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Young babe from asia fucked self with toy
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From the last story I looked at the clock. It was now 3am. "Okay, let's shut this place down." We closed up the house and all traipsed upstairs. I think we were all asleep within 10 minutes of climbing into bed. Recurring Cast Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband. Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's. Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, sexy and ready beautiful teen annika hardcore blowjob. Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband.

Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife. Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend, now Dennis' sub. Suzanne, 36 years old, 5'5", 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance. Bill, 38 years old, 5'9", 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne's husband. On New Year's Day we all slept in. When we woke up, I think everyone was a little too hung over to think of sex without food so we all gathered in the kitchen over the hour between 11 and 12 and ate some breakfast.

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Gloria was wearing one of the spare robes we had and it couldn't completely cover her big tits. But we were all tired, too hung over, and too hungry to do anything about it. Cindy and Katy were feeling pretty bad.

They were small in stature and the alcohol had hit them hard. We decided to call it a day and Katy, Gloria, and Diane went home. However, Gloria made us promise to get together to play again.

Suzanne came over at about 4pm and I had planned my discussion with her by then. I told her that I thought her husband was submissive and that I wanted her to test that over the next couple of weeks. I made her read a cuckold story on line and then gave her the url of several web sites. I told her how I wanted her to handle it so that he would play a submissive game and then she should bring up how he watched me fuck her on the couch.

She should see what brit teacher sucks sub in front of students reaction to that would be. I explained that she should then move into the realm of stating her desires to have more sex and that she needed it more than he did.

I told her to read the web sites and that I would call her in 10 days. We were going to be on a ski trip the next weekend and I wanted them both to come back to our house in two weeks to test my theory. Suzanne was very quiet and stared at me. Finally, when I was completely done, she seemed to voice her concern. "I'm not sure I can do this. We have to be very careful with the kids around. My daughter is 17 and my son is 12. They can't know anything about this." "Suzanne, you will figure it out.

They will want to visit their friends a lot and you will have plenty of time to work on Bill while they are at school and you are between showing houses.

Also, you can fuck him, but always be in the dominate position. Then when it gets to Wednesday before you have to come back here, I want you to deny him an orgasm.

Tell him he has to wait until you guys come back to my house. Understand?" Suzanne stared. "I think so." She sat there, staring at the ground, thinking. Finally she looked up at me and seemed to have made her mind up. "Okay, I'll bring it up and see what happens. I think I will enjoy it some, but I still love my husband.

I don't want him to become some little dependent wimp." "Suzanne, it's not that way. Explain to him that he will not be a slave. It's just a game that the two of you will play to enhance your sex life. He will, however, be cuckolded. You have to make it clear that he will agree that you can have sex with other men, but he can't have sex with other women without your express permission.

You will do it whenever you want, but he will always know. You will daughter catches dad jerking off in the lie to him or have illicit affairs.

You will always tell him when you get home. It's strictly sex to satisfy your sexual desires. Keep reminding him that you love him and will never leave him, but you need sex more than he does. Also, tell him that he has to save himself for you because you are the one with the strong, dominant sex drive.

I think I'm right about that." Suzanne sighed. "Yes, that's true." "Suzanne, let me ask you about that day at the gas station." She blushed and looked at her feet. "You ate pussy pretty easily. It seems to me that you have been holding something back on Bill already.

You've obviously done that before." She hesitated and then finally met my gaze. "When I was young and in college my roommate and I were lovers for three years. I loved her. I have never before or since met a woman that I loved like that.

It ended when she went home after graduation and got married." I pushed some more. "Okay. I understand. Now I want you to go home and work on this immediately, okay?" She started to stand.

"Okay." I put my hand on her arm. "Just a second. Before you leave, you need to suck my cock." She knew I used the rude words for effect and shrugged it off. "I know." I smiled and she knelt there and gave me an excellent blow job. She swallowed every drop.

I walked her to the door. "One other thing, Suzanne. What do you think about Bill cleaning out your cunt after someone has cum in it?" She stared at me. "I couldn't do that to him." "Okay, but if he really gets into making sure that he pleases you, he may want to. Just remember to reinforce that your sexual happiness is also his goal. Read the stories and see where the women play games with their husband and some actually become full time dominants over them.

You will see the kinds of things that I'm talking about." Suzanne left and I wondered how far this would go or if she would really do this.

