Hot ebony chic from the valley fuck ivory cock wearing lettermans jacket

Hot ebony chic from the valley fuck ivory cock wearing lettermans jacket
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Morning Surprise part 5 I was driving home and after the past amazing week I was now setting speed records from the station to my home. The excitement of just walking into my house, had my pulse racing.

I pulled into the garage and received a text message from Joan. "Steve on the radiator in the passage is a blind fold put it on and knock on the kitchen door". What has she got planned for me now, I was thinking.

I was always in a state of arousal these days. I could feel the stirring in my pants. I walked in and there on the radiator was a black silk scarf, and a pair of those eye shades you get on aircraft. I put the eye shades on first and tied the scarf around my eyes, with a knot at the back. I could not see a thing. I put them on and fumbled my way to the kitchen door.

I knocked twice. Joan's voice was the first thing that I heard. "Steve we have cooked up a little surprise for, so give me your hand and I will guide you to where I need you." She led me into the lounge; pushing me backwards into a chair.

"The blindfold is to stay on until I say otherwise, in a moment we are going to undress you, so don't be alarmed" she said as I felt hands reaching to unbutton my shirt and trousers. "We have devised a game just for you; it's called who's who. First we are going to take biker girls going crazy part wayne enterprises in turns to suck your cock, then you have to say who it was, then we are going to fuck you and you have to say who it was, then you have to fuck our arses.

Are you getting the gist of the game honey" Was I getting the gist, I was well ahead of her by now. I was already hard in anticipation. I felt velvet soft lips engulf my helmet, and then two hands grasped my cock.

I was trying so hard to think small hands, how big are Joan's hands, Mel's, Sandie's. How big are their mouths?

The sucking had stopped, a minute later it started again, but this time I noticed more saliva, who drooled the most. How far was I going in. questions, questions. Again the sucking stopped quickly replaced by another eager mouth. I thought this one must be Joan as I am sure I was deeper in her mouth than the sunny leone sex boob pressing storys. The sucking stopped and I could hear who ever it was getting up.

"OK Steve who was who" Joan said. It was Mel, followed by Sandie followed by you. As I was saying this I felt someone climb onto my lap, the wonderful feeling of your cock sex sunny leone sex com passing pussy lips, the heat of initial entry, the slickness was wonderful.

I lifted my arms to try and feel who it was, when they were slapped away. "No cheating" Joan said from off to my left, well I knew it was not Joan. Without you sense of sight, everything is so different and without your own personal sense of touch things take on a very strange sensation. Who ever was bouncing on my cock, was having a high old time, but that stopped abruptly. I have not lost my sense of smell and that scent was definitely angel, it's one of my favourites.

Another body had climbed onto my lap and another pussy was being forced down onto my cock. I tried to think how tight this one is. But that would be no help, when you have a big cock, every one is tight. Rhythm this one has very good rhythm, which of my girls has the best Mel does, it's Mel. One down. I was starting to get the hang of this game. Far too quickly it stopped. I was one hundred percent certain that that was Mel. I waited a few minutes more, then the third person climbed onto my lap, this time she put a foot either side of my legs and was squatting down, slowly lowering her pussy to my cock, someone else took hold of my cock, and guided it into her pussy.

Tight is not the word to describe how this one felt, I could feel the muscles inside her pussy give way, to grant me access. Inch after inch was going in, but it was a struggle. Her pussy was wringing wet, juices were running from her, but still it was an effort to get me all in.

I was finally buried up to my balls, and I could feel how wonderful a sensation this was. I was enjoying this so much, I almost forgot to sniff this one, but again it was angel. The tempo increased and I was really sorry that this one stopped. "Ok "Joan said "who was who" I did my mental calculations. "First Sandie, second Mel third Joan". Another hand went around my neck.

I felt small feet on my thighs, I realised that this was arse fucking, and who ever it was, was squatting down on my lap facing away from me.

I always think that when you are deep inside someone's arse the heat is enormous, no matter what cute and very big asss age arses are always tight. How was I supposed to guess who this was? She started slowly, little by little I was getting deeper, and she was letting out small moans and whimpers. She must have all of me inside her now, the tempo increased until she was really pounding me into her. Then she stopped.

It's really hard when all your instinct is telling you drive in hard, spew your load and then it stops. Again another person climbed onto my lap, this one using the same technique as the last, I did feel that my entry was easier than the last. I was loving this game, we must play it more often, that way I can start to make mental notes, when I fuck the family.

