Sex is the superlatively good award for a pretty babe hardcore and blowjob

Sex is the superlatively good award for a pretty babe hardcore and blowjob
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This is a fiction story, so enjoy it. Let me introduce myself. I'm Geeta Singh Anant, age 21, fit body, slender legs, especially curved thighs especially thicker than normal.

Firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself am amazed that 34 sized boobs can stand so straight even without a bra. My nipples are semi brown in color. My face has an innocent look and my lips are magnificent. The biggest fact of my life is that I'm a coward. I don't have the guts to resist anything. Not even girls, males are out of the question.

As per the information, I was once traveling on a bus and the bus was crowded. A guy was just standing behind me and was packed with me in that crowded bus.

So much packed that his body was rubbing mine. When the bus jerked he accidentally placed his hands on my boobs. It was the speed breakers on the road and not one, several were there. So not only he placed his hands on my boobs but even pressed them few times while the bus was getting jerked. He was expecting me to respond but I was stoned. I was feeling every bit of it but was shocked to hell. My inner guts didn't permit me to respond. He was shocked too with the fact that I didn't respond.

But he didn't withdraw his hand and was waiting for me to respond back. But I didn't, so he started to press my boobs slowly and steadily. For whole 30 minutes, he kept on taking pleasure of my boobs, squeezing until his stop came. He got down and I felt relaxed.

But 2 minutes later, another guy who was having an eye on the action, placed his hands on my boobs. I turned back to see who he was.

He harshly said to a loa ok forward and not to turn back. I like an obedient idiot turned my head forward. I allowed him to maul my boobs until my stop came in 20 minutes. After getting down, I rushed to the public tight babe gets fucked by nasty pawn guy and saw my boobs.

They had turned red due to the rough mauling. So now you must have got the idea of how I was. I have passed graduation and so my family started to search groom. Within three months of search, I got married to a guy name Suraj Singh Anant.

He was a Government officer and working in general shift means 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I didn't have an affair in my college days. So I was a virgin at the time of marriage. My husband was very happy with the fact that I was a virgin.

His trust of me being a good character girl was being fixed in his head. So the trust was built which wasn't to be shredded easily. The family consisted of father-in-law, mother-in-law, two elder brothers of my husband and their wives. Both of them had one kid each. The eldest brother had a ten years old son named Sachin. The second brother had 5 years daughter named Komal who studied in UKG. All the cooking was done by eldest brother wife named Shakuntala. The housekeeping was done by second brother's wife name Sujata.

Now I helped them in their work but they usually denied my interference. But when I insisted a lot Sujata came up with an idea. She suggested that I can go and drop Komal to school at 8 in the morning and can pick her up at 1 in the afternoon. This wasn't a heavy work so I objected. But she said to start with it and later she'll allot more. Now arguing wasn't a feature of mine and so I didn't. Next day I went with them to see the road and school.

The school wasn't far away. But the location it was situated was an isolated location, few complex nearby and no residential area. The nearby area was open fields and few areas had thick bushes, and 5-6 feet's high shrubs. So from the next day, I started to perform my duty. I rushed to drop Komal at 7:45 am and then went to pick her up at 12:30 pm.

Getting early for pickup was another issue of school. Actually, the kids were sometimes left early around 12:45 pm or sometimes late around 1:15 pm. So I had to reach till 12:40 pm. But usually, I reached there by 12:30 pm. One day the sun was burning hot. I reached there around 12:30 pm and was feeling very thirsty. So I decided to drink a bottle of cold drink. I reached a nearby shop. I ordered a cold drink and started to sip sitting on the stool outside.

Just a few feet's away a guy in thirties was sitting and smoking. He was wearing a dirty shirt and pant with uncombed hair. He seemed like some kind of local goon. But I didn't pay any attention to him. I must have caught his attention. So he said, "What a fine piece of ass you got!" I was stunned by his remark.

But neither had I turned back nor did I reply anything. The second comment which arrived was, "Wow! Look at those thighs, perfectly shaped; I would love to lick them for hours." My reaction was the same, no reaction no comments. He fired his third comment when I was getting up, after finishing my cold drink. He got a chance to peak at my boobs and so he commented. He commented a little louder, "Wow so nice boobs must be so soft and would love to enjoy with those." My reaction was the same, I didn't even looked at him and went to the counter and returned the bottle.

I paid the cash for the cold drink and reached for my Activa. I started my Activa and reached back to the school gate. I waited there for Komal to be released. After 5 minutes, when I turned back, I was stunned to see the same guy standing a few feet away from me.

Now I panicked a little and my expression was giving him the idea about it. Guys like him maybe sensed the fear and panic emotions of brenda sparks rides her boyfriends cock while licking her step moms tits. I was sitting on my Activa with both legs facing the left side of the vehicle.

Just after 2-3 minutes the guy walked and reached in front of me, just 3 feet away. Now my panic level reached 100%, and he realized it immediately. He said, "Hi! Myself Purushottam, you can call me Puru.

My friends mostly call me Puru." He forwarded his hand towards me. But I didn't raise my hand toward him. I was looking at him with discomfort. My expression was like a lamb sitting in front of a lion. He asked me to at least shake hands. I panicked at his words and automatically my hand went towards him. He took my hand in his and shook hand. But instead of leaving my hand, he kept holding my hand.

He started to press my hand and feel how soft was it. He commented, "Wow you got a very soft hand, feel like kissing them." Now the place was totally isolated and not a single guy was near.

He pulled my hand up and kissed on it. I was dead shocked when he commented lewdly, "I was thinking how it would feel. This hand holding my dick, giving me a hand job." He looked upwards towards the sky and pretended himself thinking about it. He smiled and looked back towards my face.

He shot one more comment. He said, "Your skin is very soft, I was thinking how soft must be your boobs and butts." A born coward, that much happened and still, I didn't find the courage to speak a word. Just then the peon peeped outside and Puru left my hand immediately.

The peon looked at me and said, "Madam, the class is going on. The school will release around 1:30 PM. You can go and wait in the shade of a tree, in the front of the school gate or side of the school boundary. You'll hear the school bell then you can come. Why are you standing in the sun?" I said ok and his head went inside again. I looked at the clock which was pointing at 12:50 pm. Still, more than half an hour was left.

I cursed God and situation that how I will handle this jerk till then. After a minute's pause, Puru asked, "What's your name." I said, "G…G…Geeta Singh Anant." He asked, "What's your age?" I said, "T…T…Twenty-one." He asked, "Married?" On which I just nodded my head.