By the time we returned from our ski trip, I had spoken to Suzanne every day and she was shocked at how Bill had gone along with everything. The first night she started with the New Year's Eve Party.

She asked him if he had liked it when she had fucked Dennis and they had both asked him to watch. He sheepishly admitted that he did. Suzanne asked him if it turned him on. He said yes. She then asked if he wanted to play some more and she started by asking him to bathe her and shave her legs and pussy. She said he loved that and when she was done she made him eat her until she came. She told him that during their games her sexual satisfaction was the only one that mattered.

She would let him cum only if he was very good. When we talked I made sure that she reinforced her love for him before and after their games. She said she did and that he admitted that he loved waiting on her. Suzanne gave him some of the site addresses that I had kendra lust and sara luvv amazing some sex with nasty dude threesome hardcore her with the cuckold and domination themes and told him that he had to read them.

Finally, after about 10 days, Suzanne said he was really getting into it and it was one of their most important nights. Here is what happened in her words. It had started out with our regular routine. We had a normal family dinner and then the kids did homework and went off to their rooms. I gave Bill the sign that it was time for me to take charge by saying the words "Princess Time".

That meant that it was time for Bill to wait on his princess me. We went to our room and I made him undress me and then undress himself and kneel in front of me.

I had read quite a few stories by now and was getting a feel for how to push him. But the ultimate surprise this night would be the one he gave me later. "My little slave, you are not allowed to cum tonight unless you are very, very good to your princess." He nodded and then leaned over without prompting and kissed my feet.

I loved it. "Get my bath ready. I will be in here waiting." He ran off to do so and I lay on the bed, running my hands over my body. I was getting really horny and hot doing this to Bill. He came back in. "Princess, your bath is ready." I stood up, entered the bathroom, and got into the tub. Bill sat next to me and washed my entire body very slowly and sensuously.

I was getting very turned on now. I leaned forward and he washed my hair. I loved that part the most. It felt so wonderful to have him wash my hair and massage my scalp.

When he was done, I stood up and he rinsed me off. His dick was hard and leaking. I took his head in my hands. "Remember, you cannot cum without permission, my cute little slave." "Yes, Princess." I sat on the edge of the tub and he lathered and shaved my pussy.

It felt warm and tingly from all the attention. After he rinsed it and dried it, I decided I needed an orgasm. "I need to cum slave. Come into the bedroom and eat my pussy and ass." I walked into the bedroom and crawled into bed.

I lay down and pulled my legs up. Bill got between my legs and started eating my pussy. I had trained him how I like it and he did it right. He planted light kisses all over my pussy lips at first. Then he tongue fucked me a little while. That really got my juices running. Once I was nice and wet, I pulled my legs back and pushed his head down and he knew that I wanted him to kiss and lick my asshole.

That just gets me so hot. Finally, once I directed his head back up to my pussy, he could tell that it was leaking and my breathing was getting short and I wanted to cum. He slipped a finger into my pussy to rub my g-spot and quickly sucked on my clit and I had a tremendous orgasm.

I found that I only squirt a little, but I put out enough juices that leak out that I can leave a big wet spot. He did a very good job. "Thank you, slave. You have done very well. Stand up." Bill stood up and his dick was leaking precum pretty well. I stared at it. "You don't get to fuck my pussy except on special occasions now, but you can fuck my feet." He didn't even flinch at that pronouncement.

He seemed to really be enjoying the game. I put my feet out and he took them. I spread my knees apart and he stared at my wet, glistening pussy as he took my feet, put the soles together, and started fucking them.

He started slowly fucking my feet and I couldn't believe it. I thought that he might give the safe word and protest about this, but he seemed to love it. He fucked my feet like it was the best pussy in the world and in only about two minutes started cumming. His cum shot out four or five times with enough force to reach my tits. I had not seen him cum like this for a long time. Apparently, some denial had worked.

I had several lines of cum from my tits to my pussy and the rest just dribbled over my feet. I looked down at the mess and up at him. "Slave, you've sexy young big boob girlfriend riley steele fucks boyfriends dick a mess of brit teacher sucks sub in front of students. You didn't ask permission to make a mess of Princess. Please clean it up immediately." I expected him to go into the bathroom and get a washcloth, but evidently he had been turned on by the stories he had read about men eating their cum off women.

