Layla rivera and prilla might be the best latina tandem north of tijuana

Layla rivera and prilla might be the best latina tandem north of tijuana
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first time, part 1 recap I had gone to a local Lesbian bar in the hopes of finding a woman to have my 'first time' with. I didnt find one, I found two.

or was it them that found me? I had met Lady Katherine and her slave cunnie at the bar. We made out right there and Lady Katherine had asked if I wanted to play with them as a submissive for tonight only. to see if it was what I wanted. I had agreed and followed Her out to Her limo and We all made Our way to her home. first time, part 2 cont. Once I had closed the door of the limo behind me, the night began.

Lady Katherine looked at me and pointed to a cushion at her feet. "Kneel here, sherry, and strip. no one but a few of My house staff will see you naked once we are at home." I swallowed hard and My pussy gushed in excitement. "Yes, Mistress." I answered Her with a low lusty voice as I began to take off the vest, skirt and boots.

"you are learning well, sherry. you are taking to this quite easily. Have you thought or fantasized about submitting before?" "Yes, Mistress. I have dreamt about giving myself over to a powerful woman. To be owned, controlled, used, cared for.even loved" I said wistfully. "Good girl, sherry. you can have all those things with Me should you choose to fully offer yourself to Me after tonight." Lady Katherine extended her booted foot to my wet slit.

"for tonight, and whenever in My care, you are to call yourself by your name when referencing yourself. Do you understand, sherry?" I nodded "Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress. sherry is not fully versed in the manners of slave protocals, Mistress" "I know this, and that is why I didn't punish you.

I only directed. Now make yourself cum on My boot for Me" She directed. I smiled big. "Yes, Mistress." I lifted myself up to my knees and kissed the pale skin of Her knee. Then moved over and onto Her leather covered foot. I hugged Her leg and ground my sopping slit against her boot.

It only took a minute before my soaked cunt exploded in a wonderful orgasm and drenched Her boot and a bit of the cushion. I let My head clear for a moment before looking up to Her. "Mistress, sherry has cum on Your boot as you ordered." I thought for a moment and added softly "May sherry lick your boot clean, Mistress?" "No, sherry.

I have cleaning slaves for that. I have a much better place for your tongue." She parted her legs and lifted her skirt to expose her smooth wet slit to me. "Eat Me, sherry. make Me cum on your delightful little tongue." I smiled big again and stood on my knees,leaning forward to kiss the swell of Her big breasts. "Yes, Mistress." I slid down Her and lapped hungrily at Her wet pussy.

She tasted sweet, almost fruity. I sucked, licked, lapped and moaned into her open cunt. She stroked and gripped my hair as I ate Her through a string of noisy, wet orgasms. After about the fifth one, She pulled me back and leaned in to kiss me as She still trembled in the afterglow of cumming on my tongue.

"Oh, My, little sherry, you leche y orgasmo a la puta de mi mujer very good at that. Almost as good as My cunnie. But, I have trained cunnie to be My pussy slave.

cunnie's main purpose is to eat pussy. she does other things too, like driving and delivering messages, as you have seen." I remembered a short while ago at the bar. "Mmmmm, Yes, Mistress. sherry remembers cunnie's tongue lapping on my pussy. It was delightful, Mistress. Thank You for letting cunnie do that to sherry, Mistress." "you are welcome, little sherry." She smiled. We felt the limo turn into a driveway. "We're home, sherry." Lady Katherine said.

"you can bring your clothes with you or leave them here. cunnie will drive you back to your car tomorrow, and no one else will be in the car before then." "sherry will leave them here, Mistress." I was glad not to have to worry about them. I was free from them for a short while at least.

"Good girl. bring your purse, you can put it in the vault until you need to leave." She directed. "Yes, Mistress." I replied. As I reached over to the pile of clothes to get my purse, cunnie opened the passenger side door and peered in to get a nice view of my exposed ass and pussy.

"Mmmmm, cunnie hopes to be able to have more of sherry's pussy, Mistress. It looks so nice and tasty." cunnie gushed "Dont worry, My little cunt-hound. you will have Mine and sherry's sweet little pussy all to yourself tonight." her Mistress chided. "Now, go get a play collar and leash for little sherry, and put on your own leash." "Mmmmmm," cunnie stuck her head in to kiss her Mistress's soft chest.

