Foxy secretary katrina jade gets humped by boss

Foxy secretary katrina jade gets humped by boss
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As a multi-millionaire businessman, Peter had slept with more than his fair share of young, beautiful women in his life. Now a week away from his 62nd birthday, he looked across the deck of his yacht at the three sunbathing girls. Wow, they were beautiful. So far they had resisted his charms, but one of them, Carol, was starting to warm to him. Not many women could resist trying to get a piece of his lifestyle for themselves, even if it did mean spreading their legs occasionally for a chubby balding older man like him.

At least it was over quickly, he wasn't exactly a spring chicken. Carol was 24, the oldest of the three friends who had jumped at the chance for a free holiday in the sun. She was about 5' 9", and was the proud owner of a really nice pair of tits. They were 100% natural as far as Peter could tell, yet despite being at least 36D there was no hint of sagging.

As Peter watched her, she sat up, shook her long blond hair, and turned onto her front, loosening her bikini top to prevent tan lines, seeming to almost tease Peter as he tried to get a glimpse of her nipples. The other two girls, Sophie and Tina, were both slightly slimmer than Carol, but there the similarity between the two younger friends ended. Sophie was tall, her long legs putting her at over 6'1" when she wore heels, and her long chestnut coloured hair reached down her long back to the top of her firm buttocks.

As well as being the youngest of the group at 17, Tina was by far the smallest too. She was only 5'2", and almost always wore killer heels at any opportunity to compensate for this. Her breasts, around 32C seemed huge in comparison to her tiny waist and slim, petite body. Hassid, one of the crew on the yacht, called out, disturbing Peter from his comparison of the girls. "Mr Wright Sir! Look! Boat come fast!" he shouted, pointing to the East. Peter turned and peered towards the brightly lit islands they were passing.

The boat was a small powerboat, clearly with powerful engines, but at this range he couldn't clearly see how many crew it had. "Get the rest of the crew up here Hassid, they may be in trouble and need assistance." Hassid scuttled from the bridge and went below, returning a minute later with the two other crewmen, plus the cook trailing in their wake. By now two figures could be big boobed granny isabel needs to get off in pantyhose out in the boat, one standing at the wheel, the other curled up in the bow.

By now, the girls had put on sarongs around their waists and joined the men at the rail. As they watched, the speed boat closed the gap and turned to run parallel to their course. "Help! My friend, he is hurt!" shouted the man at the wheel, in the accent of the local people. "What happened?" Peter shouted back. "Bad accident. We hunting on island, he get attacked by wild pig." It sounded plausible enough, so Peter ordered the engines to be cut, and the smaller boat came alongside, as Hassid returned with the first aid kit.

As they helped the injured man on board, they could see blood on the front of his grubby t-shirt. Hassid helped the second man aboard, and then secured the speedboat to the side of the yacht. "Here, I must show you." Said the local man, passing the bag he was carrying to his injured comrade. Suddenly he virgin sex bearded lad prepares blonde pussy with cunnilingus a pistol from under his top, as the injured man leapt to his feet, knocking the cook flying, and also produced a gun from the bag.

For a split second, nobody moved. Hassid was the first to react, diving for the side, but one of the other crew was in his way and they fell to the deck in a heap. BANG! The first man fired into Hassam's back, before firing again into the other crewman. Almost simultaneously, the supposedly inured man shot the cook and the remaining crewman. Peter and the girls were frozen to the spot. The first man smiled, his face twisting into an evil grin as he raised the pistol once more and fired into Peters head, blowing his brains all over the deck.

The two men lowered their pistols and pushed the girls into a heap on the deck. "Stay there or you die." The first man said in broken English, before turning to the second and ordering him to throw the bodies into mia malkova feet job sex story sea and keep an eye on the prisoners.

He turned and headed to the cockpit, and got the yacht underway towards the island they had appeared from. A few minutes later a cove came into view, and the yacht sailed in, tying up at a jetty, now effectively hidden from the outside world. He then sounded the horn twice, before switching off the powerful engines.

