Mature couple seduces teen and she gets ass fucked

Mature couple seduces teen and she gets ass fucked
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Brian picked me up the next morning it was raining. As we drove he told me to undress which I did. We drove into the yard of some stables at Tong.

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I left my clothes in the car and we walked in to the stables y were several stalls occupied by horses and an empty stall with the floor covered in mom tricks blindfolded son tsuck female straw it felt warm.

Two very young boys joined us and undressed Brian took photographs as I made love to them. After they left two women entered the stall One was a plump middle aged Asian woman in a yellow sari the other tall white slim in a plain navy blue dress the white woman said "my name is Kath and this is Suki".

Suki was blind and bald she stripped to yellow bra and knickers stand I'm front of her said Kath I did Suki put a hand on me lay down ordered Kath I did and Suki knelt beside me and started to run her hands over my body touching my hair, face, breasts, stomach, pubic hair and thighs. I parted my legs so her fingers could touch me they rubbed and stroked and she entered me with two chubby fingets. Suki lay beside me her fingers still moving inside me we kissed her breath smelt of curry and my tongue went into her mouth and I discovered she had no tongue just a stub of it remained and no teeth.

Ams around her and I unfastened her bra ran a hand down her back and into her knickers I squeezed a buttock as her fingers brought me to climax and kissed her breasts as she rolled on to her back. I removed her knickers and when my fingers went between her legs she was wet I lowered my head between them and licked her my tongue pushing into her until she came.

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Kath came stood in front of me and unfastened her dress she was naked underneath except for stockings and suspenderd we put our arms around each other and made love kissing and touching each others bodies she often guided me it was the best lesbian love making I had experienced as we lay in the hay Kath said Suki is an example of why people should do what we tell them and should not talk if you ever remember this day she said be warned this will happen to you if you miss behave.

We made love again Kath picked a broom up from the side of the stall and knelt behind me I bent over for her and Kath put the broom handle against my anus and pressed it into me I could not tell how deep it went put she pushed it in a long way.

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Brian moved an Kath knelt in front of me with another broom she parted my vagina entrance with one hand and pushed the handle in to me. Even though it was thicker than any mans organ it went in quite easily as I was wet and enjoying the abuse.

Kath stepped back examining her work Brian fastened my wrists behind me with handcuffs and took several pictures and then unfastened me."Open your mouth and stick your tongue out" instructed Kath "I am going to cut your tongue out". I was not bothered in fact the idea of not having the ability to speak ever again quite appealed. I put my tongue out and Kath fastened a clamp to it then the sides of the clamp slid back into my mouth so it was forced wide open and I could not shut it.

Kath turned a screw jepang sex hamil perut besar my tongue was pulled so far out of my mouth I thought it would tear out. She stood in front of me and held a knife against my tongue then passed the knife to Brian and he put the knife to the base of my tongue.

Now I wanted it more that anything else I had ever wanted I was almost desperate I wanted to feel the knife cutting my tongue. Brian stood back laughing "we can do it anytime we want and you will want us t" he laughed he pulled the two broom handles out of me and pushed me on to the floor. He was aroused and entered me quickly my tongue still pulled out of my mouth I was aroused I was enjoying the abuse like I never thought I could and I enjoyed feeling Brian inside me he came quickly.

Kath released my tongue. "The next stage of your education " said Brian as a man led two border collie dogs in to the stall. "Kneel on all fours with your knees about 12 inches apart" he said "time for you to learn how to have dog. You have a choice if you stay as you are they will enter your arse bend your head down to the floor your bottom goes in the air and they will enter your fanny" he knelt beside me and put his hand between my legs "you are going to enjoy this" he gloated.

I looked back at the dogs and knew I was going to enjoy it they were both looking at me there tongues hanging out. "You are well wet" said Brian as we touched me. These are small dogs so will be quite easy and small if you feel a swelling in you it is the dog knot it may fasten in you but do not try and pull out it is big enough to tear you but these dogs are trained not to go deep in to you so you should not feel it he stood up and took his camera.

I knew what I wanted and lowered my head down to the floor the first dog jumped up on me I was surprised by its weight its warm furry stomach was against me and then I felt it. Entry was very quick it was big and longi the dog panted and started to pump in to me it came very quickly and dropped down off me I was frustrated I want it to last longer a few seconds was no good I looked back and kept my head down as the second dog jumped up on to me.

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It was a repeat performance and it left me wanting even more. "Enjoyed it?" asked Brian I nodded my head. "Ok Brian said to the man he led one of the collies back to me it was up and in me in no time.

The insides of my legs were wet as the dogs cum ran out of me to feel the difference I raised myself up on to all fours and the other collie easily found my anus and pushed itself into me. Kath and Suki had left. Well said Brian that was an interesting session time for you to try horse he led me to another stable block.

Hello said a girl I am Carrie I will look after you. This first horse is called Buckles he's a cart horse and as you.can see very big and he is quite old which makes him placid and he is specially trained.

Carrie turned to me if you stand on front of him and stroke hunk so that he can see and smell you. I patted Buckles on his neck and he turned his head and nudged me. He likes you said Carrie if you rub your hands and breasts against his flanks and then work your way to his haunches as you rub. I moved close to the horse so that my breasts were against his hair I was not certain what to do and Carrie stepped bin.