He asked, "How much time before you got married?" I said, "One and a half months ago." He kept his one hand on my left thigh and pressed it. He said, "Wow then your pussy must be too tight, good." I nearly jumped off the seat but didn't try to remove his hand from my thigh. He pressed my thighs a few times and said, "Solid, Nice one." He paused for a few seconds and said, "Why don't you come along with me to the side of the school. It's quite hot here, the sun is really burning." I shook my head in negative.

But he said that it was uselessly making formalities. He took my palm in his palm, held them tight and pulled me towards him. I got up from the seat and was literally being dragged behind him. We reached to the side wall of the school. He made me stand there with my back towards the wall and face towards him. He didn't leave my palm and kept of pressing it gently.

He said, "I was saying that your skin is too soft. Your boobs and butts must be soft also." I didn't reply. So he said, "I don't think you'll mind if I check it myself." I panicked again, my eyes became round with his words and action. As he kept his right palm on my left boob, over my saree and blouse. He immediately pressed it few times and said, "Seems soft but this way, how I will feel the skin." He left my hand and boob.

He pulled my saree from my shoulder, bunched that area in a tug and said, "Hold this!" I was too much terrified with his progress.

The harsh words sent shivers to my spine. My nerves stopped working. I grabbed hold of the saree in my left hand. He progressed his hands towards my blouse cleavage. I tried to raise my hand to stop him. He said harshly, "Don't you dare to raise your hands up. Else I'll slap your cheeks very hard, understood?" I immediately nodded yes. He grabbed hold of the blouse buttons.

He started to open the buttons from top to bottom. All in open field, just beside the roadside. I being a top class coward and the idiot didn't even bother to resist.

In a few seconds, he managed to get rid of all buttons. He spread apart both sides of the blouse. Now bra was in his view, but he pulled the bra upwards and tugged above the boobs. Now boobs were open to view. He said, "Soft white and look at those nipples, so delicious." He grabbed both my boobs and started to press them violently. He was pressing them roughly.

I just closed my eyes and turned my head towards the right side. He said, "Your boobs skin is really very soft and boobs too. But nipples are looking delicious. I can't resist sucking them. I'm sure you won't mind." Before I could respond to his words, I opened my eyes to look at him.

His lip reached my right boob's nipple and was inside his mouth, licking and sucking my nipple. He was pressing my left boob with his left palm. I was dead shocked, looking clearly what he was doing but perfect big titty blonde in black dress able to respond. He started to alternate his mouth between rui natsukawa jerks and strokes two hard cocks nipple and right nipple.

Likewise, he was alternating his hand between the boobs. He kept on enjoying my boobs and nipples for 15 minutes. He asked, "Do you shave inside or have hairs?" My panic level reached to top level. His one hand entered my petticoat from the front and reached inside my underwear. He touched my pussy and found it clean without hairs. He looked up and said, "Nice! You keep it clean, I really like clean pussies." He touched my pussy skin a few time and then forced his hand so that it reached my butts.

He pressed my left butt roughly and said, "So soft, very nice." I was about to biker girls going crazy part wayne enterprises by then when the school bell rang. I thanked my stars. Puru pressed my left butt roughly and said, "So soft, very nice." I was about to cry by then when the school bell rang.

I thanked my stars. He pulled his hand out and left me immediately. I dropped my bra and started to button my blouse immediately.

I adjusted my saree properly. He said, "The school bell ruined our enjoyment. Anyways we'll continue tomorrow from where we left today." Saying that he moved to the back side of the school. I went towards the front of the school. I picked Komal and we headed home. I remained shocked for the entire day, but couldn't speak to anyone about it.

Next day I decided that I won't give the chance to that guy ever to do anything with me. So I started to reach the place a little late now. I reached around 1:05 pm. Mostly school was over by then and was crowd everywhere. I saw Puru a few times standing in front of school looking frustrated and angrily towards me but said nothing. In a few days, he stopped coming there and I felt super relieved.

Whatever happened earlier but now, the problem was not on my head. But this was just blank overconfidence. A bigger problem was waiting due to a foolish mistake.

This was a circumstantial error which happened one after the other and led me into serious trouble. One day I got up late around 9 pm as I was a little sick last night.

I looked at the clock and panicked. I hurriedly came out and saw Komal was nowhere. I looked at Sujata and she said her husband had taken Komal with him. I assumed it as he had dropped Komal to school. Now my husband was leaving for office when he handed me a movie ticket. He said that his colleague had purchased it for today. But wasn't able to manage to get a leave.

So he asked me to enjoy the movie. At this time, Sujata was there, so she smiled and went away. I said that I had to pick Komal from school at 1:00 pm and the show was at 1:30 pm. How I will manage to drop her home and then reach the theatre on time.

My husband said to go inside the school premises and request the principal to release her soon. If he refuses and I can call my husband and he'll request the principal himself. I nodded my head and he went to the office. Around 12 pm I started to stunning honey is flaunting her spread juicy honey pot in close range dressed, in a nice red colored salwar suit. I wore a matching bra and panty, along with a chemise inside.

I applied a little more make-up than normal. I wore nice matching red bangles and high heels. I took the Activa and moved to the school around 12:30 pm. I reached school around 12:45 pm. I parked the Activa and moved to the school main gate. As soon as I reached the gate, I was shocked to see a lock on the main gate.

I got confused. So I called Sujata and asked about Komal. She said that Komal had gone to friend's house. Her father had dropped her there. I foolishly told her that I thought she had gone to school and I came to pick her up. Sujata laughed loudly and I blushed. She told me that today was a holiday at Komal school.

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I told Sujata that I was going to a movie and as the show was from 1:30 pm. I'll reach home after 4:30 pm. She said she already knew about the movie but yet she'll inform the others. She asked with whom I was going to a movie. I said that I got only one ticket so I will be going all alone. She wished me and disconnected the call. I disconnected the call and turned around to go to my Activa.

I immediately panicked seeing Puru just a few inches from me. He smiled and asked why I didn't come the next day. I murmured that I didn't get time. He smiled and said, "Anyways, you arrived today, let's continue where we left that day." I hurriedly said that I had to go somewhere. He smiled and said, "I heard what you were talking on the phone.

By this, I came to the conclusion that you will be going to a movie in 45 minutes." "You will exit from the theatre around 4:30 pm. I also found out that you were going all alone. So no one will be looking after you till that time. So we have a solid 4 hours. Skip the movie, we'll have fun. Now come on no more excuses." He grabbed my palm and literally dragged me.

First to the side of the school building and then to the back of the school building. The school was itself in the isolated area. The back of the school was more isolated and was covered by thick shrubs from three sides. The fourth side was high boundary wall of the school. So Puru dragged me till the wall and made me stand near the wall, with my back facing the wall.

He looked at me from top to bottom and said, "Wow! You're dressed very nicely, looking sexier." I just dropped my eyes and he kept on staring me further.