"Yes, Mistress." I realised then that cunnie was totally naked except for her collar. The tiny sliver of bikini was nowhere to be seen. The piercings of her long nipples shone bright from the lights inside the limo. another glint of light reflected off a third ring at the top of her tight smooth slit. I gazed at her well toned firm young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob as she went to the garage wall and grabbed a padded black leather collar much like her own and two leashes, attaching one to her own collar and shuddering as the handle brushed against her pussy.

cunnie then walked back to the open limo door with the collar and leash and suzu minamoto uses the gym to work her trimmed little pussy the collar to Mistress. Mistress took the collar in one hand and reached out to rub cunnie's wet slit.

"Good girl, My little cunnie." she pulled her hand back and licked the wetness from her fingers slowly. Her eyes turned to Me and smiled as She offered a wet finger to me.

"Here, little sherry, have a taste." "Thank You, Mistress." I gently took Mistress's hand and opened My mouth to suck and lick every morsel of flavor from Her finger. my own slit growing wetter still. "Mmmmmm, very good, little sherry. you seem to be quite the natural to this."she said with a lustful smile. "Now sit up and offer your throat so that I may put this on you. Once I put it on, you will be mine for the night.

you will follow My orders to the letter and without hesitation or be punished. you will do nothing without permission. you may ask Me for permission and you may ask cunnie for help at any time and she will make sure that you know everything you need to complete My orders. Do you understand and wish to offer yourself to Me for this one night?" I sat up between her parted legs, placing My teen hoe jaye summers sucks monster cock of tenant on her soft yet firm thighs to steady myself.

reaching up, I gathered my hair togather and held it up away from my throat "Yes, Mistress. sherry understands and offers herself to you for this night" "Good girl." She smiled and placed the padded leather collar around my throat. She scooted back in her seat and pulled my head forward between her spread thighs to buckle it in place. She slid a finger in between my neck and the collar to make sure it was not to tight.

then She gripped my hair and lifted my head back. All this time I was staring at her pulsing wet pussy. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to taste Her.

I looked up to taking a bath and pleasing his pole and asked softly "Mistress, may sherry have a taste of your pussy, again?" Her eyes sparkled as She smiled down to me. "Since you asked correctly and didnt try while you were so close to temptation. you may, My sherry. but only a single lick for now, you will have plenty of opprotunity to taste it tonight." I lifted myself up and kissed the swell of her pale cleavage.

"Thank You, Mistress." I then slid down and extended my tongue to give Her one long slow lick up the full length of her deliciously wet cunt. She moaned and arched into my tongue, but didnt tell me to continue, so I pulled back to sit back onto my knees and licked my lips clean of her wonderful nectar.

"Mmmmm. Yes, My little sherry. you are quite a natural to this. Now, let us all go into the house where we can all be naked and comfortable." "Yes, Mistress" both cunnie and I said in unison as we looked at Her then smiled to each other.

Mistress then got out of the limo and reached in to attach the chain to My leash. the handed the leash to cunnie. "My cunnie, I want you to take My sherry to your vault and put her purse in it, then take her upstairs to My bathroom and run Us all a hot bath.

you may have My sherry help prepare it. once the bath is ready, come to My bed and you may both strip Me." cunnie smiled and leaned in to give the customary kiss to her.our Mistress's breasts. "Yes, Mistress" cunnie then offered her hand to me to help me out of the limo as Mistress went inside to await us. "let cunnie help you out, sister sherry. your knees might be stiff from being on the floor of the car." cunnie was right.

my knees were a bit stiff and I took her hand to support myself as I stepped out into the spacious garage wearing only the leather collar and holding onto my purse. I looked around and out to the courtyard outside the garage and the house beyond. Mistress must be very well off. cunnie then kissed me softly on the lips as I looked to her and then led me by the hand and leash to the door of the house.

"One moment here." she said as she flipped a series of switches by the door. Many things happend at once. the courtyard lights dimmed to a soft glow, The garage doors started sliding down, and the limo started to turn around in the garage super sexy milf with big ass and jugs a turntable in the floor. cunnie slid next to me and rubbed my bare ass gently as she waited for the limo to finish turning. cunnie turned to me and caressed my breasts like a lover would.

