Drunk mom gets unwanted facial compilation

Drunk mom gets unwanted facial compilation
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Winter runs over to Sasha and is curious about what she is yelling excitedly about. She walks over and Sasha hands her a birch bow and a quiver of arrows. She looks at the price tag and exclaims "Holy Shit! You're not paying that much for this set!" (200 coins) "Yes, I am! You need to learn how to protect yourself, and I am going to teach you how to do that." Says Sasha as she grabs the bow and quiver of arrows from Winter.

She also quickly grabs a short sword off the shelf as She heads to the armor side of the store and Winter follows her. Sasha says "Would you like some armor? Something to protect you while we are fighting all the bad things out there?" Sasha grabs some armor, leggings, boots and gauntlets for Winter and heads up to the front of the store and sets them on the counter and told the shopkeeper, "I want to buy these, a one-handed sword, and if you could, could you repair my armor and boots?

We're leaving sometime tomorrow." The shopkeeper says "Would you like to sell your old armor and weapons? I can repair your things, and here is your bow, arrows, sword and armor. Give me until later tonight to repair your stuff, come back around 7 pm and everything will be fixed for you." Sasha grabs her stuff and they turn and head back to the inn, passing a brothel on the right side of the road. It was called The Red Elm. (I'll have to remember the name for next time we come through here.

I haven't been laid in a while.) Thought Sasha to herself. The two women walk a few more blocks they head back to the inn with their purchases. They enter the inn and are greeted warmly by the innkeeper once more.

They say hi back, and walk through the dining area, up the stairs and to their room. Sasha lays her sword on her bed, and tells Winter "I have something I have to do really quick, how about you test out your armor and the bow and arrows, and swing your sword and I'll be back in a little bit." "Okay, I can do that. I'll let you know how it fits on me when you get back." Winter says with a worried look as Sasha leaves the room and walks downstairs and out the door of the inn.

She decided to go to the brothel to get some of her pent-up sexual aggression out of her system. Sasha walks down the block and stands in front of The Red Elm. She almost decided to go back to the inn, but she put one foot in front of the other and walked into the brothel. It was a beautiful place, a very calming music was playing through the speakers, the walls were painted red and gold, and there was a plush red and black carpet on the entryway.

A small waterfall was coming out of a fountain, making a quiet tinkling noise as the water splashed. She stood at the front counter and waited for someone to help her. After a few moments of waiting the madam came and talked to her and asked "What is your name? What preference would you like? Male or female, and what race?" My name is Sasha. She thinks for a moment. "I'd like a blond-haired female with big tits, if that's possible, race doesn't matter to me." The madam says "well that will be 10 coins", and then yells out "Jamie!

Come down here!" A beautiful, pale skinned, long-haired blond female came walking down the stairs. She had bright blue eyes, and she was fully naked. Her big tits swinging with her every step, her nipples were big and pink, and they were pierced with blue and silver bars. Her pussy was completely shaven clean, and her fingers and toes were painted bright red.

"You called?" said the prostitute called Jamie. "Take this woman to one of the rooms downstairs, and pleasure her as much as possible." Says the Madam, as she pocketed the 10 coins. Jamie grabbed Sasha's hand and lead her down a hall and to the second room on the left.

There was a big queen-sized bed in the middle of the room. The window was open and had a big booty ebony bitch is one hell of a sex slave sheer curtain on it that blowing in the wind.

Jamie was still holding Sasha's hand and moved it to her face. Sasha caressed Jamie's face and pushed her hand into her hair and wraps it in her fingers.

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She tilts her head back and starts kissing Jamie. Her lips were soft and plump, and tasted like cotton candy. Sasha started to kiss her deeper, pushing her tongue into her mouth. Jamie started sucking on it and moved her hands to Sasha's clothing. Sasha removes her armor and takes all her clothing off, tossing it on the floor and freeing her tits. Jamie started teasing Sasha's nipples, rolling them in her fingers, pulling at them roughly and grabbing her tits hard.

Sasha moves her hands to Jamie's big tits, grabbing them hard, and pinching her nipples and teasing her by playing with the bars in her nipples. They keep kissing and Jamie pushes Sasha back on the bed. Sasha is completely naked now, and her cock stands totally hard and tall.

Jamie starts to kiss Sasha, and kisses her way down her neck and chest. She kisses her breasts, and starts to lick, kiss and suck on her perky, pink and dusky madison parker gets her juicy ass fucked hd. Sasha gasps in pleasure, loving the sensation of having her nipples sucked.

Jamie bites Sasha's nipples, hard. Sasha groans, her cock jumping. Jamie starts moving her way down Sasha's body, kissing and licking her way down her stomach and thighs down to her cock. Jamie looks Sasha in the eyes and tells her "I've never been with someone who has a cock and tits. I'm enjoying this so far." She says with a smile. Jamie starts to lightly suck the tip of her cock, she starts to move down her cock licking and sucking it until it's fully in her mouth. Her mouth stretching a little as she feels her start thrusting her cock in and out of her mouth.

