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Crack her jack cindy hope eva karera nikky thorne victoria lawson ally k
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I was in a large empty room. No furniture. No windows. Just a few closed doors, and a large spiral staircase. What was I supposed to do now? "Hello?" I called out timidly. Immediately a young man came down stairs. He was good looking. He couldn't have been any older than twenty five. He looked at the clipboard in his hand. "Jenna Caldwell?" He asked.

"That's me" I said. "Are you going to be my…" He raised his eyebrows as if expecting me to finish my sentence. "You're master?" he finally asked. I nodded. "No, I'm just your handler. I'm here to explain the specifics of what you can expect before you begin your servitude. My name is Paul." "Nice to meet you" I said. "The others are downstairs. There are about thirty of them. Some of them have been here over a week. We only bring in five new slaves a day, and we have to space sister and brother xxx story 2019 out a few hours, so it doesn't look suspicious that we're bringing a bunch of teenagers to the same place at the same time.

You'll be waiting downstairs with the rest for the next three days while the others are being shuttled month pregnant black hoodrat fucks black step brother. Get to know them. Make some friends. Enjoy what little freedom you have while you still have it. After everyone gets here, you'll have a two day training session.

It will be rough, but there's no going back now. Every year someone chickens out at the last minute. Don't let that person be you. If they sense petite teen girl gets pleasured and covered you aren't willing to cooperate… Well, you read the email. It says here that you're still a virgin. Is that true?" I nodded.

"I'll have to inspect you then. Come with me." He led me through one of the doors. Inside was a hospital room. I certainly wasn't expecting this. "Take off your pants and panties and hop up on that table." I was so nervous. I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor, but hesitated to take of my panties.

"Are you nervous?" Paul asked. "Just a little bit." I let out a nervous laugh. "It's okay. Virgins usually are. Just get on the table and lay back. I'll do the rest." I sat on the table with my panties still on and laid down. Paul pulled my legs closer to him.

I felt his hand touch my pussy over my panties. He started to rub his thumb in circles over me. I was getting wet. "I shouldn't be beautiful milf bangs teen couple outdoors threesome amateurs you like that" Paul said.

"We have very strict rules about how we're allowed to touch the virgins. We can do whatever we want to the non-virgins, but you are off limits." He slid off my panties and spread my pussy in a very professional way. It didn't take him long to confirm that I was in fact a virgin. "You can sit up now" He said. "Well now the fun part is over. Now we just have to run some basic tests." He then proceeded to give me a routine physical.

It was nothing I hadn't experienced many times. I had to get one every year at school so that I could play volleyball. "So what's next?" I asked. "Next you go to the basement and meet your fellow slaves.

But first you need to put this on." He handed me a bright red bracelet. "This let's everyone know that you are a virgin. No one can have sex with you as long as you wear it. If you don't wear it, you risk losing your virginity and your extra stipend." So were all the girls here at the sexual mercy of any guy who wanted them? "That door leads to the basement" He pointed at a door in the corner. "You can go ahead and go down there." "Thanks" I said as I left to go meet my new friends downstairs.

The first thing I noticed was that not all of the slaves were girls. At least ten of them were guys. I guess it made sense that there would be some masters who wanted boy slaves. The second thing I noticed was that there were all different types of slaves. Blonde, brunette, redhead, small and petite, chubby, tall and sexy. There were muscular guys, skinny guys, and average sized guys. They were all just sitting around, talking.

There were cots all over the place. I guess they all slept together in the same room. I just stood there looking at them, not knowing what to do. "Do you want to come over and sit with us?" I looked up. A pretty girl with curly blonde hair was talking to me. I immediately accepted her offer and sat on one of the cots with her and one of the skinnier boys. "I'm Jenna" I said "I'm Alex" Said the boy "and this is Amber" He wasn't my type at all.

He had a brown hair and a baby face. He was probably only a couple inches taller than me, and he had very little muscle or fat. Not the type of guy I usually find attractive, but for some reason I thought he was really cute.

"I just got here two days ago" Said Amber. "Alex was one of the first to show up." "Has everyone just been in this room the whole time?" I asked. "Mostly" Said Amber. "We eat here. We sleep here. We hang out here. We're only allowed to leave to go to the bathroom or shower. But it's alright. We just talk to pass the time." "Sometimes our potential masters will come here and talk to us" Said Alex. "They let us know what it would be like to serve them.

There's only one woman who owns slaves. I hope I get her. "She said she only likes guys with muscles" Amber teased him. "Maybe she'll like me" He suggested.

"Are you a virgin?" Amber asked pointing at my bracelet. "What? Oh yeah" I said, holding up my wrist to show her my bracelet. "Lucky you" she said. "I couldn't hold out. I really wish I could have gotten that extra money." "What extra money?" Asked Alex. "You didn't now?" Said Amber. "We get an extra five hundred thousand dollars for being virgins" I said. "What?!" Said Alex. "I'm a virgin and I only get two hundred grand. "Girls are worth more than guys" Amber said.

I laughed. Over the next two days Amber, Alex and I became closer. I met a few other people. A few of the guys tried hitting on me, but I wasn't allowed to have sex with them anyway.

Finally the morning of our final day came. After the final girls arrived, we were instructed to gather our belongings and head upstairs.

We were all waiting in line. At the front of the line, there was a man who was taking every ones information, instructing the slaves to strip down to nothing, taking their belongings and sending them arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob one of three handlers. Amber was in front of me, and Alex was behind me. We were fairly ahead in line. One by one, the girls stated their names stripped their clothes, left their belongings, and were sent on their way.

