Biggest cock makes hot slut cheerful hardcore creampie

Biggest cock makes hot slut cheerful hardcore creampie
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It was late, and the gym was sparsely populated when my wife Amanda arrived. She and her partner of the day had chosen this time to meet for that specific reason.

My wife was wearing a bright pink tank top that contrasted sharply with her heathered-gray yoga pants. What was similar about her top and bottom, cerita sex ngentot ibu ibu, was the way the fabric stretched across her body, hugging every curve and accentuating her best physical attributes. Amanda spotted Jansen easily. It was hard to miss him, he was tall and a hulk of a man, standing well over 6 feet with the broadest shoulders she had ever seen.

Jansen had long wavy blonde hair and deep penetrating blue eyes. Powerful muscles rippled under his t-shirt and shorts whenever he moved, and Amanda couldn't help but smile and feel her heart flutter when she saw him. A skinny scantily clad blonde, seemingly dressed more for attention rather than for functional purposes, was talking to Jansen. Amanda was all the way across the room so she couldn't hear their conversation, but it was obvious that the blonde was flirting with him. However, Jansen immediately noticed Amanda, quickly dismissed the other girl, and walked over to my wife.

Jansen smiled. Amanda tried not to blush like a schoolgirl, but failed. "Hey, Amanda." "Hey, yourself, handsome." It was Jansen's turn to blush.

"I'm glad you made it tonight." "Me, too." There was a slight quaver in my wife's voice. Of all the men who had gangbanged her just mere days ago <Chapter 1>, it was a poorly hidden secret that she wanted Jansen the most. Sure, Amanda had a deep connection with her boss Glenn, whom she had slept with only 2 days ago <Chapter 2>. And she also had a special relationship with my best friend Dimitri, who had openly adored her for years.

But in terms of pure lust, there was no comparison: she wanted to have wild, crazy sex with Jansen. I couldn't blame her.

Jansen was extremely handsome, built like a god, and owned the hugest cock we had ever seen <Chapter 1>. To be honest, I was seriously attracted to him, too. Amanda quickly composed herself and hurried by the tall blonde man without another word. Jansen stared down at her beautiful cleavage and caught the scent of her hair as she eased past him to set herself up on a nearby exercise machine.

She mounted the inner thigh press, first adjusting the resistance, then leaning against the cushioned backrest before gripping the handles on either side of seat. My wife positioned her knees against the machine's padding, her thighs spread out in a wide V-shape at the starting point. Amanda commenced her workout by slowly squeezing her thighs together against the tension as she held tightly onto the handles, then letting the machine spread her legs apart again.

She kept her breathing nice and relaxed, her ample chest rising and falling with each breath. There weren't many men left in the gym at this late hour, but virtually all of them were gawking at her. Some were staring at her perfectly shaped breasts as they heaved with exertion; others were mesmerized by the sight of her thighs opening and closing, fantasizing about what lay between.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amanda noticed Jansen was standing by the free weights and oral pleasures and cumshot for shaved pussy staring at her.

She felt proud about that and experienced a sudden surge in confidence. It wasn't much later when Jansen finally approached her. "I think it's time," he whispered to her in an overdramatic conspiratorial voice. In spite of herself, Amanda laughed. It was the same laugh that had always been music to my ears since before we were even married.

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"Oh? And what makes you say that?" "Because I'm starting to have a real hard time hiding my hard-on in these shorts, and we're pretty much the only people left in here." Amanda looked around. Jansen was right. Aside from 2 employees manning the front desk and two other people who were on the far side of the gym, they were the only ones present. She leered between his legs suggestively. Sure enough, there was a gigantic bulge there. "C'mon," Jansen told her. "Follow me." He offered his hand and helped her off the thigh press, leading her to the entrance of the men's locker room.

"I'll check it out. Wait here!" The hulking blonde man disappeared inside. Amanda stayed where she was and tried to look casual. And she tried equally as hard not to tremble.

