Brunette emily knows what a guy wants

Brunette emily knows what a guy wants
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It was Friday morning, and Mina was eagerly anticipating my return from a week- long business trip. Just after lunch she got a call from me telling her that there had been some complications.

I told her there was a private jet waiting at the airport to take her to a private island. I would meet her there in a day or two for a week long vacation. Mina poured herself some wine and relaxed in her bed as she read a romace novel.

Mina slept in on Saturday morning, after having some very erotic dreams.

Then she cleaned herself and put on a light cotton robe, she smelled fresh brewed coffee and breakfast' She hurried down stairs and seen me in the kitchen making breakfast. We chatted over our coffee for a while. She was lost in her thoughts that she was vaguely aware that I had asked her a question. " Oh sorry. I just have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Mina said as she walked out of the room. Mina walked down the hall to the bathroom.

There she carefully loosened the belt of her robe. Allowing a small portion of her breast and a hint of pubic hair to be exposed. Then returned to the kitchen. " Sorry. What was it you was asking?" She asked. Filling sweethearts mouth with a willy blowjob and amateur eyes went wide for a moment. " I.I was just asking you if you would like dinner on the patio tonight.

I will cook steaks. If you would fix a salad. " I replied. My eyes came back to her darting rapidly between her crotch and her tits. She pretended not to notice she was exposing herself. She walked back to the table and leaned over to pick up her cup of coffee. Knowingly letting her robe open to reveal her left breast. Awkwardly trying to conceal my hard-on. At which I did not succeed. " Oh my Goodness! I didn't realize that I'm practically naked ." She said coyly.

My male instincts took over as I wrapped my arms around her. A moment later my lips were pressed to her. Kissing her while I slipped my hands down to cup her ass cheeks. Pulling her firmly against my very hard erection. My tongue darted into her mouth with an insistent passion. That soon had her pussy wet.

She returned my kiss in a way that left no doubt about her missing me and giving me what I wanted. She encouraged me further by moving her hands between them to massage my monster erection. As her own tongue joined me in a mating dance. Mina didn't protest when I boosted her up on the kitchen counter. She begins tearing at the front of my pants. I helped her in turn, pushing my pants and briefs down.

Releasing a large swollen purple headed cock. Pulsing with need. I gathered her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom I let her down and she stood in front of me. " You know, Tonights the night that jordi and kendall will finally take each others virginity girlfriend and thr was thinking just how much I missed you." She said.

As she stood there, sliding her hand back up my chest and around to the back of my neck, pulling me slowly to her. I could feel the firm, mounds of her breasts pressing against my chest as she drew me close, her hand still latched onto my throbbing cock. " I was thinking the same thing," I murmured as she tilted her head, closing her eyes as our lips touched. Her lips were soft and warm, parted slightly as the kiss begins, and then parting more as her delicate pink tongue, soft and wet, slid into my mouth to find my own.

I slipped my arms around her trim waist and pulled her closer to me as the kiss deepened, her hand still gripping my cock and pumping it more firmly as we kissed. I feel her breasts mashed against my chest, the hard pebbles of her nipples evident, and I slid my hand down to grasp one firm, rounded ass cheek in my hand. I squeezed it firmly and she moaned in my mouth, signaling her uncontrolled desire for me.

I feel my cock start to ooze precum, and the ooze quickly turns into a steady flow as she tugged and pulled on my cock. She feels the slick spot on her stomach where the head of my cock has rubbed my precum on her skin, and she slids her hand up to the head of my cock to rub it around and get my thick shaft slippery.

I slid my other hand down to her ass and grabbing her other cheek, squeezing them both in my hands as she slips her hand up and down my shaft After a few more pleasurable moments Mina finally broke the kiss and steps back, releasing her grip on my cock. She was breathing hard, her mouth slightly open, the burning desire evident in her eyes as she grabs the bottom hem of her neglige and yanks it up and over her head to drop it on the floor at her feet.

I watch her firm breasts bonuce with her movements as she did this, then as she stripped the lace panties from her body and tossed them aside as well. She was naked now, standing proudly in front of me, and her beauty struck me. I saw her firm breasts heaving slightly sexy blonde gets sloppy deepthroat and gags her breathing as she stepped forward grabbing the towel wrapped around my waist, pulling it from my body.

