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Big tits babe playing masturbation and fingering
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: Damnit! My meeting with the CEO has been postponed till next week. Oh well, the excess baggage will be gone soon enough. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol hung up the phone, and heaved a large sigh in relief. Mrs. Julander had agreed to hold off the meeting with Harold for a week, but it had required some fast talking.

She was just glad she had been able to break into Harold's files and see what he had been planning. Reading over his notes, she began to see just what a monster the man truly was. She had known that he was using the substance on himself to seduce women, but had had no idea he was doing other human testing outside the company. Where had he gotten the resources to pull off any of this?

Digging a little deeper it was easy to find. He had seduced enough rich women with the substance, that he had virtually unlimited funds at his disposal. The man was corrupt beyond measure, and Carol knew she had to stop him.

The big question, however, was 'how'? She needed to synthesize her antidote first. If she could get that to Mrs. Julander before her meeting with Harold, then Carol might just be able to keep her job. At first she had thought to present his notes to Mrs. Julander as evidence to what Harold was doing, but there was no way to prove that Carol hadn't planted the notes after she had hacked his files.

Her phone rang, and she answered it before checking the caller ID, assuming it was Mrs. Julander calling her back. "Mom?" Carol cursed inwardly, as the sound of her daughter's voice filled the phone. She knew she had neglected her daughter worse than she had her son over the last while, but didn't know how she was going to face her daughter.

She knew that April and Adam had been sleeping together, had even caught them in the act, but had been so overcome with her own lusts, that she had been unable to stop them. Had, in fact, barely been able to stop herself from joining in on the debauchery. The fact that she had now slept with her son twice didn't help matters. "Are you there?" Carol snapped out of her thoughts. "Sorry, April, I'm a little busy now. What did you need?" She knew her voice was a little hard, but she needed to concentrate on her work.

The phone was silent for a moment, and Carol started to get frustrated. Why wouldn't her daughter hardcore 2643 free hardcore porn tube porn talk, so that she could get back to work? "I need my mother," the words finally came, and Carol could tell that they were soaked in tears. She began to berate herself for another reason. Her daughter needed her, and she had been too caught up in her own concerns, to worry about April.

Her motherly instincts kicked in, and Carol knew that, while she had a lot of work ahead of her, family still had to come first. "I'll be there as soon as I can," Carol promised, and then erased all her tracks on the computer.

She then uploaded her files to her own personal server. Harold wouldn't get his hands on more of her research; much less know that she had been spying on him. Luckily traffic was minimal, and Carol soon found herself outside her daughter's apartment. The door opened before she had the chance to knock, and she was accosted by the younger woman throwing her arms around Carol. She could feel hot tears through her shirt, as April cried against her chest.

What had happened? Had Adam been ignoring her since he had slept with his mother? She was both angered and pleased at that thought. Angered that her son would treat any woman this way, but pleased that she had had that kind of effect on her son, then angered at herself for her selfish feelings.

Carol guided her daughter into her apartment, and soon found the couch. She sat them down, and let the younger woman cry for awhile, April's arms never leaving her. When the tears had finally stopped, Carol just continued to hold her daughter against her breast for awhile, relishing in this 'normal' family behavior. "What was that about," she finally asked, almost afraid her daughter had fallen asleep on her. April's arms tightened for a moment before she responded. "I just really needed my mother," she said and looked up.

Carol noted how bloodshot her eyes were, and could still see where her tears had left tracks going down her face, but she beyoute ful gals xxx fuk story to admit she had raised a very beautiful young woman.

April smiled up at her, and Carol leaned down to kiss her forehead. "If you are feeling better, then I really need to get back to work," she said, trying to stand, but April's arms only tightened, refusing to let go. "Stay just a little longer?" Carol sighed at the pleading quality of her daughter's tone, and resigned herself to staying longer.

When April finally released her, and stood, Carol was in for another shock. April was pregnant. She had known that it was likely to happen, but the shock of seeing the small bump on her little girl's belly still surprised her.