He dropped to his knees and took my feet and slowly licked them clean. Then he stood up, leaned over and started licking from near my pussy up to my tits.

He licked and licked and cleaned up every drop. I was almost in shock. When he was done he stared at me and I stared back. I put my hand out to him and said the safe word and he tumbled to the bed and cuddled with me.

"That was amazing, Bill." "Yes, it was. I got that from the stories you told me to read. The men in those stories always cleaned up their women orally." "What do you think about that now that you've done it?" "Well, I was petrified at first. All my life I've assumed that it was gay to do so, but I actually loved that it was my wife, my Princess that I was cleaning up.

I would have done anything for you in that moment." "Would you really do anything for me?" "Yes, Princess, my beautiful wife.

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I would." "You know my sex drive is much higher than yours." I was hesitant to bring it up, but there was no time like right after this last escapade. "Yes, I know. It always has been.

Now that I'm a little older, I notice it more. I know you have a vibrator and use it to make up for it." I stared at him. "You know about that?" He smiled. "Yeah, I found it a while ago, but I figured that it wasn't doing any harm as long as you were using that to get off when I couldn't or didn't feel like sex.

It was better than cheating on me." "And what about with Dennis at the party? You said that it was quite hot. Would you ever want to see that again?" I held my breath, wondering if I had gone too far. He thought about it for only a couple of seconds.

"I would love to see moist pussy stuffed by toy girlfriend homemade Princess getting the sex that she deserves. You are a beautiful woman, wife, and mother and we have been together for 18 years.

I've read those stories and the logical arguments that some of those writers have one boy with 6 white girls of big bobs and beautiful bond. It put more things into perspective for me and, if you will bear with me, I'll explain what I have in mind.

I love waiting on you and I love seeing you cum. I know this is a game, but it's a game that I like. I can't be a full time slave, but the game is cool.

I now know that our relationship is whatever we want it to be. After all that, I have been thinking about seeing you fuck Dennis again since you asked me the first night after it happened.

I know what I want now and I want you to enjoy your physicality. I want you to be the woman you are, not what society claims you should be.

I would agree to you having sex with him, or actually any other man, on four conditions. First, we are a family. It must not ever interfere with the children, our family, or any of our friends. They cannot know about this. That is paramount. Secondly, these are not affairs of the heart. These are purely physical relationships and if I think that it will affect the love we have for each other I will stop it in an instant.

Thirdly, you must always tell me beforehand that you are going to have sex with someone and then share the details afterward. I remember how you were when describing some of our encounters when we were young.

Just the describing was wonderful for us both. I want to hear the intimate details and share them. I want to take care of you and make you cum again while you are telling these stories. If I ever find out that you have hidden something from me, then that is cheating and will not be tolerated. Finally, I want to continue some of our little games here. I am not into physical pain like some of the characters in those stories, but I love waiting on you and I love how you make me wait to have an orgasm.

Denying me an orgasm for several days, as you just saw, meant that I was really hard, had a lot of cum, and had a wonderful orgasm. We must continue this as it was so enjoyable for me. There. I've actually been thinking about this all day. What do you think?" I was flabbergasted. Did he just say that I could go out and get fucked whenever I wanted? Did he just give me permission to cute czech cuties gape their bootys with ass plug and fat dildos this as long as I called him and told him?

I stared at him for a second and then I threw my arms around him and tears started streaming down my face. I cried for a couple of minutes and then pulled back.

I wiped my eyes. He was talk dirty to me while you stroke your cock joi at me with apprehension. "Darling Bill, I think that that shows me more about how much you love me than anything you have ever done in your life.

I can't believe that you just said that. I don't know if and when I will take advantage of what you just said, but you are a beautiful and strong man to allow me to do so. Even if I never do so, I love you for saying that you want me to be happy, that my sexual fulfillment is as important to you as it is to me.

And if I do take advantage of it, I will do so sparingly and always tell you and think about you allowing me to do it. I don't know anyone who loves his wife this much. Thank you." I hugged him some more, cried some more, and then he did another amazing and loving thing. He got up, came back with a washcloth to make sure my body was very clean, tucked me into bed, cleaned up in the bathroom, and then got back into bed to cuddle with me.

He spooned up against me and whispered in my ear. "Good night, my sweet, beautiful Princess." Friday When I opened the door, she was smiling. "Hello." I motioned her in and we went into the den. Cindy and Katy were watching television naked.