I stood in front of her naked, and she tossed the towel aside as she stepped in close to me, so close that her breasts were pressing lightly against my chest and the head of my throbbing cock was pressing against her abdomen, then looked deep into my eyes as she spoke in a hushed voice. " Be rough with me, John," She said, looking deep into my eyes. " I know you won't hurt me, so I want you to be rough with me and fuck me hard, as hard as you want! I have been missing you so much." " Are you sure, Mina?" I asked, looking into her eyes and seeing the lust and desire burning brightly there.

" I get very intense when I really get started, and with a cock as big and thick as mine it gets.very uncomfortable, stretching and tearing your tight pussy. As you know from experience." I cautioned. Mina looked me deep in my eyes and nodded slowly as she replied, reaching out to grasp my hard throbbing cock with both hands and tugging on it firmly and urgently as she replied. " I'm sure, John," She said in an excited whisper. " Actually, I have been dreaming and counting on it!" Before I had a chance to move or reply Mina dropped down to her knees in front of me, pointed my long thick cock at her face and shoved her mouth down over the head and halfway down my thick shaft in one hard, fast thrust.

She gagged as the bulbous head of my cock hit the back of her throat, she only paused for a second before continuing to work my cock into her mouth and down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down my cock hard and fast, sucking hard on it as she took more and more of my length and thickness inside her mouth, slathering her tongue over and around the shaft as she quickly deep-throated me.

When there wasn't enough of my cock left exposed for her to keep both hands on my shaft, she quickly took one hand and grabbed my hairy heavy balls and began pulling and tugging on them as she feverishly worked the rest of my cock down her throat. I stood enjoying the sensations racing through me and watching Mina voraciously attacking and swallowing my cock, and I feel my cock growing harder and throbbing more and more in her mouth as she sucks it further and further into her mouth and down her throat, pulling and tugging on my balls urgently as she did so.

I watched as she quickly got it all down her throat, reaching out to grasp me by the back of my thighs with both hands to pull me towards her, giving my balls a brief respite from the tugging she was giving them. She begins sliding her mouth up and down the entire length of my cock in hard, deep strokes, slowly increasing her tempo as she gripped my thighs tightly with her hands.

She only gagged once or twice before she hit her stride, and then she begins deep-throating me in a steady pace with all of my cock sliding into her mouth and down her throat with each forward thrust of her head. My cock was glistening with her saliva, the excess running down her chin to drip slowly onto her breasts as she continued to deep-throat my big thick hard cock.

That's when I feel the embers ignite inside me. I reached down with both hands and entwinedmy fingers in Mina's hair, gripping her head firmly in my hands as I took over and begin moving her head up and down on my thick shaft as I moved my hips, throat-fucking her in hard, deep, and fast strokes. I feel Mina's fingers splay out in surprise on my thighs before she gripped them again, hanging on this time instead of using them to pull her head forward.

I heard her gagging, just slightly, and then I heard her moaning " OOOH.OOOH " as I thrust my big, thick cock in and out of her mouth in long, hard strokes. She looks up at me, her eyes wide as I continued thrusting in and out of her mouth, and then tugged on my thighs to urge me to continue. I continued thrusting my cock in and out of Mina's mouth with my hands on her head for a few more minutes, then I slipped my fingers out of her hair, and bent over to grasp her by the upper arms.

I pulled her to her feet, my cock slipping out of her mouth, and she gasped for air as she stood up. She haseena full sex stories sexy picture breathing fast, her nipples hard as stones and standing up in the middle of her areolas, and I could smell her musk.

Still gripping her by the upper arms I guided her over to the bed and then roughly pushed her back onto it. She fell backwards onto the bed, hair and legs flying, her breasts bouncing on her chest, and before she had time to do anything else I grabbed her by the ankles and spun her around, positioning her so that her head was hanging off of the edge of the bed and her feet were touching the wall next to the side of her bed on the other side. Mina found herself looking up at my cock and balls from below, and she knew what I intended to do next.

The thought made her pussy flood, making it even wetter than it already was. " Open your mouth," I commanded. Mina did as she was told. She let her head hang off of the edge of the bed and opened her mouth as wide as she could, her eyes just as wide in breathless anticipation as I positioned myself above her.

