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Bottomless japan wife storyss femdom with cfnm face sitting
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A few years ago I worked in financial sales for this company. In orientation, it was made very clear that you were expected to make sales goals each month, or there would be "consequences". I did well my first month or two, but then things started to slow down, mainly because the economy took a turn for the worst. I realized I had not met my qouta for the first time. I saw everybody's sales figures, and I knew other employees did not make their goals in prior months, but they hadn't lost their jobs.

However I did see them having meetings with the office manager, and sometimes they left early for the day, usually mid afternoon. Then one Wednesday afternoon I got the call from my boss. I came into her office and she informed me of what I already knew,; my figures were way down for the month. "We used to have what we called a phase system for discipline, but we've replaced it recently", she said.

"We now have a new disiplinary system that has proven more effective. Tomorrow at 3:30 you have an appointment at the district office with Lisa Cuningham, Human Resources VP. Make sure you arrive promptly. Sakura rio japanese creampie goodness (dmm co jp tube porn don't ever want to be late for a metting with Lisa ." On Thursday, I left my branch office around 2:45, to go the district office.

I got an odd look or two from the other two financial sales associates, Dawn and Brendawhom I knew did not meet goals for several months awhile back, and had probably been summoned to a similar meeting.

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I arrrived with at least ten minutes to spare, heeding my boss's warning. I was nervous as I approached the secretary's desk. "I have a 3:30 appointment with Ms. Cunningham", I said.

She told me to have a seat in a small waiting area. A few minutes later she said, "Lisa will see you now; it is the first door on the right." I thanked her and made my way down the hall. I knocked and was told to come in. It was a rather large office with a desk near a window. Behind the desk sat Lisa Cunningham who stood up and shook my hand, introducing herself. She was in her mid to late 30's, with short, dark brown hair ,very tall and looked physically fit.

She wore a white blouse and black skirt just above her knee. "Have a seat Mr. Stephens", she said as she motioned to the chair in front of her desk. "First I need to call Nancy, my assistant. A witness is required at all disciplinary meetings. Hot babe loves to get drilled hard just a moment the door to an adjacent office opened and in walked Nancy Rogers, a short ,slender blonde, probably in her late 20's to early 30's.

She was quite pretty with very tight calves, accented by black high heels. She sat at a chair to the right of Ms. Cunnigham's desk, facing me. She had a legal pad that she began writing on.

"Now we can get started", said Ms.

Cunningham. It's my understanding that it's the first time you haven't met your sales goals; is that correct ?" "Yes", I said. She got up from the desk and walked to her left. She had the confident walk of a powerful, professional woman. As she stood with her hands at her hips she said, "We just began having meetings with employees following the first month they did not meet their quota. We believe it's been quite successful so far. We've seen a marked improvement in the individuals we've called in r." "I'm not going to ask why you haven't met your goals.

I know Susan, your branch manager has already discussed that with you. Is that correct ?" I said yes, wondering why I was here in the first place, if my situation wasn't going to be discussed in greater detail.

"We have a theory that a certain degree of embarassment taking place in a private setting, outside your normal work office leads to improved job performance. I must ask you to stand up and remove gorgeous babe aaliyah hadid craving for a large dick clothes Mr.

Stephens." I was shocked when I heard this. I just froze and my jaw dropped. "You can't be serious", I said. "Mr. Stephens, in this economy, jobs like this are not easy to come by.

I have the authority to terminate your employment on the spot if you are uncooperative", she said as she moved closer, sitting down on the right corner of her desk. "Now you heard me, and we have a limited amount of time here." I slowly stood up. Nancy glanced up momentarily from the legal pad she was writing it.

I began taking off my tie. "You may place your garments on the chair as you remove them." Gorgeous zoe masturbates with a sex toy masturbation brunette said.

I removed my dress shirt, then my belt, shoes, followed by my slacks. I stood there in shock in my undershirt, boxers and dark socks. "Men look so ridiculous in those socks without pants", she said to Nancy chuckling. Nancy smiled slightly. I removed my undershirt placing it on the chair with my other clothes, then just stood there in my boxers and socks. 'I don't believe you are finished", Lisa said sternly.

"I think this has gone a little too far. Are there not laws against something like this ?", I protested. "Mr. Stephens, remember my comment from a few moments ago; finding a new job is not easy these days." I removed the socks first, prolonging the inevitable momentarily. '"They always do it that way ",she said to Nancy, who smiled wider this time. I put my thumbs in the waistband and lowered my briefs to my ankles, then stepped out of them, reached down to pick them up, and placied them on the chair.

"Stand up straight", she barked. Nancy looked up again, this time with her eyes directly on my flaccid penis. I needed to lose another 15-20 pounds, making me especially self conscious in front of these trim, attractive women, who obviously worked out and were in fine physical shape. Yet however embarassed I may have been, I could feel an erection coming on. My hands rested on my upper thigh area. "Hands at your sides", she barked again while walking behind me. She walked in a circle until she faced me eye to eye.

She looked down then up. "Well looks like we have a little bit of a belly, but still a pretty nice ass, and I see we are coming alive down there, though I've seen much bigger." I looked down, now I had nearly a full erection. Nancy was silently chuckling while looking at me almost apologectically. I could tell she had some compassion for my situation. Lisa walked to a closet door to the right of her desk, opened it and retrieved a leather strap.

She returned to face me saying, "For your first session, you are about to feel this on your bare, cute little boy ass a total of fifty times, yes fifty." I swallowed hard; it was a fairly heavy strap which had to hurt, fifty times!! "Now, that chair to your rightgo over and kneel down on it, facing the wall". I slowly walked toward the chair. "Quickly!!!", she barked. "Would you like me to add more strokes ? You are going to have a tough time sitting down for awhile as it is." I knelt down, feeling the chair's leather aginst my bare legs.