Suzanne settled down and then told me and Cindy what she wanted to do. She wanted me to be her 'first' lover with Bill's approval.

I looked at her. "There's another situation here. I will not be the only person you have sex with on Saturday." Suzanne stared at me. "You will also have sex with Cindy and Katy.

I want him to see you eat pussy." Suzanne smiled again. "Okay, I can do that. Anything else?" "No, be here on Saturday at about 4pm. Have him dress you for a 'date'. I want you looking sexy." Suzanne looked at me. "Okay. We'll be here." We said our good-byes and she left. Once she was gone Cindy looked at me and in her most slave-like tone spoke. "Sir, do you really think this is a good idea?" I looked at my beautiful wife and walked over to her. I leaned over and kissed her.

"Cindy, my little slave wife, you know I've been reading those stories and wondered what it felt like to be the man fucking someone else's wife while they were being cuckolded. I can't explain it, but I want to be that man." Cindy smiled. "Sounds like a macho caveman thing to me." I laughed. "Maybe. But in any case, you and Katy will be my slaves that night. Understand?" I punctuated that remark with a quick pinch of a nipple. That elicited a moan. Cindy pushed back, even though she was supposed to be in slave mode.

"Sir, please don't pinch my titties unless you are going to ravish them." I pushed Cindy over on her side and playfully smacked her on the ass. "Bitch, you will lay there and let me play with whatever part of your body I want." Cindy groaned.

"Whatever you say, Master." Damn woman. Amateur couple have anal sex at home chuckled. She was going to need a lot of training to become a good slave! Saturday On Saturday Cindy, Katy, and I prepared some things for grilling and made some salads. We were ready at around 4 when Suzanne and Bill arrived.

I invited them in and we went into the kitchen. I think they were ready for us to begin with the sexual activities right away, but were pleasantly surprised when I sat them down and Cindy got them some drinks. I was grilling even though it was pretty cold outside. Finally, we sat and ate and we had a decent conversation, although I could tell that Bill was a little subdued. Even so, I liked the guy, and that felt strange considering what I had planned for his wife, but she had said he was ready to play.

After about an hour of eating and drinking, I asked everyone to move into the den. Once we were in the den, I sat Suzanne and Bill on the couch and I turned to Cindy and Katy. "It is now playtime and slaves are to be undressed." They immediately stripped. I turned to Bill and said it again. "Slaves are to be undressed." Bill understood what I was saying.

He looked at Suzanne, who patted him on the arm and nodded. He stood up and started undressing. When he got to his underwear, I could see that Suzanne, in keeping with my instructions, had put him into a pair of her bikini panties. "Nice panties, Bill." I smiled and he hung his head. "Strip 'em off." He did. Bill stood in front of us with a solid erection. It was obvious he was turned on. I saw Katy lick her lips. "Everyone, the safe word for tonight is teargas. If at any time things get too intense, that word will stop all play.

Everyone say it out loud." Everyone repeated the word. I then moved over and sat next to Suzanne. I looked up at Bill. "Please undress your wife." Bill looked at Suzanne and she smiled and stood.

He slowly removed her blouse revealing a very nice lacy push up bra that let her dusty pink nipples show thru. He then removed her jeans and a matching thong was shown. It really accentuated her world class ass. He unhooked and removed her bra and then pulled down her thong, leaving her naked and beautiful in front of the couch. Her pussy was completely shaved. I reached out and ran my hand up over her ass. "Bill, you know why we are here, right?" He nodded. "You need to say it out loud, Bill." He swallowed hard and looked at Suzanne.

I looked at her and I could see her lower lip trembling. I don't think she expected me to have him admit this in front of other people. I looked at Bill. He took a deep breath and finally spoke. "We are here because I love my wife very much. I love her so much that I am willing to let her fuck other men. She has a high sex drive and I don't. I want her to be satisfied." "I love you very much, too." Suzanne spoke barely above a whisper.

"Teargas." I had to stop this for a moment. "Bill, Suzanne. It's obvious that you two love each other very much. What we are doing here has no impact on that. This is a game and a purely physical relationship so that Suzanne can continue to be satisfied with her sex life. She will continue to be a good wife and mother.

You and she will continue to have amazing blonde fucks swallows fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy excellent marriage.

