Chyanne jacobs loves a big black cock

Chyanne jacobs loves a big black cock
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Cowboy's New Slave Hanna is a college educated black woman from Georgia. She is a healthy 30 year old petite woman, 5'4" 105 pounds, beautiful brown eyes, black hair, and a sexy smile. Never married and no children since she had dedicated her life to school and work. She, like a lot of women, felt as if something was missing in her life. She is a supervisor at her work place controlling several employees and responsible for their actions. Even though she has to be a dominant person at work Hanna new her true personality is that of a submissive.

She fantasized and even dreamed of a dominant man taking control, using her for his pleasure, controlling her every action, protecting her and letting her serve him. She is tired of being in control and struggling to organize her personal life. Most of all she needed sex.

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She is at the peak of her sexuality and realized she fantasized about sex more than she felt was normal. Needing a change she took some vacation time and decided to take a long time best friend up on her invitation to visit her for some partying like they did in their college years. Betty is living in South Texas now so Hanna flew into San Antonio, Texas, rented a car and started the two hour drive to Betty's.

Hanna had to drive through some open country where houses were miles apart and difficult to see from the highway. Driving along the lonely country road listening to the cd in the player.

Hanna's mind began to think about being stopped, abducted and raped by some country gent. She always had a fascination for cowboys, western movies and country music. Her thoughts were interrupted by the buzzer on the dash of the rental car. The check engine light came on and the vehicle lost power. Hanna steered it to the side of the road. Trying to start the car was no use. Her cell phone had no signal and she could see no traffic on the road.

She opened the hood to check for a problem knowing she would not know if she saw a problem. As she peered at the lifeless engine under the hood she heard a vehicle coming her way. Stepping out from the front of her car she began to wave her arms hoping to get the oncoming vehicle to stop and assist her in her plight.

As the old pick up approached Hanna could see the man driving was older, wearing an old dirty black cowboy hat and what she thought is a blue denim shirt. She smiled slightly when the thought that this might be the cowboy she had fantasied about using her for his pleasure.

She quickly dismissed the sexual thoughts in her brain. Hoping that he would be able to help her get back on her journey to her friend for some partying good times for a few days. The old pickup slowed and stopped beside her car. The cowboy reached across the truck and rolled the passenger side window down. Is alexis fawx and oldman cum inside something I can do to help?

He asked when Hanna stepped up next to the window. She smiled and ask if he could help her get the car running telling him where she was going. He told her that he was no mechanic but would give her a ride to his place where he had a cell booster that might enable her to call for some help and he would be happy to bring her back to her vehicle. Hanna smiled thinking that this elderly man would be no threat to her and seemed like a kind country gentleman that just wanted to help.

Thank you so much she said as she opened the door and climbed in the truck. Cowboy had noticed what a beautiful woman she was. He loved petite women and as he drove and talked with her he was thinking how he would take her and keep her for his own personal sex slave. He thought that it will be fun breaking her to submit to him and accept her fate as a sex slave. He smiled as he thought about some of the stories he had heard about plantation owners having black slaves and using the females for sex.

He was about to have his own black stunning black babe gets her round big slave for as long as he wanted her. They arrived at his place and Hanna was surprised to see that he lived in a travel trailer with a satellite dish and a cell phone booster antenna mounted on the back. Like a country gentleman Cowboy walked around the truck opened her door and helped her from the truck.

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Hanna smiled and thanked him. She followed as he led the way to the trailer. The door was not locked and he opened it to allow her to enter ahead of him. She was looking at the inside of the trailer realizing it had more room than she thought it would. She was looking at a daybed which appeared to be where he slept as well as sat on. She thought simple but cozy and smiled.

Suddenly she felt a vice like grip on her left wrist and her arm forced up behind her back painfully. She attempted to scream when cowboy clamped his right hand over her mouth effectively shutting her up.

Fear gripped her body and she froze unable to move. He pressed her head into his shoulder and spoke directly into her ear. I am going to train you as my black slave bitch. Understand that I will punish you for disobedience or any attempt to run away from me.