Carrie pulled her top off exposing small breasts how old are you o asked her fourteen she replied. I realised that she was attractive her hair was short light brown and she had a very friendly smiling face. Carrie moved close to Buckles and started to move from side to side with her breasts pressed against him and moved along his flanks rubbing as much as her bodies as and could against the old stallion. When she had finished stepped back and her.face flushed nipples erect I enjoy doing that she explains folding her arms across her chest I have to show most of for women who are here for the first time how to do that.

I pressed myself.against Buckles and rubbed against him I soon discovered why Carrie enjoyed it his hair was coarse nut soft as well it stimulated my nipples as well as other parts of my body o was quote wet. My nipples were raised and hard by the time I had finished I was ny his back legs open your legs slightly said Carrie with a small knee bend and you can rub your pubic hair against his leg I started to rub of you bend your legs move you will get more of his leg between yours and then rub I did feeling the horses hair against the inside of my thighs.

Did you enjoy that said Carrie I nodded. Of you start and rub his side with your I started let your hands move down his sides and when you are ready bend your knees and rub his stomach I stroked and rubbed his bent my knees and moved my hand along his stomach now if you kneel down and face his rear keeping stroking him I did she said can you see his sheath hanging down yes I said well said Carrie as you are rubbing him move both your hands to rub his sheath I moved my hiands until they were on his sheaf carry.on rubbing said Carrie it takes a minute or two if you rub along it rather than circular it will work better.

Quickly out came Buckles cock it looked leathery and was big Carrie must have known what I was thinking she said daddy measured him the head of his cock is 10 centimeters across and the shaft is 75 centimeters across put both hands around it and keep stroking she said o held it on both hands and kept stroking I moved my head forward to meet it, and wrapped my lips around the head, which barely fit into my mouth it had an earthy taste to it that was not unpleasant I sucked on him enjoying the unusual experience Buckle shuffled and his cock in a matter of seconds extended several inches pushing his cock into my throat and my head back my throat and mouth was filled with hot creamy horse cum, although I swallowed moist pussy stuffed by toy girlfriend homemade massive amount jada stevens taking care of businessman had shot down my throat' more went up the back of my nose more squirted out of him I swallowed some much of it ran out of my mouth down my chin and breast I released his cock from my mouth and got a squirt full in the face I opened my mouth to catch what turned out to be his last squirt.

His come was now running across my stomach. His cum was smooth and sticky and tasted slightly bitter. Carrie put a hand out to help me up I stumbled into her as I straightened up and my breasts touched hers spreading some of Buckles cum on to her sorry I said don't be replied Carrie it tastes nice she wiped some of the cum of her breast with her hand and licked it.

We were stood close together and she smiled at me I wiped some cum of my breast with a hand and tasted it it did not taste unpleasent Carrie nailing busty blonde on fur as once me wipe more of and licking it. I was aware that she was attractive and bent to her and placed a kiss on her mouth I expected her do draw back instead she placed an arm around my neck and pulled me to her we kissed again and I could feel here tongue in my mouth licking at the remains of the cum in it I looked at her by pulling us together her chest and stomach now had come on them.

I put my head down and licked at her breasts she stood still while I licked it all off here. Carrie then started on me licking my face, chest, breasts and stomach we kissed again my hand went to the zip on her jeans and I pulled it down so that I could run my handjob while fingering and blonde teen anal webcam masturbating she e down her back into the top of her jeans and to feel here buttocks through her knickers.

I knelt find and untied her trainers pulling each one of on turn and then pulling her jeans off so she was stood in her whore knickers we kissed sham her hands were moving slowly up and down my back on to my bottom and back up. My hand went inside her knickers and down between her legs she was wet.

Carrie stood back and pulled her knickers of and we lay in the hey beside Buckles making love to each other. We finished and stood up Brian coughed I had forgotten about him. He said to Carrie are you going to the next horse yes said Carrie dressing herself.

This is Alien said Carrie my father named him. There was was a low table beside him doth s padded cushion. Lay on the table and spread your legs said Carrie I did and Carrie approached me with a large jar what is that o asked lubricant said Carrie he is a very large boy and you will need it.

She knelt between my legs and smeared it around the entrance to my body and then some inside me. Carrie said he is s very big boy but well behaved. Sheled blonde girl loves to play with dildo vibrator and homemade so he was stood over me I sat partly up so that I could reach his csheath and stroked it that's right said Carrie after my stroking worked and his cock appeared take your time said Carrie and start and guide if into yourself.

I took him in both hands then said to Carrie you do it. I laid back put your legs in the air so they go to each side of him she said I did and felt the touch of his cock against the entrance ho my body move a bit down the table end press your felt zgsinsy him Carrie said I pressed very gingerly and felt him start to enter me I took s couple of minutes to take the head of his cock into me. Brian was busy taking pictures. I moved further on to him his cock pressed against my clitoris stimulating me I moved byself back wards and forwards on him and brought myself to s climax I will stroke his cock said Carrie you squeeze him with your muscles I squeezed my muscles agsinst his big cock relaxed and squeezed again.I kept this up until his cock lenghtend rapidly it seemed to fill more whole body and bang against internal organs he came it was hot and there was s lot of it I could feel his cum squirting into me and and ttunning out of me.

His erection shrank and Carrie helped me to my feet wow I said shakely.that was an experience. Would you do it again asked Carrie yes I replied think of the climax is had brought me to and how I had enjoyed the depravity of the session this is just not like me I thought. Ok more horses after lunch said Brian.