Eating sister like hot fresh buns

Eating sister like hot fresh buns
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Life of lies is hard but sometimes necessary.

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For gay or bi-sexual in families that find that way of life wrong or embarrassing it's a real challenge. I should know I live in one of those families.

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In my 24 years I hide my true personality from everyone in my family. Some of my friends know but not many because have a double fucked up time with myself. I live in one of the bible-belt states. I live in North Carolina in a small town will not religious in nature but religious in people. A lot of people live here follow one religion or another, and in their eyes what I am is wrong.

I'm bi-sexual male. I guess my story starts back mom seduce son father out Henderson Middle School. I was one of those kids that had friends and people know me but I was not poplar by any means. I was the kid people like screwing with or beating up. I was smart so I know how to handle myself without the need to fight manly because I could not fight. I lacked the will to fight. I was picked on like most students but I believe there was a few who just like me because I was so easy a target.

It was the school year of 1999 to 2000 when I start really looking at girls as more than just a friend. I had a girl friend in fifth grade but you know how it was back then. In seventh grade I was at a new school and I had a new understand and urges, it wasn't just the girls I saw either.

I not sure when I first started looking at my boy the same way as girls but I remember who the first boy was that I show intersect to. His sister and I had date for a few years, she was the girl I data back in fifth grade. He was her big goofy brother that they loved.

I won't say I love him as more than a friend because I didn't. His name was Bob and him and I made joke mostly about that kind of things. Not really happen between us until eighth grade. We would skip last period all the time and soon started doing things for the school just to get away with it. It was on one of those jobs that we took a step closer to the line between friends. My school had two floors and a lot of stairwell, There was one that wasn't ever use back it was chained off but only on the bottom floor.

The top was open and we had hide there for the period cracking jokes and messing around well we wait for school to end. It started out like any other the day. We talked about our girlfriend and bull shit what we had done with them. Well he was anyway for at the time I had a new girlfriend and me and her had done something thing. "Kelly suck my dick the other day." I said well remember how her lips felt as the slow run up and down on my shaft. "How was it." I looked into his eyes as I thought.

"It was…great more or less. It was her first time and mine for that matter. I better it would be better if she know how." I turned back to the window as my mind wrapped my memories into fantasy. I picture Bob moist mouth wrapping around the end of my cock with his blue eyes looking up at me as his head slowly lowed to my pubic hair. I imagine his tongue rubbing the underside as it neared my balls and just as he bottomed out his tongue would slowly flick my nut sack.

"I tried to get my girlfriend to do it but she won't." His voice forced the image from my mind. "She won't even touch it." I turned around and leaned up against the wall I slow plan my next move.

"Have you showed your dick to her or anyone?" He slowly shook his head as he cast his eyes away. "Why maria bellucci private black label devil in the flesh small or something?" He head shot up quicker than a cobra strike.

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"Hell no, it's bigger than yours." I smile and let out a quick laugh. "What, have you been looking over the stall in the restroom because I know I have never showed you my dick, but if you think show and want to back that up then drop you pant." I finish reaching down until my hand grabbed my zipper.

My eyes never left his nor did my smile fall from my face. He mouth was slightly open and he had a look of worry on his face. Cautions at first his hands slowly move to his zipper and I watch as a penelopeblackdiamond she fucks x cm jamaica hammer of confuse and excitement fill his face. It was then that I show that he like me more than I thought.

No I have a jack ass nature but this was too good to pass up. I push off the wall and walked up to him lower my hand to his. "Or would you rather like it if I would to drop you pants." He shoved me back a few feet with a scared laugh.

"No… I got it." His voice cracked as he pulled his zipper down before unbutton his pants. As they slide down to his feet I could easy see the bulge in his boxers. I lowered my pants never looking away from the bulge. "Have you ever touched a dick before?" I looked up into his eyes "I've never seen another man dick before.

Why do you want me too." He pulled down his boxer as my eyes lowered once more as his dick popped into feel I felt my breath catch in my throat. I had always wondered if I was bi but until his cock came into view I just never gave it much thought. He had to be at less eleven inches long and maybe two inches thick.

I just looked at it for a few second until my need for air hit me. My tongue slowly wet my lips as I let my boxer slide down my longs. "Well you where right you is bigger but not fatter." I said as my eight inch long and three inch thick cock, which was already hard from the wild thoughts, stuck out in front of me.

He was lost as he stared at it. Slowly before he was aware of it I reach out and grabbed his in my hand. It was warm and soft and boy did it feel good. I felt no veins as I slowly stroked it. "You know you want to touch mine." I said in a voice barely above a whisper. He didn't know what do at prison guard nails these two hot blondes but he finally did and I heard my gasp as his rough hand slowly wrapped around mine.

He was force full in his stroke with I didn't like. Never like rough fuck even to this day. When I felt the skin tight under my hand I just had time to look down as his cum shot out of the end landing at our feet. Then his words made me smile. "Why don't you suck it?" I was about to answer when my dick jerk and a pinned up moan escaped my lips as my cum rocketed from my cock.

"Why should I, you wouldn't suck mine in return." His eyes took on a hard edge as he jerked his hand away and pulled up his pants. "Damn right because I'm not GAY." He never saw the hurt that filled my eyes as he turned around and slump off.

It wasn't until a few second later that I became aware of the tear the slowly rolled down my face. I wiped it away then pulled my boxer and pants back up. He never said anything about that day after that, and I became even more confuse and started trying to hide that parts of myself even from me.

To Be Continued