The only thing we've changed is the rules that you two live by. Cindy and I changed our rules not too long ago and we have both experienced and enjoyed sex with other people. We do not love each other any less. In fact, we seem to relish our time together that much more. Now, when I say teargas again we will return to this game, okay?" Suzanne was staring at me and smiling. "Yes, that's fine." I turned to Bill. "Bill?" He looked at Suzanne. "Absolutely." "Teargas." I turned to Cindy and Katy.

"Okay, slaves, handcuff his hands behind his back and then kneel next to him." Bill's eyes went wide, but he stood there and didn't say a word as Cindy and Katy did just that. Suzanne watched closely. Bill's dick was as hard as it could get and leaking. "Bill, I can see that you are excited and enjoying this, so relax a little." I turned to Suzanne. "Okay, slut. Undress me." Suzanne and I stood up and she proceeded to strip off my clothes.

When she was done we both sat down. I then leaned back against the arm of the couch and put one leg up against the back. My dick and balls were pointed at Suzanne and she stared at them. "C'mon baby, suck my cock." Suzanne glanced at Bill and obediently leaned over into my crotch. She didn't appear hesitant at all now. She immediately put her mouth over me and took my entire cock into her mouth. She swallowed and had me instantly deep throated. I looked at Bill and my slaves and they were all watching raptly as Suzanne swallowed my cock.

Suzanne rose up and then pushed my dick to my belly. She buried her face into my balls and busty milf alyssa lynn gives an magnificent blowjob them from the bottom, up and around each one, and then back up my dick to the top. "Bill, this wife of yours is one great cock-sucker. It's good that you are going to share her, because other men should be able to appreciate her. She is a blowjob queen.

Tell him, Suzanne." Suzanne rose up from my dick. "Oh Bill, I love sucking cock. I can't wait to suck some more cocks. I am a blowjob queen." Bill watched her closely and my two slaves smiled as his dick bobbed in time to his heartbeat. He knew that this kind of humiliation was part of the game. "Mmmm." I stared at Bill. "Jesus, Bill. Your wife really knows how to handle a cock. She must have had lots of practice." Bill just watched, his dick bouncing.

Cindy and Katy were also staring and I saw Suzanne peek over at her husband while she was sucking me. I pushed Suzanne's head away from me. I stood up. "Bill, there's something else that you should know about your wife. She loves eating pussy, too. Cindy, lay down where I was and let Suzanne show Bill what I mean." Bill stared as Cindy got up and lay down on the couch.

Suzanne looked at Bill with an expression of shame. "Bill, when I was in college &hellip." I interrupted her. "Suzanne, just eat Cindy's pussy." Suzanne looked at her husband longingly once more and then turned to face Cindy's cunt. She looked up at us again. Bill spoke softly and I think we were all surprised.

"It's okay, Princess, just eat that pussy." Suzanne stared for a second and then leaned in to start eating Cindy's pussy. She got up on her knees on the couch and put her entire face in there.

We could tell that she was doing well because Cindy immediately started moaning and writhing on the couch. You could see Suzanne's tongue as she went down low and pushed Cindy's legs up to get to her asshole.

It appeared that Suzanne liked to give that as well as receive it. I walked around behind her and put my hands on her ass.

I felt that beautiful firm ass and ran my hands down across her pussy. It was wet and glistening. I turned to Bill. "Bill, she apparently likes this situation because she is soaking wet. Does she always get so wet so fast?" Bill seemed unsure about talking to me, but finally did.

"Yes, sir." I could tell he was unsure about how to address me. I just nodded. He smiled briefly. I got up on the couch behind Suzanne and lined my dick up with her pussy. I rubbed the head between her lips and got it wet. I slowly starting pushing it in and Suzanne moaned into Cindy's pussy, which caused Cindy to moan and grab Suzanne's head.

I looked at Bill and he was standing there staring as his wife of many years got fucked in front of him and ate another woman's pussy. His dick was still doing a little dance and dripping precum.

I could tell that he loved it. I decided to turn the screws a little. "Bill, come over here." He walked over to stand next to where I was fucking his wife. He looked down and I pulled my dick out and pulled his wife's ass cheeks and pussy open. It gaped a little, showing all her cunt juices almost dripping from her well fucked cunt.

