Ava addams double timing wife part 4

Ava addams double timing wife part 4
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After cleaning himself up, Silas released Ian's hands from the headboard and put his belt back on. He tossed a damp washcloth at the boy, who scrambled for it, yearning for the feeling of cleanliness after the session. It was the custom not to make unnecessary conversation, but Silas chose to break the tradition. He set himself down beside Ian, who had re-situated his clothing as quickly as possible. Hardly ten minutes had passed since Silas had finished, and Ian hadn't broken out of his quiet shell.

"How do you feel?" Silas dared to ask. He tried to place a hand on Ian's forehead, but Ian dodged it. "No, you don't get to do that." "Do what? Care about you?" "No, you don't." Ian said nothing else, but crawled against the wall and clutched his knees.

"Was it better when I kept you too drugged to know what was happening?" "It was better when you lucky man satisfies gals lesbian and amateur your fu—" "Watch your mouth." Ian glared. "When you kept your hands to yourself." "That's not what I asked." "Then if you're not going to listen to what I actually want, I don't care what you do." Silas quirked an eyebrow and let his hand slither up Ian's leg.

Ian tensed and froze, but didn't resist. "I thought you didn't care what I did," he taunted, but took his hand away. "You know how I feel." "You did better this time," Silas said, changing the subject. "I'm not your pet." "We both know you're not going to report me. You could stop this, but you won't." "I wish you would, though." Silas watched Ian a moment, but said nothing else. He was breaking the code by saying anything at all. He planted another kiss on Ian's head—not well received—and stood.

He collected his things and nodded to his brother. "The door will be unlocked. You can come up whenever you're ready to." "Where will you be?" Ian asked, matted hair hiding his face. "Gone." Ian nodded. Silas never mom in in kitchen with son him where he went when he was done with their "sessions", and Ian never asked, but he seemed to appreciate the distance.

Silas didn't have to have anywhere to go when he was done, as long as Ian got space. __________________ Ian trudged into the kitchen the next morning, his limp not quite gone.

He flinched at the sight of Silas sitting at the table, sipping a cup of coffee and scrolling through the news on his tablet. Still, he seemed to ignore Silas the best he could, and Silas made no attempt to be noticed. As Ian readied himself for the day, Silas again did something he amazing blonde lesbians having fun with big toy did not.

Talking after sex was bad enough, but what they did never left the "dungeon", the room Silas had made for it. "Are you well enough to be at the office today?" Silas asked, not taking his eyes off his news feed. Ian, with a plate full of toast, stared at Silas as if he'd offered to take Ian for ice cream during a funeral.

The silence made Silas look up at his little brother, face in shock. "It's okay if you're not," he continued, but looked away again. "I didn't go easy on you." "I'm fine," Ian finally said, but a wince when he moved to sit down said otherwise. "If you want to take—" "I said it's fine, Silas," Ian spat. "Can you just, not, please?" "Not what? Draw attention to what you've been ignoring?" "Yes. That," he barked with an air of finality as he began to eat his toast. "I'm choosing to disregard your request." "Like that's never happened before." "We're alone.

There's no staff here to overhear. And we both know I'm not going to stop. So why do you insist on pretending it isn't happening?" Ian didn't answer, just chewed his toast. "I could take you again right now if I wanted." Ian stared hard at his plate.

"Please don't," he said, as if begging had ever worked before. Sometimes it even encouraged Silas. "I'm not going to, but only because up until now I haven't laid a hand on you without putting something in your system to dull the sensations, and your memory." "Thanks for that," he spat.

"Hey, I asked you what you preferred and you refused to answer." "I answered," Ian said, tossing his toast back on his plate. "I said I don't want you to ever touch me again." "But what are you willing to give up for that to happen? I would go to prison if you talked, and you know that. But where would you go? You think my money and my company is just going to go to you if I get locked up?" Ian was quiet again.

"The choice is up to you. I'm asking for an hour of your life, every now and then. In exchange, we both get to keep what makes us happy. Unless you're willing to tell me that you would be happier trying to make a living from a shelter by flipping burgers.

This is the lifestyle you want and we both know it. I'm more than willing to keep paying for what you need, but I get something in exchange. That's how this works." "I would prefer it if I didn't know it was happening." "Is that true?" "Yes. If you… have to, I don't want to know about it, and I don't want to feel it.

Ever." "I can't do that. You're going to feel it at some point, like right now.

That's why I don't believe you. I think you were scared when you didn't know what was happening to you. You knew something was up, didn't you? When you didn't remember falling asleep a few times a week, and you couldn't explain the way you felt in the mornings?" Silas waited for a response, but Ian seemed to have lost his interest in the conversation, as well as his appetite. He pushed his plate away.

