Fat black pecker smashing white slick cunt

Fat black pecker smashing white slick cunt
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It was a Friday night. My friend Spencer, who is 14, came over to spend the night. We were playing Saint's Row on X-Box 360, taking turns on missions.

I have secretly been gay for a long time. As I looked at Spencer he turned his head from the television. Spencer: What? Me: Nothing. We Played The Same Game All Night. I Heard Nothing But Gun Fire And Explosions.

I didn't see where this was coming from because i was staring at Spencer All Night. I Kept Fantasizing him stripping and me attacking him and shoving his cock into my mouth as i always did when he came over. God he's gorgeous.

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Skinny, cute boyish face, a little on the short side, perfect dark hair, bright green eyes, I loved when he turned his head and his hair went up for a half of a second. Me and Spencer were never nervous about showing sexual feeling in front of each other. We've seen each others cock, sometimes accidental and sometimes on purpose. He's seen me with a boner as have i with him.

We've masturbated together, also. Not to each other but to porn on his computer or to a Girls Gone Wild commercial. Spencer: Crap. He Had Failed The Mission. He saw me staring at him. Spencer: What?? Me: Nothing. It was my turn to play the game.

Xxx new mobi slep mom hot of doing the mission I went to a strip club. On That game there is a mini game at the strip clubs called "Escort".

In This Mini Game you take a stripper to a V.I.P. And drive them around while they have sex in the back seat. You don't see anything but you hear noises. Spencer looked at me when he saw what i was doing. In Almost A Minute I Could See A Lump In His Pants. He Had A Boner.

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I took the car on the game and picked up the V.I.P. He Climbed In And They Began Making Noises. Spencer Whipped Out His Cock And Started Jacking-Off. He Moved His Hand Up At Down At Very Fast Speeds. I Couldn't take my eyes off of his, what had to be, 6 inch cock. Spencer: What Are You Doing? Me: What Do You Mean? Spencer: They Won't Make Noises Unless You Drive. I Realized That Because I Had Been Staring At His Cock Instead Of Paying Attention To The Game.

I Started To Drive Around And Once Again They Made Noises. I Heard A Moan From Spencer Telling Me He Began Jacking-Off Again. About 5 Minutes Of Stroking His Cock Spencer Came.

Streams Of Cum Shot Out Of His Succulent Cock. Spener: Aaaahhhhhh. Spencer Let Out A Moan Of Pleasure. I Had Half A Mind To Go Over And Drink The Cum And Suck Him Dry. I Decided Against It. An Idea Popped Into My Head. Me: Hey Spencer. Spencer: What? Me: Wanna Play That Game We Always Do? Spencer: You Mean See If We Can Get Out Of Each Other's Fucking action with a dirty mother id like to fuck Ties?

Me: Yeah. Spencer: Sure. I'll Go First. Tie Me Up But I'm Still Gonna Play This Game. Me: Ok I'll Be Back. This Was My Chance! I'd Tie Spencer Up And I'd Fuck Him. I Went Into My Closet And Got Out My Belt, Got A PS2 Controller, Got Some Rope Out Of My Attic, And I Got Some Hand Soap Out Of My Bathroom.

I Came Back With Al Of The Supplies And Started To Tie Spencer To The Chair He Was Sitting In. I First Took The Belt, Wrapped It Around His Chest, And Tightened It. He Couldn't Move From The Chair Now. I Then Took The Rope And Tied His Legs Down. Me: Put The Xbox Controller Down So I Can Tie Your Arms.

He Put The Controller On The Floor And I Took The Wire Of The PS2 Controller And Tied His Arms Behind The Chair. I Turned Off The Xbox 360, Turned On The T.V. And Waited For A Girls Gone Wild Commercial.

One Came On After An Hour Of Him Struggling With My Tie. Spencer: UNDO MY ARMS!!! Me: Why? Spencer: Why Do You Think? Look What's On T.V. I Untied One Of His Arms.

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He Pulled Down His Pants And Boxers And Began To Stroke His Cock, When The Commercial Was Over He Bent Down To Pull Up His Pants.

This Was It. He Had A Boner And His Pants Were Off. Before He Had The Chance To Put On His Pants I Tied The Arm I Let Loose Behind Him Again. Spencer: What Are You Doing? Let Me Pull My Pants Up. I Didn't Answer Him. I Pulled Off His Shirt. Spencer: What The Fuck Are You Doing? Me: Spencer, I'm Gay.

Spencer: FUCK! LET ME THE FUCK GO NOW!!! I'M NOT GAY I WANT FREE! Me: Spencer. I Am Gay And I Want You. Spencer: LET ME THE FUCK GO! I Bent Down To Get A Smell Of His Sweet Virgin Cock. I Put My Hand Under His Juicy Ball Sac And Began To Massage It. Spencer: That Feels Good. He Got Diamond Hard. He Wasn't Objecting Anymore. I Bent Down Further And Put His Warm Cock Into My Mouth. Spencer: Aaahhhhh. With That Moan I Began To Suck. Softly At First But Then Picking Up The Pace.

Spencer: Ohhhhh That Feels Soooo Good! Don't Stop! I Began To Not Only Suck But To Massage His Cock With My Tounge. I Moved My Tounge Up And Down Of The Bottom Of His Cock.

Xxx hot pron sex stories vidow I Started To Bob My Head Up And Down. Spencer: Ohhhhhhh!

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This Is Better Than Jackin-Off!!! I Began To Bob Faster. His Cock Bounced. I Felt His Cock Tighten And I Knew He Was About To Cum. I Yanked My Head Off Of His Cock. Spencer: What The Fuck? I Was About To Cum. Me: I Know I Want To Save It. Do You Want Me To Fuck You? I Pulled DOwn My Pants To Show Him My Rock Hard Cock. Spencer: Please, I'm So Horny. FUCK ME!!! I Untied Him And I Bent Him Over. I Put The Soap On My Cock And Massaged It In. I Put My Cock Right In His Crack.

I Began Moving My Cock Up And Down His Crack. Then I Pushed My Cock In. Not All The Way But Enough To Get Him Ready For It. I Then Started To Fuck Him Slowly. He Moaned With Pleasure.

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I Began Going Faster And I Gave Him All 7 Inches Of My Cock. He Winced. Me: Sorry, Are You Okay? Spencer: FUCK YES PLEASE GO FASTER!

I Put My Cock In Him Again And Went Faster As I Was Told To. I Went Faster And Faster. Once Again He Moaned. I Pulled My Cock Out And But In Front Of His Face. He Began Sucking It And Tounging It. Me Moaned At The Taste Of His Own Ass. After A Few Minutes Of Him Bobbing His Head Up And Down I Cummed. He Swallowed Every Bit Of It. Spencer: That Tastes So Good. Me: Let Me Taste Yours. Fuck Me And Then Pull It Out WHen You Are About To Cum. He Did As Told And Rubbed Some Of The Soap On His Dick.

He Gave Me All 6 Inches Of His Cock WIthout Hesitation. He BEgan Fast And Got Alot Faster. I Felt His Cock Swell Up In Minutes.

He Pulled It Out, Put In My Mouth And Rubbed His Cock. He Shoved All 6 Inches Of His Cock Down My Throat And Cummed. Thick Streams Of His First Sex Induced Cum Went Into My Stomach.

Me: Want More, Spencer? Spencer: Fuck Yea. We Fucked, Sucked, And Made Out ALl For The Rest of The Night. A Few Months Afterwards We Super sexy milf with big ass and jugs Fucking Until Spencer Got A Girlfriend. Then We Started Having Threesomes.

It Never Was Boring At My House For Him!