Latin teen schoolgirl with a great ass

Latin teen schoolgirl with a great ass
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The next morning Haley woke up to a loud knocking on the door. Still groggy from sleep terror seized her as she realized she was butt naked with three boys draped on her. She heard a voice calling from inside the house. "Hello?

Parker? Landon?

Aiden?" A male voice said loudly. Haley jumped up ignoring the boys as they woke up sleepily. She ran up the stairs a blur and slammed her door to her room. Her clothes were still on the floor down stairs. Shit, she thought to herself, please let the boys have some common sense and hide them! Haley was sore from the night before and sleeping on the couch had given her a crick.

She decided to take a nice long shower and change before going out and tanning. As she was walking into the bathroom there was a soft knock on her door. "Haley," Landon said opening the door. Haley tried to cover her naked body but she realized it was a failed attempt. After all, he had seen her in all her naked glory the night before. Landon blushed and handed her the clothes from the floor. "Oh, thank God Landon. Did the guy see them?" "No. It's our teacher. We have school but he said he would give us a few minutes to eat.

Will you make me and the guys some breakfast?" "Oh sure, let me just put some clothes on," Haley said blushing. Landon blushed too and shut the door. She couldn't face the boys looking like this so she decided to take a quick shower.

She raced to dress and put her wet hair into a sloppy bun. She ran down the stairs and smiled looking at them. They were all dressed and had showered it looked like. Aiden came up and gave her a big hug and tried to kiss her but she turned her head and he pouted. "Not while your teacher is here okay?" Haley said quietly. Aiden nodded understanding.

Haley started to make the boys some eggs and bacon. She heard the male voice from earlier and he came into the room. "Gosh that smells good," he said. Haley turned around and her mouth fell and so did his. "Haley?" He asked. Haley gulped and then nodded quickly plastering a smile on her face. "OMG! Hi! Josh! I didn't know you were the boys teacher," she said blushing hugely. The boys looked confused and watched the awkwardness unfold between their teacher and their au pair.

"Oh yeah. I went to school and graduated early. So I'm here. Ugh, wow. How have you been?" He asked looking concerned. Haley tried to hide the true feelings that were threatening to pour out. She turned around focusing on the food and started piling the boy's plates high with eggs, bacon, and some toast.

"I've been just good, thanks. How about you?" "Uh, pretty good," he said awkwardly. Haley turned around and handed a horny lady loves the taste of big cocks through gloryhole to Aiden who smiled hugely at her.

"Here you go sweetie," Haley said handing him the food. She handed the other two boys their plates and they started to eat.

They watched while Josh and Haley awkwardly spoke. "Well I'm going to go lay out. So, have a nice session," she turned to the boys, "If you guys need anything come outside and get me okay?" Before she left she gave each of them a huge hug. She ran back up to her room cursing silently, why was Josh their tutor?!

He was just an asshole. She quickly changed cursing and grabbing her iPod. She put on another skimpy and very revealing pink bikini that left little to the imagination. She wanted to make Josh uncomfortably hard in front of the boys when she walked by.

Haley pulled her wet hair down from its bun and grabbed her sunglasses before walking downstairs. She sauntered past Josh and his eyes widened as he saw Haley walk outside to the pool. Haley grinned to herself that was just the effect she had hoped for.

She applied some sunscreen quickly to her body and then lay out putting her iPod into her ears listening to some top 40 music and trying to not think about Josh. All of the memories of him came flooding back all too quickly.

Haley had met Josh when she was in 8th grade and he was a senior in high school. He had been the most popular boy in school and she had been the innocent little 8th grader who thought it would be fun to go with her older friends to one of the football games at the high school.

It had been fun until the after party. Josh had seen Haley's bouncing boobs before he even knew her name. He wanted her. Haley had seen him staring and she was also interested. He was good looking and the QB of the football team.

They had quickly hit it off and became an item. When he left for college he broke Haley's heart and ended things in a text message. That was after she had fucked him. He had used her just to get her virginity. At least that's what she had heard from random people. Luckily most of the people had forgotten about her and Josh innocenthigh cheerleader marissa mae rides her coach it had not been fun freshman year. Haley pushed away the bad memories and focused on the music.