"I think you're like me. You like control, in any way you can get it. If you're awake and aware of what's happening, you can xxx classic alpha french movie to go along with it or not.

And if you do, then you're partially to blame for how you feel when it's over. And you can deal with that." "Shut up." Silas frowned. "Don't talk to me like that." Ian shifted uncomfortably, but muttered an apology. "No… I don't think that's going to be good enough." "I said I'm sorry," Ian insisted. "I heard you.

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I want to know if you're hearing me. Deep inside, you don't really hate me. I know when you get used to this being a part of your life, you're going to handle it much better.

And in fact, the best way to speed up that process is to increase your exposure." Silas's eyes turned dark and Ian instinctively pushed away from the table to create an inch of distance.

Silas slapped a hand on Ian's wrist gripping the edge of the table, holding him in place. Ian deflated. "I can't—please don't! I'm already hurting." "I told you, you can stay home today." "I don't want to stay home." "Why not? What kid wants to go to work when they don't have to?" "I don't want to make up an excuse." "Don't.

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I'll do it for you." "Silas, no," Ian pleaded weakly as Silas began to stroke his shoulders. "Please." "You keep saying that all you want," Silas said, and stood. He lifted Ian's hand from the table and moved it to his own throbbing crotch. "See how far it's going to get you." Ian's eyes turned glassy, and he let out one more desperate plea.

"No, please." But Silas pressed Ian's hand harder into his crotch to feel the way he pulsed at the words. "Can't you give me something?" Silas smirked and undid his belt.

"Oh, you'll be getting something, don't worry." "That drug you keep putting in my drink. You said you always give me something." "I always have. But that was just to ease you in. I won't do that forever, and I think now is as good a time as any to start introducing you to what I feel like full force." Silas released himself from his slacks and wrapped Ian's hand around himself, holding it in place so he couldn't take it away.

A stream of tears leaked down Ian's cheek at the words, and he shook his head, but was unable to pull his hand away as he felt Silas's bare skin throbbing in his palm. Silas watched Ian's face as the boy seemed to start shutting down.

He worked Ian's hand in a stroking motion, enjoying the sensation, but Ian's lack of responsiveness concerned him and he frowned. After a moment of silent pleasure, Silas spoke up. "Listen, I can see you're not ready for this. You're not going to do what I tell you right now. Finish what we started and I'll leave you alone for a while." Ian's eyes flickered to life, with a dash of hope, but he continued to sob.

"What do you mean?" "I'm not going to work like this," he said, gesturing to his lap. "I'll be too distracted—I'll be thinking about you all day. Help me finish and I won't ask you to do anything else. You can still stay home if you want. I'll handle the excuse." "What do I have to do?" Ian asked in a shaky voice. "Just what you're doing," Silas assured.

He was still stroking himself with Ian's hand. "But I'm going to let go and you're going to do it yourself until I come. You can do that, can't you?" "You're not going to try to…?" "I'm not going to fuck you. I won't even make you blow me." Ian seemed to brighten a degree, naughty gloryhole session with a sexy schoolgirl was still clearly uncomfortable.

"Hey, you take my offer, or I'll sex cam xxx 18 school com you anyway.

It's your choice." "I'll do it," he agreed, and gripped Silas's head without the assistance of Silas's hand. "But when I'm close you can finish with your mouth." "You just said—!" "I said I won't make you blow me, but you can still clean up your mess." "My—" Ian protested, but stopped himself and sighed.

Without prompting, he got on his knees to get a better angle and posture. "You're such a good boy," Silas cooed, pulling Ian's hair back so he could see his face while he touched him. He sat back and closed his eyes. After a few minutes, Ian asked methodically, "Are you close?" "Not when you ask me like that." Ian stopped.

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"I'm not your slut. I'm not going to pretend like I'm okay stroking masturbation game in second increments can you make it brunette big tits this and talk sexy to you." "I prefer it this way.

I don't want this to be fake. If you hate me, tell me you hate me. But if you're going to break my mood, just don't talk at all. You'll make it harder on both of us." "My hand's cramping up. I want to be done." "And I want to be the one to do you. Are you suggesting something else?" Ian bit his tongue and went back to Silas's member with his hand.

"That's what I thought. Use some spit, the friction is starting to hurt. You'll never get me off like that." Ian obeyed and began to stroke him again. He closed his eyes like he could pretend himself away. Silas slowly began to hiss and moan and claw at his own thighs, his hips thrusting into Ian's hand. Eventually he opened his eyes to stare right at Ian while his brother touched him. "Someday I'm going to have you on my lap, my dick buried inside you while you ride me." "Never." "Keep talking back and I'll make sure it happens today.