As much as the prospect of having sex with the beautiful blonde man in a steamy, stank locker room thrilled my wife, she also did not want to get either of them into any trouble. Her thoughts immediately drifted to last night, and to Philip. She had enjoyed getting kinky with the solemn Asian man <Chapter 3>, and was hoping for a similar level of depravity with Jansen. But Philip's empty restaurant represented a controlled environment; there were still enough people currently in the gym to make fucking Jansen here fairly dangerous.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure out what was going on if someone caught her in the men's locker room. Still, Amanda desired Jansen badly. She wanted to be with all the men again--- even Bryan, she secretly had tattooed and pierced couple fucking inside of tattoo shop tube porn admit---- after they had gangbanged her <Chapter 1>. But her need for Jansen was on a completely different level.

His monstrous cock had been on her mind from the moment she laid her eyes on it, and she was going to do whatever needed to be done to feel it inside of her again. After what seem liked an hour, the handsome blonde man finally reappeared. "The coast is clear!" He grabbed Amanda by the hand, and they quickly hurried into the men's locker room together.

They had only taken several steps inside when Jansen suddenly stopped and turned around. He roughly pulled Amanda towards him, and they kissed, beauteous teenie slut swallows his whole knob hardcore reality of my wife's legs bending off the tiled floor as she savored the feel of his stout, muscular body.

"Mmm…I've missed you. I've really been looking forward to this all week." Jansen smiled at her graciously. "I hope your husband doesn't take offense to that." My wife giggled. "You know he's been encouraging me!" "Yea, uh…so, how is all that going, anyway?" he asked hesitantly. Jansen knew the agreement, he knew Amanda was sleeping with the other men.

But the fact that he seemed curious and even a bit jealous made her feel especially good. She pressed her index finger to his lips to quiet him. "I don't want to talk about the others tonight. Tonight is all about you and me." She began to undress, and Jansen did the same. They were soon both naked, eying each other like two fighters sizing each other up. Jansen marveled at Amanda's tanned, toned body, and how her smooth and supple her skin was; Amanda admired the sculpted muscles on Jansen's physique…and especially the one expanding between his legs.

Jansen peered closely at my wife. "You're shaking," he said softly. "Am I?" Amanda responded shyly. "I didn't notice." "Afraid you might enjoy this more than you should?" Amanda practically leapt into Jansen's meaty wang hammers black pussy hardcore blowjob, wrapping her arms around his neck and her thighs around his waist.

He hooked his left forearm under her butt and easily supported her weight while with his other hand, he reached for his enormous cock and pressed the tip into my wife's vagina. There was no point in waiting. They both knew how badly they wanted to fuck each other. My wife's loose pussy was already wet, but she moaned and squirmed in his clutches as she tried to accommodate his monstrous size.

Amanda arched backwards as Jansen slide into her, giving him a good view of her ample breasts. "Oh my god, I love that," she gasped. "I've been wanting this, Jansen!" Wrapping both arms around my wife now, he jammed the rest of his cock into her with a mere flick of his hips. She started to scream, but he placed a large hand on the back of her head and pressed her face into his shoulder to muffle out her cries.

Then he began to bob Amanda up and down the length of his shaft, using gravity to his advantage to let her body drop and impale her pussy on his thick cock, only to buoy her up again.

Over and over, Jansen repeated the process. He was fully aware that Amanda had promised her body to the other men, but he wanted to make himself stand out from all the rest. "I WILL make you forget about the other guys…and your husband… tonight," Jansen whispered in her ear. Then he began prancing about the locker room, letting the momentum of his movements bounce her up and down this erection. There was so much spring in his stride that he was essentially hopping off the floor with each step.

"Oh my god!" Amanda cried. "That feels so good! What are you doing to me?" Jansen did stop as he spoke softly in her ear again. "Tell me you love it." "I love it, I love it! Oh fuck, I love it! Don't stop, Jansen! Please don't stop!" The tall blonde man slammed my wife against a set of metal lockers with a loud bang and kept fucking her as he held her aloft.

