Cougar shares hung lover with her assistant

Cougar shares hung lover with her assistant
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my missus friend has three wonderful half-cast daughters who have known for about six years now. one aged 13 one aged 6 and the one in the middle who is 10. they are all cute girls who will all grow up to be attractive but sophia is a little stunner, having known her since she was so young i had never thought of her in this way and spent most of my time with them acting like a loving uncle and 'father figure' but then lately soph as been acting more and more adult like.

after watching mature tv programmes she's been taking about people having sex with each other and looking sexy, not really taking much attention until the other day when the missus was telling me about soph cutting her new school skirt to make it 'really' short and constantly wearing high heeled 'slut shoes'.

i then seen this for myself when we popped round their house after school to see her wearing that really short skirt for myself, and was even more suprised that i was constantly stairing at her dark brown legs and catching a glimpse of her panties. after a while i found myself alone together when i decided to ask soph why she chose to wear clothes like that, shyly playing with her curly dark hair she replied "because it makes me look sexy" then added "do you think i look sexy?" not knowning what to say i just sat there until she came and sat on my lap and asked again, and again until i answered "yes you do" i had been thinking it all the time but didn't want to overstep any boundries until then "would you like to have sex with me?" i couldn't believe this ten year old girl had just said that.

but my darker side had taken over to which i replied "yes but what you should say is do i want to fuck you, and you do look sexy but would look sexier if you were wearing some knee high boots and no panties" being a boot man i couldn't help myself. sophia just replied okay and began to take off panties, i only just managed to young blonde minx has her snatch drilled teen her before the others walked into the room.

for the rest of the day i tickled her and played with the other kids enjoying myself as soph would give me a quick glance of her panties and smile at me cheekily.

it was only after another week (of me fantically wanking myself with thoughts of soph) before i saw her again. my missus was at work all day whilst i was off when her friend phoned to say sophia was off school ill and she needed someone to look after her and sophia reminded her it was day off, within half an hour soph had been dropped off round my house, to my displeasure wearing jeans and a wooley jumper and carrying a kit bag with some spare clothes.

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after her mum had left we sat down and soph told me she was only pretending to be sick and had a suprise for me, with that she dissapeared into the bathroom with her kit bag and when she came back she was wearing a bright pink halter neck top with a little white bra and a pleated denim skirt that was shorter than any belt i had ever seen complete with a pair of black leather knee high boots.

with an instant hard on i almost came right there and then.

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sophia looked so sexy in her little outfit with dark curly hair pulled up at the back and most of her dark skinned body on show, she looked every inch the ten year old slut i had wanted to see and then she lifted her short denim skirt and shown me her exposed bare little cunny. she jumped onto my lap with a playful giggle and rubbed herself up and down my hard coc.k teasingly "where did you learn all this behavior?" i asked managed to ask "i've been watching porn see said cheekily.

to which i replied "what else did you learn?" and with that she jumped off my lap and knelt down between my legs, pulled out my throbbing cock and began wanking me off looking at me with her large dark eyes she replied "watch" and then began sucking my cock.

after a few minutes i thought i was gonna cum so i picked her up and lay her on the sofa before gently rubbing her clit and sliding a finger into her cunny, then she told me she had been using her own fingers natural brunette teen joseline kelly is an annatural brunette teen j tube porn even her mums viborator so she was used to it.

to which i obliged her by sliding three fingers into her and started to rub and finger her faster and faster whilst pulling off her halter top and greedily started to suck her tiny titties taking each one fully into my mouth in turns, with the sounds of me slurping her tits and the squelching sound coming fro her cunt mixed with sophia's thrashing body and encreasingly loud moans i couldn't take no more and pulled her legs up into the hair before slowly slipping my cock into her, squealing wildly i began gently shagging her.

"fuck me" soph cried "fuck me hard, daddy" she called out. that did it for me i grabbed her ankles, holding onto the cool leather of her boots and began furiously fucking her. make her scream and cum over and over again, than finally i pulled out of her and came all over her boots.

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we spent the rest of the day fucking all over the house until four o'clock when her mouther came to pick her up, just as sophia finished sucking my cock and making me cum in her mouth. greeting her mum at the door i noticed her mum wipe her cheek and tell her she have had sick on it to which soph laughed ran back over to me and hugged me whilst whispering in my hear "i think i might be ill again next week" she gave a cheeky wink and ran after to the car.