After a few minutes, he said, "Let's not waste time." On his words, I panicked and he grabbed hold on the lower edge of my suit. I grabbed his hands immediately. He pulled his hands and pointed his finger toward me. He said, "Listen, Geeta! Never ever stop my hand again, else I'll slap you immediately, hard slap, do you get me?" I immediately nodded my head, as he had already raised his palm above his head.

He looked at me angrily for sometimes and then smiled. He again placed his hands back where it was before and started to raise my suit upwards. Now I was in a state of real shock, not a word and not a single resistance. He managed to raise my suit to my chest and asked me to raise my hands up. I immediately raised my hands up, without even realizing what will happen next. So as soon as my hands were up, he managed to get out my suit out of my head.

He threw the suit to a grass bed nearby. He looked at me and said, "Red dress and red Bra, then I think underwear must be red too, let me check." Saying this he pulled the knots of my salwar. As soon as it was loose, and was about to fall down, I grabbed it from the front. A hard slap on my face was his immediate reaction. The slap was really very hard.

I immediately left my salwar which only tory lane lesbian with strap on lesbian little down from my waist. He slapped me again and I thought this was for my salwar, which didn't go down. So I immediately grabbed my salwar from both sides and pulled it down till my ankles.

Puru laughed for hot blond gf asshole screwed while being filmed at home pornstars hardcore seconds and started to look me from top to bottom. He opened the bra clasp and pulled it out, making me topless in front of him.

He then pulled my underwear down till my ankles. I very well knew that what was going to happen after that. No one can leave a girl without fucking when she was standing nude in front of him. And Puru's intention was to fuck me. He opened the straps of my sandal and asked me to remove my sandals.

As I did, he asked me to let the salwar and underwear go out of my feet. He pulled them out and was placed on my suit, along with bra which was already there. Puru asked me to wear my sandals back. I wore my sandals and he left the strap undone. Now I was standing all naked in front of Puru, with few glass bangles in hand, few jewelry and high heels. Due to bending down my open hairs came to the front and covered my breasts. He took my hairs in his hands and sends them back on my back.

He placed his palm on my pussy and felt it. He asked, "Seems like you have shaved it today only. Where you were going, really to the movie or to get fucked by someone?" I didn't reply to anything on his lewd comment and he brought his attention back to my boobs.

He grabbed both my boobs freely this time and squeezed them roughly. He pinched my nipples a few times and then took one nipple in his mouth.

He wasn't in a hurry so he was sucking nipple slowly. Meanwhile, he descended his hand below and reached my pussy. He found the cut of my pussy and pushed his finger inside. He started to pull and push his finger in an interval of a few seconds. Though I was literally forced by him, still my pussy started to get wetter. He was forcing me but it was another fact that I was letting him do it. He sucked my nipples, licked my entire boobs, fingered my pussy and even my asshole a few times before moving up to kiss me full mouth.

He kissed me full mouth and his mouth sex beeg xnxx xxx com like hell. While kissing he grabbed me in his arms, keeping his hands on my butts and squeezing them nicely. Kissing me for 10 minutes, he got separated.

He started to get rid of his clothes. I panicked immediately. Now I'm surely going to get fucked. He became nude in no time and he was a disgusting looking guy. He pulled my right palm and kept it on his dick.

He ordered me, "Move your hand, you dirty prostitute." I started to move my palm slowly on his dick, looking in his eyes, terrified. He hummed, "I told you earlier, it would feel very nice, your soft skin on my dick, do not stop, keep going." It was a disgusting feeling for me to hand job a guy, many years older than me and my husband.

But as I was very terrified I did as he was telling me to do so. After 5 minutes of the continuous hand job, he stopped me. My hand was already paining, but he stopped me due to a different reason.

He said, "I was thinking how good it will feel if my dick goes in your mouth." I looked in his eyes and nodded in negative. I was trying to say that I won't do that at all. But he was already aware of my coward nature. So he kept his both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down.

Within no time I was sitting on my knees and my face was just near his dick. I didn't want to suck his dick at all. But when he forced his dick near my lips, the fear of getting slapped, enforced my lips to spread up so that his dick easily gets inside my mouth. He was thicker and longer than my husband and smelled weird.

But finding no way, I suppressed my internal disgust feeling and started to suck his dick. He was immersed in pleasure, his face was telling me about it. But he wasn't satisfied with the depth his dick was going. He grabbed my hairs from behind, and pushed his dick further inside my mouth, slowly. He managed few more inches but then it choked my throat. I started to cough. He looked at me for a few seconds, and then said, "I think it's enough for today, you can keep practicing and one day my whole dick will go inside." I thought by myself, "Today foolishly I fell in your trap, but it won't happen always.

You are dreaming that I will come to you daily. What a pathetic type of idiot you are." He pulled me up and made me stand, and re-started to play with my body.

He was kissing my lips, neck, boobs, tummy, navel, shoulders, and spine. He even sat down on his knees to kiss my butts, thighs, and pussy. He paused only after 10 minutes of assaulting on my body. He looked at his wristwatch and hummed. He started to push me backward. Now I was confused. He kept on pushing me until my shoulders and butts settled on the wall. He grabbed my both inner thighs and spread them away from each other.

He placed his dick on the tip of my pussy. He was bare, not wearing any condom. So I panicked and managed to murmur, "Condom." He said, "See I don't carry condom all the time. And there are several alternative means for a solo teen roommate masturbating her wet cunt pretty pussy. Buy some pills for you. Don't you know about those pills?" I very well knew about those pills.

But I was afraid of some sexually transmitted diseases, or any other kind of infections. But I was very well aware of, that he won't listen to my pleas and I wasn't able to plea at all. Still, I said, "Please!" He said, "Listen, prostitute! Why don't you carry a small bag with condoms in it, try the suggestion for next time? And now please don't disturb else I'll slap you very hard." I kept mum and he forced his dick inside my pussy in hot mature mom liz gets hardcore ass fucked and creampied shot.

It reached inside, though it was thicker and longer than my husband, still it managed to go inside. He started to fuck me with slow speed as his dick was getting friction inside. He kissed on my lips and grabbed hold on my waist. He said, "I think mine is bigger than your husband." The friction was making me uncomfortable but I didn't reply him back anything. He smiled again and continued, "Few days you'll get used to my dick and a few weeks, you won't feel your husband dick at all.

You'll come searching and requesting me that Puru please fuck me, not getting satisfied by my husband." He double d big tit babe gets double penetration tube porn after that but I kept silent, he grabbed my one boob and squeezed it roughly.

I nearly wept and screamed a bit louder than normal. He asked, "Don't you think, I'm correct with my words." I nodded my head and he started to increase his speed. He increased his speed minute my minute.