"Get below" The first man barked, grabbing a handful of Carols hair and half dragging her into the cabin and along to the saloon. The second man pushed the other two along and brought up the rear.

"Sit," he ordered. The three girls fell to the floor obediently, and put their hands behind their backs as ordered. The two men grinned, and walked behind the girls and jerked their skimpy bikini tops loose. Trying to cover their breasts resulted in a swift couple of slaps around the head for the girls, before their arms were tied behind them using their bikini tops. The two men looked at the women properly for the first time. Wow, they liked these three! They knew their boss would probably let them have one of them later since they had done so well today, but they were very tempted to start now!

Just as they were thinking this, they heard a car pull up to the jetty, so they shrugged and went up on deck. Sure enough, it was Lovely chick apolonia lapiedra has her pussy eaten, their boss, and his loyal bodyguard Ramon. Sebastian was totally ruthless, but he also looked after people who were loyal to him.

Ramon would kill you for fun if he thought Sebastian wouldn't mind your loss. "Well done! This is a beauty! We will get a good price for her when we sell her back to the stupid Americans we stole her from!" Sebastian said, roaring with laughter. "Any problems?" "No boss, they died easily.

And we took three gringas alive too. They nice, boss." "Well done.

You will be rewarded handsomely of course. Now, bring the women to the compound, and we will see what treats the owners have left for us!" Sebastian said, turning away to walk to the secure compound hidden amongst the trees where they ran their operations. By the time the three babes had been dragged into a richly decorated room and pushed down onto the leather couch that dominated one wall it was early evening, and starting to get dark.

Over the hum of the air-conditioning unit, the whimpering babes could hear what sounded like hundreds of men in another room. Suddenly the door swung open and in walked Sebastian.

As the girls looked up at him, they could instantly tell he was in command here. He was far better dressed that the other men they had seen, and the other men seemed to shrink in fear of him.

Following him into the room was the biggest man they had ever seen, he looked pure evil. He was a big Hispanic man, dressed in black, with tattoos all the way up his thick muscled arms. His face was twisted by a massive scar running along his cheek, and his eyes radiated pure evil. When he closed the door, they were alone with these two, plus their two original captors. "Now, first things first. Ladies, my name is Sebastian, I am in charge here.

As long as you behave, you will live. If you cease to behave, or cease to amuse, you will die. Ramon here takes great pleasure in killing." The way he said 'amuse' made the girls skin crawl. "Ruben, Bora, leave us now. Wait outside, you may receive beautiful girl likes to strip down outdoors further reward later. Ramon, pay them double the usual rate." Ramon handed the two men thick envelopes which they took greedily, already tearing them open before the door was even closed behind them.

"Now, stand up." Sebastian barked, "Let's have a look at what we have been brought." The girls got to their feet, their arms still bound behind them. Sebastian walked around them, examining them closely. Stopping in front of Carol, he looked at the terrified blond girls gorgeous breasts.

"They are nice. Are they real? I HATE fake tits." He spat. All she could do was nod weakly and whimper as he reached out and squeezed them. He was gentle at first, but then got rougher and started to twist her nipples until she screamed. He just laughed and let go of her, moving to Tina, the youngest.

"You! How old?" "Se-sevent-teen," She stammered, "Please don't hurt us." Sebastian laughed coldly, as he ran his hand down her flank before cupping her breasts.

He then turned to Sophie, by far the tallest girl, and ran his hands down her body and down her long legs, before turning her around and groping her ass. He looked pensive as he crossed to sit on his desk facing them across the room. Suddenly the thought hit the girls all at once HE WAS TRYING TO DECIDE WHICH ONE TO FUCK!!

"I am going to have one of you. And you will make sure I enjoy it, or else." With this, he nodded to Ramon, who pressed a button on the wall.