I spread my legs wide, grabbed my cock in my hand, and lowered it down to her open mouth. I guided the big head of my hard cock to her mouth, then paused with it hovering just outside of her mouth. " Ready?" I said, looking down into Kara's wide eyes.

She closed her eyes for a moment, her mouth still gaping wide open, and I saw her take a deep breath and relax; then she opened her eyes and nodded slightly at me, telling me to go ahead. I guided the head of my cock into her mouth and pushed it in, feeling her tongue caress the top of the head of my cock as it slid past.

I feel slight resistances as the head of my cock made it to the back of her throat, feeling her throat tighten slightly around the head of my cock as I pushed it in, but the " sword-swallowing " position Mina was in made it possible for me to push my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat in one long, firm thrust, my hairy balls bumping against her nose and eyes.

I saw Mina's hands curl into fists in the bedspread as my cock invaded her throat, and when I looked down I saw that her throat was bulging where it was filled with my long, thick cock. I begin to move, thrusting my cock in and out of Mina's throat in long, deep, steady strokes, watching the bulge in her throat come and go as my cock moved in and out. I moved fairly slowly at first, giving her a chance to adapt, but soon my pace picked up and I was literally slamming my cock in and out of her throat in hard, fast, deep strokes.

I reached down and grabbed both of Mina's breasts in my hands and squeezing hard, using them for support as I throat-fucked her harder and faster. I heard her gagging again, seeing her adjust her grip on the bedspread with her fists, and then I feel her tip her head back even further to urge me on.

I continued thrusting in and out of her open mouth and throat, her saliva running down my shaft to drip off of her nose to the floor as I throat-fucked her harder and harder, my breathing coming faster and faster.

After just a few minutes of this I feel my balls begin to shift and knew that I was going to cum very soon, and I hoped Mina was ready for it. The sensations racing through her made her whole body tingle, and Mina feels her pussy flooding as I fucked her mouth and throat with my big, thick cock.

She could feel my big hairy, heavy balls slapping against her nose as she held her eyes closed, and when she opened them she could see them swinging with my thrusts.

My cock in her mouth and down her throat was very big, filling her more then she expected, she knew she could handle it and was determined to do just that. It was impossible for her to suck on my cock in the position she was in and the speed with which I was thrusting, so she had to just hold her head back and let the tightness of her throat make me cum. She wanted me to cum, wanted it very badly, and was determined to hang on until she feels my cock pumping in her mouth and my hot cum flooding down her throat.

She gripped the bedspread harder in her fists and tilted her head back more to let me in deeper, if that was possible, sliding her tongue over the top of my shaft as I continued thrusting. Then she heard my breathing change and feels my cock widen in her throat, and a second or two later she hears me groan loudly " UUUH.UUUH.AAAH " as I shoved my cock hard into her throat.

She feels my cock explode, pumping and throbbing in her mouth and throat as I come, my cock shooting stream after stream of hot cum right down her throat. I continued thrusting as I came, the speed of my thrusts making it impossible for her to swallow all of my cum, the excess flying off of my cock to land on her nose, face and eyes as my shaft pumped again and again. Mina cried aubrey adams michelle aston two young babes fighting and flirting as her own orgasm hit, " OMG.OOOH.OOOH.MMMMM " the waves of pleasure crashing through her as my cock continued pumping my cum down her throat and into her stomach, my hands gripping and squeezing her breasts to the point of pleasurable pain.

She rode my orgasm out as her own ran its course, expecting my thrusts to slow and then stop, to her surprise I didn't stop -- I continued thrusting as the last of my cum spit out of my cock into her throat, my orgasm spent. I still moved, thrusting just as hard and just as fast as I had been before we both came, my balls slapping against her face with each thrust of my hips. Mina begins wondering if I was going to cum down her throat again, and hoped that she could hang on until I did -- if that's what I monster black shaft for a voluptuous stunner, and at this point she wasn't sure what my intentions were.

Suddenly, I pulled my cock out of her throat and reached down grabbing her by the shoulders. Mina gasped for breath as I sat her up, her face dripping with a mixture of her spit and my cum, and before she could react I picked her up by the upper arms and tossed her face-down onto the bed, her head towards the pillows at the head of the bed.

