Sisters and brother sex 18

Sisters and brother sex 18
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Naruto Adventures:Sakura's Jealousy Pt.1 *************************************** Hey everyone! This is my first story, so I'm open for ideas and opinions.

All I hope is that you guys enjoy the story!! Good reading!! *************************************** Sakura was angry.

Angry because of the fact that both her sensei, Kakashi, and her teammate, Naruto, were late for the practice. As she marched down the street to Naruto's house, fuming, she looked up, remembering the times that there used to be a three-man team. 'But no, Sasuke is gone,' She thought. When she reached Naruto's home, she was about to barge in and start screaming when she heard the sound.

She didn't know what it was at first, but when she put her ear to the door, she heard the voice of Hinata. "Naruto!!! Ahhhh!!!" Sakura heard Hinata moan. 'Has Naruto stooped so low as to begin pestering Hinata?' Sakura thought.

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She began to open the door to confront Naruto, and that's when she heard him. "Oh God Hinata! You're so tight and warm!" 'What the Hell?!' Sakura thought and opened Naruto's door just a crack. When her gaze fell upon the bed, she almost choked. There, on the bed, lying on his back, was Naruto, without is pants and boxers.

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But that's not what shocked Sakura. What shocked her was the fact that Hinata was on top of him, fucking him in a rocking motion.

Sakura quickly and quietly closed the door, then sprinted down the street, before stopping for a breath. One hand holding her stomach, the other holding her head, she tried to comprehend what she had just seen.

'But what tiny teen fucks huge cock ranch affair this feeling be?' Sakura thought.'Could it be.JEALOUSY?!' "No, it couldn't be!

Could it?" She quietly said to herself. One thing she did know was pretty lady plays with her adorable pussy she was pissed, though. So she proceeded to wait at the training field for Kakashi. When he arrived, Sakura got an idea, and began the master plan. ****************************************** Sadly, as the end of practice drew to a close, Sakura's master plan wasn't working out too well.

After Naruto left, she went all out. "Hey, Kakasi-sensei? You know that you're dumb, right?" She said. Kakashi looked up from his book and asked,"Oh? How so?" "Well, you haven't seen any of my 'signals'." She replied.

" Signals? Like what?" Kakashi asked. "Like this!" Sakura said, and bent over so that her skirt rode up her ass, and showed that she was panty less. "Wow. And what are these signals supposed to mean?" "Isn't it obvious?

I want to learn things from my sensei!" She said walking over, and grabbing Kakashi's rapidly growing cock through his pants. "Oh god," was all Kakashi could say as Sakura got down on her knees, and released Kakashi's cock from its prison.

That's exactly when Kakashi came to his senses. "Sakura, what the hell are you doing?" He asked, shocked. "Oh, Kakashi! You are clueless, really!" Sakura replied, giggling."Haven't you done this before?" "Well, of course, but-" He replied, before being cut off by Sakura taking half of Kakashi's cock in her mouth.

As Kakashi moaned and groaned, Sakura sat on her knees, sucking like a pro. As she slowly deep throated his cock, Kakashi took her head, and lifted her up, so that Sakura was standing in front of him. "Are you sure you're up for this?" Kakashi asked, concerned. "Of course, Kakashi-sensei!" she said, giggling.

"Ok. Then we have to take this somewhere more private," He said, lifting Sakura up, and carrying her in the direction of the woods. When Kakashi put her down, he turned around, and pushed his pants down to his ankles, and then stepped out. When he turned back around, he saw Sakura hugging a tree with her back to him. Then, she turned her head and said, facing Kakashi,"fuck me, sensei." Kakashi was transfixed on this vixen, and he wanted more.

He walked over and said,"This may hurt, so hold your breath." "Oh don't worry Kakashi! I'm no virgin!" She said laughing."You can ask Asuma-sensei about that sometime!" With that, Kakashi lined his cock up with Sakura's sweet teen pussy, and slammed in, bottoming out in one thrust. "Ahhh! So, you like it hard, Sensei?" Sakura asked in a seductive voice. "Hell yeah, my pupil," Kakashi replied, pulling out, almost all the way, then slamming all the way back in.

As Kakashi continued fucking Sakura, he grabbed one of her legs, and pulled it up. He then took his other hand, and began massaging Sakura's clit.

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She moaned and Kakashi said,"You like that, my pupil?" "Oh, I love it Sensei!" "You like my big cock ramming into your tight, little pussy?" "Oh yes Sensei!

More!! Please!" With that, Kakashi began rubbing Sakura's clit furiously.

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"Ah!!! Sensei!! I'm cumming!" Sakura screamed.

"Hold that thought," Kakashi grunted, then bottomed out, and let out spurt after spurt of cum. As Kakashi's spent cock drooped out Sakura's gooey pussy, Sakura leaned into the tree, then fell to her knees.

As she stood up with wobbly knees, she turned and faced Kakashi.

"How did I do sensei?" She asked. "Well, judging by the amount of cum I just shot out, you did great!" Kakashi replied. "Ah.well, I'd better get going, we have practice tomorrow you know!" Sakura said cheerily, and skipped off. As he watched her tight teen body skip away, all he could think of was his new favorite pupil. ******************************************* Well, that's part one everyone! The next chapter of course, will be the second, and final part on the Sakura's Jealousy mini-series.

From there, I'm still gonna write Naruto sex stories! -UnknownRocker321