She looked at her Blackberry. It was almost lunchtime and she was getting hot. She went inside the house and started to make sandwiches for lunch. About ten minutes later the boys came back into the kitchen. "Hey guys! How's the school work coming along?" Haley asked them.

"Ugh, boring, what do you think?" Parker said shoving his sandwich into his mouth. "Yeah. We are learning about the Civil War right now," Landon said. "I just want to go swimming with you Haley," Aiden said frowning.

Haley laughed and playfully rubbed Aiden's hair. "Well, I'm sure Josh will be gone soon. What time do you guys finish?" "We finish at 2," Josh said coming into the kitchen. He tasteful pecker sucking delight blowjob and amateur eating an apple. "Oh, cool," Haley said suddenly feeling self conscious in her bikini. She covered her breasts with her arms. Josh smiled at Haley and Haley relaxed.

At least he wasn't being a jerk she thought. Josh took a bite of his apple and then said between bites, "Uh can I talk to you alone for a minute? It's about the school and homework and such," he said.

"Oh sure," Haley said. They both walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. He closed the door and looked at Haley his face very serious, "Haley, wow, I didn't expect for you the be the Au Pair. Their parents didn't even tell me anything. I just I feel bad about how things ended between us. I never explained to you anything. I just left. I was a punk about it. I'm sorry," he said.

Haley blushed, "It's okay. We were young. Well I was really young, you should have known better," she said teasing him. He laughed, "Yeah, I know. But, yeah, you look great. So good," he said. "Thanks," Haley said. All of the sudden he came up close to her and Haley knew they were xxx hot pron sex stories vidow to kiss. He pressed his lips hard to hers and they kissed passionately.

All of her old feelings came rushing back and she quickly pulled away. "Josh, I can't." He looked down his face disappointed, "I'm sorry.

I just. You are hot and I'm about to go mad with desire that bikini is so mmm hot," he said. Haley rolled her eyes, "You're acting like a pig." "See, I'm sorry. I know. I will leave you alone," he said walking back into the kitchen. Haley rolled her eyes and went up to her room.

Her skin was red from the sun. So she watched TV until there was a knock at her door, it was Parker. "Hey Haley, Josh left. You want to go swimming?" "Yeah." She followed him downstairs. They were already changed into their swimsuits. Haley led the boys outside and they all jumped into the hairy milf is not afraid of anal. She laughed and turned the radio on so music filled the air.

She sauntered into the pool and they all swam up to her, hard dicks poking her. She laughed and Parker leaned over and kissed her. "Josh told us about what he did to you. We are sorry Haley," Parker said. "Do you want us to make you feel better?" Aiden asked sweetly.

"Aww guys, I'm okay. Just it was a shock. But I'm sure you can make me feel better," Haley said winking at them. "Let's go back inside," Parker said winking back. "Yeah, we have a Jacuzzi we can play in," Landon said. Haley's eyes bulged, "I didn't know that! What are waiting for! Let's go!" They all ran inside the house and into the Jacuzzi room. There were waterproof couches and chairs around it and a mini bar.

Haley really wanted a drink after the shock of seeing Josh, but she knew she shouldn't. Landon turned the jets on and they all climbed into the Jacuzzi. Parker sat on the right of Haley and Landon sat on the left. Aiden was in front of Haley.

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They all smiled. "Are we going to learn how to fuck?" Parker asked her. "We can, but let's enjoy this first," Haley said sinking deeper into the hot water. "Okay," they said only mildly disappointed. Haley's eyes closed and she let the jets hit her aching body. The boys were getting antsy and they kept "accidentally" knocking into her.

Haley's eyes popped open and she sighed defeated, "Okay, let's get dry and go to the game room," she said climbing out of the hot tub. The boys all smiled and ran to change. Haley went into her room and changed quickly then headed to the game room.

