Free porn teen sex stories gate hole lock story

Free porn teen sex stories gate hole lock story
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Do read the first part and forgive me for me English. So I wake up and find my mother standing beside me completely nude.

I was surprised to find that my pants and undies are off too.

I am semi naked while my mom was fully naked standing beside me. She was looking down. Her firm breasts were looking wonderful. Her nipples were hard and they had little goosebumps too. Her figure is perfect.

Her navel was shining bright. I had only seen her asshole. I hadn't seen her pussy fully before but now when she was standing totally nude in front of me, my eyes were fixed on her pussy.

Nicely clean shaved with no hair anywhere around it. Her legs were tightly close and hence I could barely see anything beyond the crack of her pussy. My dick became hard to see a woman fully nude.

It became hard and upright. I got up from my bed and stood in front of her. I saw her again from top to bottom. For a moment I couldn't believe my eyes but yes, my mom was nude in front of me waiting for something. I couldn't resist myself.

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I put my hands around her waist near to her ass and grabbed her close to me. I could feel her heartbeats which were getting solo horny girl toying herself on cam now. My dick was somewhat touching her clean shaved clit.

I pushed her to the wall so that she could not escape easily and my dick can feel her better. She made a little moan sound. I knew she was liking it. Our bodies got too close to each other in the most erotic possible way. My dick was just touching her pussy and my eyes were facing her breasts. I looked her in the eyes but she was continuously looking down trying to avoid eye contact. I focused my attention to her breasts once again. They looked nice and big.

They were squeezed a little as I was holding her tight and my chest was pressing them. The nipple was slightly hidden. I slightly moved back so that I can see them clearly. The moment I saw them, I couldn't control myself. I slowly moved my mouth towards one of them while trying to look in her eyes. Our eyes never met but my mouth reached her breasts. I kissed the nipple first which shivered a bit when I did. She was excited. I opened my mouth a little and took just the nipple inside my mouth and started to lick it.

My tongue was continuously hitting her nipples. I heard a light moan from her. Meanwhile I switched the breast. One of her breast was totally dripping my saliva. Her nipples were hard. I made a very little bite on her nipple to which she responded by a loud moan.

I continued licking her breast nipple. Once in a while I also kissed her cleavage.

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I was still busy licking her breasts when I felt her hand over my head. She was looking at me with a smile on her face while my tongue was still stuck to her breasts. She moved a little forward indicating me to take all of her breast in my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth a bit wider to take the rest of the breast in mouth too while playing with her nipples with my tongue.

I slowly started to move my mouth to and fro separation anxiety for son big tits handjob like giving her a blowjob but on her breast. My hands were still around her ass holding her tightly in my arms.

I was continously licking and kissing on her breasts while she looked at me with a smile on her face and occasional moans. I could feel a little wet on my crotch now. Probably her pussy was wet and some of it came on to my dick too. Now I started to rub her ass while kissing her on breasts.

I held one ass each in each of my hands and started to squeeze them slowly. I made sure that my fingers rub her asshole while I squeeze her ass. A little push towards her meant my dick stuck close to her pussy and some of the pre cum was making her wet. This was too much for her. Kissing on breasts while massaging her asshole along with my dick pressing against her. She started to moan loudly while looking up. She was too ashamed to face me.

She pulled me close to herself and our bodies became one for sometime. We were sweating too. Her sweaty body looked more shiny and sexy. She was breathing heavily and I could almost hear her heart beat. My dick was about to explode. It was too much for me as well. I started to slow down a bit while her excitement too dropped down. I pulled back my arms from her ass and we stood at some distance now.

could clearly see a little trickIe down her legs. She was too wet now. I raised my palm to reach her pussy to feel the warmness. I gently touched her pussy with my hands and started to rub them with my fingers.

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Her pussy was too soft. I tried to make space between in the crack but then she held them tight. After a while she spoke, "I am impressed but you still have to bear the punishment" she said. "Okay, what is it? I am ready to do anything" I replied while looking at her wet pussy. "If you want to conquer my pussy, come with me, but beware that it might get a little kinky." she said and went inside the washroom.

I was too excited to think what could happen. I saw her from the back. Her ass was moving erotically when she headed towards the washroom. She was waiting in the washroom totally nude and all I wanted was to conquer her pussy, may be her ass too. I followed her in the washroom.

When I went inside, she was standing under the shower. She bent a bit … [Forgive me for the English.

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