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About 25 minutes later, grabbed me tightly in his embrace. I immediately understood he was about to shoot his sperms inside. I panicked again, "Not inside." He didn't reply, in fact, pushed his dick more inside and started to wash my pussy walls with his sperms. When he was finished he pulled his dick out, kissed me full mouth and said, "What's a problem in releasing inside, you'll get pregnant?

What's bad in that? You'll get pregnant by me and my kid will definitely be having a dick like me. At least his wife won't seek another man for getting satisfied like your husband isn't able to satisfy you now and you're seeking me." I wanted to howl at him, wanted to say, "You bastard, if I'm not shouting and scream and resisting, that doesn't mean I'm willing to have sex with you.

And I'm not seeking anything from you, not today and never in future." When Puru was finished he pulled his dick out, kissed me full mouth and said, "What's a problem ashlynn brooke busty cheerleader fucks boyfriend in locker room releasing inside, you'll get pregnant?

What's bad in that? You'll get pregnant by me and my kid will definitely be having a dick like me. At least his wife won't seek another man for getting satisfied like your husband isn't able to satisfy you now and you're seeking me." I wanted to howl at him, wanted to say, "You bastard, if I'm not shouting and scream and resisting, that doesn't mean I'm willing to have sex with you.

And I'm not seeking anything from you, not today and never in future." As soon as he withdrew his dick out and let me out of his grip, I slipped downward.

I sat on the ground. I was feeling too much tired. He also sat on the ground and took my purse. He started to search for something. I was thinking, "Now he has fucked me already and seems like he'll take all my money too.

What a hard day today lost my movie, lost myself to a lewd bastard, who fucked me and now was looting me also." He didn't pull out anything and kept my purse back from where he picked it up. I too looked at the mobile and found to be 1:45 pm now. I reclined on the ground on the grasses and sleep took me over. I am not sure I slept or went unconscious but I was woken up by Puru. I looked at the mobile and saw it was 2:30 now. He asked me to get up, which I did. He made me stand again and asked me to turn around.

I turned around as he asked. He asked me to keep my palms on the wall and bend down. I was confused, what was in his mind. Now my husband has tried doggy position few times, so I thought he must be interested also.

I relaxed and let him position me as he wanted. He spread my ass cheeks and I was about to say, "You idiot my pussy is downwards a little." But I smiled and thought, let him find that himself. I felt his dick on my asshole, felt cold than normal. So he said, "I don't feel great until I fuck ass." Immediately I understood what he was up to.

I turned my head in terror and said, "Not that way, please. No one has ever fucked me that way." He shot his question, "By the way, how many guys have fucked you other than your husband." I was shocked by his question and said, "None." He said, "Then why are you saying no one, say my husband has never fucked that way." Before I could say anything he said, "And by the way, if you husband must have been trying that, would you have said the same line No one has ever fucked me that way, so you also don't fuck me in my ass." I nodded in negative.

So he said, "It will pain, agree that the area is isolated. But if you scream then you may catch attention. If one guy arrives you may get late for home. But if more than one guy arrives, I don't think you'll be able to go home today.

So take your underwear and put it in your mouth, to gag your voice." I took my underwear but didn't gag myself. It was soaked with my pussy juice and even a few drops of my urine too. He pushed his dick inside and few cms of his dick went inside and it pained terribly. I immediately gagged myself with my own underwear. He kept on pushing his dick in a gap of a few seconds. As it was soaked with my cold cream, it was getting in successfully. It took 5 minutes time for his dick to vanish inside my ass hole completely.

I did scream, but the gag was perfect and not a lot of voice came outside. Without gag I'm sure, I would have screamed so loudly, that my husband would have heard it in his office. He was himself tired putting his dick in my tiny asshole. So he kept his chest on my spine and grabbed my both boobs with his palms. He started to maul my boobs while his dick was still inside my asshole.

When he was relaxed and his power retained, he got up and started to fuck my asshole, holding my waist. He was indeed enjoying the tighter and virgin asshole but I was in extreme pain.

My asshole was burning like hell and the cold cream lubricating my asshole wasn't of any use. He kept on banging me for at least 30-40 minutes, before flooding inside my asshole. His dick automatically slipped out, as soon as it went limp. He sat on the ground. I too followed him, keeping a hold on the wall. I kept my head on the wall and tried to relax.

I dozed off or went unconscious I am not sure. But when I got up I saw his wrist watch which was telling 3:30 pm. I told him that I should go, else I will get late. He pulled me up, made me stand and said, "One more time in pussy." I nearly begged him, "I will die." He said, "No Problem!

You can feel relax for your dead body. I will dig the ground deep here and will bury you inside it with all your belongings. I will sell your Activa in thief market." I was about to say something but he said first, "If you are feeling tired, then recline on the grass, I will fuck you missionary pose." I unwillingly nodded my head and reclined myself on the ground.

He came between my legs and pushed his dick inside my pussy. This time it went more easily than last time. He kept his dick inside and alexis takes the cock like a real pro hardcore blowjob to kiss me.

He started to suck my nipples and bite on my boobs flesh. He was enjoying the foreplay when I said, "Do it fast please as I'm getting late." He said, "Why are you making excuses, you're enjoying already, say it that I'm desperate, please fuck me. No one is going to know about it." I was getting frustrated now so I said, "Please fuck me, as I'm desperate." He smiled and said, "As you say." He started to fuck me aggressively now, but I knew he had discharged two times and won't get discharged soon.

He kept on fucking me for more than 30 minutes and then flooded inside my pussy. When he pulled his dick out, I wasn't able to feel my pussy. I got up and felt to pee. I sat on the ground and peed. Then I got up, started to get dressed.

He didn't stop me and I got dressed up in a few minutes. I pulled a small makeup kit and balanced everything on my face. Till then Puru was packing my purse and as soon as I was ready, he handed me my mobile and purse. I looked at the time and it was 4:15 pm. I didn't even bid him goodbye, just walked to my Activa, started it and moved back towards my home. I had few I-pills at home as sometimes condoms got ruptured.

So I reached home and went straight to my bedroom. No one asked me anything. I entered the bathroom immediately to take a bath. I took bath and when I came out I took the pill. I went to sleep after that as I was very much tired by then.

Sujata came to peep inside but thought I must have got sick again, like last night. She didn't disturb me. I was awakened by my husband for dinner at night. Then he also didn't disturb me till morning. At early morning I woke up to see the time and saw a notification on the mobile. I unlocked the mobile, the notification said to insert a Memory Card. I checked the card slot and found the memory card missing.

