Hairy milf is not afraid of anal

Hairy milf is not afraid of anal
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As soon as his feet hit the floor he stood proudly in front of the mirror and recited the words as instructed. As the words rolled off his tongue a strange feeling encompassed him. A feeling of belonging, though it felt strange, at the same time it felt good and gave him a sense of peace he had never known. Finishing his task, he sat down to do his journal.

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Hastily he scribbled down the previous days events and tried to convey how they had made him feel. Swiftly he ran to place it at the doorway of Mistress and then returned to his room to relieve his bladder of its weight.

Entering the dinning room, he noticed the smile on Mistress's face. She motioned for him to come to her. Reaching over to where he knelt, she kissed him softly on the cheeks and caressed his hair. "You have made me very proud boy, you school tichers sex fuk hard cook learned well," she said as she then kissed the other cheek. A blush ran from Darrens head to his toes, a sense of pride swelled within him.

Such simple words, yet they meant so much. "Thank you Mistress, I am learning. The hard way but still I am learning," he announced with a smile.

"Today boy you will learn a new lesson. One I hope will bring much joy to you and to Kim. You will learn how to please a woman both sexually and mentally.

First eat then we shall start your class's." Darrens blushed again, his palms sweating. He had never been with many girl's sexually and he feared it would show. Yet the idea of learning this thrilled him within. Kim finished eating first and took Darren by the hand as soon as he swallowed down the last of his meal. Leading him to her room, she pointed to the bathroom.

"Kim needs a nice long warm bath with lots of sweet-smelling oil in it." Like a child trying to keep back a laugh in the middle of Sunday school, Darren raced to prepare the bath. When he returned, Mistress was sitting in the chair.

A bit of embarrassment surrounded him as he looked down to see his cock sporting a raging hard on. Mistress smiled gingerly, "Don't be embarrassed boy, if you did not have that standing at attention with such a lovely naked girl in the room with you, I young girls and boys x story worry.

Now Darren I want you to slowly lift her in your arms and carry her to the tub and gently set her in it. Then you will begin by letting the wash cloth filled with warm water trickle over her neck and down her back then her breast." Darren bent to pick Kim up, his cock brushing against her velvety skin.

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A smile crossed her lips as she watched him try to hide the smile that eased past his lips. Mistress moved into the bathroom to watch and instruct. Tenderly as if he was handling china, Darren eased Kim into the tub. Taking the warm cloth, he began to let droplets of water ease over her. Mistress stood and took the soap in her hands, lathering them she reached and began to massage Kim's breast then to roll the nipples around in between her fingers.

Kim responding with a moan and arching her back. Handing the soap to Darren, Mistress stood and wiped off her hands then nodded toward Kim. Darren followed suit, giving Kims breast and nipples the attention he himself would have desired on his cock. "Kim stand now so he can wash the rest of you!" ordered Mistress. Kim let her delicate frame rise from the suds, Darren again soaped his hands and let them run down her stomach and the length of her legs and back up to her crotch. She parted her legs to give him access to her most private of areas.

Darren gently stroked her as soap ran down his elbows and puddled around his knee's. Parting her pussy lips he teased her son fuck family best low mb with the soft slimy soap till she was moaning and pushing back against his touch. Letting his hand trial back to her ass she massaged the cheeks and then let his fingers part them to wash her.

Jerking back at his touch, she blushed. "Sorry, still not use to anyone touching me there." she said with a slight bit of hesitation in her voice. "It's ok, me either," replied Darren as he gently continued to wash her.

Taking the shower head from its holder, he rinsed the suds from her and lifted her onto the floor, wrapping a fluffy blue towel around her. Then lifted her again and carried her to the bed. "Darren, listen closely, this may seem a bit strange. Kim needs to be secured, to be forced to do what she is big tits european milf fucks on cam. She has a complex that many females have endured for generation.

"The sex is only to have babies and to please your mate complex. Making her and other females feel it was dirty or wrong to derive pleasure from it."stated Mistress in an almost disgusted tone.

Reaching to the side of the bed on the night stand, Darren lifted the first silk scarf to his lips and kissed it gently. Rubbing its cool softness against Kims face. Lifting her delicate hand in his he softly lashed the silky fabric around her wrist and tied it to the eye bolts in the head of the bed. Following this routine again he secured the other wrist. Climbing to the foot of the bed he secured her ankles to each corner of the bed then stood back and smiled.

"Such a lovely sight you are my dear."he whispered. "Kim, I want you to instruct Darren as to what you like, teach him." ordered Mistress. "OH please Mistress, I don't want to, its so embarrassing!"whined Kim. Before Kim could say another word, Darren began nibbling on her neck and ears, she began to giggle and squirm. Letting his lips trail downward, he stopped at her nipples and began to flicker his tongue across them.

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Rising up to meet his tongue as much as she could, Darren smiled to himself knowing she was enjoying the sensation it was brining. Once her nipples were rock hard, small crinkles surrounding each one, Darren sucked her right nipple into his hot wet mouth and sucked gently as his tongue continued to tease the small bud till she was moaning with pleasure. Switching over to the other one he did likewise, his hand trailing down between her outstretched legs to run a finger between her pussy lips and feel the moisture collecting there.

Replacing his lips and tongue with his fingers, he rolled the hard pebbles within his finger tips as his tongue made a path down her stomach and stopped short of her most private area. She whimpered and thrust forward. Moving his hands to her pussy lips he parted them, then letting a droplet of saliva fall onto her clit he began to tease it with small circular motions.

Looking up he watched as she chewed on her lips in delight. Releasing her ankles he pulled her legs above her head and tied them off to the center eye bolt leaving her ass upturned. Kneeling he bent forward and let his tongue slide between the folds of her pussy lips. Tasting her excitement. Sucking her outer pussy lips into his mouth and pulling upward till they slipped free, brought another gasp of pleasure.

Taking each outer lip between his fingers he pulled them apart and slowly began to slide his tongue into her. Plugging her entrance with his tongue, he began to suck at the same time. The juices were flowing to the point that when Darren pulled his face free he was a sticky combination of saliva and her juices.

Pulling back the hood on her clit he slowly began to flog it with swift soft licks. His fingers returned to her hard nipples, pinching, tugging and rolling them around. Sucking her clit into his mouth, he sucked lightly. "Would you like to cum Kim, tattooed and pierced couple fucking inside of tattoo shop tube porn Darren to make you cum if you want it bad enough!" said Mistress with a demanding tone.

"Please Darren please don't stop, please make me cum!" she shouted as her hips thrust forward as if she was trying to fuck his face deeper into her.

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Slipping two fingers into her soaking wet pussy he began to fuck her deep and hard as he continued to manipulate her clit. "Oh YES, that's it, don't stop, please don't stop, faster, uh huh, that's it! Please I need to cum, may I atk hairy redhead kitty rachel Kim cried out as she grasped for breath. "Cum now!" said Mistress Kim squealed and shook, her muscles tightening on Darrens fingers as her hips lifted from the bed, a stream of cum oozed down the past the lips to follow the crack of her ass.

Exhausted she fell back into the bed and grinned. "Thank you Darren and Mistress, that was wonderful, simply wonderful!" said Kim as she tried to catch her breath. "You did excellent Darren, now clean her up, your lesson for today proved to be a breeze, I'm very proud of you boy," Mistress declared with a huge smile that lite her whole face.