Chastity lynne was always a horny gal

Chastity lynne was always a horny gal
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Jon jumped in and closed his eyes. When he opened them and looked toward his mother his jaw and heart sank, but his cock and perverted thoughts rose. His mother Jennifer had allowed her legs to part casually. The sun happened to be shining directly down into her crack and Jon could see a nest of nasty treasures.

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Her pubes stuck out in tufts from the thong they trailed down the inseam of her legs, every so slightly just faint dark hairs that beaded with sweat. Meeting further up her legs was about an inch on either side of her bathing suit of bare skin. The forbidden final walls of flesh that bordered the actual entrance, the meaty lips. These side by side, sun-soaked rims huge titted anime babe loving hard cock her pussy, brimming with wet pubes drove Jon almost over the edge.

He almost came, almost cried at the close sight of her truly aged and perfect pussy mounds. As he focused though his sights narrowed in and centered on the transparent cloth that covered his mother's substainly large, dark, and clearly dripping wet pussy. With his eyes fixed on that center point of her barely covered cunt, Jennifer shifted and started to sit up. She arched her back, closing the wonderful view of from her son as her legs closed and her butt cliched shut again as she stretched her stomach in a half push up.

But then she moved into what yoga classes call downward dog. Ass high in the air, showing a flat wall directly towards her son, and towards the sun so it was fully illuminated, every detail on bright display for Jon's hungry eyes and stiff cock.

He was about to give in again to his nasty thoughts and just shout that he was powerless and wanted his mother so badly. Her pussy smushed together, her labia popped out behind the wet cloth of the bikini.

Several succulent drops of sweat, salty like her piss dripped onto the towel she lay upon. The towel he had used to dry the piss from his balls. He could see by her knees several honey yellow spots…the sun then shown upon the desperately thing strap of Meredith's bikini.

It simply could not contain the wide brown sphincter of his mother. It was blonde babe licks cock like a lollypop engulfed by it. Jon's eyes were fixed upon in and he thought he saw a slight bump poking from its center behind the little strap damp dark white censorship.

Before he could make out what it was his mother's hand reached back and gently and slowly tapped around the edge of hour anal areola. Her finger tips slightly sticking to the shining ridges of its glistening pube-rimmed dark meat.

His mother stood up and looked back with a surpised "oh" I must have been asleep when you came down. I think your sister's bathing suit is probably too small for me. Is it?" She paused wickedly allowing for a fleeting glimpse of her rear to be taken in by her son. She must have known that I could see her, Jon thought. Didn't she? Was it going through her mind right now that going through my mind was the sight of her pussy, and of her butthole. She must have Jon thought as his mother milf thing sexy mature fucks two guys toward him and smiled, looking right into his eyes.

Fixing there for a moment with a stern grin. "I wonder if she'll be mad that I wore them, I wonder if she wears them out. If they cover her up. Anyway lets swim!" Jennifer said. She began to lower herself down into the pool via the stairs, climbing down backward, slowly. Step by step pausing to acclimate to the water, her pussy and asshole looming above Jon's head as he stood transfixed at the bottom of the stairs. Step by step it bobbed closer to his face. He closed his eyes.

Opened them and saw that his mother was waiting, staring at him over her should. She shifted her weight. The rubber loop handle popped out from behind her thong. Jon's eyes went wide. "excuse me! Get out of the way!!" said Jennifer, locking eyes with her son who was about 3 inches away from her protruding pussy lip, pubic hair, and now the handle of something come from her anus.

His eyes darted back and forth. She dunker her lower half in, submerged underwater bringing her face eye level with her son's tented cock underwater, and popped back up. Her tits popped up and out of the bathing suit but she quickly pulled them back in with an irritated look.

"Don't stare at my tit's Jon." Said Jennifer in a cold tone, " if a girl has an accident you're supposed to look away like a gentle man, Its difficult having breasts and every girl is embarrassed if someone sees them. Until she wants someone to see them. Understand? Imagine of you had boobs, or imagine if your penis would fall out in public how would you like it if that happened like once a month.

And people just looked at it? Hmm?" She seemed like she was getting mad, she huffed and said again. "Just imagine if your penis fell out in public, at the pool or in a mall. And you had a bunch of people staring at it as you tried to put it away.

If you had a son and that licking of a shaved tight muff hardcore massage and he just watched as you struggled to conceal your coc—your penis…anyway, never mind" Jennifer said, smiling now.

Jon saw her start to smile awkwardly. I guess I'm just embarrassed that I barged in on you and peed my pants a little. Passion hd redhead alex tanner fucked hard on the massage table hope you didn't see me do it.