Amanda lifted her chin towards the ceiling and began moaning in ragged breathes. She dug her nails into his back and ran them hard against his skin as she tried to keep her legs wrapped around his body for leverage. Jamming my wife against the lockers with just his massive cock, Jansen reached for her hands and pinned them overhead. "Now you're completely helpless," he hissed at her. "Now you're completely mine." Jansen retracted his hips, pulling his shaft almost completely out of Amanda's vagina.

He paused as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes, kokoro licks balls and penis before is fucked mouth hanging open in a silent plea. Jansen kissed her softy…then rammed his cock into my wife with so much force that the entire wall of lockers rattled. The tall man clamped her mouth shut as she shrieked, keeping both of her wrists pinned overhead with one large hand.

Then he proceeded to keep pounding Amanda's pussy, drawing himself out almost all the way, pausing, and then thrusting back into her with powerful force each time. Jansen soon had my wife whimpering like a dog. He slammed his manhood into her several more times before pulling her away from against the lockers. "Time to clean you up, you dirty little minx." Amanda and Jansen kissed again as he marched into the showers while carrying her.

They didn't stop kissing as he gently set her feet on the floor and turned on the showerhead. As the warm water cascaded down on their sweaty bodies, Jansen placed his strong hands on her shoulders and quickly spun her around.

My wife yelped in surprise as he pushed her upper body forward. "Hands on the wall." Amanda complied and laughed inwardly. "What IS it with these boys always wanting to bend me over?" The thought amused her as she bent at the waist and extended her arms against the tiled wall before her.

Jansen lined his monstrous cock with her pussy and eagerly entered her from behind. Amanda's cry as he buried himself inside of her didn't deter him.

He began fucking her again, and Amanda had to brace herself firmly so she wouldn't bang her head on the wall each time he thrusted into her. As the water splashed all over her, so, too, did Jansen's large powerful hands begin to explore.

They slithered underneath her body to cup her swollen breasts. He played with them for a long time, and my wife loved it. She felt completely enveloped as her lover touched her all over while his erection was totally immersed in her vagina, the warm falling water adding to the feel of a sexy cocoon. Jansen slide his hands down the sides of her trunk, latching tightly onto Amanda's hips. His powerful hands secured her in place, and he began pounding into her even harder.

Feeling his efforts renewed, Amanda flexed her arms against the tiled wall and pushed back, too. Their bodies met in a violent collision, and Jansen's long, thick shaft pierced her pussy as deeply as anyone ever had. She screamed again, proud of the fact that he had cried out, too. Amanda swiveled her head back to look at him. "Spank me." Jansen was she likes big cock and lipstick blowjob euro trip himself so much that he wasn't sure if he had heard her correctly.

"Wh&hellip.what?" His hips started to slow down. "I said, spank me! Right now… while you make love to me." Jansen began slapping her ass, somewhat timidly at first. Amanda yelped with each strike and urged him on. He gradually spanked her harder and harder as he started fucking her faster once more. The sound of skin against skin seemed magnified by the water running on their bodies.

"Oh god…" Amanda convulsed and her legs nearly collapsed onto themselves as her orgasm erupted. She squealed in ecstasy, the exquisite sensation of her hips suddenly dropping threatening to overwhelm her. Jansen hooked his arms around her waist to keep her propped up as he continued to take her from behind.

His own climax soon followed. Jansen withdrew his member from my wife's pussy, and growled as he stroked himself all over her ass and backside. Despite the warm water splashing on her body, Amanda could still feel large globs of hot cum splattering on her skin.

At the same time, Jansen looked down as he continued to rain his spunk on my wife, feeling an odd sense of satisfaction as the shower cleansed my wife as quickly as he made a mess on her.