A panel slid away, revealing a window that looked out across what appeared to be a bar. It was packed with the kind of men that had captured them in the first place! teen suck first time compeers sisterly love are my men. If you do not make me enjoy my time with you, then you will be out there with them.

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There are at least 50 of them out there at the moment, plus more due back soon. Observe what happens to those who displease me." With this, Ramon said a couple of quick words into the intercom, and the girls watched as a young woman was dragged out onto the balcony across from the observation window.

The crown went wild, chanting and jostling each other. Suddenly the girl was pushed from the balcony into the baying mob below.

Ramon smiled a sick smile as he turned back and closed the wall panel. "So, you see what will happen to you." Sebastian smiled. "So, you decide between you who is first for me." In the silence that followed, the girls could hear distant screaming through the wall. Carol suddenly stood up. big tit annie has a hardcore sex do it, if you let us go afterwards." The girls thought that Sebastian was thinking about this offer, until he burst into laughter, and looked at Ramon who also roared.

"Perhaps you do not understand. You will buy your temporary safety with this gesture, not your freedom." The girls were devastated. "Still, I accept you as the volunteer." He said, still laughing as he watched the girls' hopes shatter. Before she could change her mind, he was across the room and dragging her to her knees in front of him. He pulled a knife and cut her bikini top, finally freeing her arms. "Ramon bring those two back in." Sebastian said, looking down at the blond babe on her knees in front of him.

When they had returned and closed the door he continued, "Ramon, you choose one, the last is for those two." Carol started to protest, but Sebastian held his knife against her throat. "Remember you are either in here, or out there, that is the ONLY deal going." "Now, start to work on my cock. Bite me, and I cut off your nipples and throw you to my men." He snarled down at her, while pulling down his expensive trousers.

Behind him, Ramon jerked tiny Tina to her feet and threw her onto the couch. Sophie had backed away and seemed to be trying to squirm her way backwards through the wall as the two dirty men, one still in his bloodstained top, advanced towards the leggy brunette. Carol realised her only hope brunette milf with huge natural tits on webcam to end this as quickly as possible, so she shut her eyes, took a deep breath and opened her mouth to accept the semi-hard cock.

Wanking the base of it with her hand, she bobbed her head up and down the shaft, occasionally stopping to run her tongue around the tip and foreskin. At least it was clean, she thought, as Sebastian's cock hardened for her. Ramon had simply pushed Tina down onto the sofa and started mauling her, his dark hands looking massive against her petite frame.

She squirmed under him, but was powerless to get away from his bulk. He grabbed a handful of her hair and, moving himself into a sitting position, forced her to kneel in front of him.

He jerked the knot loose, freeing her arms, and then told her to take out his cock. A few slaps to her head soon made her less hesitant, and she pulled down his shorts. She almost jumped as she saw the size of it! It was huge. Only semi-erect, it was already 10 inches long and as thick as her wrist. She was almost stunned by it as he took her hands and wrapped her finger around his shaft.

She couldn't even get her fingers much more than halfway around it as she started to work her little white hands up and down his thick dark shaft.

Sophie wasn't fairing much better with her two attackers. They had backed her into a corner before seizing her and taking it in turns to grope her fine body, especially her perky tits and nice firm arse. Next they dragged her over to a chair in the middle of the room and pulled her over the arms of it, so her head was at one side, her tits hung in the middle, and her nice arse pointed up in the the air at the other, with her gorgeous long legs trailing onto the floor.

Her arms were still tied behind her back with her top, as the bloodstained man stood behind groping her arse with one hand and fighting to undo the rest of her bikini with his other.

At her head, the other pirate was trying to force her mouth open, eventually succeeding by slapping her until she complied with a howl. By now, Sebastian was fully erect, and fucking his hardened shaft in and out of Carols mouth as she spluttered below him.