"Now that's one of the most delectable and juicy cunts I've ever seen, Bill. You are a lucky man to get to live with this woman." He nodded, swallowed hard, and stared as I then lined my dick up with her pussy and plunged back in. "Go watch her eat pussy now." Bill moved back toward her head and watched as she ate Cindy's pussy. You couldn't see much because she had her entire head buried between Cindy's legs.

Cindy was laying back and moaning. I looked over and Katy was still standing there, her left hand pinching a nipple and her right playing with her pussy. Suddenly, Cindy started cumming. "Oh, fuck! Suzanne! Fuck!" She thrashed under Suzanne's apparently very experienced tongue until she could take no more.

"Fuck, Suzanne, you can really eat some pussy!" Cindy slowly extracted herself from Suzanne and got up off the couch. She went and sat in the recliner and lay back, opening her legs and fanning her pussy.

"Whew! That pussy's hot!" I laughed and had a brilliant idea on how to push Bill even further. I pulled out and slapped Suzanne lightly on the ass. "Get up, you gorgeous slut. I have an idea." After she ava rose brunettes the darkside creampie and big tits up, I had Katy lay on the floor right in front of the couch. "Suzanne, your hubby is going to eat some pussy." I turned to Bill.

"Eat Katy's pussy." Bill looked at Suzanne for permission and I could see her look at me and then back at Bill. She nodded.

Bill slowly lowered himself to his knees, which was difficult with his hands cuffed behind his back, and then leaned toward Katy's pussy. Suzanne watched him all the way down. I smiled and then turned to Suzanne. "Crawl up over Katy's face, facing away from your husband." She did so. Katy immediately went to work on Suzanne's pussy.

Suzanne moaned and looked over her shoulder at Bill. I then knelt over Katy's tits and lined my dick up with Ebony babe tiffany tosh gets doggystyled for cash pussy teachers eex with child with home. I figured from this angle, Bill would be able to look up and see Katy licking us both as I fucked his wife.

I started fucking Suzanne and rose up a little providing Bill a great view of it. I was now half squatting, raising myself up enough to give him a nice view of my dick sliding into Suzanne's cunt and I could feel Katy licking her clit. I looked over at Cindy and she was smiling and lightly rubbing her clit. She got down right in front of Suzanne and stared into her eyes as she narrated. "Bill, I think my husband loves fucking Suzanne. She can really eat pussy, she sucks a mean cock, and she appears to love to fuck.

I can see why she needs other men. No one man can keep up with her. Right now she appears to be approaching an orgasm. I think since my husband's cock is bigger than yours he is reaching deeper. She is groaning and closing her eyes. Oh, yeah, she's gonna cum. C'mon Suzanne, cum all over my husband's dick. He's gonna fill you up with spunk. He loves to cum in a hot slutty cunt like yours.

Oh, yeah, her eyes are rolling back. Give it to her, honey, Fuck this bitch!" Suzanne reached her orgasm just before me. I could feel her starting to twitch and then suddenly she went rigid and started trembling. "Oh, fuck!" That's all she said as she shuddered and shook and had a major orgasm. And it was enough for me. "Here it comes, slut. I'm gonna fill you up!" I thrust deep into her and started cumming. Cindy was ready for this. "Bill, look up at my husband's dick and balls as they pulse and spurt his cum into your pretty little slut of a wife.

She loves it. I can tell she wanted his cum." When I was finally done, I knew what had to be next. "Bill, lean back." Bill sat back on his feet.

"Katy, gorgeous brunette chanel preston sits on a dudes hard cock out from under there. Suzanne was leaning forward on her elbows, still trying to catch her breath. "Suzanne, as soon as I pull out, I want you to hold all the cum in there and then turn around to sit on the couch next to me so that you can be properly cleaned out." She nodded. I pulled out and she immediately rose up and scrambled to the couch to sit next to me.

She slouched down and kept her hips up so that her pussy held most of the cum. I looked at Katy. "Katy, clean up my dick and then Suzanne's cunt." Katy crawled over and started licking and cleaning up my dick, but I watched in amazement as Bill did his best to walk on his knees over to Suzanne. Her eyes went big and Cindy gasped a little.

Bill looked up at Suzanne and then me. "A good cuckold husband always cleans up his mistress's pussy." He started to lean in. I didn't say anything.

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Suzanne grabbed his head and tried to sit up. "Honey, you don't have to do this, this is just a game and our first time, baby&hellip." He shook his head and she stopped. "Princess, I want to do this… I need to do this.

