Sleeping sister fack brother defloration fuck in sex stories

Sleeping sister fack brother defloration fuck in sex stories
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Betty was doing what she does well, shopping, with Tim's credit cards. He told her he was sorry for what he said and would never let himself do that to her again. They got into a fight after Betty found out about his online girl, and she kind of messed with her. He got very angry with her, and said some things he later regretted, but she is the one who came out on top of that fight. He gave her the cards and told her to enjoy.

She was checking out the latest fashions when guess who popped up, Lydia. They said their hi's and how do's. Betty told her Tim found out about the chat the other day. They laughed. They were in one of the malls department stores.

They started looking around and continued to joke about Tim and his little cyber chick. They both wondered what she looked like.

The other she proved she was a lot more aggressive when it came to sex then Tim could ever be. Lydia was there when Betty found out about the online girl and she was in on the whole deception they played on the girl (that is a whole other hot story).

They went along picking different out fits and grabbed some things to try on. So they headed to the dressing room. The dressing rooms were real plush. Big chairs and lots of room, two could fit in one room. There was no one else in the 4 rooms in this set. So they each took a room and started to put on the outfits they choose.

Each coming out so the other could give her option. They were having little fashion shows. They were having a really good time. Finally Betty put on this little outfit that showed everything she had. It had material in just the pornstars and avn freaks expo reality amateur places and showed every curve she had. Lydia was blown away at how amazing she looked. She really looked hot in the outfit.

"Gezz Betty that outfit is hot" Lydia exclaimed. "Thanks, you don't think it is to much." "Girl that thing is not enough what are you talking about? Where would you wear that?" "I don't know but wouldn't it drive Tim wild if I had this on dreams of a sadist bondage fetish comic tube porn his next business dinner or something." "That is cruel," Lydia said.

"I feel really sexy," said Betty. "Well you look incredibly sexy." "Thanks." Lydia stroked her arm, "almost too sexy". Betty got a tingle. She was turning herself on with this dress and knew she had done the same to Lydia. Betty pulled Lydia in to her dressing room and started to undress, Lydia stopped her, "I want to do that." Lydia began to undress Betty. She pulled the straps down from her shoulders and undid the clasp in the front that was holding the whole dress together.

As the little material was released her breast seemed to just pop right out, she could not take her hands off of them, she began to caress her. Both hand, both breast. Then she put her nipple in her mouth. She sucked on it until it was hard as a rock. Betty braced herself on the arm of the big chair and let Lydia have her way. The small dress just fell to the floor and Lydia let her mouth redhead dolly little swallows sperm and gets fucked all over Betty's body, making Betty let out a small moans with each touch of her lips to her soft skin.

Lydia continued down her stomach until she reached her tight little pussy. She longed for that pussy everyday. She enjoyed making Betty come. She knelt down and spread Betty's leg just enough for her clit to pop out at her. She used her finger first to get it wet. Then she licked it until Betty came all in her mouth. Her nectar was so sweet. Lydia licked that all up making Betty cum a few times before she let out the loudest yelp, and the cum ran down Lydia's chin.

She backed off to see the way Betty's whole body shook. She was amazed by how she could do that to her. Betty was so much more sexual then she and that she could bring her to that was all Lydia needed. Her pussy was so wet with excitement she immediately went to it with her own hand. Knowing she had to get off soon. She was on her knees still and in the middle of the floor. She went at her pussy with all she had. Using one hand to open herself up and the other to finger and rub herself.

When Betty was finish with her orgasm she watched Lydia for a minute, watched Lydia bring herself to the brink of her own orgasm. She went down on the floor and licked at Lydia's wet clit.

Moving her hand out of her way. She twirled her clit with her tongue. She swirled it around and then stuck her tongue way up in her cat. She could feel all up inside of her and pushed harder and harder. Lydia came all over Betty's face.

It came out like a flush and her whole body went limp. They got up in to the chair. They sat there for a few minutes fondling each other some more, seeing how much more the other could take. Lydia started to cum again; she was like never ending. She stiffened up and tightened her cunt around Betty's finger. Her clit went into convulsions and she came again. The girls started to hear chatter outside the room. Someone entered into the room next to them.

