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Diana doll anal girl 1
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Fbailey story number 471 The Sexy Basketball Girl I was pleased to see that a girl my age moved in across the street. Sixteen is a difficult age to be, you're not really a kid anymore and you're not quite an adult either.

My hormones were raging and I jerked off a lot. I saw her bouncing a basketball on her sidewalk and went right over. I invited her to use my basketball hoop on our garage. I told her that I play in the paved driveway all the time. She introduced herself as Sam and said that it was short for Samantha. She was my height at five feet six inches tall and she had long legs. I introduced myself and found out that we would be in the same grade when school started up in the fall.

She went in to change so that she could play ball better. When she came back out I got stiff all over. My cock got hard, my tongue got hard, and I couldn't move from my spot.

Sam was wearing what appeared to be boy short panties and a jogging bra. She just smiled and said that her outfit not only allowed her to move around easily but it gave her the advantage over male competitors like me that can't keep from ideal schoolgirl was teased and shagged by her elder schoolteacher a hard-on. She wasn't kidding either. I couldn't remember ever being that hard.

She may be a beautiful tease but she was good at playing basketball too. Sam challenged me to play to twenty-one and the best out of three.

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If I won I could see her tits and if she won I would have to show her my cock. I knew there was no way I could beat her and that she would just humiliate me so I beat her to the punch. I conceded and took her into the garage where I pushed my shorts and underwear to my ankles and pulled up my T-shirt so that she could look at my erection. Sam giggled but she certainly stared at it too. When she reached out to touch it, I didn't move. She grabbed onto it and was surprised at how hard it was, especially since it didn't have a bone in it.

Then she wanted to see it soft. I laughed and told her that it might not ever go down with her holding it and with her dressed like that. She chuckled and offered me a blowjob. I told her that it might take more than one and she said okay. Then Sam knelt before me and sucked my cock into her mouth as she stroked it gently. I didn't think that she would ever get me to shoot my cum into her mouth but she sure surprised me.

Then she swallowed it all, smiled at me, and started sucking it again. It never went down. I had never seen it do that before but with Sam looking that good and sucking on it I should not have been surprised. Sam had to suck me dry three times before it would stay down. That took the whole hour and it was thin blond girl teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal for her to go home. At least she got to play with it for a few minutes while it was still soft.

But before she left she wanted to see it get hard again too. She accomplished that by removing her sports bra and showing me her fantastic tits.

It didn't take very long and Sam actually enjoyed playing with it. She kissed the head of my cock and then she kissed my lips before putting on her bra and leaving. After dinner Sam knocked on my door and Dad let her in. Dad sent her up to my bedroom too. She just opened it up and smiled as I turned around. I had only been checking my email on my computer, luckily.

Sam had changed her clothes but she still looked fantastic. She had on a pair of boy shorts that looked like something she could wear outdoors. Her T-shirt though had its sleeves cut off and the bottom cut off so that it just barely covered her breasts.

She was not wearing a bra or panties either, because she told me so. Then she proved it to me by lifting her T-shirt up and showing me her great tits and then she dropped her pants to show me her nice patch of pussy fur.

I got hard right away and that was exactly what she had wanted. She dropped to brother help sister after breakup knees, lowered my shorts and underwear, and then she started giving me another blowjob.

She was on her third blowjob in a row when Mom opened the door. She just smiled as she saw what Sam was doing and closed the door quietly. My cock went flaccid and Sam thought she had finally done it. No matter what she got to play with it for a while in it's normal condition. Well, normal as when Sam wasn't around me. We had almost two uninterrupted hours together before she had to go home.

In that period of time Sam got to play with my cock soft and hard for as long as she wanted too. I got to see her nude and play with her tits and finger her pussy all I wanted too. She taught me how to masturbate her, which was a lot of fun for both of us.

I even got to practice oral sex on her too. Now that was exciting especially once I managed to give her an orgasm. I even tried to fuck her once but she said that she wasn't ready to do that yet, that she was still a virgin, and then she reminded me that we had just met that morning. I got a very nice kiss goodbye at the door right in front of my parents. Sam did it on purpose. After I went to bed Mom came into my room. I had been waiting for her to say something about seeing Sam sucking my cock earlier, but she never did.

Mom asked me if I had sex with Sam other than the blowjobs and I told her not yet because she had just met me that morning. Mom said that Sam sure moved fast. Mom really surprised me when she said, "I'd love a taste of Sam's pussy.

Do you have any left on your fingers?" I replied, "No I just took a shower." Mom said, "Too bad. Maybe tomorrow you can get me a good taste." I asked, "Mom are you bisexual?" Mom said, "I'm not sure. I never thought that I was but that Samantha is just too fine to pass up. I made out with a few of my sorority sisters when I was in college, but once I met your father all that changed, but I must say that Sam makes my panties wet." I said, "I'll see what I can do tomorrow." Mom replied, "Thank you, dear.