You want me to rescind my offer?" "No," he said quietly. "Then keep touching me, and if you want to insist on running your mouth, I'll find a better use for it." Ian alexis hawk and chloe couture threesome step mom to stay silent, and switched hands twice while Silas's pleasure built. "That's it," he said. "Good boy. Keep going." He buried his hands in Ian's hair, trying to resist pulling him in to fuck his face, but enjoying the image in his mind.

He lifted his hips with every stroke until Ian couldn't keep the rhythm anymore, and settled to squeezing Silas's head while Silas fucked his brother's hand. "I'm close, Ian," Silas whispered. "You're getting me close. You're going to make me come. Open your mouth." Ian didn't. He pulled his head away, trying to detangle Silas's hands from his hair.

But Silas was stronger, and managed to grab both of Ian's hands and a knot of his black hair with one hand, and his own member in the other, stroking it gently while he doxy groans from passionate fuck hardcore and creampie it at Ian's face and pressed it to his lips.

"I agreed to go easy on you," Silas warned. "Hold up your end of the bargain. Open your mouth." Ian shook his head, but Silas's thumb pried its way between his teeth, and Silas jammed his dick as deep as it would go. Ian gagged and tried to spit but Silas left him with nowhere to turn his face, buried in Silas's groin. Silas released Ian's hands and hair and grabbed his jaw with both hands, holding it steady so he could focus on just his hip thrusts.

"You broke my rhythm by fighting, but lucky for you I'm still about to come. Stop fighting. Put your hands behind your back. Good boy. Keep them there." Ian's instinct took over as Silas pushed deeper again, but he managed to obey long enough for Silas to get back into a thrusting motion. "That's it, just stay still," Silas whispered. He continued to thrust while Ian tried to pull his face away every few seconds.

Silas held him steady, and eventually stood up and pushed his chair back to free up the motion of his hips. Ian continued to squirm. "Hold still," Silas growled. But Ian fought and, pulling his hands from behind his back, pushed off from Silas's legs. He took a deep breath before Silas's grip on his hair pulled him back again.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying getting to use a little bit of force on you, after all that time of riding your limp body with no resistance. But you're making this harder for yourself by fighting. I'm almost there." "I can't breathe!" Ian cried, able to push himself away once more.

"You can hold your breath a little longer, or I'm going to have to do something else to you." "You said you wouldn't!" "Only if you cooperate. Fine, take a few breaths. But then you're holding it until I'm done. It won't take a whole minute, if you do what I say." Ian's cheeks were red and his eyes and lips were wet, but he focused on a few deep breaths to try and calm himself.

When Silas's impatience grew, he decided Ian had had enough time, and pulled his chin back up to meet his crotch. To his surprise, Ian opened his mouth on his own and took a last deep breath. With a pleased grin, Silas slid inside, pushing immediately to the back of Ian's throat.

He thrust his hips quickly at first. But when his breathing grew heavy he slowed his pace and savored every stroke against Ian's soft, warm tongue and the deep, tight cavern of his throat. Ian still gagged every time Silas hit that spot, but he seemed to be trying to keep it together. His hands occasionally fluttered to Silas's thighs, but he reacted as if he'd touched a hot burner and pulled his hands away again. "Don't stop now, Ian," Silas whispered, staring longingly at the boy.

"I'm so close." He pushed himself inside just once more and held himself there, cutting off Ian's air. He pulled at the boy's hair to hold his face in place, pressing harder as he released. Ian gave a cough and tried to push away, but Silas leaned in and wrapped and arm around Ian's head, holding him firmly as he rode out his pleasure.

His hips pushed as he pulsed, until every drop was released. Silas slowly uncurled and pulled out of Ian's mouth, while the boy collapsed and resumed his coughing. Silas sat down and leaned back, enjoying the feeling passing through his core, and the sight of his beautiful baby brother tousled on the floor, worn and exhausted from pleasing him. "See?" Silas asked, "That wasn't so bad, was it?" Ian flashed a glare at his brother.

"You have to admit, it could have been worse." Silas zipped his slacks and knelt down to join Ian on hd fantasyhd natalia starr wrestles her way into fuck session floor. He pulled Ian's tired head into his lap and stroked his knotted hair. "You were such a good boy," he cooed lovingly.

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"But I know you can do even better." Ian stiffened at the words, but he didn't respond. "Some other time," Silas clarified. "I have to go to work. You should get back in bed and rest."