"Ok, all done here. Let's get your purse put away." Then she lead me through lavishly appointed rooms to a large office. Closing the doors behind us she walked me to behind the desk and smiled at me as she swung the large painting behind the desk away from the wall to reveal a small vault. cunnie placed her palm on a flat screen with a hand outline on it and it scanned her hand with a green light and beeped once. I was about to say something when cunnies finger touched my lips in a silence motion.

she turned back to the vault and stated simply "Mistress's cunnie." The vault beeped twice more and a panel opened to the side with a white light.

cunnie stepped up to the panel and looked forward into the light as it did what I could only guess to be an eye scan before the vault beeped three more times and opened finally. cunnie looked to me again and explained. "There are three levels of security on all of Mistress's vaults. Only Mistress has access to all of it.

cunnie has access to this vault for her own personal things and guest items. go ahead and put your purse in. it will be safe here" I placed my small purse into the vault and smiled softly to cunnie.

"there are no other staff in a house so large?" I asked. "Oh, there are. Cooks and maids, gardening staff and the like. But Mistress allows cunnie to run them all and She gave them all a night off.

cunnie lives here and does not get to be naked and free that often, even though cunnie is Mistress's slave. So Mistress made cunnie head of the staff and cunnie tends to Mistress's needs alone. Now, lets not linger here, we can talk as we go upstairs and get the bath ready." cunnie took my hand again and walked me through the rest of the house, pointing out different things as we made our way upstairs to Mistress's bedroom.

"cunnie, did those hurt?" I asked pointing to her pierced nipples and pussy. "I've." I paused "sherry has thought about getting her nipples pierced." "they only hurt a little." cunnie explained as we walked. "At the time Mistress did them, Mistress had me strapped to a table and was making me cum over and over again. the pain bled into the orgasmic pleasure and then they were just tender and sore for a week or so.

The third one through cunnie's hood didnt hurt at all. cunnie was so numb from an hour of a vibrator on cunnie's clit, that cunnie didnt notice Mistress had already put it in.

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now the ball taps cunnie's clit all the time and cunnie stays wet for Mistress." "How long have you been with Mistress?" "cunnie has been owned by Mistress for over five years now. cunnie loves it here. cunnie is housed, fed, clothed and cared for." "Why are you called 'cunnie'?" "cunnie's real name is connie.

cunnie loves to eat pussy. so Mistress gifted cunnie the nickname." By now we had made our way upstairs and to Mistress's bedroom door. cunnie opened the door without knocking and pulled me in after her. she closed the door and led me into the very large bathroom. Mistress was not in the bedroom yet. "sister, cunnie hopes you dont mind cunnie saying big god xxx story donlod. cunnie hopes that you like it here and will want to stay after tonight.

cunnie agrees with Mistress.

you are a natural in this and cunnie thinks you would fit in well here." "I.sherry doesnt mind, sister. I have loved it so far. sherry has been looking for this for a long time.

sherry thinks she would love to live here as Mistress's slave and sexy blonde gf tries out anal sex on cam sister .and lover to Both if allowed." I smiled cunnie smiled and hugged me tight, kissing me long and deep. "yes, sherry. cunnie is sure Mistress will allow and want that as well. Now let's get ready for Our Mistress." cunnie walked to the tub.

it was big enough to hold half a dozen people comfortably. she turned on the sexy milf india summer pounded by two men on massage table and tested the water, then added a few drops of oil from two bottles. "Mistress likes vanilla and roses." she smiled back at me. "Would you please get half a dozen towels out of the closet over there?" cunnie pointed to the linen closet.

"two for each of us, hair and body." I nodded and pulled the towels from the linen closet. They were amazingly soft against my naked skin. I set them on the counter next to the tub. "In the cabinet next to the closet, sherry." cunnie directed. "Get two bath puffs so we can bathe Mistress.and each other" she smiled. I returned the smile and found the puffs. I turned to see cunnie bent over the tub, stirring the water with her hand.

I noticed what seemed to be a plug of some sort slightly protruding from her ass. I walked up behind her and pressed my naked mound to her bottom and slid the puffs up each side of her to cup her breasts, my thumbs exploring the round balls of her piercings and the long tapered nipples.

cunnie's ass pressed back against me and her hands cupped mine on her breasts. "Oh, sherry. you are so soft and warm.

but remember. permission in all things not directed by Mistress" she turned to kiss and hug me tight, our breasts pressing togather and ballooning out as We kissed. "except for hugs and kisses, Mistress does not mind that." "Yes, cunnie" I smiled to my new sister. "Is there anything else we need to get ready?" I asked.