Just lay back and let your little hubby clean up this mess." She lay back and he lowered his head, closed his eyes, and started licking and sucking on her pussy. Suzanne stared and moaned as he sucked on her sensitive pussy, but she didn't say another word. When Bill was done he sat back on his feet. "Well Princess, it wasn't too bad. I feel a little degraded, but I am devoted to you and my love for you is such that I will always do this for you." Suzanne suddenly shot forward and grabbed him and started sobbing.

"Thank you, honey. I love you so much." They rocked back and forth for a few moments and I looked over at Cindy. She was tearing up. Finally, they separated and Suzanne looked down at his cock.

It was hard, throbbing, leaking, and purple. "Oh dear, looks like you are ready to burst." She started to reach for it. I grabbed her arm. "Suzanne. I think your little cuckold deserves a big reward for his selflessness and love for you, don't you?" "Like what?" I stood and helped him to his feet.

"If I may… Katy come here." Katy came over to me. "Kneel in front of the other slave." She did. She didn't touch him because I had not directed her to.

I decided to narrate the events and work him up until he teeny lovers teen enjoys deep anal pleasure tube porn take any more.

"Bill, this young woman of 19 is a beautiful little thing. She loves to suck cock. So far you have seen your wife act like a total slut to enjoy herself. She has sucked my cock, eaten Cindy's pussy, and then she let me fuck her and cum in her. Then you kneeled like an obedient cuckold and cleaned out her pussy. All of this was very thrilling to you and are you are very close to cumming, aren't you?" "Yes, sir." "Are you ready to cum quickly?" "Yes, sir." "Can you cum immediately?" "Yes, sir." "Do you want to cum in Katy's pretty little mouth?" "Yes, sir." "Good.

However, I'm going to give you 30 seconds and if you don't cum in 30 seconds you have to leave with a hard on and depend on Mistress to grant you the relief you need. Are we clear?" "Yes, sir." "Katy, I want you to slowly lick from his balls to the top of his dick and then bury it in your mouth and bob up and down as fast as you can." Katy leaned forward and put her head under his dick.

Bill stared down at her. She reached out and put her tongue under his dick right on his balls. He moaned. He looked up at Suzanne and she was rubbing her tits. Katy then licked up his dick and as soon as she got to the sensitive part under the head he moaned and started thrusting.

He came as soon as she got her mouth up there. She clasped her mouth over it and he did his best to fuck her mouth as he shot several large spurts into Katy's mouth. When he was done, he was almost ready to collapse. I helped him to the floor and Cindy came over with the key to unlock the handcuffs.

I turned to Suzanne and put out my hand. She took it and I pulled her up to a standing position. "Suzanne, that was insanely fun. I love what you and Bill have worked out. I think you and I are going to become very close and I will become your lover." I looked over at Bill. He was rubbing his wrists. He looked up. "Bill, I am going to become your wife's primary lover.

I know that she wants some other cocks, but I will take care of most of her needs.

Please make sure you take good care of your Princess for me." "Yes, sir." Everyone started dressing and when they were ready to leave Suzanne looked at me and then Bill. "Bill, wait for me by the front door." He looked at Suzanne and then me. "Yes, Princess." He was still playing the game. "Dennis, let me think about this for a while, okay? Just because he gave me the freedom doesn't mean I'm going to use it.

I need to consider what I want to do and how. I need to protect my family and my marriage. No matter what happens, they come first." I smiled. "Okay, Nasty ebony receives her love tunnel drilled, I'll back off a little. I was just playing the game. But you are my second most favorite fuck and we still own your ass." I put my arm around Cindy.

Katy looked over at me. "Hey!" She grinned. "Okay, so maybe second and third is a tie." Katy laughed and Suzanne grinned. "I've still got to think about it. I'll call you later, okay?" I gave Suzanne a hug.

"Sure, Suzanne. Call us after you and Bill discuss it. I know you need to do that, too." I walked her to the door and Bill was there waiting. "Bill, glad you could stop by. I know that we were a little tough in there for your first time, but you have a beautiful and sexy wife who loves you a lot. You are a lucky man, never forget that." He smiled. "I have never forgotten it and I never will." Suzanne smiled warmly at him and they left. I turned to Cindy and Katy.

"Anyone want some popcorn?" They laughed and we all went to the den to watch a movie. <i> to be continued…</i>