just came with me. Kneeling over me, still shoving himself in and out of me. He let my hair go, whatever hair I had left and really started to slam his dick in my ass.

And then I felt it the feeling of his cock ready to explode and it did, right up in my pained ass. He stayed buried in me for a moment and then pulled out of me laughing and telling me how great I was, how tight, how much of a great ride I was. All I could do was wimper in the ground with him sitting on my butt cum coming out of my opened and novinha loira do corpo perfeito se masturbando na cama arse when I heard clapping.

I was too weak to turn my head to look. I could hear footsteps getting closer while I could feel him laughing softly on top of me. "Guess what bitch, the parties just started!" he informed me while slapping me on the arse.

To be continued.