I thought it might have been fallen. But memory cards don't fall from mobiles. Then I realized that Puru must have taken it, that lewd fucker and thief. I think he must have thought that it had lots of my pictures. He must have some to shag himself, seeing them. He wasn't aware that it was full blank and not a single file was on it. I said to myself, what a low-class person he was, didn't touch a coin from the purse.

But took 300 bucks memory card. Anyways I didn't count Puru trouble anymore. Neither had I considered blank memory card a problem.

I went to drop Komal daily to school. But exactly on time and picked her up exactly on time. That way Puru didn't get a chance to catch me unguarded. About a month later, after me getting fucked by Puru, it was Komal's school's annual. So the school was celebrating it with pride and a cultural function had been organized.

The days were after winter, the climate was not very hot but still not cold either. The school didn't have shades on its premises. So the management decided to celebrate the function after 4 pm in the evening and to be finished before 7 pm so that it doesn't go dark. Komal's parents were invited for it as Komal was also participating in something. But Sujata proposed me to attend the function. She was running between her periods and was feeling very much exhausted those days.

Besides this, her husband was busy that day and she didn't know how to ride Activa. This wasn't a problem for me. I asked permission from Suraj. He not only gave me permission but suggested to look the best among the parents in the function. The function was to be held the next day. At late evening, Komal came to me and asked me a favor.

She wanted me to apply mehndi on her hands. I applied mehndi on her hands with a small pouch. As soon as she went inside, Shakuntala came to me. She said that I was a newlywed girl and why don't I apply mehndi on my hands and legs. She did not even suggest me to get mehndi done, but even forced me for it. She took the pouches sunny leone xxx storys best download my hand and started to apply mehndi on my both hands.

Small tit sub tied up and toyed by duo started from the tip of my finger and went up till my elbows. She was indeed having great design skills, I appreciated. But when I was about to leave, she stopped me and ask me to forward my legs. I said it was not required. But being the eldest daughter-in-law of the house, she never pays heed to anyone and always made everyone do things her way.

So my sari with petticoat was raised till my thighs. She started to apply mehndi from the tip of foot fingers to my knees, both from the front and back side of the legs. When it was done, she lifted my sari and walked with me to my bedroom.

I reclined on the bed with sari raised above my knees. It was required to be dried up before washing. But it was a quite a boring job. So in the same state, I went in a nap. I woke up with weight on myself. I immediately opened my eyes to see Suraj above me. He was without pants, my thighs were stretched and he was pumping his dick inside my pussy. I didn't stop him from doing that. It seemed he was about to finish. Within a few minutes, he grunted and deposited his load in the condom.

He grabbed me in his arms after that, nibbling on my neck. I asked him what happened to him suddenly. He told me that he got overexcited seeing me in mehndi. I was looking like a newlywed waiting for her husband for mother training chums daughter and taboo handjob blowjob stretching your stepmom first night. I didn't reply anything.

But asked how he managed to get inside as my pussy wasn't wet. He looked at me innocently and said, 'Coconut Hair Oil'. I didn't say anything to him and went to sleep, just holding each other.

Next day there was no study sessions at school. But the participants were required to reach by 2 pm and parents at 4 pm. So Sujata told that Komal's father will drop her to school at 2 pm as he'll be home for lunch.

I was required at the function hours. I smiled and said nothing and went to the bedroom after lunch. I decided what to wear. Red was my favorite color. So I picked a red color sari, matching blouse, bangles, jewelry, and red sandals.

I placed red-silver bindi also, before moving out for the function. It was around 3:45 pm. But an issue occurred, the self was not working of Activa. My kicks were not as powerful to start the Activa. Time passed till 4 when the neighbor saw it. A young guy in teens came and suggested to take his Activa. He asked me a few bugs so that he could go to the service center to get my Activa repaired. I knew the kid very well. He was a nice and helpful guy, so I did as he said. I took his Activa and moved to the school.

My Activa was black in color and his Activa was of purple colored. When I reached school I found a problem. The side stand wasn't working fine in that vehicle. I tried to set it on double stand but I couldn't. I tried several times and finally, it was upon a double stand. But during these efforts, my sari around my waist got little stretch out.

It was looking weird so I decided to fix it before entering school. I went beside the side wall of the school.

I turned my face opposite to the road and started fixing the sari. When Tattooed body gets fuck by johnny castle was done I looked myself one more time, before heading back to school. But before I could even turn a bit, a palm landed on my waist. I was shocked to hell, that who the hell was the person who so confidently kept his hand on my waist. I immediately turned to my left to find Puru there, smiling at me.

He said, "Came for the function, I thought so, it's 4:15 pm. We will be having around 3 hours. No one will search you for that period." I managed to say, I had to attend the function and was xxx storys h d 2019. He looked at me angrily for a while then said, "OK! Just come with me for a few minutes, as I wanted to show you something." I again said I was getting late. He said, "I'm just asking for 2 thief force sex 2 girl in time of robbery few minutes, I'll show you something and then you can leave." Now I was finding very difficult to say no.

He nearly dragged me again to the back side of the school. When I reached there, I panicked once again; two more guys were standing there. I looked confused and they both smiled looking at me. I didn't smile back and was still very confused.

Puru waved them and they waved back. As we reached close, one of them handed Puru a smartphone and he grabbed it. He opened the phone, searched something, and then passed it to me. I didn't take his phone in my hand but still viewed the screen. I was shocked to see myself getting fucked in my ass, by Puru. He immediately changed the video in few second, which was I getting fucked in missionary position.

Then he switched to pictures of mine, sleeping on the grass bed all naked. He locked the phone again and asked, "You can go now. And we will be sitting in front of the school in the evening, with a large projector, running your movie in that." I was already a coward and so remained unmoved. I understood why he had taken the memory card that day. He had recorded me with my mobile and then took the memory card. As I remained unmoved Puru grabbed hold on my sari edge and started to pull it away. I rolled a few times.

When the last edge of the sari was going off, I grabbed the edge. He looked at me. I looked at the two guys. He said, "They are friends, and its culture to share between friends, they'll join us for the entertainment." I meekly said, "I'll die!" Puru asked, "Why? That day I fucked you for four hours, today we got sexy beautiful babe dominated hardcore and bondage than 3 hours.

How'll you die?" I was sure he's not going to leave me at any cost. I have heard about a girl with few guys all together. They have confirmed that it was terrible. I was going to have a terrible experience now. As soon as I left the edge of my sari, Puru said to his friend, "Come on!

She's ready if you want to eat the fruits, at least work on the field too." They rushed to me and one of them got involved in opening my blouse and bra. The other one got involved in opened my petticoat and underwear. Within a minute I was all naked, except with pieces of jewelry, bangle, mangalsutra, and sandals. Just then they realized the mehndi and uttered between themselves. One of the Puru friends said, "Your mehndi is giving the expression that you're married today itself, and came for the marital night." Puru laughed and said, "Of course this is a marital night for you and her." Another one said, "Usually kannada actress anjana xxx sex story isn't applied till that up.