"Just Our Mistress." she replied as she shut off sexy babes get all their holes drilled and fingered water. "Mistress sould be here any moment." Just then We heard the door of the bedroom open and close and we looked to see Mistress walking in with a bottle of champaign and three long stem glasses. we forced force rape mom son stepmom kitchen couch at the perfect timing and walked in behind her.

cunnie motioned for me to watch her and follow her moves as she knelt, knees spread wide, chest thrust out and eyes at Our Mistress's feet. I quickly copied the pose. As I did, the soft velvet strap on the end of the leash caresses My peeking clit causing me to shudder in pleasure. cunnie announced Our presence. "Mistress, our bath as you ordered is ready. May Your cunnie and sherry undress You for Your bath, Mistress?" Mistress held out the bottle and glasses "For after the bath." She set the bottle and glasses down on the nightstand.

Took a step to cunnie and placed her stilletto gently on cunnie's thigh. "you both may. My shoes first, if you please." cunnie kissed Mistress's knee and whispered. "Yes, Mistress." reaching down to unbuckle the tiny strap at Mistress's ankle and hold the shoe as She removed Her foot. Mistress reached out to caress cunnie's hair and bent to kiss her head before standing and placing her other stilletto on my thigh.

"you get to help too, My sherry." I leaned forward hesitantly and looked up at Mistress. Seeing her smile, I kissed her knee as cunnie had done and whispered. "Yes, Mistress." I reached down and quickly unbuckled the shoe. Holding it there for her to remove her foot. and placing it next to its partner at between cunnie and myself. Mistress caressed my hair lovingly and bent to kiss my head too. "Good girls." She said with praise. "sherry, have you ever eaten a woman's ass?" "No, Mistress.

sherry has not." I looked down, blushing. "Would you care to try?" She asked, still caressing My hair. "Yes, Mistress. may Your sherry learn by eating your ass, Mistress?" "Yes, you may, My sherry. My cunnie, you and My sherry will remove My skirt and you may both worship Me with your tongues." Mistress stepped between Us, facing cunnie. "yes, Mistress." cunnie and I said togather. cunnie reached her hand out to me and I took it. we rose as one to our knees and I unzipped Mistress's skirt. cunnie and I slid it down togather and Mistress stepped out of it and stood with Her long legs about three feet apart.

then cunnie and I leand in and licked, slurped, and sucked both Her openings. our tongues occasionally caressing each others as we worshipped our Mistress. Mistress caressed and gripped our hair as She moaned and trust back and forth against our hungry tongues. Her ass opened and gripped at My tongue. cunnie's hand reached between Mistress's parted legs to play with my breasts pinching, pulling, and twisting my nipples lovingly as she lapped at our Mistress's wet slit.

I did the same and palmed both of cunnie's heavy tits and massages them firmly. our actions made us moan into Mistress's pussy and ass, triggering a chain reaction of orgasms and making her pussy drip down the insides of her thighs. cunnie and I lapped up her delicious cream until she pulled us away.

"Damn, girls. each of you has a wickedly wonderful tongue. but togather, you two are almost too much." cunnie and I looked at each other and smiled before leaning in to kiss Mistress's bare flesh. "thank you, Mistress." we chorused. "Now get Me out of this bustier, My girls, and both of you can have a breast." Again cunnie and I moved as one, standing and sliding up against our Mistress, leaning in to kiss one pale breast each and saying "Yes, Mistress." cunnie took the lead this time and unbuttoned Mistress's bustier, handing half to me and then letting it fall to the floor.

we each took one of her lushious orbs and massaged them, sucking, kissing and tongueing Her hard nipples as She moaned above us. "Alright, My little sluts, time for the bath." Mistress said. "Yes, Mistress." cunnie and I said as one and planted a final kiss on her chest.

Mistress wrapped one arm around both of our waists to pat our bottoms and then took our hands and led us back into the bathroom. She released our hands for a moment to remove cunnie's collar and put it in cunnie's hands. She then turned to me and did the same. "no use in getting them wet." She stated simply.

cunnie and I both put the collars on the counter and returned to Mistress. Mistress took our hands again as She stepped up and into the huge tub. then she turned and brought our hands togather.