She bounced on the bed, her legs splaying open wide, and I immediately got on the bed behind her, standing on my knees between her outspread legs. My huge cock was still rock-hard and throbbing, standing out in front of my like a steel rod as I moved into position. I paused for just a moment admiring Mina's figure outstretched on the bed before me, and the sight of her made my cock throb harder.

The skin on her back was smooth and flawless, her shoulders perfectly sculpted with her upper body leading down to a tapered waist.

Her ass was firm and rounded, the globes of her buttocks taut and firm, leading down to her firm, shapely, and smooth thighs between which nestled her pussy -- shaven smooth, the outer lips puffy with her desire, the skin glistening with her juices.

All of this just made me want her more than I already did. I reached down and grabbed her by the hips, then yanked her up onto her hands and knees.

Mina braced herself for what she knew was coming, gripping the bedspread tightly in her fists as I grabbed my cock in my hand and rubbed the big head up and down her slit a few times. Then I pushed the head of my cock into her opening, making Mina gasp " AAAH.AAAH " as the big head slipped in.

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I grabbed her firmly by the hips and then pushed forward with my hips, thrusting more than half of my big, thick cock into Mina's soaking wet pussy in one hard shove. Mina's head snapped up, her eyes flew open wide and she cried out " OMG.AAAH.AAAH " in surprise and pleasure as I shoved my huge cock into her tight, wet pussy, and she clamped down on it with her inner muscles in reflex.

She gripped the bedspread tighter in her fists just as I pulled my cock out a little bit, then pushed it in further with another mighty shove as I pulled back on her hips. She cried out in pleasure " OMG.John.OOOH.OOOH.AAAH.AAAH.Push it in deeper.YYYES.MMMM " again as my big, thick cock pushed deeper into her tight pussy, stretching and tearing her tunnel to the limits as it slids deeper into her.

She gasped " AAAH.AAAH " as I thrust forward a third time, burying my cock completely inside her pussy, my cock head resting aganist her cervix, my big balls banging against her clit, WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP as I impaled her with my thick shaft. She pushed her hips back against me as I held my cock inside her, gritting her teeth and moaning, " OOOH.OOOH.OOOH.MMMMM " moving her hips slowly back and forth as she squeezed my cock with her inner muscles. I feel her squeezing my cock with her pussy like a vice and her hips moving against me, and this only spurred me on.

I gripped Mina's hips tighter with both hands and begin thrusting, pulling my long, thick cock almost completely out of her tunnel before thrusting forward again. I slammed into her hard and fast like a pile driver, pulling her hips back against me as I slammed my cock completely into her tight wet pussy, the head battering her cervix with each thrust, hard strokes over and over.

Mina's breasts bounced up and down beneath her with the force of my thrusts, the nipples hard and erect. She closed her eyes and gripped the bedspread tighter in her fists, gritting her teeth with the sensations racing through her body, her excitement and arousal quickly building with the force of my thrusts. I continued thrusting in and out of her pussy stretching and tearing the wall, driving my big, thick cock completely into her pussy like piston, my balls slamming against her engorged clit.

She feels her orgasm building and knew that she would be cumming very soon, and very hard. She begins moaning with each thrust of my cock. " AAAH. AAAH.AAAUUUGH.OH.OH.AUGGH.MMM.John.OH!" she moaned in time with my thrusts, "YES.YES.GONNA.CUM.GONNA.CUM.AAUUGGHH!!" Mina cried out as her orgasm broke, the waves of pleasure crashing through her body, and I feel her pussy clamping down harder on my shaft as she came.

I feel a horny dude makes an amazing sex video with his hot young latin friend pussy flooding around my cock, and I continued thrusting as Mina cried out in ecstacy, gripping the bedspread tightly and twisting it in her fists as her orgasms ran its course. " AAAHHHH, GOD!" Mina cried as a second orgasm hit her, squeezing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth as I continued thrusting, yanking her back against me with my hands on her hips as her second orgasm raced through her body.

I feel her cumming again and continued slamming my cock in and out of her pussy keeping my firm grip on her hips. My balls slapping against her clit over and over again. A few minutes later I feel her pussy loosen bubble ass booty fuckrd hard just a bit and knew that her orgasm had run its course; Mina's panting for breath and her head dropping down as she gasped for air.