"How far along are you?" Carol asked amazed at how steady her voice sounded. April blushed, and Carol again thought how cute she was.

"A few months, I think. Minnie and I are due about the same time. My emotions have been so crazy lately." "Minnie?" Carol had forgotten about April's roommate. She had assumed that the pretense of Adam dating the other woman perky tits teen nailed by stranger dude in the backseat been just that, but now she realized just how naive that was.

With Adam's pheromones, there awesome teen likes knob unfathomable in pussy no way another woman would be able to resist while he and his sister were around each other. Carol knew immediately that Minnie's child was his too. She just marveled that April seemed to be okay with sharing her brother.

"Is she carrying Adam's child too?" She asked only to let her daughter know that she knew who the father of her child really was. April's eyes grew large at the question, and she tried to stammer a denial, before finally asking, "You know?" Carol smiled, and nodded her head.

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"For some time now." "And you're okay with it?" Carol could see the trepidation in her child's eyes, and hear the quiver in her voice. She pulled her daughter back into a hug, remembering the day she had caught them ms simone gets her ass fucked pussy creamed by michael s home, making love in her son's room, while she masturbated outside the door.

She could feel herself getting wet at the thought, but tried to push it aside. She didn't trust herself to speak, and so contented herself to holding April.

She started to rub her daughter's back lightly, consolingly, wanting April to know that everything would be okay. April began to return the favor, and Carol enjoyed the feeling of the gentle touch.

A feeling of loving and contentment washed over her, as she buried her face in April's hair. Carol's hands roamed to further and further places, until she unexpectedly found them caressing April's ass. April moaned into Carol's neck, and even felt lips brush the sensitive skin at her collar bone. Carol let out a moan of her own at the touch, and felt fire take hold in its aftermath. "Wha-- What are we doing?" She asked in a haze, trying to make sense of the situation. Carol tried to bring her hands around to April's front in order to push her away, and found she was squeezing April's ample bosom instead.

"I don't know," April replied breathlessly, "but don't stop. That feels good." Carol then realized that her daughter wasn't wearing a bra, and that she was thumbing her nipples through the thin cloth of her shirt.

She looked down, not wanting to believe this was actually happening, and found herself staring into April's big beautiful eyes. Without knowing why she did it, Carol leaned over, and pressed their lips together. April's tongue immediately sought entrance into her mouth, and Carol was happy to let it in. A small voice tried to warn Carol about pheromones, and she even tried to summon up enough anger to fight them off, but April's hands found her slightly smaller breasts, and she gave in to the seduction.

Carol pulled April back down on the couch, their lips never parting. As she lay back, April followed, and was soon on top, as they kissed frantically. April lifted her head, and stared into Carol's eyes. "I can't believe I am about to do this with my own mom!" April's words struck Carol, and she froze. What was she about to do? And with her daughter!

A hand pressed firmly against her crotch, and the thoughts changed. I'm about to get off by my own daughter, and am doing nothing for her in return! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: Perhaps the delay in the meeting with the CEO was a blessing in disguise.

Either women are starting to become immune to the effects of the substance, or my current batch is faulty. Will try a different batch tomorrow. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol reached down, and began applying her own pressure to April's groin, eliciting a low moan of pleasure. With her free hand, she reached up behind April's head, and pulled her back down into a kiss.

April's hands moved to the hem of her mother's shirt, and started tugging it up. Carol broke the kiss long enough to help, and then removed her bra. "Damn!" April announced on seeing her mother's chest. She had always wondered what her mother's tits looked like. While April's were bigger, Carol's were soft, and had a wonderful curve to them as they sat on her chest.

Unwilling to resist the temptation, she leaned forward, and sucked one of her nipples between her lips. Carol groaned in delight, and then put her hands back against her daughter's covered pussy. Carol's tit hardened nicely in her mouth, as April worked it with her tongue, occasionally nibbling it to the sound of squeals from her horny mother. Why hadn't they done this years before? April had always thought her mother was a beautiful woman, and often thought that it might be her attraction for her mother that had perhaps been at the root of her bi-sexuality.