Good night." Then Mom kissed me on the lips, slipped her tongue across my lips, and then she ran her hand along my cock. It got hard under her touch before she said, "Sorry huge tits and doggystyle in a cab in reality style I just wanted to know if I excited you.

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Get me a good taste of Brooke and some friends shared a man tomorrow and I might want a good taste of you tomorrow at bedtime." She gave me another kiss, turned my light out, and closed my door.

The next morning Sam came over right after breakfast. Mom opened the door and let her in. Mom looked at her boy shorts panties and her sexy little bra top. Mom asked, "Does your mother know that you came outdoors in that?" Sam laughed and said, "You should see what she will wear outside. Want me to give her a call and invite her over." Mom looked at me smiling and said, "Okay." Sam made the call and we waited by the front door to watch her mother come across the street.

She had on a bikini but unlike any bikini that I had ever seen. As she got closer my mother clutched my hand tightly.

Sam's mother had two round pink cones glued to her areolas and a pink teardrop triangle that covered her slit but not much else.

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I could not see any strings holding anything together. Mom led her into the kitchen while Sam held me back. As I watched her mother walk in front of me I realized that there was nothing at all in the back.

Mom asked her how she kept her bikini on. Without so much as a thought she popped one of her pasties off, licked the silicone cone, and pressed it back over her nipple. She pulled her bottom teardrop off and I just stared at her beautiful bare pussy as she explained to Mom that the material was framed with a piece of wire and attached to a dildo that she just poked into pissloving babe vacums and toys her pussy vagina.

She didn't care if I was watching or not. Then she offered to let Mom try it on. Mom didn't even look at me as she undressed and popped that dildo into her pussy.

Sam's mother removed her pasties, licked them, and stuck them over Mom's nipples. Mom never looked so good. Sam's mother said, "Why don't you kids go up to his bedroom and fool around while I shave her pussy so that we can fool around too." Once in my bedroom I said, "Sam my mother wants to taste your pussy too." Sam undressed, kissed me, and then said that she would be right back. Screw that, I followed her down the hall and into my mother's bedroom.

Our mothers were standing there, nipple to nipple kissing passionately. Sam waited politely until they had finished their embrace, pushed Mom back on her bed, and then sat on her face.

Sam's mother went over to the bed and started licking Mom's pussy.

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Soon she was pulling me down to get a taste of my mother's pussy too. I got a good taste then let her go back to Mom's pussy while I ate her pussy. Sam leaned over, pulled my cock closer to her face, and completed our small Daisy Chain. Sam had the best tasting pussy of the three that I had tried. My mother took last place politician gets blindfolded and fucked by an evil teen behind Sam's mother but I had the impression that Dad's cum was still in her.

Sam's mother told her that she liked freshly used pussies better than night old ones. After hearing that remark, Sam told me that she was ready to loose her virginity, if I wanted it. I sure as hell wanted it and I was hard and ready too. Mom told me that Sam was wet enough if I just wanted to slip it into her. Sam moved around so that her butt was on the edge of the bed.

The two mothers got on either side of her and I got between her legs. With no additional foreplay I slipped my cock into her wet dripping pussy. In a few minutes I was cumming inside her pussy. I stayed hard and kept fucking into her until I had cum a second time and then a third time. When it comes to Sam it always seems to take me three times to go soft.

My mother was amazed at my staying power, while Sam's mother put her tongue where my cock had just been. After a while my mother pushed her way into Sam's crotch.

That freed up Sam's mother to suck me hard and mount me on the floor. After I had cum twice in her, Mom pushed her off from me and said that the last one was hers, then my own mother mounted me.

Sam had the nicest pussy that I put my cock in, but Mom really knew how to make me feel good. She placed my hands on her breasts and when she came up they were in my face.

I would give them a little squeeze and suck on her nipples until she pulled it of my mouth and sat down hard on my cock. Mom was a great fuck and I was sure that Dad already knew that. Now I'm not saying that Sam's mother wasn't a good fuck but somehow I got the impression that she was more interested in sucking my cum from the other girl's pussies.

Truthfully I found that a turn on. After everyone had been satisfied, the four of us went down to the kitchen for lunch. Our mothers started talking about sex. Then just by listening I learned a lot about my parent's sex life, what Dad liked, and what Mom liked. Mom would love to dress like Sam and her mother but Dad would never let her. Mom would like to have sex in places where there was a slight chance that they might get caught, but Dad wouldn't.

All Dad seemed to like was straight sex in his own bed. Sam's mother was exactly what my mother wanted to be, but at least ten times more so. Sam seemed to be a younger version of her mother and willing rape sex scenes in movies have sex with black man full open hard faking american white girl xxxsex storys anytime and anyplace.

That afternoon we all went shopping for some sexy outfits for Mom. Dad was going to be in for a big surprise when he got home from work. The End The Sexy Basketball Girl 471