You are going to serve me any way that I want for as long as I want. From this point on you belong to me. I will fuck your mouth, pussy and ass any time or place that pleases me. I am taking my hand from your mouth but if you scream I will beat you until you pass out from the pain. Hanna was so scared she could do nothing.

He moved his had and gripped her right wrist forcing it behind her clamping a set of steel cuffs on her wrist holding them behind her back. Cowboy forcefully pushed her onto the bed. She thought about kicking him but dismissed the idea remembering what he said about beating her into unconsciousness.

She lay passively on the bed as he gripped the waist of her pants and ripped them open. He started to pull her pants down over her hips and Hanna clamped her legs together to keep him from removing her pants. This angered him and he slapped her hard across the face.

The fear gripped her harder now than before and she relaxed her legs while crying and pleading for him to let her go and not rape her. Cowboy laughed a cruel horrifying laugh and told her she would learn to like being fucked by him as he pulled her pants off.

Seeing that she wore no panties he meaty wang hammers black pussy hardcore blowjob and gripped her ankles and pushed her legs up and spread apart exposing her pussy and ass for his pleasure. Oh you little black whore your pussy is soaked. Are you enjoying this. I hope so that will make my job of training you much easier. Hannah felt embarrassed and angry that she had become aroused without even realizing it.

He pushed his finger in her pussy getting it wet with her juices and licked them. Ummm you taste so sweet my little black bitch. Quickly he rolled her onto her stomach with hands cuffed behind and tied her ankles together with a rough feeling rope. She felt the rope tighten and press hard into her flesh. She moaned and pleaded for him to let her go. Cowboy looked at that fine ass and started smacking it asian hairy cum hole squirts squirting and japanese open hand.

Hanna jumped and screamed from the pain in her ass as he spanked her ass. She was jerking and crying hard when he finally stopped spanking her. That is just a small sample of what will happen if you disobey me or try to escape. Hanna felt the knife blade against her skin as he slid the blade under the him of her shirt and smoothly slid the blade upwards slicing her shirt through the collar laying the halves to each side of her body showing her firm naked back.

He gently ran his hand down her body from the neck to her pussy enjoying the feel of her smooth black skin thinking how lucky he was to have this beautiful black slave delivered by fate to his control. He removed her steel cuffs and quickly flipped her onto her back pulling her shirt off exposing her bra covered tits.

Using the sharp knife cowboy cut the bra between her tits and each shoulder strap before roughly pulling the bra away from her body. Hanna lay passively from fear as he fondled her tits and nipples she cried as he pinched and twisted her nipples sending a fiery pain through her tits and a jolt of pleasure in her pussy. Suddenly he flipped her onto her back and tied her wrist with rough hemp rope. Pulling her ankles up to her ass he tied them to her wrist putting her in a tight hog tie.

He forced a large ball gag in her mouth and fastened the leather strap behind her neck. Hanna could not stop crying and shaking from the fear of being this cowboy's slave for the remainder of her life. He laughed telling her not to go any where while he got rid of her car so nobody would be asking questions about her.

He walked out and she heard him drive away pulling a trailer. Hanna struggled trying to get free from the rope so tightly tied holding her captive for this old cowboy. Finally she managed to get the rope to loosen a little and freed one hand. Hanna got free from the ropes and removed the gag. She put her tennis shoes on and was looking for her pants when she heard cowboy's truck approaching. He had loaded her car on a trailer and was bringing it back.

Hanna panicked and ran out the door quickly spotting a trail into the near by mesquite brush. She ran full speed naked across the road to the trail into the brush. She had know idea where the trail went just that she had to get as far away from cowboy as quickly as possible. Cowboy saw the naked black woman run across the road into the brush wearing nothing but shoes.

He could not keep from smiling at the sight. Sliding to a stop in front of the travel trailer cowboy stepped out of the truck with a thirty foot lariat in his hand. He built a loop in the lariat holding the coil in his left hand and the loop in his right hand he crossed the road to the trail into the brush. He knew he did not have to be in any rush. Experience as a cowboy and hunter he knew she would try to hide instead of running very far. He walked down the trail saying "Where is my little run-away slave girl hiding.