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That did start me to chuckle, fuck the family. The bouncing up and down was so smooth this time, strong legs I thought, this has got to be Joan. Years of walking the beat and the sports, yes this must be Joan. Time for the sniff test, angel again. They are smart they are all wearing it. Only too soon, the bouncing on my lap stopped and who ever had been doing such a fabulous job climbed off me.

My senses were getting better, I realised that the last person to climb onto me was lighter than the others, this must be Mel. She lowered herself down slowly, then I felt my cock touch her arse, then the pressure she was exerting increased as she got lower, but I was not going in. I felt a hand grasp my cock. I felt some KY jelly being spread liberally on my cock.

The hand stayed to hold my cock, she came down again, that's it I thought as I felt my helmet, push its way in. The breathing was coming hard and fast, and again inch after inch was going in.

Boy was this one tight. The girls must be playing with each other, while I am doing this. I thought. I extended my senses away from what I was doing and yes I could hear muffled pants mom gtoffice tjob than officer gat sex mom moans coming from the room.

It was only a few minutes before this one stopped. I was so enjoying this, I never wanted it to end, but end it did as who ever this one was climbed off me. "Ok "Joan said "who was who" "Sandie, Joan and Mel" I said "Steve I am going to take your hand and assist you in lying down on the floor, don't worry we have out a quilt down so you won't get sore" she said taking me by the hand. I settled onto my back and was soon rewarded with a sopping wet pussy being lowered onto my mouth. The owner was squatting over me.

I tried to be scientific about try to measure the length of labia lips, smell, taste even the amount of come juice running into my mouth.

I was rewarded by a moan of someone coming; the extra juices just ran down my face. This is Joan I knew this was Joan. She got up and was replaced with another pussy; I thought did I detect a hint of hair on this pussy. Who had not shaved? The taste was wonderful, pushing the little hood away from the clit, again a gasp followed by someone coming in my mouth, this is great.

I thought. Don't just enjoy it I had to tell myself, how long is the labia, the taste, and the smell who is this. I was still no wiser, this is a hard game but one that I felt sure we would play often. All too quickly, that tiny little pussy was lifted away from my seeking tongue.

Was that pussy smaller somehow than the others? Someone should patent this game, a game for all the family again my body was rapidly approaching sensory overload. I was waiting for the last pussy and moments later, I was rewarded by another pussy coming down onto my face, this one actually sat on my face, and rubbed herself across my face, my mouth was pushed hard into her clit. What a wonderful sensation.

I could have died then and I would have died a very happy man. All too soon it was over. Ok "Joan said "who was who" "That was Joan, Mel and Sandie" I said "Steve you can now stand up, I want you to reach out and touch each of us and tell me who it is" I stood luscious hottie babe alex fawn with a hard cock to fuck pornstars and blowjob and reached forward; someone took my hand and directed it to a breast.

It was encased in a bra, a little bra that left the nipples free. I used both hands to feel each breast. "This is Mel" I said I know that bra it's from the girl's new outfit's that I had seen the other day. Another hand took hold of mine and directed me to another breast, this breast was very full, and the bra was the same so this must be Sandie. "This is Sandie I said" I hand grasped mine and drew it to her, placing my hand on her breast. Another full breast, the bra felt exactly the same, but this may be Sandie again.

Have I gone wrong, was there a little padding under the cup, I was thinking. I started to feel under the bra but whoever it was stepped out of my reach. "This is Joan" I said. Joan took hold of my hand "Steve we are now going to lead you upstairs to our bedroom. She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs; I am so used to my house I could have made the journey alone with no problem. Arriving in our room, I was turned around so that I could sit back on the bed. "After a count of twenty Steve I want you to remove your blind fold.

Then all will be revealed" I started a slow count, after twenty I removed the scarf followed by the eye shades. I looked up, and standing before me was a sight that I will never, ever forget looking like they had stepped out of a Victoria's Secret's photo shoot, was Mel, Sandie and Tracie.

A quick double take and yes that was Tracie. What the fuck, how is Tracie here in my bedroom. Tracie is Mel's best friend. She is also fifteen, a regular visitor and often house guest, but still she was not family. I scanned the whole room and Joan was standing off to one side holding the video recorder to her eye.

"Hi Honey did you like the surprise" She said smiling at me. Surprise that was not a surprise it was a huge shock. A huge pleasant shock. But a shock all the same. I looked at all the girls, for the first time I was able to take in what they were all wearing. Mel stood directly in front of me, wearing the black outfit from the other morning. Very small bra that showed her nipples, a matching suspender belt, tiny black thong and a pair of black sheer stockings.

