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Horny teens bang the biggest strapons and spray love juice everywhere
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The Rape of Mary We left at eight pm on Monday, November 7, 2021. We crossed the Peace Bridge, presented government issued identification. We drove along I-90 at reasonable speeds, conducting ourselves as water utility workers, driving van designed to transport several hundred gallons of liquid. At four in the morning we pulled into a strip-mall off US National Highway 20. We parked at the rear entrance of "The Bar N Grille." Specialist Notch and I the door open with a battering ram, made out of metal pipe.

Sergeants Lisa and Doc entered. I followed and secured the equipment. I located the only employee in the mop closet. I knew Mary from before the lights. A good woman, just a bitch of a manager. She raised her arms in defense. I stepped around her, wrapped my arms around her neck, and locked my wrist in my free elbow.

She struggled. I squeezed. "You were always fair," I whispered.

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She went limp. I arranged my arms under hers, and dragged her to the van. Mary's eyes widened. "We take her, make sure she's tied tight, and gagged, I'll bring clean towels," I said. We executed the raid, taking bulk shipments of fresh produce and dry goods to smuggle into Canada. Notch organized them on a sliding cargo platform, and tied them in place with netting. They were disguised by a very good front of equipment and clutter.

Our margin covered, we converged on a gas station on the other end of the street. Doc subdued the clerk. We syphoned several hundred gallons of diesel fuel into the vans. We switched license plates, Lisa administered a sedative to Mary, prepared new works orders and identification for border presentation, and drove.

It took four hours to return to London Ontario Canada. We pit stopped well outside of city limits, and gathered in front of the vans. I removed a hand rolled cigarette and handed it to Doc. "Tobacco, bloody hell that's expensive," Notch said. "We need to rape her," I said. "What?" Notch asked.

We looked at him. Lisa postured as seductively as she could in a jumpsuit. "Notch, do you want real magic?" she purred. He blinked. "Yes," He said. "Then smoke, be a dear, and do as your told." She said. Doc light the cigarette, took a drag, and passed it to her. "She's ovulating," Lisa said, I checked in the fan.

If you can violate her enough Loki can feast." "Then raise him on our side. Think of the magic available!" Doc said.

"I love a good rape," Lisa said, rubbing her hands together. "I'll supply the sunny leone prone hub in bathroom for the ceremony," I said.

"Weed, really?" Notch asked, taking the cigarette. I shrugged, "You have to be a really disciplined addict to practice this magic. The withdrawal will be horrible, but you will grow stronger." "What will you get out of all of this?" Doc asked. "My son," I answered. We drove to regional headquarters. The fuel and goods were unloaded. Mary was quietly taken to a secured detainment room.

We debriefed. Showered and meet the second in command, Lieutenant Jay Lois, in the mess hall. We sat down for taking a bath and pleasing his pole meal. "How do you know her Hansford," He asked. "She managed a restaurant I worked for before the lights. I've known her for 5 years." I said. "Three years before the lights. Did you fuck her?" He asked. "No sir." "Even better. What's the sacrifice? "A pack of Marlboro lights, five shots of rye, her anger, body and a child." Lisa said.

"That's quite a bit." LT noted. "A personal investment sir," Doc said, "How often do we find people we knew before the lights anymore?" "Notch ever done any black magic before?" LT asked. "No sir" He said. "Good! You'll have a blast.

Not every day someone gets to do this as their first time." "I've prepared an outline for the ceremony, and I brought notes," Lisa said, passing out copies of a professionally prepared plan. We finished our meal and prepared the ceremony.

A sparsely used store room was quickly converted. Two hand drawn renderings of the Prose Eda were hung. The alter was a sloped piece of wood, that would hold her in doggy style. The rune X, Gebo was carved into the spot her vagina would press against. Blankets with holes for the ropes sewn in were laid down. Lisa prepared the offering on a table, displayed Loki's idol next to the tube of holy lubricant. Doc filled a washing station with hot water. A chain was laid out in a broken circle around everything in the room.

Mary was strapped to a gurney in an adjacent room. We stripped naked and donned black robes, sewn to hang open and embroidered with silver rune words. Mary had woken, with a ball gag in her mouth. She shook at the sight of us. Each man held a limb and maneuvered Mary to the alter in a rehearsed manner. Lisa applied metal restraints to each hand, and a series of nylon straps harnessed her hands across her chest.

"Don't fight it," Lisa said, "Or you'll rub your tits raw." Lisa handed out bottles of water. "Is this for the magic?" Notch asked. "Oh no, you'll work up a sweat in a good rape. Stay hydrated," Lois answered. We set the offering table in front of Pretty babe got massage and gets pounded by her masseur pornstars and hardcore and closed the circle of chain. Lois lit a long glass pipe packed with marijuana.

He passed it around. After holding our breaths we exhaled onto Mary's face. Notch cupped the pipe and took a hit. He'd never had a chance but always wanted to. It made the world spin. We each picked up a shot glass of rye and took our places in the circle. "Hail to the North, home of our deep mountain.

Your guard us and we thank you1" Doc said loudly, and we caught you perving around in our room. "Hail to the East, source of our air. You give us access to the world," Notch said and drank. "Hail to the South, the basin of life and fertility," Lisa purred and drank.

"Hail to the West, beacon of Fire. Lets hope Detroit doesn't hear about this," I said, and took the shot. Sweet grain fire swept though my system. "And I call upon Loki," Lieutenant said loudly, "Grace us with your presence and attention. We desiree giving a pov blowjob in fishnets as sacrifice and enjoyment: this woman's body and," he paused and flexed to pee on Mary's face, "total humiliation." Lisa lit cigarettes and passed them around.