She felt a knot in her stomach when she realized he knew she was hiding. Hanna could hear him taunting her and his foot steps getting closer and closer. She panicked and darted from her hiding place onto the trail thinking she could out run him. She was less than 15 feet ahead of him and he took three long strides twirling the loop above his head and smoothly threw the open loop.

The loop circled her body dropping over her head and body. His timing was perfect jerking the slack of the loop at her ankles pinning her feet together causing her to fall face first hard into the hard ground. Hanna felt the air leave her body as she hit the ground. Her head hit hard almost knocking her out. As she tried to catch her breath and clear her head cowboy pulled on the long rope dragging her body across the ground by her ankles.

The pain in her tits being scratched on the hard gravel was making her regain her senses. Pulling her close to him cowboy wrapped the lariat around her ankles twice and tied her ankles together. She struggled to get away but he put a leg across her ass pinning her to the ground.

Pulling a pigging string ( quarter inch six foot hemp rope used to hog tie a calf) from his belt he tied her arms behind her. Bitch I warned you what would happen if you tried to run away. He smacked Hanna's ass with open hand until it was burning and red. She was screaming, crying and twisting her body to get away from the painful spanking arousing him even more making him laugh at her painful antics. He stopped the spanking and flipped her onto her back.

Hanna was crying and pleading for him not to hurt her anymore. I have not hurt you yet you fucking black whore. There is a lot more pain in store for you. He told her. Hanna was shaking uncontrollably and crying from the fear of the pain coming to her. I will do anything you want and never try to escape again if you will not punish me anymore, Master. She pleaded. Cowboy grinned an evil grin when he heard her call him Master.

Thinking that is a good start as he dragged her to her feet by the hair. He picked up the coil of lariat rope on the ground. Hanna was canadian teen august if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the over his shoulder with her arms tied behind her and ankles tied together.

Cowboy ran his hand up her leg pushing a finger in her pussy and his thumb in her ass making her squeal with the pain in her ass. He laughed and said that makes for good grip to keep you from sliding off. Hanna could feel the sensation in her ass and pussy as he walked back toward the yard with his finger fucking her pussy and thumb fucking her ass. She could not control the feeling of pleasure making her frustrated with the betrayal of her own body.

She was having mixed feelings of fear of the pain coming and the pleasure of the finger fucking. To her surprise cowboy did not go to the travel trailer as she expected. He approached a iron rail fence at the miss raquel loves xxnx sex stories. Cowboy backed up to the fence and slid her body off his shoulder onto the top rail of the fence.

Her head hung down on the other side of the fence and feet hanging down on this side of the fence. Cowboy uncoiled some rope from the lariat still tied to her ankles passing it through the fence looping it around the back of her neck. He pulled it tight forcing her feet into the lower fence rail and keeping her bent over the fence. The top fence rail painfully pressed into her stomach.

Cowboy stepped back with the remainder of the lariat rope slack in his hand. Folding the rope double he swung the rope through the air making an evil sound as it parted the air. The blow landed across Hanna's ass sending terrible pain though her ass and leaving a horse shoe shape whelp on her ass cheeks. Hanna screamed and struggled hard against her bonds.

As she was about to recover from the excruciating pain another blow landed across her back leaving a fiery painful whelp making Hanna to struggle harder making the ropes dig into her flesh and making her cry uncontrollably.

Another blow bobes and bobes xxx voides across the back of her thighs and another below the knees across the calves of her legs. Hanna felt that she was about to faint from the pain of the whipping. Cowboy pushed fingers into her pussy finding that it was dripping pussy juices.

He thought how much fun this black bitch is going to be for me. His cock was fighting to get free needing to fuck this beautiful black slave. Hanna was hoping to pass out to stop the pain. She pleaded with cowboy to stop hurting her and she would serve him as his slave doing anything that pleased him for as long as he wanted if he would only stop hurting her. Suddenly the shock of cold water took her breath as cowboy threw a bucket of cold water from the horse trough on her.

As the water dripped off her body cowboy rubbed the water over her body relieving the painful whelps from the whipping. Cowboy stood behind her and began to finger fuck her pussy as he ask if she would obey and serve him without hesitation for as long as he wanted her. Hanna listened to his questions feeling the force of an orgasm building in her pussy.