But a sly smiled creased his lips. Gently guiding Amanda into a standing position, he pumped a nearby soap dispenser on the wall to fill his hand. As my wife looked back at at him with an affectionate, exhausted, and curious expression, he began applying the liquid soap all layla rivera and prilla might be the best latina tandem north of tijuana her backside, coolly cleansing his semen off her ass.

Then he turned her around to face him, and started soaping down the rest of her body, beginning with her neck and shoulders and then quickly moving onto her breasts as he stared lecherously at them.

Jansen always spent a great deal of time on her chest, Amanda noticed. But she loved the way his hands felt there, and everywhere else on her skin, for that matter.

As if on cue, the tall man began rubbing soap on the rest of her body. "My turn." Amanda pumped some soap into her hands and immediately began to stroke her lover's cock. She was forever amazed at his size and girth, and equally shocked at how quickly he became hard again.

"Mmm…do like that?" Jansen couldn't respond, he was too busy begging my wife not to stop. She had no problems complying, masturbating the big man until cum was erupting from his cockhead once again. Amanda laughed as she sprayed him all over the tiled floor. They were equally spent and worn out by the time they were both finished. Since Amanda was soaking wet, Jansen rushed to his locker to retrieve his towel.

"Sorry, I only brought one. Wasn't expecting hot shower sex tonight," he apologized drolly. He pulled my wife close to him, and wrapped the towel around them together. Amanda was pressed against Jansen's warm, solid body as he guided her back to the bench where her clothes lay.

They stayed wrapped together for a moment longer before Jansen pulled the towel away, and they reluctantly separated from each other. Amanda retrieved her clothes when her cell phone almost fell out of her pocket. Suddenly, she remembered something very important. She turned to Jansen, who was just about to start getting dressed. "Wait, hold on," she told him. "I need to do something first." Amanda sat on the bench ushered him over to her.

She took hold of his manhood again and laid it delicately against the side her face. Even in a non-aroused state, his penis was huge.

Then, to Jansen's surprise, my wife held her cell phone in an outstretched arm and snapped a selfie. Jansen huddled close to her as they looked the picture over. It was basically a close-up of Amanda's smiling face with his fat cock laying vertically against her cheek. "I like how you managed to get the lockers in the background," he deadpanned. Amanda laughed out loud. "Oh, my husband will love the fact that you and I did it in the men's locker room, it's one of his all-time fantasies.

He'll be so proud of me!" Jansen's eyes widened even further as she texted the picture to me. Just then, they heard the sound of creaky wheels. Amanda and Jansen gaped at each other and froze in horror as a janitor entered, pushing a cleaning cart. He had weasel-like face, grungy, shoulder-length brown hair, and squinty eyes behind his glasses.

He was thin with a stooped posture, and he looked even smaller next to Giving kiss girl and girl lipsh. The janitor's bored expression immediately became one of shocked surprise when he saw my wife and Jansen. "What the---" Jansen held up his hands to diffuse the situation as Amanda frantically attempted to cover herself with his towel. "I am SO sorry," the blonde man apologized.

"I know she…we…shouldn't be here like this. We're totally sorry, we'll hurry up and get out of here." But the janitor only vaguely heard him. After he had recovered from the initial impact of seeing Amanda and Jansen naked in the men's locker room, he couldn't stop staring my wife's body.

His leer was particularly oily as Amanda flashed him a nervous smile. "The company has rules against stuff like this," the brown-haired man stated somewhat self-importantly. "We're supposed to immediately report it to the manager if we catch people in the wrong locker room. Especially if they're with other people." "Ummm… what'll happen?" Jansen asked.

"They'll revoke the gym membership of everyone involved, including the primary members." Amanda and Jansen looked at each other. It wouldn't be the end of the world to have their gym memberships revoked, but it would be a pain, nevertheless.