April started to work on Carol's pants, pulling them down as far as she could without releasing the nipple, then using her feet to push them the rest of the way off. She slipped her hand under her mother's panties, and for the first time felt Carol's soaked pussy. Knowing that it was her mother's sex she had a hold of sent a shiver down her spine, and increased her own arousal tenfold. April finally released the turgid nipple, and began kissing her way down Carol's stomach.

She tried to take it slow and teasing, but she wanted to taste this older woman something fierce. When she finally reached the sodden panties, she gave them one light kiss, before pulling them aside, and shoving her tongue in. "Oh, April!" Carol exclaimed, and using her hands on the back of her daughter's head, tried baby baby xxx story play pull her in more.

April was more than content to let her, and began to suck hard. She was rewarded with a face full of her mother's cum, as her legs locked around April's head, muffling yes proun please com top rank squeals of bliss.

When the older woman had finally calmed down a little, April pulled back, and took off her shirt. Carol's arms shot out to April's sides, and pulled her breasts to her mother's waiting mouth. Carol was obviously new to sucking on a woman's nipples, but she knew enough to make April's pussy gush a little more. While her mother feasted on her chest, April pulled her pants down and off.

She then placed her hands on the sides of Carol's beautiful face, canadian teen august if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the pulled her away. Her nipple suddenly felt naked, but she had other plans. "I want you," she told her mother simply, and Carol merely nodded in submission. Taking her mother by the hand, April led her back to her own room, and rummaged around in one of her drawers.

She had a few toys from before Minnie and her started screwing Adam, and knew just the one she wanted. When she finally found it, she pulled it out, and grinned wickedly at the older woman. It was a strap-on, with a smaller insert for her. "I've never." Carol said nervously, and April found it cfnm femdom babes get black cock in their tight pussys. April gave her a soft peck on the lips.

"Don't worry, mom. Just lay down, and I'll take care of everything. Carol nodded, and did as she was told, while April strapped the tool on. She slipped the small phallus into her as she did so, and noted that it couldn't even compare to her brother, but was at least something inside her. There was a small part that pressed against her clit, and it moved while she applied a bit of lube to the rubber dong. April bent over her mother, and suckled her left nipple into her mouth, as she rubbed the head of the toy against her mother's labia.

Carol hunched her hips against it, demanding its entrance without using words. April looked up at her mother and smiled. Carol's eyes were scrunched tightly closed, and her pleasure was written all over her face, in the way she sucked in her breath, and how she bit her bottom lip. April was doing this for her mother, and was receiving her own pleasure in that knowledge.

"I love you, mom," she said while releasing the tit and sliding her hips forward. The phallus slid in easily, and April enjoyed watching Carol's eyes roll back in her head as she mewled in pleasure. April kept moving forward, until their hips met, then stopped. Carol's eyes flew open as she looked up at her daughter. April felt hands grab each of her butt cheeks, and try to pull her in further.

April pulled back however, only to be forced back by Carol's demanding hands. Their hips met with a slap, and both women moaned as their respective phalluses moved inside them. April moved back again, only to once again be brought down into her mother. They started up a rhythm of this, both building up a sweat, until April heard something she didn't expect.

"Gawd, why horny brunette babe wants cumshot on her cumshots this be as big as Adam's cock?" April understood immediately what she meant. Adam's penis was bigger than this toy, which is why Minnie and her hadn't been using it.

Carol must have realized what she'd said, as her eyes grew large, and filled with fear. "That's not what I meant," she tried to protest. "I-- I--" April cut her off with a kiss, and began to thrust her hips as hard as she could into her mother. So she was fucking him too, huh? April wondered how many other women her brother was fucking.

April reached down, and filled each of her hands with her mother's ass, as she kept up her onslaught. She was getting close, more from the friction on her own clit, than the pinky sized rubber inside her, and knew that Carol was too.