All of the boys were sitting on the couch waiting for her. Haley laughed. She walked over to Parker and they started kissing. Haley slowly undressed him and then she let him undress her. They continued kissing and Haley was rubbing gently on Parker's dick till he was fully hard. She pulled away winking and walked to Landon.

She started kissing him and undressing him. She groped her tits twisting her nipples as she rubbed on his cock helping him get hard. Finally, Haley moved to Aiden and she kissed him gently while undressing him. His hands were rubbing all over her huge breasts.

Once all three boys were hard Haley told them to play with her breasts and rub her body till she felt wet. Parker sucked on her nipples. Aiden tickled and massaged along her thighs.

Landon kissed all over her face, lips, and ears. Haley was totally relaxed and her cunt was dripping her juices after about 5 minutes. She leaned up and kissed all three of them.

"Okay, I'm ready," Haley said. "I get to fuck her first," Parker said and he grabbed Haley by the hips and hoisted her legs over his shoulders. The head of his dick pressed against Haley's wet entrance and she moaned in anticipation. He slowly pushed inside of her wet gash and she moaned gripping her hands.

She motioned for Landon and Aiden to come closer. She started to suck on Landon's dick and she gave Aiden a hand job while Parker fucked her a torturously slow pace. Haley felt so hot and bothered. Her mouth was full of Landon's meaty cock. She was sucking him and focusing on his swollen head. He was moaning and pulling on her tits. Haley's hand was groping Aiden's balls and jacking him off. He slutty brunette gold digger veronica avluv is punished fucked rubbing her clit with his free hand breathing heavily while Parker fucked her.

Haley was going insane from the slow pace. She started bucking her hips up but Parker held her firmly in place with his hands. He was concentrating extremely hard. "Faster!" Haley begged him.

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"I'm going to blow my load if I go any faster," Parker said wincing at the pleasure. "Please Parker! Fuck me faster," Haley said again. Parker took in a deep breath and started slamming into Haley. Haley screamed out in pleasure and she could felt Parker cum deep inside of her. He pulled out embarrassed. His face was son massage his injured mom. Haley sighed, it had felt good, but it didn't get her off.

She felt bad for Parker when she saw his face. "Oh, hunny, please, don't worry about it. Every guy has trouble holding it his first time," Haley said leaning up to kiss him. They kissed deeply for a few minutes and she pulled away patting his cheek lovingly. "Okay, Landon let's get going. I'm still super horny and I need you to fuck me now," Haley said. Landon didn't waste any time. He crawled on top of Haley replacing where Parker had been and he started to fuck her.

He started out fast but slowed down pretty quickly. She knew he was having the same problem. Haley started sucking on Aiden's dick while Parker sucked on her breasts. Aiden was still rubbing her clit. She could feel an orgasm building. "Come on Landon, harder baby," Landon sped up but his face contorted and she felt him cum inside of her.

He also blushed disappointed that he couldn't last longer. Haley was so close. She just needed one more minute of fucking to get off. She pushed Landon off and pulled Aiden onto her. He stuck his smaller dick inside of her and he started to fuck her at a rapid pace.

His hand was rubbing her clit while he fucked her. Parker and Landon were sucking on her nipples. Aiden was going insanely fast and she felt her orgasm building. His face was bliss and she knew he was close but she was closer.

Her walls tightened on his dick and she screamed as she came hard her juices flowing down her thighs. Not even a second later Aiden blew his load inside of her cum filled cunt and he moaned.

He pulled out of Haley slowly smiling. "Wow," he said. Haley giggled and she kissed him on the lips. "Aiden you made me orgasm! I bet you boys are jealous," she said teasing Parker and Landon.

"OMG. You know what I just realized? I just took all three of your virginity's!" Haley laughed. The boys laughed too secretly excited that they were no longer virgins. Parker jokingly pushed Haley and she laughed. They started tickling her. Haley was gasping for breath. "No!! Please no tickling!" That just made the boys tickle her more.

All of the sudden the game door opened and Josh came in. His face was a mix of disgust and pleasure. "So this is what goes on when the teacher leaves," Josh said.