He soon grew frustrated at the lack of satisfaction this was giving him, and ordered her to lie on her back on a low stool he dragged from the corner of the room. Her head tilted back, so he could force his cock down into her tight throat. As he did this, her gorgeous tits shook with ever thrust. When he was sure he was going to cum, he forced himself to withdraw until the feeling had subsided, giving Carol chance to get her breath back. By now, the first of Sebastian's men was balls deep in Sophie's throat, her long hair hanging down over her face.

The man had reached forward and was slapping her swinging tits with all his might, as he could feel her screams through his cock in her throat. The second guy had finally removed her bikini bottoms, and the long haired beauty was desperately reaching back with her bound arms to try to push his hard shaft away from her pussy. He grabbed her wrists, twisting them viciously away from her private regions, and lined his cock up for the assault.

He pushed, but with the dryness combined with her tensing muscles was enough to prevent him entry. "She too dry!" He howled with frustration. "Her mouth is wet, I we swap?" Said his friend. As they swapped ends, Ramon was also getting frustrated. His problem was that his cock simply would not fit into the tiny girl's mouth, so all she could do was lick the tip and work it with her hands.

Ina fit of sydney cole and cassandra cain hot some on the couch and frustration, he slapped her round the head, pulled her to her feet by her hair and then bent her over the arm of the couch. Pulling some lube from his pocket, he ordered her to get herself wet while he massaged kinky tora is crazy for anal banging creampie brunette cock to get it fully hard and lubed up.

Feeling her pussy was still dry, her squeezed some lube on there too, and lined up his massive shaft. Tina had diana doll anal girl 1 slept with one guy before, and his cock had been tiny compared to this, so to Ramon it felt like he was having a virgin again.

He could only get his cock in slowly, even with his whole bodyweight behind it. She was so tight!! When he was barley halfway in, he felt the end hit something solid her cervix! Man, he had another 5 inches to use yet! He started to work it in and out, trying to loosen her up slightly.

As he eventually managed to get pumping in and out at a reasonable speed, he felt her loosen and start to get slightly wet involuntarily, so he increased his speed behind the bent over babe, and was soon thrusting in and out of her like a man possessed.

Sebastian had managed to regain control over his cock, and had got Carol working it more gently this time as he played with her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were clearly starting to harden, so he ordered her to remove her bikini bottoms and play with herself. Soon she was working her clit, and he noticed her back arch slightly, and a tiny groan escape her lips.

He left her working on herself and crossed to sit in front of Tina on the sofa. Her eyes were screwed up tight from the shafting she was getting from Ramon behind her. Sebastian called Carol over, and made her sit on his lap with her back to him and then slowly lowered her onto his cock. It slipped straight in to the hot girl's warm, wet pussy which was so hot it seemed to burn as he entered her. She groaned slightly before slowly working her body up and down his shaft.

Soon she was bouncing on his cock as though she was riding a horse, her gorgeous tits bouncing up and down in front of her. The two men holding Sophie down had managed to swap ends, and Sophie had opened her mouth to accept the dry cock after only a minor slapping to remind her who was boss.

Her arms were unceremoniously forced up her back again as the man who had previously been at her mouth lined himself up behind her. By now she was starting to grow weary and lose some of the fight she had had in her to start with, so the second man to try to fuck her succeeded.

His saliva coated cock still had some difficulty entering her, but managed after a couple of thrust. She was almost relieved at least he wasn't slapping her tits now!

Soon however he was thrusting into her like a madman, his cock seeming to harden inside her. The man at her mouth was also benefiting, as each thrust to her rear forced her throat onto his cock. Sebastian was determined to let this hot blond humiliate herself by making her cum during his rape of her, so he made her work her clit as she bounced on him.

Meanwhile, he thought about what he could do to her next. Soon she was groaning and tossing her head as she rode him with her eyes electrifying ramrod riding joy hardcore and blowjob closed. He could feel her start to lose her rhythm, then suddenly she screamed loudly as he felt her pussy clamp around his shaft and her body convulse. Once she had settled, panting, he pulled her off his cock and pushed her face down onto the sofa, so her knees were on the floor and her hips, chest and head were pressed into the luxurious leather.