She began to moan and roll her eyes feeling the enormous amount of pleasure of the orgasm at the edge of eruption in her pussy. Cowboy pushed a third finger into her pussy slapping her on the ass as he finger fucked her hard.

Answer my question slave. The orgasm in her cunt erupted and she screamed "YESSSSS.MASTER". He continued finger fucking her cunt with the over whelming orgasm wracking her body making her cum longer finally passing out from the intensity of the orgasm. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and stood to watch her quivering unconscious body draped over the fence.

Hanna regained consciousness tied up on the bed in the trailer with a hitachi buzzing on her clit. She felt her own cum running down the crack of her ass as she lay on the bed legs tied spread eagle, arms above her head and the vibrator low buzzing on her clit keeping her aroused but not making her cum. She felt the ball gag in her mouth and looking around she could see that cowboy was sitting at the table eating from a plate of steak, potatoes and green beans with a large glass of tea beside the plate.

He saw her movement from the corner of his eye and turned to look at her. She was so beautiful tied to the bed and gagged. His black slave to use and abuse for as long as it pleased him. Cowboy looked into her eyes and could see she was looking sex storys sex xnxx commobile the food and drink.

Are you hungry and thirsty. He ask. Hanna slowly nodded her head mom and sun xnxc story. She was unconsciously humping against the hitachi on her pussy needing to cum again. He smiled. Will you obey me and serve me if I untie you and feed daughter spanks her mother lesbian. Hanna quickly nodded her head several times to let him know that she was his. He slowly moved to her removed the gag.

Are you going to try to escape again if I untie you? No Master I belong to you to use as you please for as long as you want. I will serve you to the best of my ability without hesitation. She told him. He released her and removed the vibrator from her cunt. Sitting back down at the table he turned his chair side ways. He looked at her still on her back on the bed waiting for him to tell her she could move. You can get up and come to me. He said to her. Hanna rose from the bed and started to walk to him.

Crawl to me, slave. She dropped to her hands and knees and slowly crawled the short distance to him. She sat back on her legs, head down and hands on her thighs as she had seen in pictures of slaves in their slave position. He smiled at this jester from his new slave. Take my cock out and suck it. He commanded her. She quickly unfastened his belt and pants pulling his rock hard cock from his pants. She gasp at the sight of the most beautiful eight inch hard cock she had ever seen.

She circled his cock head with her hot wet lips and began to work his cock in and out of her mouth taking it deeper with each stroke. He felt her throat squeeze as she pushed her nose against his lower abdomen.

Holding there with his cock buried in her throat she ran her tongue up and down his cock while her throat squeezed the head. He could not hold back and shot his whole load deep in her throat. Hanna gagged slightly and swallowed his cum. Very good my little black slave, he said to her. Hanna felt a deep sense of pride that she had pleased her Master.

He gripped her hair pulling her head off his cock. She licked droplets of cum from his cock head as he pulled her off his cock. Turning her head up to look at him he ask if she wanted to eat now. She said yes please, Master. He told her to stand up and straddle his lap and put his still hard cock in her pussy. She did as commanded without hesitation and moaned happily as his hard cock went deep in her cunt.

She start to move up and down before he tiny girl with braces using huge extreme dildo ouch her to sit still with his cock deep inside her.

Hanna pressed down impaling her pussy deep on his cock. She could not resist squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles as she sat on his lap. He scooped some potatoes on the fork and moved it toward her mouth. She reached for the fork and was told to put her hands behind her back.

She quickly obeyed his command. He let her take the potatoes from the fork with her mouth. Reaching to the toy table behind him he got a set of steel cuffs. Holding them up in front of her he told her to cuff her wrist behind her. She quickly took the cuffs and clasp them on her wrist behind her. Hanna sat impaled on his cock squeezing it with her pussy as he slowly fed her from his plate and letting new hot xxx sex stories story drink from his tea glass.

Hanna could feel the orgasm building in her pussy and felt the pleasure. She thought this is exactly what I have needed. A strong man to control, use, abuse and own me. I will always serve and please this cowboy as my very own Master so that he will never want to get rid of me.