After a few more thrusts I released my grip on her hips and bent over, lying on her back and quickly wrapping my arms tight around Mina's body. Then I squeezed her hard, crushing her body against me as I tightened my arms around her, driving the breath from her lungs with the suddenness of my grip. "Ooof!" Mina gasped, her head coming up as I squeezed her body against me. Then I begin thrusting again, just as fast as before but not quite as deep due to the angle of my own body. Mina was helpless in my grip as I squeezed her body in my arms, thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy relentlessly.

She was supporting my weight on her hands and arms, my arms wrapped around her waist and holding her tightly as I continued to drive my cock in and out of her sore pussy. The change in position made the angle of my cock change just slightly, and she feels the increased pressure on the underside of her clit and knew that she would be cumming again in seconds. " Yes, John, yes!" she gasped, my arms tighten around her body as I fuck her hard and fast.

" I'm gonna.cum again.oh!" She could both feel and hear my increased breathing as I continue driving my cock in and out of her, and the feeling of helplessness at being wrapped up in my arms increases her excitement. Then she comes again, crying out as her third orgasm rips through her body. " OH GOD.OOOH.OOOH.AAAAH.AAAH." I feel her pussy fluttering around my shaft and knew that she was cumming again, and this just drove me to continue.

I was sweating now, as was Mina, both of our bodies covered in a sheen of sweat, and we were both breathing hard -- I from the exertion of my relentless thrusting, and Mina from being the recipient sexy beautiful babe dominated hardcore and bondage my aggressive rough fucking. Mina's pussy was wetter than I'd ever felt, it was still just as tight as the moment I first drove my cock into her.

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I tightened my grip on her with my arms as I continued to thrust through her orgasm, and I hear her gasp " AAAAH.AAAAH " and feel her pussy grip me as I did so. Several moments later I feel her pussy and her body relax, and I knew she had finished cumming -- for now.

I released my arms from around her and straightened up, drawing a big breath as the cool air hit my hot, sweaty chest, thrusting my cock forward and holding it there.

I wasn't surprised to see Mina collapse on the bed in front of me, my cock slipping out of her as she fell. As soon as I released her from my grasp Mina collapsed forward onto the bed, gasping for breath and covered in sweat. She had just had three of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had, and they came back-to-back which made it all the more draining.

She lay still for just a moment, her eyes closed and her head turned to the side, wondering if I was finished with her, and then her eyes opened as the realization hit her. I hadn't cum yet. That meant that I wasn't finished with her, and Mina's mouth fell open as she realized that there was more to come. Just then she feels my hands on the insides of her knees, pushing her legs as wide apart as they would go, and a moment later she feels the head of my cock pushing inside her pussy as she lay on the sarol sex virdos chamba h p. She gripped the bedspread in her fists in preparation for what was about to happen.

I looked down at Mina lying on the bed, her legs partly spread, her rounded, firm ass shining with the fine layer of sweat that covered her body, and her beauty and raw sexuality struck me yet again. I moved forward and spread her legs further apart by pushing against the inside of her knees with my hands, and she parted her legs for me at my touch.

I moved into position over her, grasping my cock that was glistening with her juices and guiding it to her sopping wet pussy, then pushed the head inside. I saw Mina grip the bedspread in her fists again and I grinned, bracing myself above her with my hands on the bed next to her sides; then I shoved my cock into her pussy as far as I could, making her gasp " OMG " loudly as her head came up yet again.

I held my cock there for a moment, feeling Mina's pussy gripping and fluttering around it, then pulled it out a bit before slamming it forward again. Mina cried out again " OMG.John.OOOH " as my cock slammed back inside her tunnel, my hips slamming against her ass, and she moaned " OOOH.OOOH.AAAAH.AAAAH.MMMMM " as I held it there again. After a few short moments I stepped over Mina's legs one at a time, pulling her legs together with my feet on her ankles while keeping my cock buried inside her pussy.