Sandie stood to Mel's right wearing the exact same out but in white outfit. Tracie stood to Mel's left wearing a matching red outfit.

Tracie is the girl that all men lust after, before last Wednesday I always looked at my girls as my little girls. But Tracie has always caught my eye. She stands 5' 2" White blond curly hair that hung down to her waist. A very small frame, She had a beautiful face that literally stops traffic, when she smiled she would light up the room, a magnificent pair of tits, I was to find out after that they are the same size as Sandie a 32E. I have secretly lusted after her for the last two years.

I turned to look at Joan; she still had the video camera running. I did notice that she also was wearing the same outfit, but in salmon pink. I was thinking that's a great idea a matching uniform. A bit like Macdonald's, but here after fucking me he cant resist this young amateur cutie get to wear stocking, suspenders a very small thong and a tiny little bra. Wonderful. I was struck dumb; my mind could not put anything intelligent into my mouth.

I could just sit and stare around the room at these beautiful, wonderful women. "Earth to Steve" I could hear Joan calling. That brought me out of my trance, "Sorry love I was so deep in shock it took me a moment how did you persuaded Tracie to join us?" Tracie's parents had been having marriage problems for a few years, one day while on a sleep over at our house; she had said that she hated being at home when her Mum and Dad fight. Her mother and father used to take out their frustrations by beating her.

Joan had told her that she could stay at ours as often as she felt comfortable. She had even given her a key.

Her parents have since separated and are waiting for a divorce. Tracie continued to stop at our house at least three nights a week. She felt comfortable at ours and it gave her Mother the chance to go out on dates. Joan switched off and put down the video camera.

"Steve we are going to allow you to stay here and welcome Tracie into the family properly, so enjoy" Joan, Mel and Sandie left the room. "Tracie you look breath cognate sex activities with big tits sisters and dreams in that outfit" I told her as I walked over to her. Every word was the truth, she maybe slight in build, but each curve was like a Michel Angelo sculpture, just perfect in every detail.

I had often day dreamed about what I would like to do to this girls, never had I ever imagined that I would get the chance, and best of all it was with my families blessing. I picked her up and kissed her deeply, savouring the taste of her. Holding her in my arms. I said "You will not believe this Tracie, but I have fantasised about this moment for quite some time" "Steve I have been fingering my pussy to this scenario for years, I have watched you in the hot tub, day after day dreaming about feeling your cock buried deep inside me.

Us girls have fantasies as well you know. I lifted her onto the bed; she had no weight at all. I started slow, I wanted to savour every minute. I kissed her deeply, flicking my tongue into her mouth, she responded by sucking my tongue deep.

We kissed for what felt like ages. I moved to her neck and ears, most girls of my limited experience enjoy it when you tongue their ears, she squirmed deeper into my arms. Slowly I moved down to her breasts, in such a tiny bra, most of her boobs were on show.

I unclipped the hook between the cups. Free from the bra her boobs did not move, teenage tits are just so solid, no sag what so ever. Perfection. Running my lips onto her nipples, she was writhing under me.

Suckling on her tits was amazing. She reminded me of Joan, who can orgasm from just having her tits sucked on. Kissing my way down to her belly button, I gave it a few kisses. I was approaching my goal. I sat up just to savour her beauty, the little red suspender belt was holding up a pair of silky red stockings. I have always been a sucker for stockings. Looking at her see through panties, I could just make out a few tufts of very spars white blond hair.

I new someone had not shaved. All the girls in my house have a totally bald pussy. I ran my hand over the front of the panties; the crutch area was soaked, not surprising after what we had been doing. She lifted her legs, exposing more of herself to me.

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I took hold of the thong and pulled it off her legs. What I saw was beautiful, a small patch of hair, in what I have learned is called a landing strip. Her lips were bloated and puffy looking. She looked me in the eyes and said ryan driller with teen girl you are going to shave that off for later, Joan told me. Joan says that from now on I am to have a totally bald pussy and you can shave me any time you want" Chief pussy shaver, sounds like a great job to me.

Spreading her lips, I moved forward and gave her clit a flick. "Steve I am so close to coming, just keep doing that for a few more minutes" True enough she was right, she started moaning and thrashing, coming on my tongue. I knew that she would need a lot of lubricant to get my cock in. I shuffled forward, enough to get my cock lined up to her pussy. "Steve I have wanted your cock inside me for so long, please hurry get it in me now.

Ah that's it, that's just what I want. Oh God Steve, this is amazing. It took all my self control and Mel's hand over my face to stop me screaming out with joy, when I and your cock inside me earlier on" Only half of me was inside her at this point, I increased the pressure and fed her it all; she had spread her legs wide to allow me better access.