She could feel a wet patch near her belly and she felt slightly ashamed knowing that these were her juices.

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She didn't have long to think about it however before she felt sex siren lucia denvile gets her pussy stretched pornstars and hardcore searing pain. Sebastian had rammed his cock into her tight, virgin arsehole in a single thrust! It felt like she was on fire. She was sure she must be bleeding!

Her recent orgasm was forgotten as Sebastian thrust into her, again and again, and again, all the while calling her a slut for enjoying her rape! As much as Ramon was enjoying watching Carol get fucked in the arse, he knew he'd never be able to fit his cock into Tina's.

It had been a major effort getting it into her pussy! Still, she felt a bit looser now she was starting to get wet. Every thrust still banged against her cervix though, and that meant a large part of his cock was going unused.

He could almost feel the roof of her pussy opening on some of his deeper thrusts, so he pulled out until just the tip was in, took a deep breath, got hold of the tiny babe tightly around the waist, then rammed his massive cock home!

He couldn't see, but her eyes shot open and she nearly fainted from the sudden pain of her cervix being forced. His cock seemed to hit a wall, but then slowly eased through and he was suddenly in. He looked down, and it was all in, all 11 and a half inches. Her arse was against his stomach. He started to thrust in and out, and suddenly she screamed. Ramon didn't care; he just carried on enjoying the tightest girl he'd had in a long time. Sophie wasn't fairing much better than the other two.

She was choking on one dirty smelly cock, while another was being rammed into her harder that she had ever known. Neither cock was especially large, but the brutality with which they were being used made up for that.

She was so nearly passing out from choking on the cock in the throat, that it came as a relief when he pulled out of her mouth. The relief didn't last long, however, as he shot his load into her pretty face, forcing her to close her gorgeous brown eyes and very sexy colombian couple gets horny and fuck each other it run down into her mouth.

God, there was tons of it; he seemed to be cumming for an eternity when he finally stopped grunting. He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to wipe his cock clean, laughing as he watched her dripping face. The man at her rear was also starting to buck into her, and he too seemed to grunt for ages. He shot his hot seed up her sore pussy, before pulling out and dripping the last of his seed all over her nice arse.

Sebastian also decided he needed to cum. His fucking of Carol's tight arse was making her scream and bite the couch in agony, and that pain was what turned him on more than anything.

At the last second, he pulled out of her arse, pulled her onto the floor and forced his blood-and-shit-smeared cock into her mouth. "Hope you like it, you slut!" He yelled at her as he fired his hot load into her throat. He pulled out and she coughed it all down her chin and onto her amazing tits as he fired more into her face, before milking the last of his seed into her hair.

Tina's incessant screaming was still filling the room as Ramon thrust into her. He looked down, and decided that little brown hole looked so inviting. He could never get his cock in, but. He reached for the lube as he carried on thrusting into her, took some in his hand, then without warning thrust his lubed middle finger into her tight arse. Man, he could hardly get his finger in! She started to fight back viciously, desperately trying to get away as she howled in agony.

He liked it so much better when they fight! One last thrust and he fired his load deeply into her. He kept her body pulled tight on his cock and finger, enjoying the sensation as her wriggling milked his cock. He always produced a lot of seed, but this must be a new record.

As he pulled her ruined pussy off his massive cock with a plop, cum oozed out and down her leg. Turning her round, her forced her to lick his cock clean, before dragging her over to where the other two girls waited. "Now you sluts. I want every drop of cum licking off you all.

If I find one missed drop, or see any hands being used, one of you goes to the crowd." Sebastian said, reaching for his trousers. At that moment, the phone rang. Sebastian answered it, listened for a second, grunted and hung up.

"Ramon. It seems they have caught another boat already." Its my first story, sorry its a bit long. Plase give me feedback, and I'll try to improve for next time!