Splendid teen helpless teen evelyn has been walking for awhile

Splendid teen helpless teen evelyn has been walking for awhile
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To start I'll xxx 17x story sex stories 2019 myself. I have reddish brown wavy hair and blue-green eyes. I'm about 5'3 and petite in stature.

I have perky 32D boobs and from what guys have told me "hershey kiss" nipples. I've also been told i have a "fat but tight" ass. Anyway, I'd been lusting after him for the past year. He was perfect. He was tall, dark hair, mysterious looking. He had broad shoulders and the way he walked was enough to make any girl crazy. Whenever I saw him I would stare longingly until he was out of sight. My best friends knew of course and joked with me about it but I couldn't get him out of my head.

I imagined what it would be like if I ever got the opportunity to fuck him. I would be happy just talking to him but talking isn't what turns me on.

I would be animalistic with the way I kissed him. It would be passionate. Our tongues would be dancing as fluidly and sensually as it can happen. I'd bite his lower lip and run my tongue across it. He would grab me and throw me against the wall. His hands would be all over me. His hands were even sexy to me. Big and strong. Grabbing me all over; squeezing my boobs and roaming all over my ass.

I'd be moaning quietly, biting my lip and holding back the scream of pleasure that was building inside of me. His hands would find their way under my bubble ass booty fuckrd hard as he nibbled on my neck. I would be on fire at this point, wet and longing for him to touch my bare skin. I wouldn't be able to take it anymore. I'd rip his shirt off and kiss his neck in thanks for the way he was making me feel.

He'd follow suit and rip my shirt off. Squeezing my boobs and grunting out of lust. The bra would come off next and he'd attack my nipples with his touch.

Sucking and nibbling on them. I would be getting wetter, the desire was immense. My hand would shoot to his jeans. His hard cock throbbing inside them. I'd grab his cock and rub it through his pants. Oh god I wanted it, it was so ready for me as hard as it was. He could tell how bad I wanted him and he wanted me just as much if not more.

He would start rubbing my pussy through my jeans. He would feel the heat emanating through them and his cock would get a little harder and I would squeeze it a little more. We would make eye contact and see nothing but lust. We would rip off each other's pants at the same time. And as we would stand there in our thong on my end and boxers on his, we could do nothing but lunge at each other.

It was all grabbing and rubbing and kissing and biting. We needed each other more than anything else. He would throw me on his bed at this point and rip off my thong. He would slowly kiss me from a long, hot, lingering suck on my bottom lip; to my neck on the sweet spot that always gets me; to each nipple, sucking each one forward, causing a small moan to escape my lips; then down past my belly button, flicking his tongue inside it; to just above my clit on my shaved mound.

He would smell my lusty, womanly smell and need every ounce of strength inside of him to not fuck me right there. He wanted to tease me and make me beg. And he was about to give me the fuck of my life. He slowly kissed around my pussy. Sucking and nibbling on the lips. I would be moaning at this point, my pussy getting wetter with each passing moment. He knew how to tease me, he knew to avoid giving me what I wanted so I would beg. I tried to hold out; I didn't moan as loud as I really felt I wanted to, I had to be resistant to him or he would have all the control.

All of a sudden I felt his tongue slipping more and more closely to my clit. I couldn't take it anymore and I screamed, "eat my fucking pussy now and don't make me wait anymore!" With that he went for it. His tongue slithered onto my pussy, past the folds of my lips, right onto my wet, hot, longing slit. I was screaming, moaning his name and quietly repeating "fuck me" under my breath with each pass over my pussy.

He was purposely avoiding my clit, making me wait for what I really wanted most.

My hands were on the back of his head, pushing his tongue deeper inside me. My juices were flowing and that familiar feeling was just emerging inside of me. My moans were getting throatier and I knew he could tell he had me on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

Without any warning his tongue snaked its way up to my clit. He was furiously flicking the tip of his tongue across my throbbing clit.

I was in ecstasy. My back was arched and my moans were continuous and deep. My hands were on his head and my fingers gripping his hair. "ugh baby right there don't stop I'm about to ugh ugh UGH AHHHHH!" My body shook as I came the hardest I ever had in my life. It took me about a minute before the convulsions stopped and I slowly eased off the wave of pleasure that had rushed over my body.

His eyes were locked onto mine and I saw how much my orgasm had turned him on. I wanted nothing more than to return the favor. I lunged at him. Shoving my tongue inside his mouth. My fingers were running through his hair and I was grinding my pussy against his boxer-covered rock hard cock.

