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Lorn sex stories suney loiney storys com
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My name is Jericho. I am a 17 year old virgin. I have always fantasised about fucking my aunt Mindy. The slutiest milf you will ever meet.

Around 5ft 9, frizzy black hair, big juciy tits, and an ass that was to die for. Mercedes lynn layla rose lilly banks way it moved as she walked always made me want to lose it, and the dasie dukes with her thong slightly visable above didnt help ether.

she was around 36 years old and was alittle plump, Not in a fat way but in a nice, thick sexy way. She had gone through a messy divorce, and then remarried a man who was much older then she was. She had 3 kids from the other marrigetwo girls one boy.

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Her eldest daughter was also a knockout but we will get to that later. Anyways she worked at my fathers burger joint as a waitress and had a reputation of being a bit of a slut, it was said that if you put a wild deepthroating from cute playgirl blowjob pov dollar bill on your table and stand by the bathroom and make eye contact with her, she would take you in there and give you the fucking of a life time!

The second i had heard the men talking about it I wanted to know if it was true. So i hung out waiting to see if I would catch someone doing this and soon enough, i did.

It was a black male, around 20 years old. My aunt /////mindy walked into the mens room and the man turned and followed, I put my ear on the bathroom door and listend untill i heard the stall door shut and lock. I Quickley but quietly ran in. I went into the stall next to them and stood on the toilet, he was getting a blowjob and was fucking her head. I quickly pulled out my Camera Phone and started recordidng.

"Mmmm Take it you white fucken bitch!" he screamed as he shot his load in her mouth. The man was in a rush so after she stroked his cock a few times the man ordered my aunt to bend over the toilet.

she did and he opened her thick thighs and lapped up his cum from her pussy. "ohh, your pussy taste so good for a white bitch!" he said. He got up and Smacked her ass really loud. So Loud i was suprised no one heard it outside the bathroom. He then oked his dick in and out of her pussy a few times, then rammed it straight into her ass!

"Ohhhhhh! fuck my white slutty ass with your big black cock!" She said. It was at this when i pulled out my cock and started to stroke it.

She started to grind on him, and he went wild "Ohh shit! im gonna lose it!" He said.

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Then she squeezed her ass muscles and he screamed "Ohh shit its to tight!" and shot his load straight into her ass. Aunt Mindy was panting over the toilet as he smacked her ass and left. i stopped recording and I got down and went to the next stall she was in.

I took a picture, She turned around with a shocked look on her face. She was sitting there bent over covered in cum with her mouth open but no words coming out, just her mumbling my name. "Pick me up from my house at 6" I said. "Were going to have alittle talk" I said as i waved the phone. She started sobbing as I Walked out of the bathroom grining.

It was 6o clock when her car pulled up. She was still wearing work clothes and had a sad look on her face as she saw me get in the car. She pulled out of the driveway and i said, "I know what you have doing Mindy, and i have proof. and i dont think Uncle Raymond or your son are going to want to find out, with the push of this one button i can send those pictures to the whole family." I said with an evil grin.

"What do you want?" She said with a scared look on her face. I told her to pull over and park behind this Supermarket. She did.

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I pulled off her shirt and she resisted saying "No its Wrong your my Nephew!" I put my dick to her mouth and ordered her to suck it, She denied it at first but theb i showed her the tape on my phone and she opened small tit sub tied up and toyed by duo mouth and rapped it around my cock. It was one of the best fealings i ever had, she licked the base and cradeled my balls in her mouth and then started to deepthroat it, I pulled her head up and down and fucked her face, she was crying and moaning with pleasure all at the same time, I unzipped her pants and stuck my fingers in her pussy and it was soaking wet.

I pulled down her ppants and pushed the seat down and flipped her over and started Licking her pussy aswe 69ed, she started moaning, "Oh baby lick your aunties cunt" she said as i Stuck my tounge into her pussy, she shreiked and exploded with pussy juices in my mouth, i then cam in hers and she swallowed all of my cum. I then pulled her ontop of me and she road my cock, "aww SHIT!" she screamed.

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'Fuck me with your big juciy cock Jericho!" She Screamed in pleasure, she said as she thrusted her hips at mine, "Oh ive always wanted to fuck that cock of yours!" She screamed as I thrusted in and out of her, She then tried to tighten her pussy lips but i pulled out and came he in tight ass.

"Oh Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as i shot my massive load inside of her, she Was Screaming "Yeauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"as i pumped every last drop of cum onto her, I pulled up biker girls going crazy part wayne enterprises pants and walked out of the car and said, "I made a reservation at the Hilton.

Call your family and tell them you have to work late." Take this key and be there Tomorow at 8. There will be an outfit laid out for you on the bed. Take a shower and get all of that cum out of your pussy, I will be there at 9. Be ready for me." I said. as i threw the room key onto her and walked away grining know that i had just Plowed my auntie.