Carol came first, and not for the first time April wondered what it would be like to have a real cock and feel a woman cum on it. She followed soon after, as she bent over and kissed her beautiful mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: Same results with new batch.

I was actually downright rejected! I couldn't believe it. As if any woman wouldn't give her right foot to be with a man of my caliber. I must get to the bottom of this!

END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miss Shelly had been frantic all day. She had failed to catch Adam at home yesterday to tell him the good news, and hadn't yet seen him in the hallways either. She hoped that he was alright, and nothing bad had happened to him. If any of her students had noticed her behavior, they had been wise enough to keep it to themselves.

Her final xxx hot pron sex stories vidow couldn't come quick enough. She had found herself snapping at some students for no reason, only to completely lose track of what another was saying, because she was lost in thoughts and worries over her beloved Adam.

When sixth period had finally ended, Shelly had to seat herself at her desk, in magdalene michaels and jessie andrews lesbian love pussy licking and pussylicking to wait for him. She wanted to wait out in the hallway, and run to him when she saw him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, and kiss him fervently. She knew that none of this could happen till after he graduated next week.

She needed to keep her job. She couldn't stop a small sigh of relief from escaping her when he finally walked in. All her fears were suddenly calmed, as he looked at her and gave her that special smile that she knew was just for her. A new worry popped into her head though. How would he take her news? He was young, and still had so much of his life ahead of him. Would he welcome their unborn child, or curse her for it?

She had thought she had been careful, always taking her birth control pills, but somehow his sperm had still reached her egg. The bell rang, and the class immediately went silent. Shelly had hoped that Adam would give her some excuse to keep him after class today, but he behaved exceptionally well. She wasn't even able to create anything as an excuse to keep him after. Class went by all too fast for her, and before she knew it, the final bell rang, dismissing her students, and her Adam, for the day.

Feeling rejected because he hadn't even tried to give her an excuse to keep him after school, Shelly slumped into her desk, and laid her head on the smooth surface. Why did he treat her this way? Some small part of her knew that her emotions were slightly askew because of the pregnancy and the hormones, but she didn't much care right now.

"Miss Shelly?" She looked up, unable to hide the hope that suddenly blossomed inside her. Some students were still filing out, and she fought hard to regain control of her facial features. "I was hoping you could help me with today's lesson. I seem to have a hard time wrapping myself around the body of these paragraphs." The way he said some of those words sent a bolt of electricity straight through to her pussy.

She sat there looking at him for a few seconds, admiring her young lover, before she remembered that she was supposed to speak. "Oh-- Of course. Why don't you show me your. um. Work?" He grinned at her, and it dazzled her heart to see it. He would understand. He was young yes, but he was intelligent, and would love her and their child. Adam placed his book before her, but she couldn't pull her eyes away from his face.

He started to make up something about what petite kinky teen slut with big ass getting fucked rough had tried to teach them about today, but she didn't hear a word of it. When the last student finally left, he walked to the door and locked it.

He started to remove his shirt as he walked back, and even though she was sitting, she could already feel herself getting weak in the knees as he did so. She had to remind herself that there was something she wanted to tell him. Now what was it.?

Oh yeah! It was-- His shirt hit the floor. He wasn't overly well built, but he was perfect for her. He was strong enough to pick her up, and hold her in his arms. He was back to her now, a curious look on his face. "Is something wrong? Are you not in the mood?" His questions stung her. How could he think she wasn't in the mood?

She was ravenous; she wanted to feel him in her. She wanted to hold him in her arms, as he filled her full of his seed. His seed! "I'm pregnant," the words left her mouth, and for a second she wasn't sure if she had been the one to say them. Suddenly everything seemed to slow down, as she watched the realization of what she had just said, cross his masculine face. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: Some personal testing shows that it is actually ME that has become immune to the substance.

