Attractive gal gets all holes team fucked

Attractive gal gets all holes team fucked
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My mother made me accept hot lesbian session with two stacked lookers invitation. Jennifer, bitch queen of Elmont High was having a pool/birthday party. I have no idea why she invited me. Jennifer is the kind of girl that burns anyone who tries to get close to her, but like a moth to a flame, the guys just can't help themselves.

Sassy, black, big boobed, round ass, she is sex on the hoof. I felt self conscious as most of the girls were wearing two piece bikinis while I still had my old one piece. Mom said we just couldn't afford a new one this year and I'd just have to make shara lopez gets orgasm with sex toys. I tried to tell her that I had grown from an "a" cup to a "c" cup since last year, but she just wouldn't listen.

My boobs were only barely covered and bulged out the sides. To make matters worse, when I get nervous, my nipples harden and they are very big and pointy when they stiffen up, and I was soooo nervous today. I could feel the weight of the guys stares.

I know that I would be even more on display if I had on a bikini, but it was just more slutty that I was wearing this undersized garment. Unexpectedly Jennifer had been nice to me since I arrived. As the afternoon wore on, she pulled me aside. "I need your help," she confessed. I was surprised to say the least. "My little brother is here at the party, something my mom forced upon me, but a group of us are planning on doing some ecstacy later and getting freeky in my parents playroom.

They swing, so the entire basement is set up for 'partying' if you get what I mean. However my little brother makes that difficult, so if you would see to keeping him occupied for the next couple of hours, I'll give you one of my old bikinis to replace that hobo suit you are wearing." She poked my boob where it bulged out at the side.

Next thing you know her brother and I are up in his room watching a movie. I had seen him around the pool earlier, but had thought he was a senior, come to find out he's a freshman! Talk about early bloomer. It probably helped that he had an entire weight room to work out in, so not only was he well developed, but he was well muscled as well. We settled down each with a coke and popcorn and began to watch the film.

It was a sexy romantic comedy that my mom had forbidden me to see when I wanted to see it, but it was now out on blu-ray About an hour in, I started to feel a little funny.

I mentioned this to Jake and he calmly told me that the hit of ecstacy that he had put in our cokes was finally hitting. He leaned over and ran his hands over my breasts and my nipples became instantly hard and I could feel myself starting to get wet. He grabbed my head and began to kiss me.

I was totally overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through my body, and don't resist when he picked me up and put me down on his bed. He pulled my suit off me and I was suddenly naked in this freshman's bed.

He stood and removed his swimsuit and I could see that his muscles were not the only thing well developed on him.

He began to maul my tits and normally it would have hurt, but with the drugs in my system, it felt wonderful.

The stark contrast of his black hands on my lilly white breasts was startling to me. He pulled me so that my body was on the bed, but my head was hanging off the edge upside down. He approached me and I could see his dick was already leaking precum.

He smeared in on my lips and told me to open my mouth. When I did, he forcefully fed his dick to me. I think normally I would have tensed up and gagged, but he bottomed out in me and my nose was pressed into his ballsack.

"Shit bitch, you took it all. Gotta thank my sis for you." He began to saw his cock in and out of my mouth. My left hand was playing with my nipples and when my other hand found my clit, it came almost immediately and I could feel myself squinting. "Wow, you came already." I could hear his voice getting husky.

"Shit, that's so hot," as he pistoned in and out of my mouth. He began to grunt and I heard him taking pictures on his cell phone. I could feel his cock getting even harder and thicker as he approached climax. Then he thrust hard and he was buried all the way down my throat as he began to twitch and lurch.

He was firing his cum down my throat and I couldn't breathe. I began to come again, this time without touching myself and I started to struggle as I couldn't get any air. Then mercifully, he withdrew. I didn't resist as he pulled my body back up the large bed and began to rub himself against me.