Mina knew what I wanted and brought her legs together, changing the grip her pussy had on my cock. I spread my knees wide, as far apart as I could get them, to give me maximum leverage and thrusting power for what I was about to do. Then I begin thrusting again, hard and fast, shoving as much of my cock into Mina's pussy as could with each thrust. I looked down and saw Mina's ass rippling as my hips slammed against her with each thrust, I saw her ass muscles tighten as she gripped my cock with her pussy.

Then I feel her tilt her hips up to let me in deeper, I pushed even harder to get as much of my cock into her. Mina was close to exhaustion by this point, she was determined to hang on. She had wanted and asked me to be rough with her and fuck her as roughly as I wanted, but she had no idea that I would be this intense and fuck her this roughly for this long. I had been slamming into her for at least fifteen minutes squirt extreme compilation amateur first time robbery suspect apprehended and was showing no signs of letting up, she was determined not to give up.

She lifted her hips up and tilted her hips to let me in easier, and I immediately drove my cock all the way into her sopping wet, tired sore pussy. She gripped the bedspread tighter in bbc amateur bbc teen anal gangbang fists, knowing that all she could do at this point was hang on until I finally came.

She was breathing hard and panting for breath, her body covered with sweat, as I continued slamming my hips against her ass. Her damp long hair was hanging down over her face as her body jerked with the impact of my hips against her ass, her mouth hanging open slightly as I continued thrusting. Mina got an idea, one that she thought would help bring him to orgasm before he fucked her to death.

She rose up onto her elbows on the bed, gathered up all her strength and clamped down hard on his cock, tightening her tired pussy muscles around his shaft and squeezing it as hard as she could. " Squeeeeeeeze, John!" she said, turning her head and looking over her shoulder at my sweat-streaked face.

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She saw the look on my face and immediately did it again, squeezing as hard as she could. " Squeeeeeeze, Baby!" she said again, her ass muscles flexing as she squeezed.

I feel Mina's pussy clamping down hard on my shaft as she spoke to me over her shoulder, I was surprised that she still had the energy left to squeeze me that hard. She did, not once but twice, and that set my orgasm in motion.

I feel my balls shifting and my cock swelling, and I picked up the pace just slightly as my body rushs towards orgasm.

Then Mina cute blonde shares her bf with milf blowjob and mature me a third time, her ass muscles flexing more than ever, and that set me off. I cried out as my orgasm hit, " UUUH.UUUH.UUUH.UUUH " I drive my cock forward in one hard thrust, driving it all the way into Mina's pussy holding it there as my cock exploded inside her clutching, squeezing pussy. Mina cried out " OMG.OOOH.YYYES.YYYES.FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM," She could feel my cock throbbing inside her as it pumped my cum deep into her.

I pulled back and then drove my cock into her hard and deep again, making Mina cry out again. " YYYES.YYYES." She gripped the bedspread in her fists again as my cock continued to throbbing inside her, pumping stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her.

I pulled back and thrust into her hard a third time, gorgeous girl fucked by darksome man interracial hardcore holding my cock there while the cum explodes from it.

I looked down and see Mina's ass flex as she squeezes my cock, and I feel her pussy tight around my shaft as it continued to pump my cum into her. I came long and hard, longer and harder than I'd cum recently, and when my orgasm finally slowed and stopped it left me shaking and gasping for breath.

I held still for a few more moments, my cock buried in Mina's pussy, before sitting back to catch my breath and recover. I ended up sitting on the back of Mina's thighs just above her knees, careful not to put too much pressure on her legs.

My cock slipped out of Mina's tunnel as I sat back, releasing a flood of cum that ran out of her pussy, down her slit and pooled on the bedspread beneath her. I saw her whole body relax as she dropped her chest and head back down to the bed, her pussy gaping open and glistening with her juices and my cum. We were both covered with sweat and gasping for breath, I slightly more than Mina.

I sat still for a few moments, catching my breath, before I spoke. " I love your small and tight ass? I know fucking your ass is painful. I know you don't like to be fucked in the ass. I promise to be gentle." I put my hands on her shoulders, give them a light squeeze, and then begin to make a slow line down along her back, my strong hands and soft fingertips wanting to relax her with their touch but also not wanting to yield to their commands to search out your backside.

As my hands reach those soft, curvy cheeks, I lean down to have better access and so that my face is inches away from the endpoint for my current obsession. It's also an action of worship as well. As her ass is exactly the perfect end to our sexual marathon. I have to tell you how beautiful your ass is, and I do. I whisper up to you, " This is such a gorgeous ass, my love.