I hope that only a little bit got in my pants…oh man that was embarrassing. We are gonna have to figure out a routine, a schedule for bathroom use." "sure," Jon said, "we can figure it out, and with Meredith seeing all her friends she probably won't be home that much and will barely need it." "We are going to need a really tight schedule so nothing like that ever happens again," Jennifer said, stern tones starting to come back to her voice and nasty thoughts coming back over her mind.

Giving in to her filthy fantasy to follow through with her plan she stood up and climbed the ladder. Again slowly and with deliberate steps. Each step opened up her cheeks and things- slowly clapping open and shut a look at her cunt and shitter.

She went to her chair, picked up the towel and went inside quickly. She walked up the stairs and went directly into the bathroom to do some further inspecting.

She knew her son was still unaware of her plan, and of her level of perversion. She saw through the window that he hadn't gone into her room, and hadn't seen her dildos. Hadn't had a chance to notice the VHS on her bed with the cover of a woman pissing on a slave.

Jennifer knew that her son Jon had been witness to everything she was showing him. She knew that he had probably seen the string from her anal beads sticking out of her ass. And that he was getting hard despite, or maybe because of her piss.

But she knew that he was still unsure of what was to come. As far as he knew, Jennifer thought, Jon was just experiencing a fucked up day. But she had a big surprise coming. Entering the bathroom Jennifer stepped into the pool of piss that was now collected in different areas of the bathroom floor. She picked up her panties and noticed they were twisted into a tight rope. She saw more and more thick globes of cum peppered all over the walls and floor.

Her pissed had been spread around as if he had lapped it up or lay in it. The towel she took from his room had clearly gotten piss on it, but she had thought it was from her hurried spurt. Now assessing everything she began to reason that her son had played or at least messed around with her pee. Looking again at her thong it was twisted and nearly dry. Jennifer shuddered with wicked thoughts, "Jon might have wrung out my panties right into his mouth, he came playing with my piss…I'm going to make his dreams come true while making my nastiest thoughts come true too." Jon walked into the house slowly, not sure of what to expect.

Not sure how long he could contain his life long aching desire to see more of his mother's body witness more of her pissing.

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He started to glow and shake trying to scheme a way he could spy on his mother going number two. The image on his mother performing the holiest of holy dirtiness and taboo had been the darkest desire and strongest desire Jon had ever had.

When drunk in school he used to draft emails confessing all of this to his mother. Hoping that the alcohol might give him the courage to hit send. To satisfy his inner burning sexual desire that despite being very very nasty, was very very real for him. Jon simply could not escape the reality that he was pervertedly addicted to incest fantasies, to shit fantasies. To the darkest dream of being treated like a human toilet for his mother.

He just had to live with d mmd sakuya fucked in pov lamb, jack off to it, and pray every day that his mother would never ever find out. Now walking up the stairs he was overcome with worry, his mom had been acting so weird. She must have seen his boner, she must of seen him jacking off with the door open, he was so stupid.

When he got to the top of the stair he heard his mother in the bathroom and panicked. Maybe he didn't clean up all the cum. Maybe…he didn't know, but he felt that there was evidence there of his perversion. "Jon. Come here." His mother said, without any tone but clearly and coldly. "Jon, come in here.

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I need you to come into the bathroom now son. This is very important if you ever want to come back to this house again." Jennifer said with raising anger and touches of disdain. Holy shit, Jon thought.

Holy shit what do I say? She must know, she must have saw the panties and known that I touched them and how the fuck do I explain that. "Did you masturbate in here, Jon?" his mother asked with demanding eyes that squinted and asked again, "did you play with your penis in here? You are my guest and you are not allowed to disgrace my bathroom with your penis, with touching your penis.

In the bathroom that I use. Tell me. DID YOU PLAY WITH YOUR PENIS IN HERE?!" Jennifer roared, hands on french maid aletta ocean plays sex doll for her boss hips like she used to yell at him when he was a kid, but now with more anger and conviction.

Like he wasn't anything a hot welcoming fuck facial cumshot natural tits her but a disappointment. "No, Uh. No I didn't do anything" Jon stammered, "There are easy ways of knowing if that's true or not. Tell me know the truth, and I won't have to resort to checking whether or not you are lying. When I had to come in here I saw you with an erection. I DID. If I find out that you soiled MY BATHROOM with your semen before I came and used it.

I am going to be very very mad. This is MY BATHROOM and you are blessed to be able to use it, but if you disgrace it then that is a problem that you have to learn to never do again. I'm a woman, Jon. I'm your mother and the head of this household.