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I took cunnie's hand and cunnie nodded to me to go first. I stepped up and into Mistress's embrace for a moment, still holding cunnie's hand. Mistress held out Her hand for cunnie and We both held cunnie's hands as she stepped in to Our embrace.

the tub was deep. We were standing and the water was at Our hips. We all three hugged tight. hard nipples and soft breasts pressing into one another. "cunnie loves You, Mistress." cunnie whimpered "May cunnie kiss You, Mistress?" Mistress smiled and pulled cunnie close for a deep kiss.

At the same time, Mistress's hand slid down My back and between My cheeks to rub the tight pucker of my virgin tattooed body gets fuck by johnny castle. When their kiss broke, Mistress looked at me. "Does My sherry want to kiss Me too?" She asked. "Mistress, may sherry kiss You and cunnie both?" I asked back, unsure of the reaction I would get from Her.

Mistress smiled and hugged us both tightly. "My sherry, you may kiss your sister cunnie anytime you like, you never have to ask for that. you may kiss Me too, My sherry." "Yes, Mistress. Thank You, Mistress." I kissed Mistress with a passion that I had never felt before. Our tonges danced togather and I moaned into Her mouth. I felt cunnie's hand caressing My pussy and clit. My own hand sliding around to do the same to hers. Once Our kiss finished, Mistress said.

"Now, My sherry. kiss your sister cunnie like you did Me." "Yes, Mistress. gladly." I turned my head to cunnie and she lifted her hand to the back of my head and pulled me into a soul searing kiss with her. Our kiss finally ended and we both looked back to Mistress.

"My sweet girls, will you both bathe Me?" She smiled, asking with a tease in her voice. cunnie and I looked to each other and smiled both of Us leaning down to kiss one of Mistress's long hard nipples each lovingly, then rising again to say "Yes, Mistress." We broke Our group hug. cunnie slid down Mistress's body, sinking to big tits dp blonde teen and bikini fuck he spinned me over like i was just a doll knees, hands caressing Her and I followed suit on Her opposite side.

cunnie reached back for the bath puffs and poured a generous ammount of liquid soap in each one. handing one to me,she motioned me to watch what she did.

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I watched as she lathered up the bath puff and proceeded to slather the suds all over her own boobs and looked to me with lust in her eyes. "we will wash Mistress with our selves, sister." she explained. I loved the idea and proceeded to work up a heavy lather of soap before spreading it all over my own large breasts. both cunnie and I then lifted our soap covered boobs to wrap them around Mistress's hips and rub in the soap with our chests.

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Mistress placed one hand on each of our shoulders and lifted the leg closest to cunnie first. cunnie smiled to Me and demonstrated her way of washing Mistress's leg, sliding across and down the outside, lifting, Mistress's foot to between her heaving breasts and washing it thuroughly. during which Mistress grabbed cunnies long nipples between Her toes for a momant, causing cunnie to moan with lust.

finally, cunnie turned her back to me. sliding her breasts up the inside of Mistress's leg all the way until the side of her breast pressed against Mistress's slit. I was mesmerised at the erotic display until Mistress lowered Her leg back to the water and cunnie returned to her place at her side.

Mistress then lifted her other leg out of the water for me. I did My beast to imitate cunnies performance, scrubbing slow circles into Mistress's leg with My breasts and nipples. I gently lifted Her foot and placed it on My breasts.

Mistress spread her toes and grabbed a nipple. I shuddered in pleasure. on the verge of an orgasm I had just enough dad poran foll sex stories 2019 to ask. "Mmmmmisssstressss, Mmmmay sssssherrry cummmm, pleassssssse?" looking up to Her for approval. She nodded and I let it go, exploding into an orgasm stronger than any I had ever had before.

I collapsed against Her foot and kissed Her knee softly. "Thank You, Mistress" I recovered enough to finish her leg. resting My breast firmly against her soap covered pussy. "Very good, My little sherry. Had I realised you were so close to climax I would not have played with you right then." Mistress consoled to me. "Thank You, Mistress.

sherry did not realise that she was so close either, Mistress. sherry has never cum so hard as she did, Mistress. and." I paused, unsure of myself for a moment.

"And?" Mistress prompted. "What else, My little sherry?" "And, sherry would love to do it again, Mistress" I blushed, looking down at My still soapy breasts. Mistress reached down and lifted my chin to look at her. "My sherry, never be afraid to ask for more.

cunnie and I are highly sexual. I have had weekends with My little cunnie that have left us sore and raw from all the cumming We both had curvy milf riding a huge fake penis masturbation and closeups. and this looks to be another, doesn't it, My sweet little cunnie?" cunnie slid over and hugged me tightly, kissing my cheek lovingly.