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They just sat there quietly while the other woman tried on her clothes. She was admiring herself, talking about everything she put on. She was just talking away to herself about how this looked and that looked. Betty and Lydia just laid there as still as possible trying not to make any noise.

Lydia slid her finger inside of Betty and Betty bit down on her lip not to make any noise. Lydia keep it going fingering her faster, ebony fuck slut gangbanged by three horny guys the whole time this other woman was in the next stall admiring herself.

Saying things about how sexy that made her look and how her boobs looked bigger. Lydia was going at Betty faster and faster. She had Betty so wet and so about to burst. Betty looked at her, with a look of what to do. She whispered, just do it. Lydia took her finger out and started rubbing her clit, Betty went, she exploded she did everything not to make a sound. At the very end of her climax she moaned. She hurried up and covered her mouth. The other woman shut up. She said hello, is anyone there.

Neither said a word. Okay I guess not. But she finished dressing and walked out of the dressing area. These two just laughed. What the hell were they thinking? They just had sex in a dressing room of a very fine department store. The clothes were everywhere and they had to get out without anyone knowing. Lydia put on the outfit she had on before going in with Betty and opened up the door to cross over to the other dressing room.

The two of them got dressed and left. Only buying that one dress Betty had on. They hurried out of there before anyone could guess what they did. Neither could believe they did what they did. Will never forget that shopping experience. The other woman went back to the dressing rooms with more clothes and found the dressing room next to her with clothes everywhere and two strange wet spots on the big plush chair. She realized what had happened in there and only remembers seeing the two very attractive women come out of that dressing area after her.

She was stocked, but surprisingly aroused. As the girls giggled there way out of the dressing area, they ran into Julia, a good friend of Betty's who had just married Max, and was sort of on the outside now of the friendships they all shared.

Julia was going to the dressing room. Betty was flushed after what they did and didn't even know what to say to Julia. She looked so pretty in her tight pink halter-top. Betty was speechless. "Hi Girls," Julia said, I didn't know you were friends.

"We just ran into each other one night and started talking and knew we needed to put the pass in the pass," Betty said snappy. "Well that is great. How have you been?" Julia asked. "Which one of us," Lydia asked. "Both of you." couples love to do some amazing swaps we are just fine thanks for asking, how is Max?" Lydia asked, and then looked at Betty who could hardly hold back the hurt when she heard his name.

"He is doing fine; we are adjusting to the married life quite well." Betty could not say a word. Betty had had a huge crush on Max. Betty was devastated when she heard Julia and Max eloped to Vegas a few weeks ago. "Well let me get to the dressing room I want to try this on," Julia said. "Okay, see you later," Lydia said and took Betty by the arm to the exit. When Julia got to the dressing room she saw the room that was a mess and the woman looking in.

The woman turned around and looked at Julia, "Looks like those two had fun in there." Julia looked in and saw the clothes all over the place. "Look at that chair, they really had fun, lots!" the other woman said, "I wish I could cum like that." Julia stepped into another dressing room, shocked at what she saw.

Was that from Betty and Lydia? The other woman started talking over the wall, "I heard them when I was in here earlier. They were really going at it and one let out a moan of all moans.

I saw them when the came out and they looked very satisfied. I bet they are really happy. I don't remember the last time I had another woman. I use to experiment in college, and let me tell you there is no other feeling then to cum that way. It was the best sex I ever had ever.

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I am sorry I don't know why I am telling you this, I don't even know you. I guess I am just a little excited knowing what just went on in there. I hope I am not offending you." Just then Julia knocked on the other ladies door. She opened it, Julia had on a mini skirt and an unbuttoned top, closed just enough to not expose her if anyone else was in there. The other woman had on her panties and bra. She invited Julia in without even a word.

Julia stood there nervous; she did not know what she was doing. The woman closed the door behind her and locked it. She sat on the chair. She pulled Julia to her, Julia closed her eyes as the woman reached up to her breast under the shirt exposing them a little. She old fat dad fuck hard scared but knew the woman would be gentle.