Finally Amber reached the man at the front of the line. He was a middle aged man, muscular, with a military haircut and a goatee. His nametag said "Chad." "What's your name?" Chad asked Amber. "Amber Haines" she replied. "Take off your clothes Amber." Chad said, as he scanned a clipboard. Amber stripped down to just her bra and panties. Chad looked at her lustfully. Amber nervously slid off her panties, and removed her bra. She looked much better naked than I did.

While Amber was curvier with bigger tits, I was more petite with average sized tits. Amber knew by watching the other girls that she should put the clothes she had just removed into her bag and set her bag on the table. As she was setting her bag on the table Chad grabbed her arm.

"Don't move" Chad said. "You are the hottest piece of ass to come through my line so far.

I have to get some of it" Chad grabbed Amber's ass with his hand. His other hand let go of her arm and moved to her breast. He squeezed hard. Amber's head turned around fast. She had a shocked look on her face. "Turn back around!" He bent her over the table. One hand held her back down, the other hand moved toward his zipper.

He unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and rubbed it on Ambers ass. "You ready for this cock?" He rammed it into her pussy and began to thrust hard. He was fucking Amber right in front of everybody.

I was absolutely mesmerized. I hadn't let myself watch much porn, so it was strange to watch someone else having sex right in front of me. It was strange, but I was also turned on. Would he fuck me too? No. He's not allowed. I'm off limits. Chad pulled out and shot his load all over ambers lower back. He first night saree removing sect story the top she had previously been wearing out of her back and wiped the cum off with it.

He then shoved it back into her back and sent her on her way. "Go to that man right there" He pointed at another man on the other end of the room.

Amber obeyed. I could tell that she was feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. She had just been surprise-fucked, and sent on her way before she could even process it. There were three men at the end of the room.

The first man, the man who Amber had just been sent to, already had five girls with him. The other two men were alone. It was my turn next. "What's your name?" Chad asked.

"Jenna Caldwell" I responded timidly. "Take off your clothes Jenna." I hesitated for a moment, and then began to take off my shirt. "So you're our first virgin?" He said, as he found my name on his clipboard.

"You girls are the most tempting." I didn't know what to say. So I just finished removing my clothes. It was the first time I had ever been completely naked in front of anyone. It was a strange new sensation. I put my bag with my clothes in it on the table. "Go to exquisite pleasuring with a sexy doll hardcore and blowjob man over there" Chad said.

He was pointing at the second man. The first of two men who were alone. I nodded and walked over. As I was walking, I felt a hand slap my ass. I turned and Chad was smirking at me. As I greeted the second man (His name tag said Bruce) I could hear Chads interaction with Alex behind me. "Well it's our first faggot" Said Chad. "What's your name faggot?" "Alex Wilson" Alex replied.

"You know what to do." Alex took off his clothes.

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He looked about how I would have expected. Skinny, and pale. His dick was hard which he was visibly embarrassed by. Chad instructed him to go over to the third guy just a few feet away from me. I assumed that the third guy was the handler for the guys, the guy who I was with was the handler for the virgins, and the first guy, who had the most girls, was the handler for the rest. Alex smiled at me as he walked by.

I figured he must have been pretty happy to see me naked. I decided to poke some fun at him by mouthing the words "nice penis" and holding my index finger an inch from my thumb. He immediately stopped smiling and turned red. As I waited for all of the other girls and boys to make their way through the line, I talked to Alex to pass the time (Bruce said that it was okay).

Every once in a while Chad would fuck another girl in the line, and Ambers handler fucked a few of the girls in his group. As I was talking to Alex I could hear the familiar sound of Chad with his hands on another girl who he intended on claiming for the next few minutes. I looked up, Chad great fetish lezzies toy movie pantyhose and lesbians fucking another girl.

It was a girl that I had talked to on a few occasions. Her name was Haley. She was a short girl with sandy blonde hair and a mousy face. He pushed her up against the wall. One hand was pushing the side of her face against the wall.

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The other hand was on her ass. Her breasts mashed against the wall as he shoved his cock deeper inside her pussy. Haley was moaning but I wasn't sure she was enjoying herself. Eventually Chad finished. He kept her pushed up against the wall though. "Did you enjoy yourself?" He asked. She didn't answer.

He turned her around. "I asked you a question" He said. "I—I think I made a mistake" She replied. "I can't do this. I want to go home." "You can't go home" He said.

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"We own you for the next two years." He let her go. "Now get back in line." Haley hesitated for a moment, and then ran. She only got a few feet away before Chad grabbed her and pulled her back. "You want out?" He asked. She nodded. "Have it your way." A few of the guards who had heard the commotion came to see what the problem was.

Chad pulled Haley over to the guards and handed her to them. "Take her" Chad said. "She tried to run." The guards took the crying girl away and through a door in the back. I knew what was going to happen. She was about to be executed. This suddenly got very real. For the rest of our time waiting, I didn't say a single word. Nobody did. None of the girls were forced to have sex with any of the handlers. Nobody dared to step a toe out of line. The whole process took a little over an hour.

A few more girls joined me in the virgin group, but the majority were with Amber. A man approached the group. He was an older man in a business suit.

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"Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mr. Peterson, and I am the chairman of The Sex Slave Program. You are all about to go through an intense two day training session, and after that you will be up for sale at our annual slave auction. I myself always purchase a slave. I wish you all luck. We are very happy to have you here. You may now begin your training." End of part 2 Sorry it took so long to get part 2 up.

It's almost been two years since I wrote part 1. Hopefully it won't be that long before part 3.