Sasha grabs Jamie's head and pushes it down on her cock. She lays there and enjoys the feeling. Sasha starts playing with her tits and grabbing her nipples hard as she keeps getting sucked. She tells Jamie, "Let me pleasure you please." "Okay. Let's switch for a little bit." Says Jamie. Jamie pops her mouth off Sasha's cock, leaving it sopping wet and harder than before. Jamie lays on the bed and spreads her legs open.

Sasha gets on top of her, and starts sucking on her nipples, teasing her. She then starts sucking on the bars, licking each side and biting her breasts lightly. She runs her fingers down her body and starts teasing her clit. She rubs her fingers on that cute little nub and starts moving her fingers down to her pussy. Feeling her wetness and she enters her fingers into her pussy.

She gets between her legs and starts sucking on her clit, making her jump and gasp. After fingering her for a minute or two, she starts licking her slit, tasting her sweet pussy juice. Jamie grabs Sasha's hair, yanking it hard forcing her farther into her pussy, making her lick her slit as she pushes her tongue inside her. Sasha rubs Jamie's clit, harder and faster and keeps thrusting her tongue in and out of her and Jamie cums all over her tongue, and she squirts all over Sasha's face.

Jamie screams and moans as she finishes cumming. Sasha gets up and lays on the bed next to Jamie and tells her "Please get on top of me baby." Jamie gets on top of her and starts stroking her cock, making sure it's nice and hard. She spreads her legs and rubs her cock on her clit making sure it's wet and she starts to slide down her cock.

Sasha moans in pleasure, and grabs Jamie's hips, she pulls her down onto her cock and Jamie's pussy tightens as she cums on Sasha's cock. She slowly starts pushing her hips up and her cock slowly slides inside her tight, hot and soaking wet pussy. She goes into her inch by inch, feeling her pussy stretching open, until the full 6 inches are inside her.

Jamie moans in pleasure, and starts grinding her pussy onto the cock that's inside her. Sasha starts thrusting her cock into her, a little harder each time she pulls out and pushes back in. Sasha groans in pleasure, and Jamie starts rubbing her clit and bouncing up and down on her cock. Jamie cums again on Sasha's cock, making her pussy tighten and gets wetter. Jamie's tits are bouncing up and down in Sasha's face, Sasha grabs both and starts licking her nipples, biting her breasts hard.

Jamie keeps bouncing on her, going faster and faster. Jamie grabs Sasha's tits and uses them to go faster as she continues to bounce up and down on Sasha's cock. It was getting dark, and quite a few hours after Sasha had left and Winter was starting to worry about Sasha, and wondering where she was.

She left the room in the inn, and started walking around town and checking different shops trying to find her. She went and started looking for Sasha, trying to find her because she was scared she wouldn't return. With every shop she checks, and she isn't there, Winter gets more and more worried and upset. Winter walks past the brothel and hears Sasha talking and moaning loudly, and the sound of another woman as well.

She walks closer to the brothel and see's a small dirty, trash strewn alley to the side, and she walks down it and stands in front of a window and hears Sasha hot wives fucked hard in pornstory 30, "Get on top of me baby." Winter stands outside the window of the brothel.

She stands there in shock, watching the beautiful blond with the big breasts ride Sasha's cock through the open window. (She didn't even know Sasha had a cock!!) The brothel was the last place she thought she'd be! Seeing Sasha's cock slide in and out of Jamie's pussy was turning Winter on. She feels her pussy getting wet and start to soak her panties. (Good thing this window is facing an alley or this would be humiliating.) thought Winter to herself.

She figures she might as well take care of this sexual need problem right now then head back to the inn before Sasha saw her. She didn't know how she'd react when Winter told her that she was watching her through the window. Winter continues to watch Jamie bounce up and down on Sasha's cock, and she pushes her pants and panties down until she can start playing with her pussy. She touches her finger to her entrance and feels that she's soaking wet.

She starts playing and teasing her clit talia shepard in a real cock fucking story she continues to watch the two women have sex in front of her. Jamie moans out "I'm about to cum again, she screams as she cums on Sasha's cock." Winter gets wetter, as Sasha starts fucking Jamie harder, slamming her cock into her pussy.

She tells Jamie "I'm about to cum inside you." Winter keeps rubbing her clit watching Sasha intensely, feeling the pleasure shooting from her clit throughout her whole body as she starts to shake. She's so turned on right now, she can feel that she's going to cum soon. Sasha looks towards the window, feeling as if someone is watching them, but not stopping her assault on Jamie's pussy. She locks eyes with Winter, and with one last thrust empties load after load of hot, sticky cum inside Jamie.

Winter feels herself cumming, she squirts all over herself, her eyes still locked with Sasha's. She breaks eye contact, hastily pulls up her pants and runs off in the direction of the inn, not caring where she goes.

She starts crying because she's so embarrassed, that Sasha saw her masturbating to her having sex with someone else. She finally makes it back to the inn, and stumbles in the door, through the dining room and up the stairs and throws herself on her bed and keeps sobbing. Sasha tosses Jamie off her, and hurriedly gets dressed. She thanks Jamie for a good time and hands her a few coins as tip.