"Yes, Mistress, cunnie certainly hopes that it is." she stated. "Now My sweet girls, stand up and finish Me off" Mistress said. opening her arms back to us. cunnie and I smiled and both kissed her bare pussy and said "yes, Mistress." before standing and slathering more suds on our breasts before rubbing them all over the rest of Mistress's body. Mistress sat down in the tub and pulled cunnie and I close to rub Her face into our breasts.

cunnie had a rag ready and wiped Mistress's face clean of the suds. "My cunnie, you will wash My hair. My sherry, you will watch and then you can do the conditioner." "yes, Mistress." we stated togather, kissing Mistress's nipples again. I stayed where I was, watching cunnie slide behind Mistress, then look to me and wink and blow Me a kiss before Mistress leaned forward and dunked Her head into the water to get it wet and then sat back up. cunnie, by this time, had poured the shampoo into her hands and started to work it into Mistress's hair at the scalp and all the way down Her back.

All the while, cunnie was moaning softly and occasionally gasping. cunnie then grabbed a spray hose and reached around to Mistress's chin to tilt Her head back. cunnie's touch was sensual, loving, caring. cunnie leaned in and kissed Mistress upside down before sitting up and rinsing Her hair clean. "your turn, sister sherry." cunnie said to me as she slid back down and to Mistress's side.

"The conditioner is mature tutor michelle thorne enjoys students schlong the shelf next to you." "thank you, sister cunnie." I replied as I slid into place behind Mistress and reached for the conditioner bottle. I squeezed out a liberal ammount and rubbed it in my hands before trailing it over and down Mistress's wet hair. Mistress's hands were not idle. Her hands were on my feet and She was massaging them lovingly as I tended to Her hair.

Now I knew why cunnie was moaning and gasping. Mistress had an expert touch. I gasped in pleasure at the wonderful massage and moaned in the sensual touch of Mistress's hands as I worked the conditioner into Her lush mane of hair.

following cunnie's earlier movements, I reached around lovingly and tilted Mistress's head back again, leaning in to kiss her as her head smeared the conditioner all over My huge wet tits.

I reached for the hose and slowly rinsed Mistress's hair again. Once the task was finished, I slipped back down into the tub and back to Mistress's side on my knees. "very good, My girls." Mistress said to us with a smile "you may both wash each other now, and you may enjoy each others touch. if you need to cum you do not have to ask, nor will you be punished." cunnie and I smiled widely to Mistress as she slid back in the tub to watch us bathe "Yes, Mistress." we said and leaned over to kiss Mistress's floating breasts.

cunnie then slid up against me and kissed me deeply. sliding one leg between mine bbc jovan jordan country fucks thickred phat ass grinding her cunt against my thigh. we kissed and groped each other for only a few minutes before we both livegonzo peaches and bambi euro teen lesbians out in delightfully hard orgasms.

cunnie smiled at arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob and whispered softly. "thank you for that, sister sherry. would sherry like to bathe cunnie first? or should cunnie bathe sherry first?" she asked. "sherry wants to bathe cunnie first, sister. But, I want to use My hands if cunnie does not mind." I replied Mistress interjected."My sherry, My cunnie would not mind if you used your tongue to bathe her.

just do what you want to her while your bathing her and she will enjoy it." I looked back to cunnie who nodded afirmation that what Our mistress said was true. I bit my lip and giggled then guided cunnie to stand and lean against the side of the tub. I lifted one leg at a time and washed and rinsed it rubbing the bath puff firmly against cunnie's pussy as I made my way up her body.

I slid forward and looked up at cunnie and held her hips as I slowly licked up her wet slit. cunnie moaned and shuddered, almost immediately cumming on my tongue and grinding against my face as she did.

I worked two fingers into cunnie's twat and one into her soft ass fingering her for a good ten minutes of orgasmic bliss before moving up and attacking her long hard nipples.

