Uncensored oral sex delights of sasha summers hardcore blowjob

Uncensored oral sex delights of sasha summers hardcore blowjob
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My best friend's girlfriend is hot. I do have a girlfriend myself, but what she doesn't know doesn't hurt her. Taylor is nearly perfect by my standards.

Average height, perfectly thin, shoulder length brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, she was amazing. That day she had a simple pair of blue jean shorts, tastefully short, and a green tanktop, that perfectly formed to her body. Her leg's golden tan was perfectly complimented by her outfit. Though we were with a group of friends, including her boyfriend and my best friend, Brock, I couldn't get her off my mind. The tanktop perfectly cupped her natural C cups. God she was beautiful.

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That day. Oh that day. How luck was I? A group of us were at the park, just hanging out. We decided to leave, and Brock asked if he and Taylor could ride with me to chill my place. "Of course, man." I said as I thought of the opportunity to check out Taylor more. They hopped in my car and we took off. "Do you have anything planned for the rest of the day, Shaun?" Taylor asked. "Noooope. Today is my first day off of work in two weeks.

I'm taking full advantage of it." "Awesome!

Maybe we can play xbox later, if ya want." Brock suggested. "Sure, sounds like a plan." I said as we pulled into my driveway. We got out and made our way into my basement. Taylor flopped down on the couch on her stomach, and then proceeded to kick her legs back and forth as she fiddled with her cell phone.

God she was such a tease. Sexy as hell. Brock and I took the chairs and flipped on the TV. Nothing good on. Bummer. "How about I just head over to my house with Taylor and we can play xbox now."Brock lived two houses bbw sa pumping milf big booty fucking young horny boys so it was no big deal.

"Oh, babe, I can't. I forgot I have my project due tomorrow." Taylor said to Brock and then turned her beautiful eyes at me.

"Can you just give me a ride home?" Brock's car was in the shop for the fourth time this month. Nobody liked to ride with him anyway. "Yeah, that's fine." Brock left and I was lost in the TV commercial about a new game I had my eye on. "Uhh, hey Taylor, I'm gonna go change out of this nasty shirt, ok?

Then we will leave." She followed me to my room and stopped at the door when I went inside. I made my way to the closet, grabbed a cool white tee, and slipped out of the one I had on. I heard something behind me. "You could just leave that one off. Its plenty hot enough to not wear one." I looked back and Taylor had crashed onto my bed, again those legs look good enough to eat. Heeding her suggestion I put the shirt back and turned around. She was just laying there, one hand on the cell phone and the other behind her back fumbling around.

"I can handle that." I said with a smile. I sat down beside her and rubbed her back where her hand previously was. "God, thank you!" she exclaimed, clearly happy that I was relieved her. "It itched so badly. Mmmm, don't stop." That moan nearly made me hard.

I continued methodically, working my way across every perfect inch of her back. I took my time to fully enjoy her body. Finally, I got my way to the bottom, near her waist line. Sex xxx story xxx 14 h download I inched closer my heart raced faster.

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"Mmmm, I could just take a nap." I didn't reply. I slipped my fingertips under her jeans, to test the waters. I received no protest from her. "What am I doing?" I thought. "I've got a hot girlfriend. Not as sexy as Taylor though." I was too into this though.

There was nobody stopping the thoughts I was having. I changed my direction. I worked under her tanktop and was clearly pushing it up as I touched her bare skin.

I was in heaven. I was sure that I would replay this in my head and think about where it could've gone. Then she did something unexpected. She lifted up onto her elbows, allowing me to slip her top up so I could get easier access to the rest of her back. I lifted it as high as I could on her back. She collapsed back down and pulled it over her head.

God. I was hard. She was now left in a hot pink bra and her jeans. The bra had a lacey trim around the top. Words cannot explain my feelings. My girlfriend, Anne, was the last thing on my mind. Taylor simply lay there.

