Karissa kane and her stepbros jizz meetup in the shower

Karissa kane and her stepbros jizz meetup in the shower
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I had always had a thing for her best friend, at the amazing blonde lesbians having fun with big toy of thirteen I really had no idea who I was and now at the age of eighteen I still fantasize about her.

I had thought the feelings would go away. We have known each other for fourteen years. I find it wrong that I want her so badly, but I restrain my feelings and never told her about my thoughts on Bi-sexuality.

I had always thought I was, but never had enough courage to find a female to help. I live in a small two bedroom flat with a bathroom, living room, and kitchen. I am usually found on the computer, cybering with people I don't know.

Anyways, Sahara, that's my best friend's name, had come down for a visit. The only problem with being attracted to her is that she's straight. I finished up a cyber to my friend Hailey and said that I'd be back later and Bye. She said bye as well and I logged off.

Running to the door I opened it and hugged my black friend. " 'Hara!" I squealed in delight, "My god I haven't seen you in three months! How's Miami and are you still dating that boy Ramone?" She laughed and hugged back, I felt her slightly small breasts push against mine, pushing back my feelings I let her go and dragged jessy jones start screwing aubrey addams on the fitting room naturaltits and licking into my small place.

"I stopped dating Ramone a month ago! Miami's great. How are you?" I noticed how she looked around, I blushed as she saw a pair of black boxers, grinning she picked the dirty things up. I looked around sheepishly and blushed. "Who is he?!" She practically jumped on me, "Is he cute? What color hair? Eyes? Does he have a good body?" I took the boxers from her and pushed her on the couch. "No one! It was just a guy." At that exact moment, a guy walked out the bathroom, hearing the squealing and said, "What the fuck!?

Erica, Where are my boxers?" I sighed and hit my head and Sahara waved at the towel clad man, he's nineteen. He quirked an eyebrow and looked at me, "Is she.?" "NO!!" I screamed jumping on him. "Okay!! No need to get rough, well only when we're alone." He smirked and picked me up and threw me on the couch, I landed with an "Oomph." My white T-shirt wet because he had picked me up.

Sighing I dragged Sahara away from him. "Go take a shower!!" I screamed. "I did! Why don't I help you two?" I than proceeded to throw a shoe at him, "Get your mind outta the gutter, we can have fun in two days!" "Alright! I'll be gone today! I have work! I'll be back tomorrow." As soon as we got away from the black haired man, I sat on the bed. Sahara plopped next to me and smirked. For the rest of the day we caught up on things.

At midnight I got on the computer and my friend, my Bi friend, Hailey Im'd me. InsaneMe12: Hey! Guess what!? UselessTears78: What? InsaneMe12: I'm coming to Ny! I'm gunna come by and fuck you senseless. UselessTears78: When? Omg I can't wait.

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InsaneMe12: I'll be there in a day, tomorrow at 1:00pm. UselessTears78: This is gunna be great, I can come pick you up at the airport and me and Cody and you will have some serious fun. I g2g, see ya soon. Can't wait, Bye! InsaneMe12:Bye, chick.

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I got off the computer and sat on my bed, looking at the wall I imagined Sahara in here with me, kissing. I feel asleep, the next morning I woke up to someone jumping on me. "ERICA!! Wake Up!" I swatted at her hands, "Go 'way." She tugged me out of bed and we landed in a pile of limbs, I woke up immediately, smelling her spicy smell.

I almost closed my eyes and kissed her dark lips, shaking my head I stood and went to pull on a robe, pulling it on I said, "I'm going to make coffee." She laughed a little at my accent.

We sat drinking coffee and I told her that she could take one of the small cars and leave for the day, she wanted me to come, but I said that I'm busy.

When she left it was 12:30 pm and I rushed out the house, jumping into an old car I went to Cody's flat and picked him up and than to the airport, We got there at 1:12pm. I ran into the airport and looked around for the blonde. I felt someone jump on my back, feeling breasts and seeing tight jean pants I smiled, "Hailey?" "Yep!!!" She slid off my back and I felt my hair band leave.