She rubbed Julia's breast a little then brought her hands down her sides to her hips. Stopped and undid the skirt letting it drop to the floor, Julia's small, trimmed patch of hair was eye level with the woman.

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She kissed her flat tummy and proceeded down through the patch kissable sweetie is gaping narrow kitty in closeup and coming Julia's clit.

She spread her legs a bit and then felt it with her finger. It was wet but not wet enough. She looked up at Julia, her eyes still closed. "Relax, my pretty, Relax. I will make you feel things you never knew you could feel." She plunged her finger deep into Julia's hole and made her scream. "Hush, my darling you don't want anyone to interrupt now do you." The stock wore off and Julia relaxed a little.

Letting this stranger touch her was more exciting then she could ever have thought. The woman fingered her over and over again, making her wetter then she has been in a long time. The juices were just coming out of her. Her clit was so hard, it was so wet, and then the woman licked her. Her breathe was so warm against her wetness. It made her jump. She licked and licked until Julia climaxed, the cum was flowing out of her so fast and the woman could feel her own orgasm coming on.

She pulled Julia down to her knees and placed her hand down to her own wet mound. Julia moved the cotton of the woman's panties out of the way so she could do to the woman what she had done to her. She rubbed her rigorously. She felt the wetness and the heat coming from her pussy. It was wet. She got the woman off with her finger. The woman took Julia's hand and put it in her own mouth. "You taste so much sweeter then I." The woman put her hand in Julia's mouth.

"Taste." Julia tasted herself. It was so sweet. Julia put her hand on the woman's breast.

The woman enjoyed it; she was pretty in a hippy sort of way. Her breasts were large and felt soft. Julia stood up and unhooked the woman's bra in the back and removed it. She straddled herself over the woman's lap and leaned down and started to suck on her boob. Julia rubbed the other one with her hand and held the other in her mouth. Both nipples got hard simultaneously. Her nipples were large and erect and Julia could not stop sucking on horny brunette experimenting at surprise sex casting, she would go back and forth.

She couldn't stop. The woman started to play with herself. She rubbed her clit as Julia sucked her tits. She was moaning softly. Julia pressed herself against the woman's hand and tried to feel her rubbing on herself.

Julia started to grind on her like she was fucking this woman. Like she was pushing the woman finger into herself with her body.

The woman loved it. Then Julia used her own hand to finger fuck the woman and thrust herself against her. She made this woman cum again and again. She had the woman in her hand. Her hand was wet. The cum was dripping out now. She made the woman have an orgasm that she will never forget. When the woman finished her orgasm she pulled Julia close to her, and in one motion almost picking Julia up she brought her to the ground and laid on top of her.

Julia looked into her eyes for the first time and saw the intentness she was going at her with. It was almost scary. The woman grinded her wet pussy into Julia like she had a dick. One hand behind her playing with Julia's clit and the other kneading at Julia's breast. Julia's was cumming. It was like it just wouldn't quit. She cam bbc amateur bbc teen anal gangbang much it was like she was peeing.

It was a lot.

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It was more then she ever cam in her life. The woman laid on Julia and started to timea bella amp rossella visconti pure anal fucking nasty sluts prefer pussy sz on her breast. He breast were so sensitive. It was no time before she was hard as a rock and then the woman slid her tongue down Julia's stomach. She started to lick at her clit again. Making Julia tense up her entire body and before she knew it she shoot cum in the woman's mouth.

The woman swallowed just as she would a man's cum. Julia relaxed herself and closed her eyes again. When she opened them, the woman was now straddled over her face. "Lick me, please." Julia went at her like a lollipop. Licking her up and down, trying to remember what she had done to her. She twirled the tip of her tongue around the woman's clit and sucked on it.

She stuck her tongue into the woman's hole as deep as she could. She didn't know where this was coming from, she had never done this before, but the woman seemed to like it so she was doing it right.

She moaned and groaned and came. She came all over Julia's face. Julia, lapped it up, like a cat with a bowl of milk. She sucked all this woman's cum. After the woman cam down from her climax and Julie took all her cum, the woman stood up and got dressed, and Julia did the same.

They never said a word to each other, but knew this was something they would never forget.