"Look, we're really sorry," Jansen said in annoyance, towering over the slender janitor. "I know we screwed up. Can you please just let this go? It won't happen again." The janitor's lustful gaze never wavered from my wife. He was about to speak when my wife suddenly said softly, "Reparations&hellip." "What?" both men echoed in unison.

Amanda laughed lightly. " 'Reparations'. It was something my boss said me the other day when I messed at my work <Chapter 2>. Well, I didn't REALLY mess up… oh, nevermind!

The point is, I had to make things up to him in order to…shall we say, stay on his good side." The janitor looked at my wife suspiciously, then at Jansen, and finally back to her. "What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about getting on your good side so you don't report us to your manager and have our gym memberships taken away.

You know… making reparations." Amanda stood up, and let the towel fall from her body. The weasel-faced man's eyes bulged as he looked her up and down. His lips curled into a dirty grin. Like others before him, he felt the full effect of my wife's wonderful nudity. "I see. Glad you're so…open-minded.

Yea…yea, I'm sure we can work something out. If that's ok with you, too, big man?" He looked over at Jansen and confidently sneered at the blonde man, mistaking my wife for his spouse or girlfriend. Jansen chuckled and shook his head as he stepped back. "Dude, you have no idea," was all he said. Amanda took a step towards the brown-haired man, her back erect with her perfect 34C tits on full display.

The janitor gawked at sexy beautiful chick loves biggest dongs hardcore blowjob, reaching out with his left hand and confidently touching her right breast, then gliding his fingertips over it before giving it a firm squeeze and fondling it.

He looked up to stare Amanda in the eyes. "Tell you what, since I'm such a nice guy, I'll make it simple for you.

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Get on your knees and give me a blowjob, and I'll let you both walk out of here like nothing happened. Agreed?" Jansen seemed to take offense to that, but Amanda responded immediately. She was already kneeling and undoing the janitor's pants before he even realized it.

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His penis was completely stiff when she yank it out. My wife had that kind of effect on men. "Holy shit!" the brown-haired man exclaimed, unable to believe what was happening. "You're actually---" "Shhh!" Amanda cut him off. "We wouldn't want anyone to walk in on us, now, would we?" she told him sardonically.

And with those words, my wife began to enthusiastically suck the janitor's cock. She tiny foot slave two youthful sluts sydney cole and olivia lua our down south attempting one eye on Jansen, making sure that he was watching her as she craved a captive audience. Amanda didn't have cause for concern, the tall blonde man was grinning at her and stroking his own erection, which compelled her to demonstrate her oral skills even more zealously.

Amanda wasn't bothering with foreplay tonight. She ravaged the man's cock so ruthlessly that he was making choking noises, and climaxed less than a minute into his blowjob. Amanda deftly swallowed every last drop. The janitor's cocky demeanor had disappeared as he stared wild-eyed at my wife. He hastily pulled up his pants and fled the locker room without a looking back.

"Hey, you forgot your cleaning cart," Jansen called after him. He and my wife both laughed. "Wow, you didn't even make a mess," the blonde man commended appreciatively once they had composed themselves.

Amanda grinned. "Well, I didn't want to have to take another shower." They burst out laughing again. "That skinny bastard totally rubbed me the wrong way. Especially with his smug attitude. I would've gladly beaten the hell out of him for you, you know." "My guardian angel… so sweet." Amanda rose to her tiptoes to give Jansen a grateful kiss on the cheek. After some more displays of affection, Amanda and Jansen finally got dressed.

They kissed each other one last time then, attempting to be inconspicuous, strode out of the men's valentina nappi xxx fake story room. The gym was completely deserted now except for the 2 employees who were still sitting behind the front desk. The janitor was nowhere in sight. Their bored expressions immediately changed when they noticed Amanda and Jansen exiting the men's locker room together, hand in hand.

Amanda and Jansen looked at each other, and attempted to suppress their laughter. My wife beamed the stunned employees a bright smile as she and her handsome lover strolled directly past them, and departed through the front door.