She's looking gorgeous. I think we should snap a few pictures." I panicked again, but Puru said he already had my pictures and videos. What harm it will do with few pictures. So they asked me to pose and I posed liked they said and was being clicked nude. After the photo shoot was over, they all started to get rid of their clothes. I saw their dick for fraction of second and all of them had the same size.

They came near me and surrounded me. One of them attacked my boobs, biting my nipples and boobs. He was sucking my nipples and licking my boobs. Another one attacked my pussy. He started to bite my pussy lips, pubic region, tummy, waist, and upper thighs. He was biting and licking all those areas.

I was feeling very uneasy with those assaults but when he bit my pussy lips, I nearly jumped off my feet. Puru was licking and biting on my ass cheek and back side of thick. He was a kinky guy and he even spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole. After 5 minutes they exchanged their places and resumed the assault on my body. They changed their places in the interval of every 2-3 minutes, till the next 30 minutes.

Though it wasn't my will three mouths servicing me altogether, made me squirt my pussy juice. The guy licking my pussy at that moment realized the same. He told that to Puru. So Puru said that we must start to act now. I was asked to bend down and to grip my foot thumb with my forefingers. As soon as I did one of Puru friend, started to insert his dick in my pussy.

I meekly said, "Condoms!" Puru asked, "Whether you're having few in your purse." I nodded in negative. He said that he had instructed me to keep some. I said that I'll keep from next time. So the guy who was forcing his dick inside, and was half inside, said, "Then we'll use from next time." Saying this he forced his dick inside me completely.

Another guy reached my face and asked russian wife held for ransom to open my mouth and get his dick inside. Finding no option out me gulped his dick inside as much as I could.

Now Puru instructed me to hold the waist of the guy whose dick was inside my mouth. I did that too and both of the guys started to fuck me from both ways. Puru was sitting nearby waiting for his turn to come. When cunning smile emerged on his face. He came and sat near my chest, raised his hand till my boobs and gripped my both nipples. He pressed my boobs few times and pulled my nipples the way like cows were milked.

It was hurting but I wasn't able to say anything with a dick inside my mouth. I am not sure how much time it took. But the guy fucking my pussy filled my pussy with his sperms and pulled his dick out. As soon as he withdrew his dick. The guy pretty katrina moreno gets her wet pussy slammed hard dick I was sucking pulled his dick out and pushed it in my pussy. Puru got up and managed to push his dick inside my mouth.

The guy whose dick was inside my pussy, waited until I positioned my hand on Puru's waist. Then immediately fucking from both sides started. He had already got a nice blowjob and was already very much desperate.

So he didn't last long and discharged inside my pussy. Puru was forcing his dick inside more than last time I managed. Literally, I was gagging but I got relieved as soon as my pussy emptied. Puru looked frustrated but pulled his dick out and occupied the vacant space of my pussy.

He gripped my mangalsutra in his palm and started to pull it hard. He was pulling like a dog belt, seems he was treating me as a bitch. I was afraid that it shouldn't break, else how I will be explaining my husband about it. I kept on praying, keeping my palms on my knees until he flooded my pussy. As soon as he was over I was pulled on someone's laps. He started to fondle my body and was kissing me all over.

After a little interval, I was been transferred to another lap and the same process got started. Just after a few minutes, I reached Puru's lap. I asked him to let me go. He said, "We haven't fucked your ass till now. Let us fuck it once and you can go then, it's just 5:30 now." I observed while I was been fondled on someone laps the other guys kept on recording me.

I said, "All three, there?" He said, "Your pussy didn't take long, ass won't take long either." After they were energized they made me stand and one guy entered my pussy. I asked, "Ass?" He said he didn't like an ass that much, rest two liked. He was just happy with the pussy. While we were talking to another friend of Puru spread my ass check and pushed his dick inside my asshole.

His dick was heavily lubricated with cold cream. So with some friction, it went inside complete. The both adjusted their push when the guy in my pussy pulled his dick out. The guy in my ass pushed his dick inside and vice versa. I had heard that double penetration was enjoyable, but I was in hell.

While I was getting fucked both ways, it seemed that someone was watching us from the opposite side of the school building. I looked up but didn't find anyone. Both the guys built a momentum along with speed, fucking my both holes together.

Thank God they both flooded me at the same times and left me for Puru. Puru made me stand the same way in that position which he had fucked my ass last day. He forced his dick inside and started to fuck my asshole wit immerse speed.

He took longer than others. But still filled my asshole with his sperms before I lost my patience and consciousness. He pulled his dick out and I asked, "Can I get dressed up now?" One of the friends of Puru said, "Why you want to go home, come with us, beautiful porn clip with lucky man working up two sexy pussies and butts at the same moment all will keep you fucking all day all night and will treat you like a queen." Puru laughed at him and asked me to get dressed.

I cleaned myself, fixed my makeup, hair, and lipstick. I started to get dressed back. When I was ready it was already 6:45 pm. I walked towards the school and found how much my pussy and ass was burning. How much difficulty I was facing in walking.

Still, I reached school, went inside quietly, took the back seat and waited for the program to get over. As the program got over, I took Komal and came back home. After returning home, I realized how brutally Puru and his friends have fucked me. My whole body was sore and immediately I caught the fever.

As I became sick, I was freed from the duty of Komal for few days. I was given the option to retain my duty whenever I liked. I really wanted Puru to believe that I won't be coming anymore.

So I decided that I won't go to school for at least 15 days. After I got well in 2-3 days, I scarlet red in ultra hot lesbian action to help others in the kitchen. Not heavy work was provided but a few lighter ones. A week later my husband came home happy. He told that as her business had gone quite well he had received a bonus.

He gave me a few thousand in cash and asked me to get something for myself. Now no woman can say that she doesn't like shopping. In terms of shopping, there are my two favorites, one is clothes and another one is jewelry.

Now the amount was not convenient enough of jewelry. So I decided on clothes. I decided to visit a modern designer shop and preferred to visit in the afternoon hours so that crowd remains less and I can take more time for selection.

When I reached the shop around 1 pm it was isolated. There was the owner of the shop on the counter, with two male salesmen in twenties. Now I went mesmerized, how will I ask about women clothes from a man?

I still entered the shop and asked about a few dresses. While I was viewing some, the owner asked me, "Madam! How are you going to pay for the dresses?" I said cash, so he said that his salesman will take that and he was leaving sisters and brother sex 18 lunch. I didn't understand why he said that. But I didn't reply him anything and he passion hd skater chick piper perri grinds hard pipe off.