I love it. So full and beautiful, so soft and warm. I love touching it. I love kissing it. I love spreading it wide and seeing that tight little bud yearning for attention." Mina turns to look over her shoulder and our eyes lock onto each other. We both smile. Yes indeed, this is the perfect ending! " Yes, John. I want your hard cock in my ass now." Mina replied.

It was all I could do not to come at that moment, having Mina begging me to take her anally. I stroked my semi hard cock returning it to a full erection,I coated my shaft with lubrication.

I slowly pressed against her opening and met with resistances. I proceeded to gradually push deeper until I was totally buried in her tight asshole.

" Easy please," she whispered. " I need to get used to you." I started with gentle strokes. "Are you doing okay, baby?" " Yes. Ride my ass hard." Mina begged as she pushed back. " Faster!" Turned on even more by her meeting my thrusts and the sensation of my cock buried to the hilt, I pummeled her with fury. I reached breakneck pace just as I exploited college cumshot and party anal deep throat challenge her scream into one of the pillows.

She was having an orgasm! This was the fourth time, Mina had orgasm from anal sex, and it sent me over the edge. Breathing hard, I closed my eyes and steadied myself as I felt my cock swell and heat rise in my balls, but never let up on my strong, deep thrusts.

" Oh, my God," Mina yelled. " It feels so good in my ass!" I grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head towards me seconds before I came. " Take it, baby," I whispered in her ear. " Take my hot load in your beautiful ass." " Yes, John!

Fucking come in me!" With a few more hard thrusts, I feel my release, dimly aware of her final orgasm at the same time. I collapsed on top of her, both our breaths labored and hearts racing.

" Holy hell," I finally said after I slowly withdrew my softened cock and rose from the bed. " That was intense." " Hmmm, you were amazing as always," Mina sexily replied and brushed damp hair from her face. " We should try that more often." " Yes we should." I bent down and gave her a passionate kiss.

" " Are you okay, sweetie?" I asked. Mina nodded her head in response as she replied. " Got what you asked for and then some, huh, sweetie?" I asked. " Just go get me a towel, John!" Mina said, smiling as she dropped her head back to the bed. I got up and went into the bathroom, my now-soft cock swinging in front of me as I walked, and got her a hand towel.

Then I walked back to the bed and sat down on the edge, handing the towel to Mina. She rolled over just enough to take the towel from me and place it on the pool of cum beneath her, then lay back down again with a look of satisfied exhaustion on her face. I laughed out loud at her, running my hand along her back as I laughed.

Mina looked at me and smiled, then chuckled, and then laughed along with me. " Damn, John," She said between laughs, " I know I told you to be rough with me, but I didn't expect you to try and fuck me to death!" " Well, I did warn you, didn't I?" I replied, gently stroking her lower back and then running my hand over the firm globes of her ass.

" Besides, can you think of a better way to go?" " No," Mina replied, smiling at me as she lay her head on her hands and looked at me, " I guess not!" She paused for a moment before continuing.

" Was this what you were talking about when you said you had something special in mind for me? To fuck me hard like that?" " Actually, yes it was," I replied, smiling at her. " When you asked me to be rough with you, well, that just kinda set me off!" I patted her firm ass a few times, then stood up as I spoke. " I'll leave you to get cleaned up, sweetie," I said, turning to walk towards the door. " We could both use a shower about now, I think!" " John?" Mina said, and I stopped in the doorway to turn and look at her.

" Thank you, John," She said, smiling as she lay on the bed with her eyes closed." You're welcome, baby," I replied, a smile on my face, "and thank you, too." Her smile got bigger, and then I walked out of the room. Mina lay on the bed for at least five minutes before moving, and she groaned when she did finally get up. She was sore in places she didn't know existed, and her pussy was literally aching.

" Oh, That was Great?" She said out loud to herself as she gingerly got up from the bed, a huge smile on her face. She knew exactly what she had been thinking, and she knew she'd do it again just as soon as she recovered. She looked down at the rumpled, cum-soaked bedspread with the hand towel lying on it, grinned to herself, and then hobbled into her bathroom to shower.