I pushed him back against the pillows and whispered into his ear "don't worry baby I'll take care of you now" I slinked my way down and kissed him american girl morgan layne and old man above his boxers and on the muscular "v" that was the arrow pointing me to what I really wanted.

His cock sprung out at me. It was a bit larger than normal and fairly thick. It was so hard it was throbbing and I heard him say "fucking suck it baby, I need you" I didn't need to be told twice. I grabbed his cock and felt the smoothness but still strong and hardness of it. I kissed the tip, which was a bit slippery from precum. Thats a taste I'll always long for. I knew how bad he wanted me and that alone was enough to make me cum again.

But I had work to do. I started to kiss him all up and down his shaft. Running my lips against it and sometimes the tip of my tongue would graze it. I made my way back up to the tip. I sucked it into my mouth and started doing "figure 8s" with my tongue across it.

At this point his hands made their way to the back of my head. His eyes were closed and his mouth slightly open. He wanted more and that's what I wanted to give.

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I started to take his cock into my mouth. As I slowly sucked him my tongue would slide across the bottom. I heard grunts of approval and a quiet "more baby" as I pushed his cock further down my throat. His cocking was sliding in and out of my mouth fast and rough and it was becoming slicker. I felt his cock twitch and grow slightly; hardening from the lust.

His hands were tangled in my hair and he was shoving my mouth onto his cock. My pussy was getting pornstar stunner gets her butt hole shagged with big penis, I loved how bad he wanted me. I heard him say "fucking shit baby come here and bend over, I need your fucking pussy" I gladly obliged and moved to the front of the bed.

I stuck my ass in the air, spreading my legs a little so he could see my puffy, slippery slit. He grabbed my hips and slowly slid his hard cock inside me. I felt my pussy gripping him and contouring to his girthy cock. His path started out slow, he was being gentle with me and it was getting me hot.

I wanted more. I started moaning, "baby pleaseeeee." "oh yeah baby? You want more, you want this fucking cock harder?" "yes baby please fuck me harder" With that he started ramming me. His cock was sliding in and out of my dripping pussy so fast and hard. My body was flying forward and coming back onto him with each thrust.

He started to slap my ass, loud and hard and I could feel the handprints beginning to form. He then reached forward and grabbed my hair. He pulled my head backwards and fucked me even harder. An orgasm was slowly creeping up again. "ughhhh baby you fuck me so good, I'm gunna fucking cum soon" With that he leaned forward and pressed his thumb into my clit and started rubbing.

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That was the final straw. I started cumming all around his cock. He never slowed his pace. Ramming his cock into my pussy and my juices flowed down onto him. As my orgasmic high started to fade I heard "you fucking dirty bitch you love how hard I fuck you? Now I want you to ride me, I want to see how bad you want it" Seeing as that is my favorite position and I would do anything to please him at this point, I gladly hopped right on top of him.

I started sliding my pussy onto his cock, which was fairly easy from how wet I was. We were making eye contact the whole time, "ooooh baby I see how nymphos ride boyfriends asshole with oversized strap dildos and burst you want me, your fucking pussy is so wet" My whole body was tingling.

I started to bounce up and down on his cock. I could feel it going deeper and deeper inside of me. I was moaning and squeezing my boobs as his cock was going in and out of me.

I sped up my pace, rubbing my clit as I rode on him faster and faster. "ohhhh yeah baby you fucking love riding my cock" he pushed my hand out of the way and pressed his thumb into my clit. I came again, "ughhhh baby I fucking love your cock in my tight pussy" He flipped me onto the bed with that and pushed my legs back.

My pussy was staring up at him, begging for more. He grabbed my hands and held them above my head. I couldn't move from my position, I was completely submissive to him at this point. This only turned me on more as i whispered to him, "baby please fuck me as hard as you can, just like this" he rammed his cock into me.

I could feel it hit the deepest region of my pussy. He continued to fuck me that deep and got faster and faster with each thrust.

I was on cloud nine, my pussy was gripping his cock like a vice. I started to cum again, "ugh fuck yeah baby cum for me again" and just as that orgasm ended, he pumped harder and another one began.

"oh yeah baby that's fucking right, come here and suck my cock I'm gunna cum" I flew over to him, I wanted to taste him so bad. I skipped all of the teasing and sucked his cock deep and fast. He started grunting and his cock twitched as spurt after spurt of tasty, hot cum slid down my throat. I had finally gotten what I had been lusting after, and I was beyond satisfied.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, I'll write another if I get positive feedback.