It no longer bonds with my body chemistry to make the women want me. Somehow my body now rejects it. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'm pregnant," the words seemed to reverberate through his skull. He stood stock still, stunned by the words. Even though his sister and Minnie had delivered the same news to him not so long ago, hearing it again, and from a different source, struck him anew.

He still wasn't sure how he was going to take care of two other babies, and now he had to worry about a third. For a split second he worried about his mother, but then dismissed it. She had told him she was taking something the morning after that would make sure she didn't get knocked up. But hadn't Shelly told him that she was on the pill too? Just like April and Minnie.

"Say something. PLEASE!" The desperation in her voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He looked down at her, and saw a changed woman from the stern and strict teacher she had been not that long ago. She no longer wore her dark hair in a too-tight bun, but let it flow freely down to her shoulders. Her dark tanned skin seemed to glow from within, and even her eyes behind her glasses and long eyelashes seemed to sparkle as they regarded him with worry.

The only problem was he didn't know what to say. He knew that he would do the responsible thing, and take care of the child, at least as much as he could.

He just had to hope he could get a good paying job with benefits soon. So far the job market had been slim, though. In the end, he decided to cop out, and simply leaned forward to kiss her.

Luckily this seemed to alleviate her fears, as she met his lips with passion, standing to press her body to his. Their lips and bodies molded together perfectly, so that even air couldn't find a pathway through.

He let his hands travel across her back, then to the front. He undid the buttons to her blouse one by one, and then slipped it off her shoulders when he was done. The sound of her blouse hitting the floor was covered by her sigh as he nibbled on her neck.

He saw right away that this was one of her front clasping bras, and delighted in squeezing her large jugs together in order to free them from their cumbersome prison.

She sighed again when it hit the floor, and he trapped her breasts with his hands and mouth. He loved how firm Shelly's tits were! Adam felt his teacher's hands worry at his belt buckle, and a moment later his shorts and boxers dropped to his ankles. He was the one to sigh now as her slender fingers grasped his manhood, and slid up and down his shaft.

She spun them around, and pressed him back into her desk. He had noticed that she had kept it pretty clear of things since their first encounter on it. He hopped up, and smiled as Shelly pulled his face to hers for a short kiss, before kissing her way lower down. She worked her way across his pecks, abdomen, and then gracefully slipped her large soft lips around his cock. He groaned loudly, as he felt her tongue swirl around his head, remembering too late that he needed to be quiet.

They were still in the school. Shelly looked up at him, and he found that she looked extremely sexy with him in her mouth, and looking up to meet his eyes. He left her mouth with a pop, and she smiled broadly. "I have a special treat for my young lover," she told him, then put him back in her mouth.

She pressed her head down, trying to take his largeness down her throat, but failing. It still felt good though, and he appreciated her attempt. She tried a couple more times, and when she finally pulled off him, he noted that he was soaked in her saliva. "That ought to do it," she smiled triumphantly. Before he knew what to think she stood and dropped her long skirt to the floor, which was then followed by her small panties.

She took his hands in hers, and pulled him from the desk. Pulling him into a powerful kiss, he reached down, and started to rub his head against her crotch, but she pulled away. "Uh-uh," she said, again with that dazzling smile of hers. "I want to feel you in my ass today." If Adam hadn't had better control over himself, he would have shot his load right then.

This was still something he hadn't yet done. To think that he would be able to do it to his sexy teacher was almost too much. Now he understood girl on bondage gagged fed up with waiting for a taxi naive young tourista liza rowe reason for all of the saliva.

She spun them around, and then placed her hands on the desk as she bent over, wiggling her rear towards him. He needed no further invitation, and stepped up to her fine ass.

"Take it slow. I've never let anyone back there, before, but I have used a few toys to try it out. I understand some women don't like it, but I thought it felt great." The thought of her masturbating with something in her anus filled Adam with a lust he hadn't felt in awhile. He pressed his pulsing cock to her brown hole, and had to hold back from trying to slam it in. As it was, as soon as his head cleared her sphincter, she let out a grunt, and reached back to place her hand on his chest.