Not saying anything. I got back to work. Doing my best to please her. She was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I have a weak spot for girls in tight jeans especially those wearing sexy bras.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to make a move. I slipped one had under her bra strap then unhooked it with the other. "Shaun. Do you ever want to cheat on Anne?" Taylor cooed slyly. I didn't reply as she asin emraan hashmi xxx story her body over. Then slowly removed her bra from her perfect chest, I leaned in to kiss her and let my hands now work around the perfect mounds that were in front of me.

She kissed back hard. "I'm so wet, I want this on top of me…" she touched my chest and shoulders with one hand "and this, I want this inside of me." She reached down with the other hand and rested it on my raging hard on. Holy fuck. I wasn't going to let her take those words back. I leaned back and kissed her again, with passion.

"Did you really have a project due?" I questioned her as I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off of her perfect legs. "Yes I do… but I finished it last night. Sorry I really wanted you and I thought this might be my only opportunity to have you. I'm sorry, but if you haven't figured it out by now. You're going to fuck me now, and you're going to fuck me hard." She quickly ripped off her yellow lacey panties without any time for me to get a chance to enjoy them.

She got off the bed and slid my shorts and boxers down in one motion, then roughly pushed me down onto the bed. "Well you obviously don't need any help getting hard…" she said with a smile as she got on the bed next to my legs, the wrapped her hand around my member "but I would be a fucking idiot to pass up the chance to suck a cock this size. Brock has a whimpy little pencil dick. Its just not doing it for me anymore.

" She wrapped her lips around me, then slid down. Wow. She worked wonders. "Fuck, Taylor. Are you the perfect girl?" "Maybe…" She said with a smile then swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock.

"if you think so. " She pulled away from me. "I can't wait any longer." I helped her on top of me. She hovered over my pleading manhood. Her perfect girlfriend deepthroats his cock for a filthy was glistening as it waited for me to enter. "Are you ready?" I asked.

I grabbed her hips and pressed her down against me. My cock was now there at her tight, warm, wet hole. She let down a little bit. My gaze went back to her beautiful face. Her eyes were closed. One hand in her hair. Her jaw slowly dropped as she inched down onto my rod.

"Ohhh" she whimpered lightly as she sank down to my hilt. "You're cheating on Brock." I informed her with a smirk. "Yeah, well you're cheating on Anne." She shot back with a sexy grin. She lifted back up and then slammed herself down my length. "Mmmmm" she moaned now more audibly. I firmed my grip on her hips and assisted her pace and she repeated her movements. Her eyes were closed again, now completely immersed in our sex. I again picked up the tempo. Fucking her hard, just like she asked. " Fuck.

me. Fuck. me. Fuck. me." She chanted, increasing the pace and pitch as I fucked her as hard as I possibly could in the position. But we both wanted more. I had to change it up.

I grabbed her legs, then turned so my feet were off the bed. Being sure to keep my cock inside of her I stood up and backed her into the wall. She grabbed my head and rain her fingers through my hair as we kissed had again. I didn't stop what we had going. I fucked her harder than before, she was whipering through our kiss. God it was sexy as hell. With her completely secure between the wall and my hips. I took one had off of her and put my thumb over her clit, carefully massaging it.

"OHH!" she responded .She moaned out of control. "FUCK! Don't you fucking stop! Harder. Harder! Harder!! HARDER!!" I did exactly as she commanded. I pistoned in and out of her pussy, and my thumb went crazy on her clit. "GOD I'M CUMMING!" she screamed. With her moaning in my ear and clawing into my arms as I pleasured her it took all I had to hold myself back. Then I finally niki anal prolapses and squirts from a brutal dildo masturbation squirting take it.

I slammed myself into her one last time and pushed my body against hers now nearly flat against the wall. My load emptied into this perfect girl.

Amazing. "Mmmm." She let out as she bit her lower lip and kissed me again. "You really know how to treat a girl." We got ourselves dressed between the many kisses. I grabbed my keys and were about to head out when we heard a knock on the door.

It was Brock…