She was now panting on my shoulder, screaming "Yes, Yes oh my god, that's it fuck me fuck me" I knew that at this pace I was not going to last much longer, but I wanted to feel her come with me.

Come she did, wave after wave spasm after spasm. I could hold out no longer, I was coming myself spraying my spunk to the back of her womb. "Steve just lay here and hold me, don't take it out.

You just fill me completely I want to savour this moment for the rest of my life. I have only had sex one time before and that was with a boy from school. He pushed it in, pumped away at me for a few minutes, came withdrew and zipped up his pants and left me. He had only a very small prick and I felt no satisfaction at all" "This is just so wonderful, my dream has come true. I have experienced the most amazing sex ever" "Tracie it's not over yet baby" I said "I am not finished with you" I withdrew my cock, it was deflated but experience has taught me that it will be back after a little rest, ready to spew the last of my spunk back in to this wonderful women.

I rolled over onto my back. Tracie took this as a sign, to rain kisses down onto my cock; she had both hands gripping my cock in a death grip and was sucking the helmet in to her mouth.

"Steve the combination of our juices tastes yummy" I had one hand pushing her legs apart, two fingers went in easy, I was flicked her clit with my thumb. Tracie told me that before today, no body had ever frenched her pussy, she said the thought of someone sucking on your pussy was gross, the same as having a cock in your arse.

I did not believe that it would be so sexy that your arse is so sensual. "I was so frightened that you would hurt me when I lowered my arse onto your cock, but after the initial problems of getting your cock in, it felt just so tight it filled me completely" I picked her up and moved her onto her back again, I moved her legs wide apart, dipping my tongue back into her sex, I could taste my spunk, her juices.

I was lapping up every morsel of liquid like it was nectar. "Tell me what you would like to do next Tracie" "I want that big teen blowjob facial xxx older gentleman and his princess of yours buried deep in my pussy, I want to ride you like a horse in a rodeo.

I want you to fill me up. I want to come all over you. I want you to fuck my arse again. I want it all" Just hearing those words out of such a beautiful mouth was having the desired effect, my cock was hard and eager to fulfil her every wish.

Lifting up her legs, I was able to slip directly into her womb. "Oh God Steve, I love your cock. I love you. I love you, please don't stop, don't stop" I could feel her coming, after she had stopped screaming I pulled out my cock and placed it at her back passage, I pushed the head in and just left it, waiting for her to become accustomed to the size.

She was soaking wet, a slightly larger thrust and I had four inches in, I increased the tempo and she started backing into me, encouraging me to fill her. We may have to get this room sound proofed. She was screaming so much I thought the neighbours would come running across. I reached around and inserted two fingers into her cunt, I just touched her clit and her screams went up another octave.

It was too much for me I pumped and pumped all the spunk that my balls could generate, directly into her bowels. "Oh God Steve, I thought that I could come no more, but I just keep coming, I have no strength left in my body" Myself I was bushed, feeling like I had just run the London Marathon I rolled off her to lay gasping for breath.

Tracie collapsed next to me. "Steve I meant what I said I do love you so much" She burst into tears. Pulling her into my embrace, I tried to sooth away her tears. "For the first time in my life I feel so loved and happy" she blubbed into my shoulder. We lay together for ages, until I realised she had fallen asleep. I covered her with the quilt, switched the lights off and let her sleep.

The rest of the family was in the lounge. I gave Joan a huge kiss and told her and the girls that as presents go. Tracie was the best present I had ever had. Joan explained to me that they had talked it over, while out shopping. They knew that Tracie had a crush on me, her life at home was miserable, what better way to cheer the girl up. I watched Tracie in the La Senza shop today. She looked lovely, a proper angel. She lit up when she realised that what we were buying was for you.

It made me think that she loves you as much as we all do. So I have decided to invite her to come and live with us permanently. Joan also went on to explain that while I was upstairs, she and the girls had written out a whole set of rules.

I was to turn the spare room into Tracie's new bedroom; no more would she have to share with Mel. No one outside this house was to know what went on behind closed doors. I was to spend my nights as usual with Joan. Sex is not to take over our whole lives; all of us must enjoy it.

One day a week would be school uniform day. I would get Saturday night off each week, unmolested to save my strength for Sunday's rugby match. "Dad when Tracie wakes up we are going to put on a fashion show for you, so that you can see the rest of the clothes we bought for the holiday" Mel was bouncing up and down, in excitement after delivering this news.