It all felt so good, I petite brunette makes a cold day hot feel myself creaming and I wanted his cock. He laid back and it was sticking straight up in the air. He had a shit eating grin on his face and he knew I wanted him even more than he wanted me. I crawled up and straddled his legs. I lifted up and put his cock at the entrance of my virgin hole. I slid down until he reached my hymen, and his face lit up even more.

"A fucking virgin? Holy shit! Hold still!" He took a few more pics then threw aside the phone. He grabbed my hips and looked me in the eyes.

"Ready?" he asked. I bit my lower lip and nodded.

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He pulled my hips down and slammed into me. The pain was intense, but due to the ecstasy, I liked it and came again. I was grunting and flipping my hair around. I had begun thrusting up and down on his dick and his hands were all over my ass and tits. He pinched my nipples very hard and I just came harder. I came down, but just couldn't stop. I wanted that again.

"You are a tight little fuck, girl. Shit you feel good. I'm just sorry you will never be this tight again after my baby forces his way out of you." I heard his words, and they registered in the back of my mind.

I was riding him bareback, and by the amount of precum he had been making earlier, was probably already leaking in my cunt.

He grabbed my titties. "My son won't want for milk, that's for sure and these cows will only get bigger. He'll have fine nipples to suck on and a bounty of creamy mother's milk every day." He grinned evilly.

I knew I should stop, but I only pounded him harder. I was so close again and I had to cum. Even if it ruined my life. He grabbed my ass and forced himself even further with each stroke. "Shit, I'm getting close, I can feel my balls pulling up. I'm going to sperm you.

I'm going to put my baby so far up inside you it will take and extra month for him to find his way out." I had my hands on his chest and I pinched his nipple.

He drew in a hissing breath, "FUCK! Here I cum." He pulled me down on him with all his might and I could feel him began to unload inside me. I began to cum on his cock. I howled as I came and I ground my crotch on his pubes, trying to make it last as long as possible. At some point I blacked out. I woke on my back with a delicious feeling in my crotch. I looked down only to see Jennifer lapping my cunt while her brother pounded her from the rear.

I put my hand on her head, running my fingers webcams big tit pale chick dance tease her kinky black hair. She lifted her head from my crotch. "About time you woke up." I pushed her back down and she grinned and dove back into my spermy puss. I began playing with my tits as I watched Jake get closer and closer to orgasm as he doggie fucked his sister.

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"You gonna let him sperm you like he did me? I'm not on any birth control. I may be pregnant with your nephew or niece right now." She moaned into my pussy and it shot electricity through me. She tried to raise her head but I grabbed ahold of it and ground her face into my pussy. "You knew what your little brother would do, so take the consequences!" Jake was moaning and I knew he was near. With him holding her ass and me her head, she wasn't going anywhere.

Jake looked me in the eye and I knew he was about to unload. I felt his orgasm though his sister and that triggered mine. I started to cream and squirt all over Jennifer's face as he grunted and came in his sister. She was shaking herself all over and I knew she was coming too. When we finally let her go, she crawled up the bed and I licked my juices off her face. We lay together touching each other's breasts. Jake pushed up behind me and began to fuck me from the rear.

Jennifer and Piss and anal tina kay perfect butt and perfect body kept on kissing and rubbing.

I didn't cum again, but Jake got off another load inside me and it felt good. We all fell asleep after that and when I woke up, I was being fucked by Mike the senior quarterback who yesterday, wouldn't have given me the time of day.

He wasn't as big or as good a Jake, but I got off before he came in me. Jennifer got behind him and licked his balls and asshole as he unloaded inside me. I tried not to laugh at his "o" face, but it was pretty funny. When I left, Jennifer kissed me and invited me back to her next party. She also handed me a duffle bag that turned out to be full of her old clothes. Most of them pretty slutty. After I left, I got a text from Jake wanting to go on a date.

I put one hand down in my crotch and rubbed myself as I drove. I'd have to think about it, after all he was only a freshman!