Lucky guy takes on two hot sluts

Lucky guy takes on two hot sluts
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Part 2 - the same day We both nodded off, Mike laying on his back and me semi-curled up beside him.

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I stirred a while later, and it took me a second to realize where I was. I thought about re-starting sex with a male at this age, and I felt nothing ill of it; no remorse, no regrets.

I had sucked another guy's cock, and he sucked mine, and we had given each other a lot of pleasure. I had no issues with that at all, and hoped for more of the same.

I opened my eyes and saw Mike's chest, with a pool of my cum couple smoking cigarettes during fucking his pecs, and a splatter of his on his stomach. I reached out with my hand and started massaging it into his skin, which brought him around. "Mmm, that makes nice skin cream, keep it up." I had every intention of rubbing it in, but I caught a bobbing motion out of the corner of my eye.

Mike's cock was coming back to attention, and bobbing up and down. That was a hot thing to see; his head pointing up, and the smooth lines of his crown, now bobbing up and down every few seconds.

I scooped up a handful of our combined juices, and applied it to his dick with my hand, which brought an approving moan from him. I spread it around his meat and started to stroke him up and down, slowly but purposely. I loved feeling his skin with this most excellent lubricant on it; as I moved up, I rolled some around his head, then wrapped my sloppy hand back around him and stroked up and down.

Now it was Mike's turn; he reached over with his close hand and felt around until he found my hardening dick. That got me throbbing, and as he played with me, I got back to full erection. Mike said, "John, that cum is the best lube, you're getting me going again." "Just relax and enjoy it, Mike.

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I'm amazed how good it feels to stroke you." Mike just laid there for a minute and enjoyed the sensation. After a bit, he asked, "Can you still reach my cock and bring yours up here?" Now that idea appealed to me; having another blowjob from a guy who knows how it should feel. I half stood and moved up, putting my knees next to his shoulder and head, and bent over to bring my cock to his mouth. Mike turned his head and licked me, then opened wide as I placed my head in his mouth - all the while keeping my slimy hand on his cock, and sliding up and down.

He started moving up and down, licking the underside of my cock as he moved. An "Ugh" came out of his mouth around my cock, and he started sucking hard and moaning with each thrust. College nymphet lilly labeau take cock in class was heating up, it sounded like he was going to cum again.

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Meanwhile I was getting excited too. I had a great view of his mouth sliding on and off my cock. Suddenly, Mike started with moans around my cock in his mouth, "uh. uh. UH. UH. MMMMMMMMM.". I felt his dick start to throb, and his hips started to pump up and down, and the next thing I knew Creamy exotica black girl wiggles in webcam had another handful of his jism.

I scooped it up, then straightened up, putting my slimy hand around my own dick, and started pumping hard. In only a few seconds, the pleasure welled up, then welled up more, then I felt my own release as I pounded out another load of semen, once again all over Mike.

The pleasure was taking me away, and I pumped my stuff about five times, until I was spent. I laid down on Mike, spreading all that cum over both of our bodies. Mike had to be home in a bit, his son was coming for dinner.

But we took the time to shower - together - and washed all the cum off of ourselves.

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As he prepared to go, he said, "I'd like to do this some more, are you ok with it?" "Absolutely, man. Let's do it." ------ We still got together to watch the hockey game or shoot the shit, and every week or two we would have some sex.

Either of us might propose some action, whoever was in the mood. One time, Mike came in the door with a shit eating grin and walked right over to me and gave me a kiss. "Hmm," I said, "I wonder what's on the agenda for tonight?" Mike responded, "I was daydreaming today, and I got to thinking.

a little mutual cocksucking would be fun." "You mean a bit of 69-ish?" I thought about that for a second, the first image that came to mind horny whore likes to fuck on top japanese and hardcore my wife squirting her cum on my mouth and nose, while I pumped my cream all over her cheek.

But with a guy? "I can't remember if I ever did that with my teen-age friends. Something new? Sign me up!" I stepped over to Mike and wrapped my arm around his waist, and directed him towards the bedroom. By the time we reached the bed, we both had our shirts off and Mike was loosening his belt. I interrupted with, "Hold on, man, let me do that." I reached around him and started feeling up his pecs, then fiddled with his nipples, which brought a hum and Mike's arms reaching back to pull my hips into his backside.

He said, "I feel a bump in your pants, is that something you want to stick in my mouth?" "Hell yeah," I said. "Here, I'll let it loose for you." Mike turned around as I loosened my pants and pushed the works down. My hard-on was in process, but Mike went to his knees and took me in his mouth. After a few seconds, I'd grown hard and long, and Mike started sliding his mouth up and down my cock.

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Oh that was nice; I just closed my eyes and let him heat me up for a while. Mike reached around and grabbed my butt cheeks, sliding me in and out as I rocked back and forth. In a bit, I started thinking about his idea, and told him to stand up.

I took down his pants and peeled them off, then I laid down across the bed. Mike walked around and laid down opposite, our cocks both pointing at each other's faces. I was enjoying the view.

I stood his dick up and faced it right towards me, and admired the detail of the skin on his cock head. I was just going to put it in my mouth when I felt Mike's tongue slowly circling my own helmet, oh that was nice. I opened wide and took him teen two cocks xxx cummie the painal cum cat, and he followed suit - we both had our cocks in hungry mouths. I was looking forward to this climax. As I slid my mouth over his head then down his shaft, Mike began alternating between sucking on my cock and licking my balls.

I reached up with my lower arm and circled the base of his cock, running my fingers through his pubes. With my upper hand, I reached around and ran my fingers lightly over his balls; the smooth feel was turning me on.

About then, Mike went to work on my cock with his mouth, full time. I felt the beginnings of my climax, and went to work hard on his big hard dick with my mouth.

Mike started pumping me, giving out moans with his thrusts. Right about then, we were both so involved in two naughty gfs sharing hard dick in pov our cocks sucked and being sucked at the same time, that we weren't thinking about giving the warning, and I suddenly shot to climax - right as Mike let out a moan and gave me a mouthful of his salty spunk.

My God, I was so high, returning the favor by pouring out my jism into his sucking mouth. I came, pump after pump, at the same time I moved my mouth full of cum up and down on Mike's cock to give him the same pleasure he gave me. When we finally gave up each other's meat and could talk, all I could say was, "You made me so high!" Mike asked me what I thought of the taste, and I reflected that it wasn't as bad as I remembered. "I agree" he responded, "But I think I'd like to normally take a pass on it." I was good with that.

But we had more experimenting to do.