Publicagent skinny brunette pounded by a big

Publicagent skinny brunette pounded by a big
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it was my 18th birthday and my boyfriend came home with a box wrapped up in wrapping paper and handed it to me. He was 32 at the time. i smiled at him as i opened the package up inside was a one piece dress that was very see thru and white.

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i was told to put it on which i did stripping in front of him down to nothing my little 32 a cups and shaved hairless pussy.

i slipped it over my head and the dress just came down to the point of hiding my ass. i showed off for him and could tell he really liked it i went in and put on some 6 inch heels to make my 5'1" frame a little taller and asked if that was good enough for him. smiling at me he agreed and told me he has another surprise and we needed to take a ride for it. curiously i agreed and off we went. it was a hot day in Louisville Kentucky ,where we lived at the time, and we drove that night all the way downtown to the seedier part of downtown next to where Churchill Downs the horse racing track was.

he pulled up to a small building with about 15 cars in subtitled busty japanese uncensored blowjob in pov parking lot. my heart was pounding as i saw it was a adult book store slash theater.

i was wondering if we where going to buy toys or something. as we walked into the place that was named showboats i noticed for so many cars in the parking lot no one was in the store.

i started to look at the toys arranged on the wall getting a head start on what i thought was a shopping excursion but when i looked up my boyfriend was calling me to him he was by the man behind the window. walking over to him he had me follow him to a doors the employee smiled at me taking me in seeing the nakedness of my body under the thin material of the new dress. he opened the door that led us into a small room with a coke machine and a restroom door on the wall was a bunch of dirty movies that where the channels for the booths that lined the next hallway we where about to enter.

as we turned the corner i saw a bunch of men lining the hallway standing in front of doors that where the booths for the private viewing rooms.

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it was dark but the men all seemed to notice me as they glared at me like a little piece of meat. the smell of the place filled my nostrils like a mix of sex and cleaning supplies. my boyfriend took my hand and led me to the second door on the right.

as we entered it i took one more look behind me to see the men smiling and heading towards our door it seemed but then the door was shut and locked by my boyfriend.

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inside the booth the floor was all concrete the only thing in there was a chair and a trash can with a paper towel dispenser. i sat on the chair as my boyfriend switched through the channels of the tv finding many nice pornos and stopping at one of a girl in the middle of a gang bang.

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as he was doing that i noticed a hole in the wall to my right. it was dark in the other booth next to us and i could see dried up cum covering the wall from the hole down.

it was pretty gross as i thought about it but then i noticed an eye looking into the booth from the hole. my boyfriend told me to stand up and face the wall opposite of the hole. he had me stand with my arms against the wall and told me to push my ass out. i did as told getting turned on as i though this is what he wanted me to do show off my body to a bunch of strangers.

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the booth was small and cramped for the two of us and he started to rub my ass pulling the dress up around my hips sucking my neck and fondeling my perky little breasts.

he had me turn around and i looked at the hole to see a dick sticking through the hole i gasped as i saw it. looking at my boyfriend he pushed me to my knees and i was in front of it. not very big at all no very thick either i could tell it was an older mans cock and it wasn't very hard yet.

i started to fix the situation as i licked across the tip and slowly jerked it off into my mouth as i sucked the tip.

my lips locked around the head as i sucked my boyfriends hand on the back of my head as he pushed me onto it. i could feel the strangers cock grow in my mouth as i sucked it my lips rubbing along his shaft as my tongue flicked around and across his rock hard cock as the head pushed into my throat.

i was sucking him for a good 10 minutes when all of a sudden he shot into my mouth i tried to pull away but my boyfriend stopped me telling me to swallow it all as i did as i was told the cock twitched and kept filling my mouth with shot after shot of cum. his dick withdrew and left my mouth empty and dripping with saliva onto my new dress. my eyes watery from the deepthroating i looked up at my boyfriend who told me to wait there. i looked back into the other booth through the hole watching the cock i had just sucked leave the room and another man walk in.

he quickly undid his pants and pushed his cock into the hole. his cock was much larger and thicker than that of the first one and i eagerly sucked him using my mouth on him fast sloppy and deep pushing his cock in and out of my throat like i was starving for his dick.

he throbbed and pulsed in my mouth as i sucked my boyfriend laughing behind me telling me i was a horny little slut. he pulled me cute babe jessie lynn shaking her as in a cowgirl position of the cock with his hands in my hair and told me to stand up i did he turned me around putting my ass against the strangers cock as it stuck out from the hole.

and i sunk onto it no condom no protection just skin of throbbing thick cock sliding into my unprotected tight hairless pussy. my ass touched the wall of the booth as the guy on the other side started to thrust through the wall into my cunt fucking my pussy hard and fast. then i felt it as my boyfriend smacked my ass hard leaving a nice red handprint on my ass. the guy fucking me throbbed and shot cum into my pussy filling me with so much it leaked out over his cock and down my thighs i felt it sliding out into my high heels as i shivered from his exploding cock.

should i continue or stop its up to you all.