Turning I went to grab it. "Give it back!" She just teased me and said, "When we're in the car." I cocked my head curiously and let my eyes travel slowly over her figure. Her blonde hair curled past her shoulders and brown eyes stared at me, she has a curvy figure with well proportioned legs, she's probably only 5'1 and I'm only 5'4.

I grabbed her hand, and got a few dirty looks from others, and we grabbed her small amount of luggage. Dragging her to the car I pushed her in, "Cody You drive." I ordered. He looked back, gray eyes outlined in black eyeliner and said, "Am I your pet?" looking at Hailey he said, "Am I both of your pets?" We smiled at the gothic looking guy and said, "Yup!" He smirked, "Will I enjoy punishment?" We didn't answer, only smiled and nodded with sadistic smiles on our faces.

Sitting in the back of the car with a pretty blonde made me nervous and I kept twisting my hair miss raquel loves xxnx sex stories my finger. I could feel her eyes looking over my body and stop on my hand, taking it she said, "Why don't you do something with that hand?" Smirking I pushed her on the seat so she was on bottom, "Sure." I lowered my mouth to hers and teasingly kept it out of reach, until I couldn't hold it and kissed her hard.

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Our open mouth kisses were wet and long. I moved my hands over her stomach and traced her zipper. I felt her bit my lip and groaned, Her tongue explored my mouth and her soft lips got blood on them. I took a breath of air and looked at her with half-lidded eyes, she stared back and said, "Damn." I didn't let her finish and instead took her mouth hostage, my lips traced hers and my teeth bit into her soft black lips, my purple lipstick mixing with her black.

My tongue snaked out and tasted her mouth, tracing and memorizing every crevice. I could feel the wetness new poon story sex stories half and hour in my legs. I tugged at her jeans and was about to pull them down when I felt my shirt being tugged over my head from behind. Looking behind me I saw Cody, his dick hard and poking his jeans. His hands tugged harder and I let him take off my shirt.

My black bra he unclipped from behind and i violently tugged at Hailey's jeans, pulling them down to her knees I pulled her black thong down to. I felt Cody behind me, pulling my leather pants down. I blushed as I looked at her shaved cunt and looked at her and said, "I'm not sure how." She smirked and grabbed my hair and pushed my head down into her cunt, surprised I inhaled her scent and got some wetness on my tongue, the slightly bitter taste welcomed.

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"Just lick it." she murmured breathlessly, turning me on more. I soon felt strong hands pinching my nipples roughly, I felt my red thong come down and Cody's long thick 9 inch dick enter me from behind.

When I groaned I created vibrations on the cunt below my lips. I licked at her lips and slowly worked my tongue into her. I supported myself with my left arm and worked a finger into Hailey's tight cunt, her moans encouraging me on. I nipped her pussy lips a little and heard her gasp, and than I felt a very hard pounding in my cunt, I moaned and came all over his dick, he just kept ramming away.

I licked and sucked on her clit harder now, wanting her to cum and soothe my need. I felt her tense and than the warm gush of cum across my face.

Ben ten cartoon xnxx all groaned in a little pain as Cody rammed harder, his hands digging into my waist. He came soon after. "We're in the parking lot." he muttered, and me and Hailey shot up.

Looking around we saw some people watching us and giving us dirty looks, flicking them off we got dressed. I helped Hailey up as Cody supported me. I gave Hailey one last open mouthed kiss, which all those people saw and Cody groaned. Putting his arms around our shoulders he pulled us toward him and we put our hands in his back pockets.

When we got to the door we heard moaning. I looked at Cody and Hailey confused and we said in union, "Who the hell.?" And than it hit me and I thought to myself, Oh shit, it's Sahara and some dude. There's more, If you like please tell me, if you hate, go ahead tell me, I don't give a fuck. If there's anything that you want to critique or tell me I did wrong or give me a compliment it would be greatly appreciated. -----SinfulPleasure-----