She placed on in her grandmothers crystal ashtray. "Mary Dittsanski," the LT said, "We will allow you a courtesy in our circle. Feel free to invoke the help of any god you wish. He removed the ball gag. "What the fuck are you people doing?

Someone please help me!" She screamed. We all watched reality blur in the haze of the drugs. We took deep breaths of cigarettes smoke and blowing it on her, thrusting with magic. To her, the volume of her words stung her hears, they were much to sensitive. Lisa smacker her across the face hard. "God help me," She sobbed. I smacked her short flabby butt cheek hard.

She yelped and began crying. We walked around her leaving handprints on the rolls of her white skin. Lisa knelt behind her and began to eat her pussy. "What! No! NO! PLEASE NO!" Mary screamed. Lieutenant stood in front of her. He wrapped his hands around her head and pressed his thumbs against her temples. Lisa ran her tongue along Mary's vagina. Her lips swelled, ruby read against her pale skin. She had been shaved.

Lisa tickled, rolled and demonstrated the alphabet on facesit humiliation taylor st clair clitoris. Notch held her cheeks open. Lisa thrust her tongue into her asshole. Mary fought for a minute and gave up, slumping against the alter.

"Now you're going to be a good girl and suck my dick while we fuck you, and if you don't, you'll loose your eyes," Lois said. He jerked her face to look at him. "Do you understand?" "Yes," She said weakly.

"Good," Lois said, pushing his penis into Mary's mouth, "Notch you first, fuck her asshole." Doc knelt before the alter and sucked on Notch's cock. Notch dropped the robe off his muscle on a medium frame. He was harry and covered with tattoos. Once erect, Doc applied the holy lubricant.

Lois rolled his head back and laughed. The giddy presence of a god entered the circle. It felt like what each them of them believed was divine should be to each individual. "Hurry up," Lois snapped, lending his body to a Lord of Tricks. Lisa knelt Marry's ass cheeks open and guided Notch into her dull brown asshole.

Mary pulled away from the cock and screamed. We all took a drag on our cigarettes and extinguished them on the fatty rolls of Michele's back. We sang. "Gebo Gebo Gebo Gu ga gi ge go Gub gab gib geb gob Og eg ig ua ur Gaaaaaaaaaa ffffffffff" Notch leaned agains her, driving his cock in a far as possible. He humped her hard, never taking his weight off her.

He ejaculated quickly. "Good, good, you have my blessings. I will take this one as my daughter." Lois said, forcing his penis back into Mary mouth. I stepped the the alter massaged my penis with holy lubricant. I had been fully erect for some time. I knelt before Mary's face. Lois obliged and stepped back. "Would you like to know why I'm doing this to you?" I asked. "No," she moaned. "Good. My station's hood was broken in that kitchen, all summer. I had every right to complain, and you should have fixed it instead of scolding me." "What?" Mitchell asked.

"I am doing this to show you that I can." I stood up and walked behind her. "Fuck you!" She screamed. I pushed in quickly and pulled out. I jabbed my cock into her cunt quickly, using long strokes to stimulate myself as quickly as I could.

I flexed my PC muscle. The orgasm jumped off my bass and rode up my back. I kept thrusting. Her struggling felt great with my cock buried inside of her. It was warm wet and delicious. The feeling of her pussy yanked a memory out of my head.

I was a child drinking hot chocolate flavored with mint on the porch during the winter holidays. "YOU ASSHOLE!" Mary screamed. I felt Loki enter me. The coven stood around MT smoking cigarettes. They sang the chant again. "Let us mix our blood together," Loki said. I punched Mary in the back of the head and came inside of her.

Dropped to rest on the floor. Lois thrust his penis into Mary's mouth. "Just suck on daddy dear. That's right, daddy's juice will make it all go away," he said. She began sucking him vigorously. Lieutenant continued to speak. "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I cam to set man against his father and a daughter against her mother, and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man's enemies will be more the members of his household.

He who loves father or mother more than ME is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his sword and follow ME is not worthy of Me." Lois ejaculated as he finished the prayer. Mary capitulated and swallowed his semen.

Loki took her anger and replaced it with a bit of his joy. I slumped to the side. Mary was untied and rolled into my arms.

She made no reaction from the shock. I comforted her. Lisa and Doc called the ceremony to an end with a vigorous fucking. The elements were obliged to stay if they would but go if they must. We dressed Mary in a scrubs and restrained her on the gurney. We disassembled the room, and conveyed everyone a home Lisa, Doc and I shared. Showers were taken; dinner was cooked. Mary was reduced to beautiful korean girl squirting masturbate and livesex child surrounded by loving friends.

Her capabilities returned when she realized she was pregnant. I prepared the paperworks. Three weeks later I sat her down on the couch. Do you remember what I said when we first met?" "Yes, but it didn't work.

"I had to make you safe." "Why?" "So you could have my baby," I said. "I am so excited about the baby," she said genuinely. "You are so awesome. I want to take you down to the CO so he can make it official." "Ugh, I hate that guy.

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He asks to many questions. Can you give me something to help me remember what you'll want me to say?" "Sure thing baby," I said, opening my pants. Lisa had trained her well. Mary swallowed my load and I whispered lies into her soul. Mary told my Commanding Officer that we had worked together before the lights and my team had rescued her from a horrible gang rape. She was very coherent.