For me to step in what I think is your CUM is a big big problem. You don't respect this house and it shows you don't respect me. When you were living here you had your room and I know that you would masturbate in there on that computer. I know that, But this is different. This is my bathroom, my sacred space to be clean and feel good. I own this room, and the rest of the house now for that matter now that you're gone.

You are never allowed to disrespect my house with your cum. Cum that probably came from some nasty thought right? Ive seen you're computer. You like older women huh? I bet you were thinking about that woman who lives next door, the one who used to walk through the house naked? Huh?!" Jennifer was building and building up her anger and her acusations but was toying with her confused and helpless son.

Jon was no longer horny, just simply scared and frightened that he'd been caught and how disgraceful it would be fi she knew even a glimpse of the truth. Jennifer began to calm her town down and began to sympathize with her son, but something behind her sympathy seemed false, or still seething with anger. "its ok honey, I'm sorry. I know that it's natural but I am just disappointed that you did that in my space, and that you're lying to me know.

Tell me the truth honey. Is this your semen in my bathroom?" Jennifer politely pleaded. Its ok if it is, but I need to admit to it so I can forgive you. Jon thought and decided that his back was against the wall, that if he didn't take this out he'd eventually be found out for his real reason for the drops of cum that dotted the white tiles.

He was literally backed against the wall and put his hand down in defeat. It dropped into another gob of jizz he'd missed against the white tile.

"I'm sorry, shit I'm really sorry. I came home and I wanted to clear my mind before you got home because of all this stress at school so I masturbated and I didn't have a chance to clean it because…well you came in so quick. And anyway, man, I'm sorry and embarrassed." Jon said with a bright blush and shrug, but relief that everything was left at that and not his worst nightmare of being discovered.

"Ok son, I'll forgive you. If you can just clear up a few things for me. First what made you want to masturbate, what was it that caused you to need to play with your penis here, at home, in my bathroom that couldn't wait until you got back to school, or wait until you were in your room looking at playboy on the computer?" She questioned with innocence but demand. "Um, I don't know mom. I just do it in the shower sometimes…" "ok," his mom said, "but from now on you are not going to do it in my shower.

Or the rest of the house for that matter. I forgive you, you're free to go." "thanks, man, I'm sorry again" "you know, don't call me, man. Call me mother. Please" Yes, MOmmm…" Jon rolled chuckling and trying to brush off the awkwardness with a joke. "not mom, Mother. Got it? Good" she said standing up to go she was still wearing her transparent bathing suit which Jon had ignored for the conversation out of fear but now that she stood up to go he felt relief and another pleasing sence of sexual desire come over his as his mother bikini clad broad triangle of pubes approached him at eye level.

She walked out and didn't say anything, she went to her room and closed the door. Jon sat facing the tub and was relieved that somehow despite how weird that was, he made it out alive. He looked down at the panties in a twisted ball, the top knot sucked white and dry.

The bottom soaking up another round of yellow. She must of not noticed or not thought about it when she did, he was afraid to touch it, to disturb anything that might set her off or might give him away. He went back to his room and sat in his chair, turned his computer on and immediately started searching for all the porn files he'd hid on his computer to delete before his mother found them, or his sister came home and did something where his mom would find out. Jon was so shocked at how pissed and disappointed she was about him jacking off he was petrified to be discovered.

She was such a skank thought it was bullshit. He went about opening file after file deleting pictures and stories. He took his shorts off and tossed them into the bin. His cock and balls still ached beautiful diva gets ass and mouth gangbanged bobbed up and down with half filled fear and fantasy still flying about his head. His balls and pubes were trimmed. He'd done it before coming home incase he got a BJ from someone from high school.

In that off chance. He hadn't noticed that his mother was standing just beyond his door.

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Panting with excitement as she tugged and then re-inserted two of her anal beads in and out of her puckered sphincter, the second was greased on one side by slight caking of shit. When it plopped out of her shithole it painted her ring with a crackle of frosting. She smeared it around and sucked the orb back into her anus.

Some of the shit returing with it, but she wasn't sure if it all had retreated back into her rectum. She pushed open the door and saw her son deleting kagney linn karter pussy orgasam after picture of milf women with shaved buttoles, but a strip of pubic hair above their cunts. Some of these aged women had cunts that looked terrible.

Jennifer thought that at least her cunt had the dignified fleshiness of being used, but still retained its form. Lips, thick and meaty folding over lighter shades of pink and cupped her clit like a hidden diamond.

Her clit was semi erect now and glistening with dripping juice as she stepped into the room and began. "well, now I see what I had been worried about all along." I'm sorry mom I wasn't masturbating I was deleting these pictures.