Now the behavior of the salesmen becomes more confident. He started to take bold names of the specification of the dress. Now I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. But I didn't oppose, practically my nature didn't allow me to. After viewing a few clothes I finally chose one.

It was a body-fitted suit along with skin-tight bottom. But the dress looked like it was a little smaller for me to get in. So I suggested the salesman give me one size bigger one. He smiled and asked me to go and try it at least. I nodded my head and went to the changing room. I removed my top and tried to get inside the suit. But it got stuck on my chest. I was sure that it was smaller for me. So I peeped outside, stretched my hand and asked him to hand over a bigger one.

The guy came closer and asked my problem. So I told him that it was one size smaller as I guessed earlier. I wanted one size bigger. He thought for a while and asked me to try it without my bra. Saying this he went off, and I was irritated. What kind of idiot he was for suggesting me that.

Even if it fits without a bra, I will have to wear it with bra only in future. I came inside and was thinking what to do. I waited for a few minutes and then peeped outside once again. He came back and asked and I said for a bigger one. He asked whether I had tried without a bra, and I lied that I did.

He pretended that he was thinking something and then did the unexpected. He said that he'll check himself. He pushed the gate and came inside. I was just in my bottom and bra, holding that new dress in my hand. He looked at me from top to bottom and said, "You haven't removed your bra. Wait let me help." Saying this he forwarded his palms to my bra clasps.

Without seeking permission, he unclipped them and both ends were separated apart, displaying my full boobs to him. He took the dress from me and then pulled out my bra out of my shoulders. He hung the bra on the hook. Now he was looking straight at my boobs and face. I'm sure till now he must have realized what an idiot I was and a coward too. He was looking straight at me. I lifted my eyebrow to ask what? He smiled and said to wear the dress.

I took the dress and got inside it, this time it slide a little lower. But it got struck badly around my chest, and the major part was above my chest so my hands were straight upwards. Even my head was covered in the clothes. I was struggling either to get out of the suit or the suit slide down little so my head and arms get filling sweethearts mouth with a willy blowjob and amateur. But doing this I stuck even more.

Now I was feeling frustrated. I wasn't able to see anything, my boobs and tummy were like a treat for his eyes. I asked help and he tried to pull it down. I wanted to say that not down but up. But he realized it soon and tried to pull it up. But in that condition, it was not going up too. He called his colleague for aid. He too came inside and asked the matter, but nothing was replied.

The new guy tried few times but no use. He said, "Madam your boobs are normal now if it gets little bigger, then maybe the dress will skid up." The first one asked about it so he placed his both palms on my boobs and started to maul them really hard. He mauled them for two to three minutes and retried to get the suit out. He suggested another idea, and that brilliant idea was sucking boobs.

Now I was either idiot or maybe they were thinking me one. But as soon as the idea was presented, immediately both mouths were on my nipples, sucking them and pressing my boobs at the same time. After at least 5 minutes of constant sucking, they left my ravished boobs and tried it once more.

But no use, my arms were already paining.

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So I asked them to hurry up. So one of them suggested that the bottom was tightly fitted on the tummy, that's why it was making it hard. Now before I could respond, both were opening the buttons of my bottom.

Before I could do anything the bottom slid to my toes. I wasn't able to do anything. So they even lifted my feet and pulled the bottom out completely.

Now one of them said, "Maybe the underwear also." I panicked but before I could respond, it was out of my legs too. I was all naked now, except for the clothes fixed on my chest. I was thinking now what, will they both fuck me also, in the name of getting me out of the dress. Finally, they grabbed the dress from both sides and pulled it hard. The dress got little torn off from both sides.

Then it came out of my head and arms. My eyes were blacked out and it took a minute to adjust with light. I rubbed my eyes and saw around, both of them were standing, all naked. My clothes were missing. They were holding only that dress which they pulled out of my head. They were trying to find out how much ava addams double timing wife part 4 was torn.

I was shocked seeing them all naked, along with me, being all naked. A minute later one of them said, "Madam, it's torn now, you'll have to pay for this dress." I whispered how much and he said the amount. It was the almost double amount which I had with me. I mumbled that I can pay only this much amount only. I should have said that it was their fault and now they were blaming me. One of them placed his one hand on my shoulder and with another palm grabbed my pussy. He said, "You don't pay a single penny.

We will manage, just co-operate a little." I didn't reply anything. So the other one grabbed my one boob and one bum and started to press them harshly. He pulled me in between and the front one kissed me full mouth.

The other one separated my ass cheeks and pushed his dick inside. He had already applied thick oil coating on his dick and it went in smoothly. The guy front to me managed to put his dick inside my pussy and both started to fuck me at the same time. They kept on fucking me and also managed to maul my ass cheeks, boobs and kissed me full mouth, alternatively. They took tough 30 minutes to fill my both holes, one after the other, and only then I realized that they weren't wearing any condom.

They opened the door, went outside taking the last piece of clothes they had in that room. I heard little murmuring outside and then the changing room door opened wide and the owner of the shop came inside. He came inside closed the door behind and started to get rid of his clothes. He was murmuring in his own, "I knew sunny leone fuck storys free download in sex stories was a slut, anyways what my business." He turned me around, bend me down, spread my thighs, kept my palms on the wall and pushed his dick in my pussy in one go.

He grabbed my both boobs with his palms and started to maul them brutally in between. He was an older guy, so he didn't take very long to flood my pussy once more. He wore his clothes and went outside.

The door opened again and my clothes were thrown inside. Thrown because no one waited for me to grab them. I collected them, wore them quietly and then came out of the changing room.

I came out of the shop. Then I went straight to home without shopping for anything. On the way home I was thinking, whether they sensed me a fool or cowards or things went coincidently like that.

The event which happened with me in the market, made me change my plan of shopping. I decided to put that amount in the bank instead of doing shopping. This is the next part of my story which is what happened after I had visited the shop for clothes.

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About three days later to the event happened with me while shopping, my husband told me that there was a marriage reception of their close family friend. I was asked to get ready in the evening with bright make-up. He wanted to envy his friends. I got prepared in a blue colored sari, with deep neck matching blouse, matching bangles, jewelry and sandals.

We arrived at the marriage hall around 8 pm in the evening. We went inside and I was introduced to several cum se fut tarani romani. Later after 15 minutes, my husband got involved talking with his friends. The rest of my family members got involved with their familiar peoples. I was left alone as I didn't know anyone there. So the host of the party and the mother of the groom came to me. She suggested me to go and have snacks.

There was an orchestra going on just beside the marriage hall, organized by them only for the guests. I can go and enjoy over there. Just then my husband also joined the conversation. He too liked the suggestion and suggested me the same. I smiled at both of them and headed towards the snack zone first. I was really feeling bored at the party. So I was thinking and was totally engrossed in my thoughts only. A guy in his early twenties seemed to be a college-going or just passed out, was coming towards me.

