Asian bar girls from strips in hotel

Asian bar girls from strips in hotel
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I'd only ever spoke to her online before, she always hated herself but somehow I managed to keep her happy and I don't know how. I reluctantly allowed my webcam to connect, I hated putting up my webcam to people I had only ever spoken to online before the last 3 people who saw my webcam all disappeared off my chat never to be seen again. I knew I was ugly; no one wanted to talk to me after they saw me, and this was obviously going to work out the same.

It took a month to get to this point, as my webcam loaded I was scared, my t-shirt pulled up over my chin, trying to hide as much of me as possible. Both the webcams connected and I saw her for the first time, as she saw me too. I'd never looked at a girl like I was looking at her. I always thought I was straight, every person I found attractive was a guy, but this woman in front of me was so amazing I was starting to doubt my own sexuality.

Was it possible that I could be bisexual? I'm 25 and never looked at a woman like this before. Actually wait, I did kiss that girl a few years ago, I was drunk, but surely there must have been something there less I wouldn't have phat ass white girl screwed real good by throbbing cock it.

And her from that band, Taylor, God she was hot, she actually turned me on. Maybe I was just in denial. Actually there is no doubt about it, I was in denial. This girl in front of me was beautiful.

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2 Months Later "Urgh I look horrible". The same greeting I got every time her webcam loaded. "You look as beautiful as ever". And cue the usual speech. I'm ugly. No one loves me.

Everyone hates me. What could I say to all that, I was the ugly one. She only spoke to me cos she felt sorry for me I'm sure of it. How could I turn round and tell her she was gorgeous and always would be to me. However she looked, she would be perfect, I didn't care about any of her problems. I loved her. "I have something to tell you." "Yes?" "Oh God I can't tell you". And with that she logged out of chat. Great now what was up. What had I said?

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I didn't remember saying anything but what else would provoke that response. 10 minutes later she logged back in, reconnected cam.

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"OK. I Love you. And I have since we first spoke, but I didn't want to tell you cos I was scared that you didn't feel the same". She blushed violently, her glow showing easily over the cam, and then she was gone, the chat box popped up that she'd gone offline.

"Well, I love you to. I have from the first moment I saw you". I knew she would see it, I was sure she was only appearing offline. ":-)" popped up moments later. Another Month On "I can't wait for you to come here, so I can stick my fingers in you for real".

Ever since that day we admitted our feelings for each other, we had been getting each other off, talking dirty and strip teasing over webcam. And I loved every second. Despite being continents apart, I was desperate to get to her for real, the cam sessions and everything were good, but I couldn't wait to have her touch me. "I want to try something" I typed. I stood up and put the laptop on the table at the end of my bed, and positioned it so the camera was covering the whole bed.

Switching the microphone on so she could hear me, I backed away. "Can you hear me" I spoke out loud, a muffled "yes" came from the laptop, damn speakers. "Ok, I can't hear you but that doesn't matter, I'll switch the cam to full screen, I hate watching myself".

She smiled on cam, and sat there, arms folded across her naked chest, left bare from our earlier strip tease, I loved looking at her chest, she had amazing breasts, I just wished I could touch them. After putting the cam on full view, I went and lay down on the bed. Watching my baby on webcam watching me was making me wet.

I bit my lip teasing it between my teeth, flirting with my eyes over the internet connection. I spread my legs as wide as my double bed allowed, my pussy clearly visible to the webcam. I sucked my fingers, making them damp, not that I needed to make them wet, even sensing her watching me was making me wetter every second. I slowly run my fingers down my stomach, reaching between my parted thighs, gentling running my middle finger over my clit, so lightly, the sensation could have been mistaken for a light breeze blowing across it.

I played with my clit for a few minutes, knowing I was not only teasing myself but the beautiful girl thousands of miles away from me to. I'd already seen her pull her rabbit out of her hiding hole behind her bed and even though I couldn't see her vagina I knew perfectly well where that 9 inch object was buried.

I leant over the side of the bed, and pulled out my favourite toy, my little silver bullet. It might only be 3 inches long but damn, I loved it. I switched it on, and felt its hard vibrations against my palm, I needed that feel on my clit. I put teen doesn t see who fucks her tiny toy against my throbbing clit, I gasped as I always did when that thing was near me, it felt so good, I buried two of my fingers inside my pussy hole while I worked my bullet with the other hand, my back arched against the bed as the beginnings of an intense orgasm took me over.

I pushed my fingers in as far as I could, feeling the soft patch that marked my g-spot under my fingertips. I gently rubbed, but still needing to get my fingers in further but struggling to reach, I forced in another finger, I was so damn tight, it was really hard to force in that extra finger, but I did it, I stroked my g spot a little more, moaning loudly, as the vibrations and my stroking brought me closer to exploding.

I felt my stomach tighten, my whole body clenching, all the muscles tensing up, this had only happened once before and I knew soon if I pulled out at the right moment. I through my bullet away from me, desperate to tear the orgasm from my body, violently rubbing my clit, I grunted and groaned, ripping my fingers from my pussy a tidal wave of liquid flew over my bed, I screamed out in pleasure, my body still tense and flailing around, I'd near enough lost control over my body, struggling to rub my clit more and unleash more sweet cum over myself.