I slid My thigh against her pussy again as I sucked, licked, and nibbled on her nipples until cunnie cried out in another hard orgasm. I pulled cunnie over to the bech seat and slipped behind her to wash, rinse and condition her hair. I pulled her head back like we had both done to Mistress and kissed her deeply before whispering to her. "your turn, sister cunnie." cunnie made no excuse at trying to bathe me first she pulled me up to stand over her and pulled my hips down to bury her tongue in my hot cunt.

cunnie tongue fucked my pussy through half a dozen continuous orgasms before I almost collapsed. She eased me down and washed my lower half gently, like a familiar lover. fingering my ass gently. Then she leaned me back against the side of the tub and massaged my breasts while kissing and sucking hard on my nipples and grinding her hip into my overheated cunt. I came hard on her thigh and screamed out in pleasure. cunnie then slid behind me and washed my hair.

I opened my eyes when she was finished to see Mistress standing in front of us. one hand puling Her long hard nipples and the other with three fingers slowly fingering Her own inflamed pussy and thumbing her clit. I stared at her for a moment before she shuddered and came hard, collapsing foward into cunnie and myself. We held her tight and guided her to the seat, cunnie took one finger of the hand that had been burried in Mistress's pussy and sucked it clean.

Mistress offered a finger to me and I moaned around it as I licked her sauce from it. Mistress then took the last finger and sucked Her own juices from it. Mistress stepped closeer to us and cupped one of our breasts in each hand."Time to dry off and take the fun into the bedroom, My sweet girls." Mistress stated with as smile.

Without a look or a thought, cunnie and I both bent to kiss Mistress's breasts. "Yes, Mistress." we said with relish. cunnie took My hand and stepped out of the tub. I held onto her for balance as I stepped out and went to get two towels for Mistress.

I handed one to cunnie and she draped it over her shoulder and held her hand out to Mistress. I mirrored cunnie's movments and we both held her hands as she stepped from the tub with an air of royalty. Mistress stood patently as cunnie and I dried her body and hair. "Very good, My girls. You may dry each other now, and then come to bed with your collars. My cunnie, when you come in, you will open the wine and pour Us all a glass to begin with.

I will be setting up the bedroom while you two dry off." cunnie and I both kissed Mistress's long stiff nipples.

"Yes, Mistress." we said to Her. We both watched Mistress walk out to the bedroom naked. Once she was gone, I looked to cunnie and smiled as I went to get two more towels and proceeded to dry her off. I paid lots of attention to her pierced nipples and pussy, but didnt neglect any other part of her.

I was kissing her nipples and rubbing her slit, gently tugging on her rings. I looked at the length of her nipples. They were at least an inch long, and tapered from about half an inch at the tips to almost an inch at the base. but the rings were only about a quarter from the ends. Curiousity had me and I asked what was on my mind.

"sister, how did your nipples get to be so big and long?" "Mistress started stretching and pumping cunnie's nipples when cunnie was first owned. cunnie wears stretchers at night and pumps them for half an hour every morning.

that way they stay like then when neither are on. but the rings stay in all the time unless cunnie is cleaning them. if you ask Mistress, She may allow you to help clean them tonight before We play. Would sister like that?" "yes, sherry would like to see all of that.

sherry loves your nipples and wants hers to be like them." I thought for a moment. "if Mistress allows." I blushed "cunnie is sure Mistress will allow that, sister. Mistress loves cunnie's long thick nipples. Mistress pumps her own nipples twice a day, and cunnie as allowed to help Her. If sister stays with Us, she may get to help both Mistress and cunnie, and cunnie will help with yours. Now let cunnie dry you off and we can both ask Mistress." cunnie walked over for the last two towels and then dried me off paying as much attention to me as I had to her.

I was close to cumming and she saw this, releasing my aching nipples and smiling up to me. "cunnie will not make sister cum .yet." She finished drying My hair and body. We then gathered all the towels and cunnie opened what looked to be another cabinet door to reveal a laundry chute.

" Mistress has a private laundry room downstairs. Mistress's and cunnie's laundry is done here. the staff uniforms are sent out to a laundry service." she stated. "Do you do laundry, sister?" I asked. "Oh, no. there are house staff for that. cunnie only oversees the house staff and house finances.

Otherwise, cunnie is Mistress's full time slave." "So you dont have a job?" I questioned. "cunnie does. Mistress gives cunnie a generous stipend/salary to oversee the staff and do the house accounting." "Wow," I smiled. "sherry wishes she could have something like that.

"I thought aloud." "If sister was a full time slave to Mistress, Mistress would more than likely use your talents and pay you. But that is between you and Mistress. we best not keep Mistress waiting." cunnie smiled and took my hand, leading me out to the bedroom and Our waiting Mistress.