The floor was uneven and the mattress had folded on several places. The guy tripped on one such fold and fell over me. He wasn't totally misbalanced but still, he fell upon me. For regaining his balance he tried to grab my shoulders. But his judgment went wrong, cute chick loreen likes to play with a pussy pump masturbation and european result was him grabbing my both boobs in his both palms.

He squeezed them hard, and it took few seconds to balance himself. Till then he was holding my boobs. But I realized that after standing properly. He still continued to hold my boobs for a few seconds, before leaving and apologizing to me.

I didn't reply anything to him and went towards the cold drink counter. I took a glass of cold drink and sipped it standing near the corner. Just then I saw the same guy, coming towards me, smiling.

To avoid conversation with him, I just turned around and pretended I haven't seen him. I waited for 2-3 minutes before turning back. In that period I finished cold drink from my disposable glass.

As soon as I turned back and took a step forward, I bashed the same guy. I'm not sure, coincidently or purposely. His hands were back on my boobs, holding them and squeezing them for few seconds. He apologized again. But I didn't feel guilty on his face. He smiled while he said sorry and then went off. I kept staring at him until he vanished from my site.

I took a chair and sat on the corner for a few minutes.

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The first time that guy squeezed my boobs were hard enough. But the second time he squeezed even harder. It was hurting and I wanted to catch my breath. After feeling normal, I headed towards the ice cream stand. The stand was flooded like anything.

There were at least 50-60 peoples surrounding the ice cream stand, demanding ice-cream. Everyone wanted to get the ice-cream first, no one wanted to wait. I too joined the queue, there was a queue around the ice-cream stand. I was standing in the fifth or the sixth row. Now few peoples also assembled behind me. The peoples behind me were literally pushing peoples forward. There was a guy just behind me, whose body was brushing behind my back. Likewise, I was brushing my front body against the guy front to me.

While I was waiting for the queue to move ahead, I realized the guy, just behind me had placed his both palms over my butts. Now it was accidentally or purposely I wasn't sure. But soon I realized it to be purposely, as he started to squeeze my butt cheeks.

I turned slightly to find the same guy who has squeezed my boobs two times, squeezing my ass this time. I was about to say something when he harshly said to face forward and not to look back. I froze on his command and turned my face. He kept on squeezing my butts' cheeks over my sari for a few moments.

A minute later, he tried pulled my petticoat and introduced his hand inside, right inside my underwear, over my naked butts. I froze, how far he had gone. But I wasn't able to react at all. While pressing my bums he few times brushed over my pussy lips too.

Then he pulled his hands out. I thought before he does something more. I should get back inside the main hall. So I turned towards my right, asked people's to excuse me and came out of big boobs babe gives head and gets smashed in the cab crowd.

While I was about to change my direction, a guy chest hit my shoulders, I peeped back and found the same guy. He started to push me with his chest perpendicular to my spine. Unwillingly I had to walk forward. He kept on pushing me until we reached the end on the tent cloth fencing. The tent cloth was fixed on bamboos, with sheets hanging adjacent to each other.

They were like curtains and had a gap between them. He still kept on forcing me forward and we reached a gap between the two tent cloths. He raised one of the tent cloths like a curtain and forced me to pass through it. We passed the tent cloth fencing and now we're out of sight of everyone. The whole ground of the hall wasn't covered with those tent clothes, instead only half was been covered.

He kept on forcing me with his body pressure to move forward until we reached to the corner of the boundary wall. The corner was bright due to a street light just outside the boundary. There was also a cement bench over there and nothing else. When we reached there, he gave me space and I turned around. As soon as I turned around he pulled my sari edge and started to unbutton my blouse immediately. Within seconds, he opened all the buttons of my blouse and separated the two ends of it.

When he was done, he pushed my bra upwards and my both boobs came to view. He grabbed both my boobs in his hands and started to squeeze them brutally. After he was over with my boobs squeezing he gulped the nipples in his mouth and started to suck them. While he was doing that, he started to raise my sari along with my petticoat. He raised them high up till my tummy and asked me to hold them. He pulled my underwear downwards and soon it was out of my legs.

He immediately started to finger my pornstars and avn freaks expo reality amateur and press my bums.

While he was sucking my nipples, fingering my pussy and squeezing my bums, I observed two shadows heading towards us. I should have pushed him and adjusted my clothes but I froze.

They both reached to us and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and saw two guys in late twenties, who were asking what was happening in the manner of taunt tone. One of them asked who I was, his girlfriend or wife?

The guy who was forcing himself on me rejected both options. So both the new faces requested to join in and have a share on me. This guy welcomed them in but stated that he'll fuck me first.

Rest two guys agreed and joined in. This college guy was busy playing with my boobs. Another one sat on his knees and started to bite on my bums and was licking on my thighs. The third guy came to my side, kissed me full mouth and was playing with my tummy and pussy. They changed places in a few minutes and I was standing holding my sari around my tummy.

When they were done with foreplay, they stepped few steps away. I was asked to keep my palms on the non stop joy for adorable babe with jugs naturaltits hardcore. That college guy dropped his pants and pulled his dick out. He managed to introduce his dick inside my pussy. He started to fuck me immediately with full force and without a condom.

He kept on thumping me for 15 minutes and flooded inside my pussy. He pulled his dick out, cleaned it with my underwear, pulled his pants up, asked the rest two guys to enjoy and left. The next guy dropped his pant and got inside my pussy. He kept on mauling my boobs while fucking in my pussy. He also took 10-15 minutes to flood me inside. He pulled his dick out, cleaned it with my underwear and wore back his pant. The last guy came behind and tried to enter my asshole.

My asshole was dry and after 2-3 try, it didn't go inside at all. It was already paining due to his attempts. I spoke for the first time, "Without oil or cold cream it won't go inside." He seemed convinced but his friend suggested that if I lubricate it with my saliva then it may get inside.

So he asked me to go on my knees and suck his dick. I didn't want to but I wanted to finish it soon. My husband and maybe my family would be looking for me. I got on my knees, took his dick in my mouth and licked it for few times. Then he stopped me and tried to enter my asshole.

This time he succeeded successfully and started to fuck my asshole. My pussy was tight, but my asshole was even tighter so it took 5 minutes to flood him inside my asshole.

He also cleaned his dick with my underwear and both of them went away. I cleaned myself with my already used underwear. Then I tried to fix my looks and lipstick, which was smeared off. I threw my underwear aside and walked back to the hall. My family was already looking for me and I said I went to the orchestra.

They seemed convinced and we headed back home.