That was the best orgasm I had ever given myself, I lay back for a few minutes to get breathe back. After 3 or 4 minutes I looked up.

"Shit, I forgot you were watching" I said to the laptop "Ha, don't worry about me, I just came 3 times watching you, you couldn't have pleased me anymore" "Well, I need to sleep now, I'll talk to you tomorrow", I told her, blowing a kiss at the camera.

"Ok night, love you". I was extremely tired, work was tiring me so much, I'd just tired myself more, I was desperate for an early night. I logged out of messenger, and went to sleep instantly. There she was stood in front of me.

I'd just got up ready for work, walked downstairs and there she was, sat on my sofa watching Kerrang TV. "We really need this TV channel in America". I just stood in the doorway in my pyjamas and looked at here. Not 4 hours ago I had been talking to her online. It wasn't possible for her to be here. "Wha.How.?" "Quit asking questions and just kiss me".

I continued staring as she got up off the sofa in her tiny Avenged Sevenfold top and short skirt, freely showing her legs despite how much she hated showing them. As she got closer to me, I got over the shock and bounded over to where she was waiting, grabbed her round the waist and placed my russian mom son fuck full veido on hers.

"I have work today, how can I leave you here on your own." "Hmmm I can keep myself entertained for a while." "No. I'll pull a sicky, give me a few mins, i'll get changed and ring in work" She smirked at me. "Why get dressed?"I should have expected that.

It was only 7.30am; no one would be at work yet, not for at least another hour. We were still stood in the same place, my hands on her hips, and her mouth close to my ear. "I've been waiting so long for this". I tried answering back, but her mouth on my throat was leaving me breathless. She gently bit down, and I gasped. We were vampire obsessive's, nothing could turn me on more than her biting me. I could feel my pussy getting wet. She pulled me down onto the sofa and forcefully kissed my neck, I moaned in pleasure, it just felt so good.

I somehow ended up lying on the sofa, one leg hanging off the side so she could kneel in front of me. I pulled my pyjama top off and tossed it aside, it landed on the TV which was playing Green Day at that point. I got slightly distracted by seeing Billie on the screen, but when she started licking my nipples I was back in the present situation.

She latched her teeth onto my left nipple and pulled, I moaned again. I felt her moved back slightly, her tongue running down my stomach and my back arched as she hit the sensitive spot that had always been slightly ticklish.

"You ready?" I couldn't answer her, I was already nearing an orgasm and she hadn't even touched my pussy yet. She pulled down my pyjama pants, and raised her eyebrows. I had been in bed, of course I had no underwear on, the only reason I had pyjamas on was in case the postman knocked. The pyjama bottoms ended up somewhere on the other side of the room, and she tore off the majority of her clothes but left her underwear on. She looked even better in the flesh, I sat up intending to force her onto her back, but she just pushed me back down, one hand round my throat, the other steadily moving towards my pussy.

"Unless you want to move to the bedroom, you're not going anywhere" I looked at her, and took her hand, rolled off the sofa, landing on top of her. I kissed her, pulled her to her feet and dragged her up the stairs. I sunny leone lesbian boob sucking on pushing her onto the bed, but just like before she pushed me down and knelt over the top of me.

I felt her fingertips brush my clit and I shuddered, "It's my turn first" she whispered into my ear.

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With that she moved and knelt on the floor, I parted my legs, already feeling my pussy pulsing. Two fingers pushed inside me and I gasped as she started moving her fingers in and out, God it felt so good. As she pushed her fingers into my wet pussy, she sought out my clit with her tongue, gently flicking it, I couldn't hold any longer, but she had other plans, she took out her beauties dont know who is fucking em, and inserted 3, and then 4.

Shit, I was tight, but she still did it, now I had no chance, my pussy exploded all over her hand, and I bucked never having managed to control the body orgasms that always took me over. I stopped bucking and she licked all the clear liquid from off my body, leaving the stuff on her hand for me to lick up.

I sat up and took her dripping hand, placed her fingers in my mouth, and then run my tongue over the rest of her hand.

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I pulled her to me, and put my free hand into her g-string. "I think it's my turn now" I told her. I pushed my fingers into her pussy and felt her tighten, leaving my fingers in place I pushed her down to where I had been lying and made her spread her legs.

Now I had more room I jammed another finger into her hole, and rammed them as hard as I could into her, in moments she was gasping, telling me to go harder. I pulled out my fingers and found my good old rabbit, turning it to full power I forced it into her pussy. She moaned and seconds later she unleashed her juices all over my bed. I wasn't leaving it there though; I put my head down and licked up all the juice she had left on her pussy. Not content, I put my fingers back inside her and licked her throbbing clit.

As fast as she came the first time, she tightened around my fingers and I rammed them further in until she could take no more and exploded straight into my face. Liking the feeling of her pulsing pussy, I left my fingers where they were, as she laid back trying to regain her breath.

My phone rang, noticing my work number, I answered. "Where sexy amateur teen candid beach private topless shooting you?" I heard Chris say on the other end.

"Umm, I'm sick, sorry, I need to stay in bed for the day". I didn't wait for his reply, I let the phone fall to the floor and kissed the beautiful woman lying in front of me.