" Put your bare ass up in the air so I can have a good shot at it. Hold onto the top of the chair. You must count each stroke, backwards from fifty. If you miss one, yell, or I can't hear you count, we start all over gain. Is that clear ?" I said yes and nodded. Without warning the first crack of the strap hit my naked behind with quite a force, and I winced. "What was that, ?", she yelled. "Fifty", I said. "That didn't count !!!", I gave you the rules". My ass was already burning.

She cracked the strap with force. She was a strong, statuesque woman who had obviously spent some hours at the gym. The next stroke hit, I winced silently this time and sid loudly, "Fifty." "That more like it", Lisa said. "They will come faster now. Nancy help me keep track if he misses a number." And come fast and hard they did.

I did not know how I would make it to the end, but I reached a point where my bare ass was practically numb from all the punishment it received. I couldn't help thinking how red it must be at this point.

When we reached the final ten she stopped momentarily. "OK, we are almost at the end". Now I'll give you a choice, she said sternly. "Stand up, do not touch your ass, hands behind your head and face me." I complied. Lisa sat in the chair across the room facing me, Nany's chair was to her left. Lisa still held the thick leather strap in her hand. Through it all my dick still remained hard and a little pre cum dripped from the opening.

Lisa kicked off this is how i want to suck your cock sologirlcontent shoes. She had long, tanned legs and wore no hose. "If you do a good job sucking these toes, I'll spare you the final ten strokes. Fair enough?" "Yes", I replied. She reclined in the chair and told me to kneel. The carpet was rough on my kees. My bare heels touched my ass, which was still on fire from the whipping and I winced in pain. "Lick my soles", she said in a sultry voice.

She had long feet and toes that had a leather smell from the shoes she wore, combined with a little female foot sweat. I loved when any girlfiend I ever had smelled this way.

It meant an instant, intense, throbbing erection.

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I inhaled her foot aroma as my dick continued to throb. Nancy had stopped taking notes and watched intensely, dangling one of her shoes, and snapping it back. I could see she had lovely feet as well. "Now suck each toe. I will tell you when you are finished, and can move on to the next. " They were delicious, I did not want to stop. She "forced me" to lick both her feet and toes.

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Finally she said, '"That will suffice". I went to stand up, but she snapped, "uh, uh, not so fast, Nancy too !' She motioned to Nancy to come sit in the chair. Lisa went back and sat behind her desk, putting her size 11 feet on top of the desk.

Nancy had smaller, petite, delicate feet. They smelled a little different, but not in a bad way.

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I enjoyed licking her gorgeous little soles all the same. Then Lisa said, "That will be enough, stand up and face me. You have one more task unless you wish to resume the final ten strokes.

You need to stroke that hard cock for us until you come." I took my throbbing cock in my hand. I focused on Lisa's gorgeous soles on top of the desk, and began stroking.

"One more thing", she said, 'You can't come until I say you can!!!" I tried stroking slowly, then holding back. I could feel my orgasm welling inside me, and almost came several times. I also felt the need to urinate, making the whole thing even more intense. I said, "I can't hold back much longer". Lisa snapped, "If you don't, you know the consequences." I slowed until I was hardly jerking my cock at all, for fear my orgasm would explode.

She yelled, "You can't just stop, jerk that cock".

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I returned to slowly moving my right hand up and down my hard shaft. It was now almost impossible to hold back . "Nancy, do you think we ought to let him come now ?" I looked to Nancy while holding my throbbing hard dick, hoping for her sympathy and approval.

Instead she said, "Let's make him wait a liitle bit longer". This was the first thing she had said through all of this.To add to things she flexed her pretty little toes which I wanted to feel against my cock.

so badly. After a few more minutes of this I couldn't hold back anymore. 'I said, 'I'm really going to come now." "Stop", Lisa commanded. "Hands behind your head again." I obeyed looking down at my still throbbing dick which was a mixture of red and purple, and engorged more than I had ever seen.

"Here's a compromise" she said, "five more whacks with the strap and you can come your balls off, deal". "OK," I said, not having much xxx sex stories story katrina kaif ki a choice. "Bend over, hands on the desk", she barked. 'You must resume counting from where we stopped." The strap landed on my sore ass.

It hurt more now since it hadn't been struck in some time, causing me to cry out. "You little pussy", she sneered.

"Haven't learned anything today have you ? Lets try this again, only now you get all ten strokes!!" I counted each one, Finally the last one landed on my burning bare behind.

"Stand up she ordered, and don't touch that ass, or we start at the beginning again. Now you can jerk that cock and come; get it over with or I'll be late meeting my boyfriend for dinner." I started stroking my cock again as she stood in front of me, barefoot with the strap still in her right hand. "Give him a tissue to come in Nancy, I don't want it on the carpet", instructed Lisa Cunningham, VP Of Company Discipline.

As son as she handed it to me, I came hard and long in it, milking my aching balls. Lisa pulled out a bottle of lotion and gave it to me to rub on my sore behing. "Take this to the bathroom on the right next to the closet", she said. I walked in and saw my red, welted ass in the mirror. I rubbed the lotion on carefully, cooling it somewhat, When I was done I walked crazy girl riding long cock on floor in to the office.

I saw the clock, I had been in this office, nude, being abused by these women for almost two hours. I had practically forgotten the embarassment of my nudity after all I had been through. Lisa ordered me to put my clothes on and go home.

I didn't know how I was going to sit down to drive home.