So you wouldn't get mad. "What I'm mad about isn't the porn its that I'm embarrassed about what you saw, since you're father's been gone I've been looking everywhere for stellar teen is pissing and fingering trimmed hole to fulfill MY needs." Jennifer confessed with tenderness.

"Jon," she began "I masturbate. I do, I do it all the time and I've just wanted to have someone so I don't need to. Which is what you need to make sure you do.

Once you start masturbating its almost impossible for a real penis to bring you any joy. They aren't big enough, their bodies aren't the same as in the movies, and I've always been embarrassed that men don't find me as attractive as stoya kayden kross friends with benefits babes online or in magazines.

And now I see that everyone online, everyone everywhere has shaved pussies. And Men have probably been seeing and feeling my unshaved area for years and been grossed out by it. &hellip. Oh gosh I can't believe I'm telling you this, but its been years since I've had oral sex. It's the only way I can orgasm now with another person, their penises aren't large enough and I can't get them to kiss me down there.

They must be grossed out by my pubic hair" Jon's mom started to whimper while Jon sat dazed and unable to comprehend the sudden changes in his mom's attitude and the things she was saying to him.

The things that he had chance to see. "I wish I could shave myself but I'm scared, my vagina is delicate and I just can't bring myself to do it, so I can't bring anybody to get near it. I can't believe it, but you my own son are probably the only man in the past 10 years to get his face anywhere near my pussy.

And your my SON! And I barged in on you by accident and basically shoved my rear in your face. You didn't even have a choice, its not like you even wanted to get near my pussy. None does!!!" "mom, I don't…it don't know. I think that people don't really care. I'm sure people still would want you, maybe it is the hair maybe that's it all along, people find you attractive I know for a fact." She glanced at the screen and down at her son's lap. She's got a clean shaven pussy.

Every picture on here does! That's what you like that what people like now!

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I'm stuck though, in the 70's hair was OK but I'm not in the 70's anymore" She cried, "suddenly she sat up with resolve, "Jon, I need you're help. You are my son and you need to do this favor for me. If there was someone else I could ask I would but I don't have anyone. You need to help me." "with what mom? I can't help you with anything like that…if you mean you want to shave or something you don't need me for anything" Jon said, surprisingly not turned on by the proposal but kind of grossed out.

Once the real thought of having to shave a sagging pussy and smelly butthole suddenly lost it any kind of kinkiness and became a frightful though.

He couldn't bring himself to actually smell his mother shit and not gag. Capri cavanni an tyler nixon in naughty america was all just fantasy, just like when he ever tried to taste his own shit or eat a chunk he'd gag and instantly feel remorse.

Now with his mother so vulnerable before him he couldn't feel anything but shame on the thought of helping his mother find some kind of superficial comfort of fitting in with porn pics. "I'm sorry mom, I can't. I trimmed myself with a beard trimmer, not a shaved razor. Ask Meredith to help you when she gets home she shaves—I'm sure", Jon stuttered, hoping that he didn't convey the (true) impression that he was away of his sister's pussy or anything about it.

"Jon, Meredith won't be home for a few more days. I need to do this now. I am your mother and you will do as your told. You must contribute to this family. And you have yet to be punished for your actions earlier. So, put on your bathing suit and go into the bathroom and wait for me there…Now, do it, son." Jon froze, unable to move, and now nervous again about going back into the bathroom where the piss evidence and the sucked clean panties might be discovered.

"mom, No" "No? Jonathan. Listen to me, you were raised by me. I am your mother, you must obey what I tell you to obey.

That's how it works, my mother raised me and I obeyed her and everything she ordered. When my father was around I was taught to obey him or I was severely punished. That's how a mother/son relationship works. Until a mother's son marries another woman who will take care of him and keep him in line, until that day, when you're married or if I choose to have someone look after you.

Like when you had a babysitter or your sister, until then you do as I say. Now go to the bathroom, get whatever you will need and wait for me in the tub. Turn the hot water on, and keep your bathing suit on. I do not want to see your penis like I can right now. When it gets long and erect it means you are not listening to me, because if you were really listening to me you would only be thinking about what I am telling you to do and then doing it. Your mind does not have any other function until I say so." With that she turned, and bent at the waist to pick up the soiled towel.

The purple handle was sticking straight up in the air when she bent over and was adorned with a dab of brown shit that glared at Jon and made horny whore receives fucked indoors hardcore and blowjob stomach quiver… If he gagged because of the smell or anything his mother would be so hurt she would flip out.