He had a great view of her right breast as she twisted, dangling from her chest, and carefully reached forward to play with her nipples. She smiled at him appreciatively, and then gently pressed back against him.

He moaned at the feeling of her tight anus sliding slowly down his length. Every couple centimeters she would stop, and move off him a little, but then push back again, taking him ever deeper into her colon.

He continued to fondle her breast as he felt that last little bit slip inside her. "You're a LOT bigger than any of my toys," she told in, slightly out of breath. "Start out slow. I am still getting used to you. I don't know how long I will last though." She emphasized the last of her sentence with a wiggle of her filled ass, making Adam moan in delight.

Adam heeded her advice, and relished the feeling of her gently gliding off his member till only his head was still in her, then carefully pressing back in.

After a couple long strokes like this, he recognized that lusty look in her eyes, as she nodded for him to go faster. He picked up his pace, marveling at how tight she was back there. She began to press back against him, and grunting as she did so, so that he had to release her nipple, and hold onto her hips to keep his balance. It was taking all of his self control to keep from yelling out his joy at this new sensation, and by the way he sometimes saw Shelly biting her lower lip as she tossed her head from side to side, she was trying to hold back screams of her own.

Suddenly Shelly's anus clamped down hard on him, and he had to grip her hips firmly in order to keep her from collapsing to the floor as her knees gave out on her. Adam felt his own orgasm come on, and started shooting his hot seed deep into her colon. Shelly moaned her own rapture as he came, and he had to lean forward now to grip the desk, as one of his most powerful orgasms ever ripped through him. As he pulled his limp member out of her, Shelly spun around, and kissed him furiously.

"Thank you for being so understanding! After you graduate, we can move in together, and be a real couple!" Adam groaned inwardly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: All attempts to halt my body's reaction to the substance have failed. It simply no longer works on me. I will not give up however. There must be another way. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol was still smiling as she pulled out of the parking lot.

She glanced down at the strap-on dildo in the passenger seat, as ideas began to blossom in her mind. She knew that she had been under the effects of her daughter's pheromones, but for once she didn't care. At least this time she wouldn't have to taste that vile concoction as a morning after pill hardcore 2643 free hardcore porn tube porn. What she couldn't understand however, was why her daughter's pheromones had worked on her.

With her Adam's, they only worked on the opposite sex, and yet April's appeared to work on both sexes. Using her daughter's juices from the toy, she should be able to synthesize a new substance, and maybe even get her revenge on Harold. She just had to come up with a plan within a week.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: I need to find some way to find a new formula.

One that my body won't reject, and I need to find it before the meeting next week, or my plans will be ruined. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minnie sat, reading over the documents before her; everything seemed in order and completely legitimate. Her unborn child would be part of a study, which she would get paid for.

Not only that, but all medical expenses would be covered too. The large man in front of her promised that no harm would come to her child, and that she would help many other women out as they studied her child. Grabbing the proffered pen, Minnie happily signed the documents, and then stood to shake the man's hand. "Thank you." "Jones. Call me Jones," the man told her, smiling broadly himself.

"And thank you! If we learn what I hope we can from your child, then many other women will be able to experience the joys you are having." Minnie wasn't too sure exactly what 'joys' he was referring to. Pregnancy so far hadn't been so bad, but she knew that the worst discomforts were skinny teen fucks ass with dildo tube porn to come.

She couldn't wait to get home and tell April and Adam about the great news. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: With this new DNA I should be able to create a different formula that my body will accept. Also, with access to the growing fetus, I might just be able to identify the genes responsible for the pheromones.

If I can do that, I could create the right circumstances to give me the ability to make my own pheromones, and never have to rely on the substance again. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please leave a comment below. I read them all, and check as often as I can for new ones. Also, visit my forum for pics of my characters as well as info on my stories.

Thank you to everyone who has read this far into the series. I truly hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing these stories!