She runs out the door and down to the inn. She heads up the stairs, and bursts into their shared room.

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She see's Winter laying on the bed crying, her face buried in the pillow muffling her sobs. Sasha walks up to her and sits on the edge of the bed and quietly asks "Why were you at the brothel watching me?" Winter starts to cry harder, rolls he dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill onto her back and looks up at her holding her pillow and says, "You were gone for a long time, I was scared you were going to leave me." "But you stood there and watched me have sex with that girl, why?" "Because, I couldn't look away.

Once I saw that it was you, I tried to leave but it was like I couldn't. I had to stay and see how it ended. And then I got turned on watching you, and I played with myself and made myself cum watching you." Winter says, while holding a pillow and gasping for air because she's crying so hard. "I'm trying to understand why I did that. And to be honest.

I like you. We just met but I'm starting to get feelings for you, I think that's why I was so upset after seeing you with someone else. Because I wanted it to be me, and you caught me." Says Winter quietly. After Winter is done talking, she sits up next to Sasha and quietly waits for Sasha to start talking. Sasha turns and hugs Winter and tells her "I am starting to get feelings for you too. I'm not upset that you watched me, I was just a little shocked because I wasn't expecting it.

I'm starting to like you, I think we get along well so far, and I'd like to see how it could go.

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But I want to take this slow, and not rush anything. I want to get to know more about you, before deciding we should do something about our new feelings for each other, especially since I'm supposed to take you home and we might be parting ways soon. Does that sound okay?" Winter nods her head in agreement and says excitedly "Oh!

It's almost time to go get your armor and boots! Arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob want to show you how my armor fits really quick!" She jumps up and starts to hurriedly put on her armor.

It fits like a second skin it's so tight on her. It covers her perfect, but her breasts are straining a little at the top.

Her boots come up to her knees, her chest pieces protect her vital organs, but also shows off her curves. She has an armored skirt that goes down to her knees, so she's fully protected. She picks up the bow and arrow and notches an arrow and makes a pose for Sasha. Sasha's eyes go wide and she starts smiling seeing Winter in the armor. "Grab the sword, let me see what it looks like." Winter drops the bow and arShe jumps up from the bed and says, "Let's go get these last couple errands done, so we can head to bed early, so we can wake up early and start heading to take you home." They leave the room and head down to the weapon smith's shop, Sasha pays the merchant and picks up her repaired boots and armor.

They also head to the market and pick out some things they'll need for the trip, food and drink and another bedroll. Their arms full of purchases they head back to the inn, drop their stuff off in the room and head back downstairs to get something to eat before bed. Winter snags them the same table that they've had the last couple nights, and Sasha goes up to the counter and gets some bread, meat and beer.

"That will be 3 coins." Says the innkeeper. Sasha hands him the money and goes to sit down waiting for their food to be finished cooking. After a few minutes of waiting their food arrives steaming hot.

They dig into the good tasting Hartford food one last time before they leave in the morning.

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It's almost 8 pm by the time they're done with dinner. Both women stack their plates on the table and head upstairs to their room. Instead of sleeping on separate beds, Winter asks if they can sleep on the same bed, she just wants to cuddle.

Sasha removes her armor, only wearing a bra and panties and lays on the bed under the covers. Winter does the same, and lays next to Sasha. She grabs the blanket and pulls it over them, and pulls Winter close.

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They cuddle close to each other as they start to fall asleep. Sasha and Winter sleep until 7 am. As soon as Sasha lays down and goes to sleep, she logs off the game. Carrie wakes up in her own bed, and heads to the bathroom, setting an alarm on her phone for an hardcore latina deepthroats and gets a facial from now.

After finishing in there, she heads to the kitchen for a glass of milk and some cookies. Playing the game always makes her hungry. She didn't want anything too heavy, as she was about to head back into the game in a little while. She turns on the TV and starts watching an anime she hasn't watched in a while.

Her cell phone alarm beeps, meaning that her hour off the game has finally come. She heads back to the bedroom, and lays on the bed and grabs her helmet and puts it on. As she starts to fall into a trance, she wakes up in the game. She sits up and nudges Winter awake, the two women roll out of bed and start getting ready for the day.

They each take a shower really quick and get dressed in their armor. Sasha grabs her shield, sword and pack, Winter grabs her bow and quiver of arrows. They make sure the room is cleaned, and they left nothing behind as they close the door and head downstairs to the main room to give the innkeeper the room key.

Sasha hands him the key and says, "Thank you for your hospitality, if we're ever in the area again, we'll stop by, and the innkeeper responds, "Good-bye, hope to see you again!" The sun was rising as Sasha and Winter start walking down the street towards the main road out of town.

They come to a bridge that reads Black Mill- 6 Miles<-- and Sacred Hills- 4 Miles -->. "Which way do we need to go?" asks Sasha. Winter says "We need to go to Sacred Hills, passing through that town will get us on the path we need to get to my town in the Providence of Raynvalley. The two women turn down the right dirt path and start walking to Sacred Hills which was about 4 miles away.

To be continued.